Kin 13: Red Cosmic Skywalker codes Rhythmic Kali 25, and the end of Wavespell 1: Power of Birth

Red Cosmic Skywalker

Red Cosmic Earth
Blue Cosmic Night Red Cosmic Skywalker White Cosmic Worldbridger
  Yellow Magnetic Star
I Endure in order to Explore,  Transcending Wakefullness.
I seal the output of Space with the Cosmic tone of Presence.
I am guided by the power of Navigation.
Happy  Galactic RetURn to  TMQ’s brother, Bill  🙂   PVCS Kin 26:  Cosmic World-Bridger codes today’s Analog.  Our Cosmic Earth Guides us.  Today ends the 3 days of the Rhythmic Lover’s Reunion Tower 23, all coded by PSI of Kin 189:  Resonant Moon.
[Today’s post insists on remaining ‘scrambled’, but most of the writing remains] 
13.13“Spiritual realization owing to facility in displacement opens to Psychozoic super conscious and the development of dual forms of radiosonic architecture.  One form of radiosonic architecture is cultivated through deployment of the vehicles of time transport;  analogous or complementary forms to “anchor the time travel vehicles are created from within the social-bisopheric matrix of the simple and highly sedentary cultURe of the evolving planet art spore.”
Our Antipode today, Reimar, Cosmic Night mentioned Eagles in the last line of his latest comment.  Here is an article about 50,000 eagles leaving the west coast of America, in search of food.  Their joURney may take them as far as the Mississippi River.    This Eagle flying on a Cosmic Night reminds us of the  unprecedented amount of birds who perished in the last days of this Wavespell, and of the Quetzal bird signified by today’s Red Cosmic Skywalker. 
This focus on the Eagle comes on the 25th day of the Rhythmic Eagle Moon.  Today we focus on the Telecosmic power of number  5; which is the Fifth Force which animates all.   Christine Kin 133 and Tiger, PVCS 132 both contributed comments today, regarding synchronicities.  Synchronistically, this couple combine into 5.5  🙂
Besides being a double reminder of the Fifth Force of 5, today (13.13)  they make Kin 18: Overtone Mirror.  Today’s G-Force equals 7.1, and it was on Kin 18, 5 Mirror that the 7.1 earthquake triggered the beginning of this blog on Kin 21: Valum Votan’s G-Force (which, squared equals 441.)   Yesterday’s blog,  was on Kin 12 (TMQ’s G-Force, which squares into 144
The G-Force ‘Overtones’ oUR Galactic Signature, and it’s interesting how oUR 5.5 couple connected with us here on 13.13 (which codes my brother who lives in the same area as ‘the Overtoned 5 couple’)with the Overtone of 7.1, which is also a reminder of the first day of each Cube Journey, and on the Moon day devoted to the G-force number of 5,
Another  synchronicity:  Today’s Combined Dreamspell Kin equals Spectral Earth:  17.11.  Adding 18.8 to that makes 35.19-20.13 = 15.6:  Rhythmic Eagle which codes this Moon of Equality which ends in 3 days.  🙂
These images (one on the Right is from a Russian website that linked in here) are ways to visualize the Galactic (8) Force of  the Overtone number of 5, which  animates all. 
  KALI 25:  CATALYZE;  SACRAL  Chakra02.gif
Extended Cube 19:  Self-Generation Recharge
“Learn to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.”
“To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.” 
 Thanks, Electric Skywalker  🙂
“True power…comes from the person… that can motivate teams to solve the issue”  Thank you, Lunar Human  🙂 
Reimar 13 Night’s contribution of Sitting Bull and Yoga; the path towards Union with the Divine  Catalyzed a response from Anu, Electric Wind
I resonated with Reimar Kin 143’s image of Sitting Bull.   Yesterday I called on the spirit of Wallace Black Elk (a Lakota elder and shaman), the Navaho and the winged people (birds in particular) to assist…”  “I also resonated with the encouragement to initiate a Yoga practice…”   Two days ago, “I was approached by an Indian fellow who offered me a flyer on an upcoming free public lecture on Kriya Yoga (
From the Eagle bio-region, another Cosmic Kin, Burbuja 33; 13 Hand offered wonderful words, regarding Wind; Communication/Spirit:  “the Wind (Iq’ in K’iche’ Maya). Ik’ is the nagual of the element of air and the moon, of the spirit of human existence. This is trecena of communication, the thread that connects all human beings, and all living things on Earth. To communicate is, in its most simple essence, to be connected…”
Another Wind Spirit, S’ace Kin 22 communicated:  “todaya it spells 13.13…after that the “tram” brought me to the end of line 13…this all responding to the cosmic skywalker … experiencing the energetic sphere all around …”
Synchronistically, S’ace Solar Wind, who promotes the union of the Dreamspell and Long Count Kins is ‘Cosmic todaya  :):

Today:  13.13, plus L.C.:  5.4 equals 17.4, Self-Existing  Earth, which is a.k.a. Nahui Ollin. ” … on the day 4 Earth [Nahui Ollin], the Fifth Sun, Nahui Ollin [4 Earth], will end, and the coming Sixth Sun of solar-galactic consciousness will dawn …”   “Verification of the Aztec Sun Stone: 13 Acatl = 13 Skywalker at the apex of the Sun Stone; Nahui (4) Ollin = 4 Earth, the all-embracing center of the Sun Stone.”  Book of the Timespace 


Nahui Ollin: Sun Stone 4 Earth – 13 Skywalker, 13-Moon-28-Day Terma of Quetzalcoatl to further the birth of the coming of the true religion of the One God Hunab Ku…”

S’ace:  2.9 plus 17.4 equals:  19.13;  Kin 39 = 13+13+13!  Blue Cosmic Storm    Also, today’s ‘extended cube 19 is coded by Kin 13  🙂

19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 6. 25.   Cube 19;  SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE    Kin 13


29 thoughts on “Kin 13: Red Cosmic Skywalker codes Rhythmic Kali 25, and the end of Wavespell 1: Power of Birth

    • Do you actually know that T his MistQieTsch, knows more about me, than you. She even has a photo!
      And that she has obtained this informations surreptitiously?
      By promising to answer thrice, and she answered once, 2 months ago but then, until this present moment NOT A THING<<<<<<<<<<''''????
      What are her plans? What does she want to achieve with this behavior like a 5 year old girl?
      Can you tell me?
      And why do you behave similar? Thank you for an answer, mary {not TmistQ!!!}

  1. ………and she began to seal the 144,000 elect at a charge varying from twelve shillings to a guinea. At the age of sixty four she affirmed that she was pregnant and would be delivered of the new Messiah, the Shiloh of Genesis 49:10. 19 October 1814 was the date fixed for the birth, but Shiloh failed to appear,
    ¿ever browsed any sequels of ‘shiloRang e? { Eins dieser Symbole zu tragen ist sehr kraftvoll, da es ein Übertragungssymbol ist um ums an das Bewusstsein unserer Galaxie anzuschließen}

    „Teotihuacans zuvuya xibaba“, wo das Wort die Erde berührt, ist der Strom der vorwärts und rückwärts fließt, die Bewegung des Herzens, der Atem des unterirdischen Ganges führt zum Wortfels des Himmels.

    “Hunab Ku bolontiku,–––––––––––– der EINE ist gelandet.”

    “TULAN” ist der Ort der zwei Horizonte der einen erdenweltumspannenden Dämmerung, Die Zeit ist mit dem Wechsel des Sternzeichen in eine neue Sternzeit eingetreten, die transparente Dimension, in der das Innere des Menschen nach Außen tritt, so daß das Denken ein schaffender Prozeß wird, der durch das heruntersteigen des Himmels zur Erde verursacht wird, das ist der Weltenumbruch.

    i lURked into den’schat tis morn’:

    ……Hill Sphere: the MidwayStation its collapsed and enfolded into this dimension right?
    as encompassed by a cosmic timeline,KLagrange Point of Gravity between earth and the Sun06:25

    the more you attune your own individual timeline with that cosmic one the motre you will calibrate and resonate

    06:25because the ptb NEED a messaih figure without killing the lamb see
    06:35because ProjectAvalon2 is total ptb now, what the ptb want, moderation to the extreme

    so they used BILL ryans huge ego as the parent teacher of humans see , he has become the underground revolutuionary, they followed hios popularity and scientology stuff and chose him06:36

    Ryan does NOT BELIEVE in benevolebnt ET
    slike a Black Hole
    …fall for it!! lol

  2. LOL…… sAsse, she cut out her Doublesignal{double-signle-Wing-Red-Fire LOL

    Synchronistically, S’ace Solar Wind, who promotes the union of the Dreamspell and Long Count Kins is ‘Cosmic’ todaya :):

    • Good to have your support in media promotion, dear Reimar(chin’ IN).

      The best reason for some guys to prevent people for making Yokeys from labelsgiven as familynames or names to call is the repetition factor at stake that “forms a focus” for cells to come and go …

      So in Noo this is a free gesture to do in a style that sparkles intelligence or even sponateous humoresk behaviour (which iz much the simple same(n) thing of yoy)

      today we have the YelloW Electric Warrior at number 16.3

      quite a number when we write 2^4.3 – iz this the 4th dimension electrified?

      i look for 1.8 which denotes into 1.2^3 and 2.9 : 2.3^3 (double electrified spice in elemental form expressed)

      ~~ KWEAK notation of Warrior3/kin016 daya: – no day at all while it iz a daya out of moon …
      or a real daya of moon experience … day 28 of the sixth moon bridging into moon 7 … heYa we have 22 in the 7th moon oncoming … on friday, the fourteenth of january – Kin’o22CelebrationDaya , 6th day of that Moon – just before the 16 cubes of that moonwalk on the T’board

      • lol. brO…o…o; i’m not a ChèrLogg Houms.
        and what if her yoke is thenwo¿

        But, kicher, mayQeen may beeee…… a wat SON glee an
        i Onli noO: a doubleSignal is: you saY: 1+ y ou mach{in t}: 23
        just likeraZZi
        {remember: “wir sind pap ST” in bild???)

        ::as To M ist Q itch..: me darT-ling : si
        …as she s bending oUR nümmerli into her own clär-Anlage

        view! our BI-{eaRTH} au tiful planet –(OFGAJA} evolving under the shackles-… {f statt …} -rorums: introspection!

        lol, caniPut this on QeakSiTe?
        to lakritZland and engelland………and where is mooooiiimoi??

  3. In the corner of the morning in the past
    I would sit and blame the master first and last
    All the roads were straight and narrow
    And the prayers were small and yellow
    And the rumour spread that I was aging fast
    Then I ran across a monster who was sleeping by a tree.

    And I looked and frowned and the monster was me

    Well, I said hello and I said hello
    And I asked “Why not?” and I replied “I don’t know”
    So we asked a simple black bird, who was happy as can be

    And he laughed insane and quipped “KAHLIL GIBRAN”
    So I cried for all the others till the day was nearly through
    For I realized that God’s a young man too

    So I said “So long” and I waved “Bye-bye”
    And I smashed my soul and traded my mind

    Got laid by a young bordello
    I was vaguely half asleep
    For which my reputation swept back home in drag

    And the moral of this magic spell
    Negotiates my hide
    When God did take my logic for a ride
    (Riding along)

    He swallowed his pride and puckered his lips
    And showed me the leather belt round his hips
    My knees were shaking my cheeks aflame
    He said “You’ll never go down to the Gods again”
    (Turn around,go back!)

    He struck the ground a cavern appeared
    And I smelt the burning pit of fear
    We crashed a thousand yards below
    I said “Do it again, do it again”
    (Turn around,go back!)

    His nebulous body swayed above
    His tongue swollen with devil’s love
    The snake and I, a venom high
    I said “Do it again, do it again”
    (Turn around, go back!)

    Breathe, breathe, breathe deeply

    And I was seething, breathing deeply
    Spitting sentry, horned and tailed

    Waiting for you


    C + C M/US/i/C F/AC/T/OR/Y

  4. i have pms, eye’m sweating in the morn like in a hot bath
    depths of the underworld subterranian places
    diapersdi a phragma papers
    sigh! n_Turn -t-…e t
    ACHn Rillessat ANIA Ferse (

    come intothe denDarling, well hv oUR privatroom lol

    “SiGH -N-{t=ART} ern / i TY

    …and…the guitarrist is an unconscious A-hole

  5. NEWS from T_Hue -BAN-forum

    for e.t., o.t., and mmmh… other inTeresTed-KIN……… airies {wind} into oUR shadow-bulbs.

    1. 3rd January 2011 07:23 #164

    1. OmetaOne

    Join Date
    3rd January 2011
    Hamburg, Germany

    Default Re: THE RULERS OF THE WORLD : Questions and Answers

    Hello everybody, I am new here and would like to participate in this interesting blog dissecting the intentions of the ruling elite or the ’33’.

    I would like to insert some important facts adding to the picture Kerry drew in her in-depth analysis. Kerry noticed that ‘Charles’ has talked about the ‘uncontrollable Sun’ and I want to point to the fact that the powers that be take the ‘uncontrollable Sun’ as justification for the construction of the deep underground military bases (DUMBs) so that they can, in their understanding, at least ‘save’ the human species as such under their conditions, i.e. every person of their choice to survive being implanted with a chip.

    I have to draw a connection here to the sudden appearance of the huge objects in the corona of the Sun at the beginning of 2010. These objects were first detected in 1985 by Dr. Norman Bergrun in the rings of Saturn, he called them EMVs – Electro-Magnetic-Vehicles. The EMVs have now moved to the Sun to make a display for the whole world to see.

    These EMVs, about 18 of them, are each larger than planet Earth and are here with a task. They are interacting with the Sun, influencing the magnetic structure of the Sun, preventing solar flares or CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) from hitting the Earth. They have always done this, according to James Horak, who is in ‘communication’ with them. I know this sounds like just another fiction but consider this: if the Sun would not have been ‘controlled in the past we, the human race would have been exstinguished a long time ago by CMEs. When the South American civilisations saw a formation of the EMVs in ancient times they called this phenomenon ‘The Feathered Serpent’.

    As I said, the EMVs are here with a task. THEY control the ‘Experiment’ called Earthbound Humanity at last and not the powers that be or any ‘Aliens’. The 33 are not aware of the fact that they do not have the LAST WORD in what the fate of humanity is. They certainly have acknowledged the presence of the EMVs in the corona of the Sun but they don’t recognize the fact that the EMVs will not allow for humanity to be chipped or be killed en masse by them. When they attempt to enslave humanity and implement the new world order, this ‘experiment’ will end – for us AND them and their DUMBs will not be safe at all!

    It would then end for us too because we were not resistant against the disease of psychopathy. The psychopaths want to control every aspect of our lives and connect us to a computer, this we already know but this experiment is about SENTIENCE, only then will we become a race of Humanity 2.0. A war-mongering race will not be allowed to enter interstellar space and dominate others – the universe is policed by the EMVs and the EMVs are sentient! Consider also that if there were really war-like species out there we would have been subjugated fully a long time ago. But this is not the reality of the universe, there is order and only sentient races are allowed to develop further and this is the test.

    You may say that there are negative races like the Greys. This is not really the case because the Greys are abandoned artificial cyborg-beings that have gone awry, a kind of cosmic mishap. The ptb have taken advantage of their technology in exchange for secure underground dwellings here on Earth because ETs are chasing the Greys and terminate them wherever they can get hold of them.

    The decision for the EMVs to move away from the Sun and to leave Earth to the full impact of solar flares and CMEs is made when tptb begin to accomplish their chipping and depopulation program. Nobody is safe then, not even deep underground, this is what the 33/tptb/elite have to understand and if they don’t we have to make them understand because if not then everything we have achieved will be lost and set to zero, restart. This has happened several times before when human civilisations did not pass the test. We can not allow this to happen again.

    The ptb have already received several warnings in the form of directed solar flares and also benevolent ETs have stepped on our side and disabled nukes several times and even prevented WW3 last year. We are at a critical point in time, the lunar eclipse at the time of winter solstice has been the ‘real event’ and not that fake 12.21.2012-date that has no significant astronomical importance at all. The lunar eclipse of 12.21.2010 has been the ‘switch’ and ‘This is Humanities Call on the Planet!’

    And remember: evil never wins out – lucifer and cohorts, you lose, either way!

    For further info on the EMVs and James Horak please watch the videos:

    and visit the blog:
    AN ULTIMATUM TO “TPTB”…m-to-tptb.html

    The Following 11 Users Say Thank You to OmetaOne For This Useful Post:

    Champion the Wonderhorse (4th January 2011), Faunus (4th January 2011), HURRITT ENYETO (3rd January 2011), Inelia (4th January 2011), Lucid Jia (3rd January 2011), Mutchie (3rd January 2011), qbeac (3rd January 2011), Redtailhawk (3rd January 2011), Rocky_Shorz (3rd January 2011), selaviv (5th January 2011), TraineeHuman (4th January 2011)

    Commentary by Tonyblue on the message from OmetaOne, posted at the linked Project Avalon forum

    This message from OmetaOne is very pertinent for the nature of the Gaian Merkabah.

    The Gaian Merkabah encompasses and is defined in the cosmic consciousness and as inherent in the spacetime structure itself.

    This, as shown in this thread; engages InterTerrestrial Intelligences or ITs as exemplified by the Orange Plasma ships of the ‘Inner Earth’.

    Any celestial orb or say astronomical object of the astrophysics similarly enges in a feedback mechanism of its collected information in communicating with its environments of substructured ‘vesels of consciousness’.

    So there then exists a ‘core consciousness’ of the Sun (or any other star), communicating to its surrounding star ststem of planets and moons and extraorbital objects like comets and cosmic rays received from other star systems and the central galactic core (Hunab Ku as radio source Sagittarius A* for the Milky Way) or other galaxies.

    Any such celestial orb so also comprises subsystems of ‘conciousness integrals’ or summations, which can take the form of particular cosmic intelligences like the Orange Orbs of Mexico as a planetary superintelligence accumulated as feedback mechanism in the history of the planetary evolution in say geothermal, geoecological and geobiovital systems engaging in coevolution patterns formed and shaped by the definitions for this core-space consciousness defined in the Volumar definitions of Ee*=1.

    The ElectroMagnetic Vehicles or EMV’s so reprersent a highly concentrated form of solar consciousness in the form of the star’s intelligence integral, in this case the on the scale of planets.

    When the precessional source signal arrives at the December solstice of 2012, after completing its journey of the 65 Mayan baktuns or 9,360,000 mean solar days of 25.626.81 civil years; the solar cource intelligence as expressed by the EMV’s will receive the lightspeeded impulse so 8 minutes before the Gaian atmosphere and so allow this galactic wavefront to embed within itself the Sun’s Intelligence or Solar Logos.

    Then at the core of the physical earth, the Black Holed inertia equivalence of the Planet Gaia and the size of a golfball in the 4-dimensional Minkowski metric; will undergom the crystalline transformation to a White Hole emitter from its prior definition as a Black Hole absorber in this flat Euclidean spacetime of zero curvatuire.

    This topological flatness so becomes curved as a now 5-dimensional consciousness vessel, albeit still the size of a golfball in the Schwarzschild Radius of the metamorphosis.

    The arriving wavefront from the galactic centre then imparts or exchanges the cosmic data collected via the presessional journey from the galactic center for the collected data of the terrestrial history in all their geological evolution parameters, as wel;ll as the metaphysical existence of Gaia as the Cosmic Mother as old as the Universe itself (19.11 Billion years in civil year time).

    This Gaian database then is beamed and transmitted from the wormholed crystalline center of the new Starplanet Serpentina as New Gaia back to the Sun Rahsol and then back towards the galactic center and then the extragalactic universe.

    New Gaia so becomes the Cosmic Sanctuary, a Universal Library sharing the turbulent history of Gaia’s existence with the extraterrestrial universe as the New Heaven on Earth and as the Cosmic Mother for ALL Extraterrestrial Sentiences – without exception.

    All Life in the Omniverse shall call Serpentina their Ultimate Homecoming.



    • Tonyblue’s reference to “orange plasma ships” brings to mind reports of numerous sightings of orange lights/orbs on Marco Island near Naples, Florida in late October, 2010. Local residents report “highly strange aerial lights that spin, form geometric patterns that keep changing and even one very large object of unknown origin that has been compared to a gyroscope because it has both horizontal and vertical bands of lights that spin around a central, bright, glowing center.” Police officers discounted the possibility that the eight orange lights were flares. Coincidentally, residents reported that eight dolphins seemed to become agitated when the orange lights were present.

  6. Dane Rudhyar To V.V……”The Greatest avatars,come at the closing of a cycle…This means they have to exemplify the whole life of a new cycle.”

    Transformative Vision
    Valum Votan
    “The vision of what we are to become is already in us, awaiting the proper discipline through which it might be appropriately expressed.”

    “An art whole is determined by the quality of life response, and not by a particular aesthetic philosophy, It is no longer of history, for it no longer supports the notion of art as entertainment or of the artist as an isolated genius, the main staples of art-historical art, down to the heyday of popular psychedelic culture with its adulation of rock superstars. Instead an art whole is the expressive mode of the creative seed group on its slow, lonely, and often anonymous return to a mythic space where the inner and outer worlds mirror each other. When expression of any kind proceeds from inner realization. each act bears the imprint of TRUTH: It matters not whether the expression is a work of “art”. The path of the seed group is the only path beyond the politics of Apocalypse “.

    We are of the Galactic Maya.
    We have seen many,many Days…
    We have peered through all of Humanity.
    We are the Code Holders.
    We are of Truth.
    We are of Intrinsic Awareness.
    We are Mirrored Galaxy, UNITED.
    We are the Fearless Rainbow Warriors.
    The holders of Earth’s Destiny.
    I am U…
    U are EYE.
    Together we make up, DREAMTEAM,(HOMETEAM).

    Confidence placed in 441.

    Code=E Galactic Agent 93.
    :Galactic Maya Agent:

    • “…an art whole is the expressive mode of the creative seed group on its slow, lonely, and often anonymous return to a mythic space where the inner and outer worlds mirror each other. When expression of any kind proceeds from inner realization. each act bears the imprint of TRUTH: It matters not whether the expression is a work of ‘art’.”

      Thank U for this dear sweet Kin 39.93.132(my hidden power 🙂 ) Puts the ‘slow, lonely and often anonymous’ back in perspective.


    Black Hills:
    93 is like a magnet to this Vortex.
    Always pulled Back.
    Aware this may be the place…………………
    The Heart of America.
    American Indian Movement(A.I.M)
    American Mayan Movement(A.M.M.)
    Either way I pulse Lakota,Maya.


    Hadn’t listened to a Resonant Truth podcast in a while. I find there’s a certain cadence to Lisa’s delivery that I like. I’m sure some here will resonate with her closing comment ~ I know I did.


    I want to say I especially loved this quote in the Kin 11 blog:

    “1. Always be aware that God is ever-present; don’t despair or become cowardly, but remain humble in your heart and love God. 2. Be at peace with everybody, regardless. 3. Don’t waste your time. You have been given a precious opportunity in this earthly life; use it wisely and creatively.”

    Succinct and powerful, and for me, bears repeating! Thank you, Claire, for being such an awesome channel of synchronicity! 🙂

    Love to all,
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  9. Greetings 2013 Timeship Hunab Krew Kin 🙂

    The blog for Magnetic Wizard is 90% finished, but I need to buy a new power cord for my decrepit computer before I can post it. For some reason, WordPress isn’t allowing me authorized access to post it on this alternative computer.

    But, it’s great to come on and read your inspiring, fascinating and supportive comments today 🙂 The Wavespell of Timelessness is off to a brilliant beginning!

    Love to All,
    TMQ a.k.a. Claire; Galactic Mirror

  10. Thank you, Claire, for being such an awesome channel of synchronicity! :), your time has runout!

    lol, fineally they re coning out of their comfort Ho {tel¿)Les……like charles the………. lol!but wait, this is by far not enough!

    this is just the most devoted part of MistQietschTime-capsuled deceiVVe
    memmenBear di-Devotionals.………havin psiTechProBs…lol!
    like this?
    Beings of Darkness are not comfortable in the presence of True Light. They feel a sense of gloom and doom. They can never recognize nor accept the True Light and Its “Messengers”. They can never truly feel at home nor can they truly be committed to the Work sponsored by the True Light. Such ones will always feel that they are still searching for their way home, even if they encounter True Light and Its Messengers. This is true since their real home goes back to the Shoot of Darkness and not to the Branch of Light or the Source.

    The PseudoWarrior on the fore front!!

    and code(HOME†iAM).! before giVin any comment here, please studie the theatre here, for AT LEAST THREE WAVESPELLS!!!! My AdVice!

    We Are IN middle Time, kin: the show has just now begun!!{ Her decrepit conscience……is shattered by far Not enough!

    and as for ur, darling, i couln’tcome much faRther, yet with the puZZZling,
    and i bet, i im proving after the first singRedfiresighs……and the dragOnden
    also limps, physicAlly / psychicAlly … atm. i love you and hope y A fine!


    also to cube of TRUTH seekers, who wonder, what’s goinG in and outhere

    and also to followers of the ‘old structURes

  11. HA!! incomplete… “We, m…, each deal with just one individual at the time, but we are sure to overcome the human limitations in just loving only those who will go along with us, in respecting only those who are of similar mind, in admiring only those who will rigidly follow the rules, the prescriptions and the mores of the extended clan.

    “We m… reach out to the Creator Almighty and ask him for His Unconditional Love, for us to pass this Love on to all. This is the measure, the yardstick of our spiritual progress. It is also that of yours, as you pass His Love on to the God-led, as well as to those who are misguided in the extreme.

    • 14 + 129 = 143 🙂

      Reimar, I wanted to thank you for posting that latest Bill Ryan interview, and the forum. I admit I had that same thought about the ego – Bill’s, I mean, and I love the guy. What was it they said? Hot and cold? I would say I agree with that. Disinformation… nothing should be swallowed without careful tasting and chewing. If we don’t trust oUR own inner compass ~ or if we’re lazy 🙂 ~ that makes us ripe for deceit.

      We are all powerful Wizards ~ conscious and self-directed or unconscious and manipulated. I guess that’s why Love is the answer. Only reliable compass. All I know for certain is that happiness is a full-time joy.

      In lak’ech,

  12. 143:Transmit fURther
    “and code(HOME†iAM).! before giVin any comment here, please studie the theatre here, for AT LEAST THREE WAVESPELLS!!!! My AdVice!”

    Transmit fURther.


  13. Hello again;

    While out to buy a power cord, I learned how obsolete my computer is.
    It turns out that a $360. e-machine (no disc drive) is much more powerful in every way!
    Before taking the plunge tomorrow-Silio here, (last day of the sale), would appreciate any feedback from the more technological savvy readers.
    It’s only for going on-line and writing this blog.
    It’s an Intel Atom N 450 processor, 160 GB Hard Drive, 16B PPRZ Ram, 10.1 screen; 2.66 GHZ. Acer. Windows XP
    What do you think? (It also preserves more of my precious poker win)

    This ‘technospheric pause’ is proving interesting–provides time to ponder the best response to some curious comments here lately.

    Thanks for your opinion on this light, little but powerful laptop 🙂

    In Lak’ ech,
    Galactic Agent 138

    • ……dare to do one more!!

      Abusing the holy tzolkien“josè has a watchfull eye on you!

      PUN ish ment rain on you_ out of any parallel uniVERSal timeline possible!

    • Beloved Galatic Agent 138, you are doing very well with this machine, my is better than yours and I dont do so good.

  14. +Cosmic Night mentioned Eagles in the last line of his latest comment. +
    this is what i said:
    eagels-Emanation-Mindtrap-lure, lure – betrayal– spells also “Law”…:

    Darkness created many “laws” by which to give the appearance of order in Its “creation”. Laws of motion, gravity, inertia, re-action and others were put into place. These so-called “natural laws”, rules, protocols and principles are necessary for the appearance of order and workings in the Virtual Reality. Through these artificial laws, predictability and order are achieved. All of these artificial laws are part of the trap of the Virtual Reality. They are restrictions put into play by Darkness.

    These “natural laws” are issues of

    RANK. Rank is based on privilege, which is the found AT ion of 12/ 60- society and ptw (powers that were)
    {we had the romanEmpireas sourcebefore!}

    Nietzsche reminds US:

    just like the romans and etruskian , who cut their heaven with starry mathematical lines into a TEMPLUM, as a FEaNCEy- strictly confining and slicing space, into which they banned a god…
    same has every people aBove themselves, a meticulously structured and sliced concept…, perceptionheaven, and from then on their TRUTH insists in postulating, that any definition of god, is only valueable in it’s corresponding (previously¨cut) sphere.

    as i intuit, Claire de Moulin, which name is ‘ i’m sure not authentic!, …short ‘moule’

    not ever willing to understands, coz it’s not in her HIDDEN AgenDA,……

    , so i have to, I’M going to arrive at some kinky fields, which is a speciality of DragONqueens, and of SenseSpores, respectively.

    What do we have here:
    a cozy, rozy open ‘moule’,
    shimmering reddish in in her dew

    Legs wide open for her CUBE she says………of truth, she adds, the juice…sweet drippin’ in colourful tzolkin NUMBers and CODEs… from her haunch.

    is this truth: she is lying, she is hiding costly lifesty<le
    whipping jealously thru the CUBE (of truth, she insists on her deadly ways…)

    oh my, what a fri…ed chicken, instead of 'talking to the plants'
    she reads "Gala" : bribing ladiDi's and princesHenrisWilliams aroud kin's–– not enough places them –fatly– in to our sacred cube……… what a FRAUD.

    so its slymy inside her 'gate2013 what afuck!) stinking odours of rotten residues from past orgies with her kind, billow ing thru our sacred space oh…p'ay's

    clever she derives the love of all the kin here to Achmedinejhad the slaughterer of iranian women, HER kin!!
    and seemigly our TMQcon, rozy, slimy grey, is a part of them.––

    love– that we bereft ourselves thru the millenia – blinded by the invisible powers, that reigned––love, we incessantly worked for, to find it back………

    that we so needingly and arduous attain, against all odds, against the whole 12/60-society –wherin 'moule' dwells : in a comfortNest

    and with tempting baits she blinds US kin……

    so her con h's become dry , the output faulty
    …still she pre TEnNds it to be valid
    …scorched poetry……

    her moule moules crap – on the cube careening…

    " She has No conscience" – it's donKEY rule

    sweet love to U and All and moule the fat the fate to fall

    inlake'ch reimar

    we incessantly worked on, to find it back
    “Always remember, to have The Last Dance, with Your Shadow” ~ Susan

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