Kin 18: White Overtone Mirror codes Resonant Seli 2

White Overtone Mirror

White Overtone Worldbridger
Yellow Overtone Star White Overtone Mirror Red Overtone Dragon
  Blue Solar Night
I Empower in order to Reflect,  Commanding Order.
I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Overtone tone of Radiance.
I am guided by the power of Death
Today’s Guide is 5 World-Bridger; KiwiMike.  The ‘Heart of Nine’ (Votan)  Solar Night  is oUR Hidden Power.  The G-Force of Kin 18 is Kin 16:  Electric Warrior.
18.5:  “Parallel universes or other Galactic Brains are all equally coordinated by God, and are synchronically ordered in a mirror-like extension of dimensionality in relation to this universe or galactic order.    Like the synchronic ordering of all phases of stellar evolution, where at any given moment all possibilities of the energy-mind continuum are present, so all parallel universes and the infinite  order of possibilities of the evolution of the Galactic Brain are similarly available and  accessible.  Yet all are holonomically indistinguishable, that is, they are all governed by T(E)=Art.”
.SELI 2:  FLOW;  ROOTChakra01.gif
TMQ was in her Overtone Mirror year when the Harmonic Convergence happened in 1987.  She will be in her Overtone Star year in 2013, when our Galactic Synchronization happens in 2013.

A search for crop circles near the date of 8/19/1999, which was coded by Overtone Mirror, produced this one 15 days earlier, at West Kennett, Long Barrow Wiltshire:

The similarity of the Mirror Glyph  to the bird’s eye view of a pyramid has been noted. 

 Here, we have ‘5 MIRROR’s for today’s Overtone Mirror  🙂  They are encircled by 120 small circles and 72 larger ones, for a total of 192.  An hour earlier, TMQ noticed that the current number of subscribers is 419, and described in Mayan notation:  2 x 20 = 400; plus 19 = 419 that is the same numbers: 2.19!

19.2:  “There is only one star maker and star master, and that is God.”

Here is news of another of  His/Her creations:

The numbers of 219 appeared once again in  today’s calculations.  Yesterday (which in the U.S. was the 7 year anniversary of our Father’s death, and the CDK of PVCS Kin 40:  Magnetic Sun) TMQ spoke with her sister Ann:  20.1.  She was delighted to learn that tonight, she’ll see her sister on Survivor, because during the Cosmic Moon, Ann flew to Nicaragua for the “loved ones” day, which happens when there are 6 Survivors left  🙂  A web search showed many references to Jud/Fabio’s “Hot Mom”, who is 6 years (nearly 80 Moons) younger than her sister who is writing these words.  The letters in Survivor = 144, and Nicaragua = 75 (TMQ’s Long Count) for a total of 219  🙂

In other ‘local news’ horrendous floods of ‘biblical proportions’ are devastating the east coast of Australia.  Parts of Brisbane, the country’s third largest city, are now under 60 feet of water!  Nearly 100 people are missing anf feared drowned. South of Brisbane  is Melbourne, where parts of the more recent Cosmic History Chronicles were written.

From page 18 of Volume 6“TRANSCENDENCE: The human is meant to evolve into a Holonomic Energy Capacitator, working as a vital component in the whole system of the planet.”

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 2.                                            Kin 18

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