Kin 19: Blue Rhythmic Storm codes Resonant Gamma 3

Blue Rhythmic Storm

Blue Rhytmic Storm
Red Rhytmic Moon Blue Rhytmic Storm Yellow Rhytmic Sun
  White Galactic Wind
I Organise in order to Catalyze,  Balancing Energy.
I seal the matrix of Self-Generation
with theRhythmic tone of Equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Kin 19 is oUR Daily Oracle and Guide.  Kin 149;  Rhythmic Moon codes the Antipode, the G-Force, V.V. and T.M.Q.’s Combined kin, Telektonon card 19, and the 7.1 Christchurch Earthquake.  Today’s Occult is Galactic Wind.
19.6 “The synchronic order of the universe maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “divine plan.” Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the divine plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as “revelation.
On Kin 19, this video appeared,  in which astrophysicist Piers Corbyn {Overtone Star} begins by discussing the 19 year cycle of eclipses.  He says the current Queensland flooding in Australia is related to solar charges and that to the 19 year cycle.   In this video:  he says the Queensland flooding is partly a result of the January 4th (11:11) eclipse.
During this period (9.6 Antipode watch down under’; Antipode region to most of you) when most of the planet is coded by Kin 18, and the Southern Hemisphere (which contains 10% of Earth’s population) is coded by Kin 19, it’s the perfect time to review the material on pages 74-75 of “The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Time as Consciousness.”
In order to “concretize the vision of Humanity’s evolution“, Valum Votan;  11:11 discusses the double-terminated [18-sided] crystal transport vehicle;  the 18-sided, double-terminated  crystal.
During this Resonant Moon, we awaken Single Wing Red Fire’s 7th articulation, his spine.  Through Yoga, we also align our Spine with it’s attendant Chakras, with our Earth’s poles, and the Divine Will. 
 The five major chakras are also envisioned along the axis of the 18-sided crystal:  CROWN (sight);  THROAT (sound);  HEART (smell);  SOLAR PLEXUS (taste)  and ROOT (touch).  “The alignment of the five chakras as radiative projective floral geometries actually “motors” the transport vehicle.”
“What is most important to contemplate at this time is the perfection of the double-terminated crystal form as a pure projection of the complete 0-19 mathematical code.”
“Sums of the mathematical  coding of the two terminations (of the 18-sided crystal) (54, 60) equal 114, which is a factor of 19  (x6).  Sums of the mathematical coding of the two body sides (27, 30) also yield the key factor 19 (x3), as does the sum (171) of all 4 sets, 19 x 9.
“The plus one factor yields 19 = (18 + 1).  This means that 19, the maximum summarizing potential, is implicit in the perfection of the double terminated crystal form, while “0” is the invisible axis providing the radial and binary possibilities.”
 Brisbane flooded This photo of Brisbane’s coast, prominently displayed on Yahoo’s homepage today, is a reminder of the 12:60 campaign against 13, the Wavespell of Creation
The Flower of Life, “the most significant of all the symbols in Sacred Geometry” contains 19 circles.  It is referred to here as “The Blueprint of Creation
Combining the image of the 13 and of the 19, leads to the  last Postulate:  19.13, and the last  line of the discussion about the 0 to 19 Code
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”
N. S.  1. 23. 7. 3             Kin 19

23 thoughts on “Kin 19: Blue Rhythmic Storm codes Resonant Gamma 3

  1. Just tried to link this into my email to copy code at 3:16 and this mess/age appeared –

    Configuring 1 of 144
    Windows mandatory update
    Do not shut off your computer

    Viewing 1 of 144

    Again. I spilled on my keyboard. Sue me. 😉

    The Platinum Cosmic Light
    The Multi-Universal Ray of Divine Union

    For the first time in the history of Humanity, the race is soon to receive bold entrance of a mighty Solar Ray to incarnate within our lives, and, bringing with it, a new system of energy in which to assist in our multidimensional evolution.

    Through an act of Divine Compassion, the highly potent Platinum Cosmic Light will sweep the Earth in unstoppable waves, emitting through the frequency harmonic of unity consciousness. Through its very intense penetrating influence, all life will be cleansed, illuminated and resurrected out from the timeline of duality and suffering.

    The Platinum Cosmic Light, a multi-universal ray which synthesizes all life into Divine Union, is propelling us through a stargate of knowledge and into the language of light. Through its influence, all lifetimes become merged in this eternal now. Spontaneous transformation and miracle manifestations will be created through the field of Zero Point awareness.

    This highly potent and highly transformative metallic platinum frequency is sourced at the multi-universal level and is bridged to the Earth through the vast consciousness energy fields that we refer to as Melchizedek/Metatron/Mahatma.

    Platinum Light comprises all Seven Rays

    Described as white gold and spherical in its radiatory effect, the Platinum Cosmic Light can be viewed as a “stepped up”, all inclusive container of the seven primary ray energies that have, up to now, sustained life on planet Earth in its system of energy. These Seven Rays, of which many of us are familiar, have been the primary channel and manifesting characteristic from which the energy of the Solar System flows, giving certain qualities and governance to life in all of Earth’s kingdoms.

    This epoch making moment is significant in that the Platinum Ray comprises the manifesting qualities of all of the seven planetary rays and their sacred fire activity. It can, in a sense, be regarded as a Rainbow Ray of Creation, uniting all of the seven primary rays and their qualities as One. It brings unimaginable unity and fused triangulation of the male/female/child aspects in all forms of matter.

    Platinum Light brings Holy Trinity

    The Platinum Cosmic Light can be regarded as the light of family, the Sacred fire of Divine Union. It catalyzes sacred triangulations of energy as the foundation to a pure, unified form. This triadic quality can be viewed as the internal balance of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child within bringing through a perfect at-one-ment with Self.

    Through the multi-universal qualities of…
    …the Platinum Sacred Fire will greatly assist to lift the last veils of illusion so that humans are able to clearly perceive everything as a unity…for example, when we see a tree and make real connection with it…our energy and the energy of the tree blend together as one, in full sacred exchange with each other. This scenario applies to all relationships. All people will regard everyone and everything as part of their total sacred self.

    The Platinum Light helps us to merge our left and right brain hemispheres so that our perception of reality is correctly perceived from a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted and multi-tasking whole brain perception at all times. It will help us to ground if we are too dreamy or to be more intuitive if we are too logical. Whatever we need in a specific situation will come to us instantaneously, either logic or feeling, or, a combination thereof.

    Platinum Light builds our Antahkarana….the Rainbow Bridge

    Through the Platinum Cosmic Light, we are creating a prominent and mighty stream of consciousness referred to as the Antahkarana, that which bridges the personal energy with the divine energy and merges them into one. This is another triangulation in which an illumined pathway forms that connects the personality with the Soul and the Soul with Monadic I AM Presence.

    The building of the Antahkarana is a process of consciousness fusion brought about through the Platinum frequency, to bring full union within our new system of bodily energy and awareness. When this bridge is fully constructed, we will experience an unimpeded flow of consciousness to and from Divine Source. This will bring an end to the fear of death, suffering and negate all sense of separation and divisive tendencies.

    Platinum Light Transforms Suffering on Planet Earth

    The Platinum Cosmic Light is the miracle of life that transforms the dual into the one, suffering into joy, war into peace, hatred into love. Hope for Humanity comes to us now through this stellar frequency as Gift from God.

    It is the light that illuminates the Divine Path.
    It is the light that nurtures the species.
    It is the light that regenerates the nature.
    It is the light that penetrates the hearts of every human.
    It is the light that heals and transforms.
    It is the light that lifts all pain and suffering.
    It is the light that brings union to the world.

    Platinum Light is the Sacred Fire for Group Avatar

    The Platinum Light will dynamically strengthen all of us like empty bamboos, strong and flexible in our role as Divine Conduits. Through this multiversal, multi-purposed Ray, we will work with the Elohim and elemental kingdoms to expand their qualities in each region of the Earth, through our Zero Point group energy field, the void where the Power of Creation resides.

    With this exquisite Sacred Fire energy, we will cleanse and transform, unifying the extremes of polarity into harmonic balance… negative with the positive, masculine with feminine, yin with yang… creating unification through its diamond ascension flames. As the blinders are lifted from humanity’s consciousness, we will fill the void right away with the platinum rays so that humanity’s rebirth is faster and more complete.

    Spontaneous healing come from the Platinum Cosmic Light. We are encouraged to invoke and use the platinum frequency in all healing and transformative activity from this point forward. We will be increasingly shown how to use this great gift of Sacred Fire for miracle manifestations.

    Platinum Light emits a Spherical Radiation

    Platinum Light emits a spherical radiation through its pulsations to the Earth…with a harmonic expression that seeks to create total inclusion and fusion. From its Great Central Sun point of origination, this light brings an eternal vibration and the evolutionary Divine Direction for Earth and Humanity, as a microcosm of the macrocosm.

    It is this platinum spherical frequency that we will implant into the Crystalline Grid to activate the power of life here on the Earth as a unified field of energy operating in absolute balance. This conscious seeding will assist to open the platinum stargate, bridging Earth to universal dimension.


    For Planetary Light Servers
    Full Moon, January 19 [ ]

    In the New Earth Crystalline Matrix
    during the Planetary Grid Transmissions

    Children of the Sun Foundation

    Can’t help but make a credit card joke in my mayand. 😉


  2. This is my (1) Dear Friend’s (2) Friend’s Art. My personal connection is with (1) her (story of indefatigable sense of true self-worth and [AGAINST INCREDIBLY SCREWED UP ODDS, do not rule out your worst cinematic nightmare] – literally, she is noo quite due with the most inconceivable child.) I cannae NOW to meet this ENO/ONE WON/NOW!

    (2) [noo cynics permitted]



    When will my brothers and sisters rise up and claim their RITE/TH-g-IR?

    The FEAR of little brown women is at its apex, hopefully. PRAY.

    The terma are LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION – there. The divide. In the soil. In the blood.

    19.6: “The synchronic order of the universe maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the “divine plan.” Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the divine plan unfolds in the cosmic unconscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as “revelation.‘

    • So sad to read that.

      Had read a story about her taking that job, and had prayed and trusted that she would be safe.

      Have often thought about how some of the deadliest places on the planet are where the Terma are. Hmmm

  4. …how beautiful, you warm my troubled heart, dear.
    lol, and this alluring blue hue around me – is this you?

    Let’s see what the day inclines…

    1-144 figURemanDate :

    Soon you will begin to experience the gifts of the 144 Points of Light. Imagine having a thought automatically spread to everyone on Earth.

    14.11.:soul boats”: radiosonically crafted carriers of the fourth-dimensional double that extends the activity of the double far beyond the biological life-span of the present era. The Human species itself evolves into a race of Wizard People whose third-dimensional bodies take root in a type of elementary garden culture, while forms of deep meditation and trance activity allow the projected doubles greater and greater extensions into the galactic order of universal life.”

    Imagine feeling an emotion that is automatically available to everyone else on Earth. You have a collective conscious awareness that has never before been a part of the Human experience. This is an awareness of the collective heart of God. Please understand that you will not loose identity when these gifts are added to you. Rather, you will learn the unique beauty of who you are is more appreciated and honored unconditionally. As awareness of the collective increases the need for ego and separation diminishes. This is your path this very day for your choices for integration rather than separation will determine how fast these points of light will activateThe reality is that it takes the highest of vibration to come into the most difficult Gameboard on all planets.your collective vibration has even passed the levels that you reached in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. Now you start pulling away the veil to take your true power while you are still in physical bubbles of biology. This has never been done before anywhere in any universe. All of the cosmos are watching Planet Earth because of the choices you are making today. We cannot wait to see where you take it from here.You have recently moved from a field of duality into a field of shift your perception, the second part is that you shift your reality, and the third part is that you shift dimensions.P
    Please note that this phase is just the kick-off; the Pluto-Uranus cardinal square
    stays in effect for the next six years or so.   -M 

    Max Ernst. Of This Men Shall Know Nothing. Oil on canvas

    “Civil Law”. Civil Law, which in all Countries, is called “The Law of the Land”. This goes back to when the Holy Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Vatican.
    ¿what about sea-law {have to find it back, first} due to which the city of london owns the united states and america?
    You worked at ucc?
    …sounds nice though
    ……ah yes the number 2:

    juwel of awareness 2 is female and is not only the number of DESTINY, but also the number of humility and understanding. Only thru humility and understanding can the force of DESTINY be unfolded consciously and impeccably.
    Being a prime number 2 does not appear to have the complexity of doublenumbers, and yet this is merely another example of the fact that the world is not what it appears to be……
    Destiny –basic duality of NAGAL and TONAL – INEXTRICABLY intervowen within this duality is DESTINY

    andConcerning this, a haloARCheah-inVESTi G at ion from nzz follows…

  5. moabit…… for me is a highSecurityDungeon designed past neo-forenSic! … ;— Re{contra}search{fish introubledWater} dis-“cern“

    …in berlin, where ruDOLF hess was stat ion ed till death.

    2 is the number of derangement of 3 object


    GalacTic federation of light’s GEF-miss ionWhen the world goes “Pop!” perhaps then they will heed the “Last Call for Tomorrow.” Then they may
    not be so surprised to see a rainbow bridge around the Earth replacing all their reinventions of Reality.

    2 is an even nr
    can represent 2 squares combined {squares of 1, lol, may not look much bigger}

    DoubleStrategy ofLive NeueZürcherZtung 15.12.10:|| Arsen-nesrA ||t ion
    a floP ???

    NaSa-scientists are challenged by akademics from can +harvard:

    they possibly mayhave worked a) sloppy or even
    b) consciously deluding
    because their work has been proved {by those aka’s} as

    | not accurate enough _basic conditions not sufficiently safeguarded
    0discernment facilities

    || missing cleansing steps beforehand, which leads to contamination of referred to probes…

    ||| The akas charge nasa-scie.tswith unconscioUsly deluding work {out of folly}.
    They may , in their euphoria, unnotingly have served for the biggest proof of their error, by revealing their incomplete experiment-disposition.

    the open debate shall continue on their website ‘science’, the nasas proclaimed, there they will written review {reViV} criticisms.

  6. “Manifesting Peace in the New Earth Timeline.

    Beloved Family of Light, we would now speak to you a little about the energy of Peace that is so important at this time. Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict. Peace is rather a distinct energy that radiates Unconditional Love and Compassion and Acceptance of All. It is first an inner energy that must be cultivated in the Heart, before it can be experienced in the outer reality. Beloved Ones, we know that you have worked hard in the last years to heal all those inner conflicts and angers that have prevented you from coming into the experience of inner peace, and now many of you are living in that inner joy and peace and so are able to be anchor points for these energies on the New Earth.

    We ask, Beloved Ones, that you continue to work for that beautiful state of inner peace and lightness, that you may share these energies with others. The key to this state of inner Peace is to have your consciousness anchored at the Heart, and to live always in a state of conscious awareness and forgiveness. be ready to forgive and release at all times, and become conscious of when and how you fall out of the state of inner peace. In this conscious state, you will be able to maintain your inner Peace for longer periods, and so to create that energy of Peace and Love around you. This energy will be a seed point for the manifestation of the New Earth and the New Earth Timeline. Each person who achieves this becomes a Master of Light and is able to begin to manifest the New Earth on the New Timeline in their lives right now.

    Beloved Ones, by the time that you enter the 2012 Time gate, there will be many of you who will be Masters of Light and Time, and you will be the navigators that will guide Humanity through the Time gate and into the New Reality. It is now that you are asked to begin to work intensely with these skills and abilities, so that you may truly fulfil the purpose for which you came to the Earth at this time.

    Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life.

    Beloved Ones, you may indeed ask, what does this mean in terms of my day to day life? And we would answer that in this New Timeline your life will become more “authentic” and filled with the energy and Light of your Soul and your Divine I AM presence. You will become aware of the flow of your Soul Light in your daily life, and you will hear those directions and suggestions that come from the Higher Sources. You will learn to trust these directions and to flow with the synchronicities and desires and miracles that occur on the flow of the creative partnership between the Higher Self, and the Ego Self as Master of Light. That is what it means to live a “soul-full” life, where each day is filled with the passion and light of the guidance of the Soul and the Higher Self

    When you live in this way. Beloved Ones, then your life becomes and authentic expression of Who You Are on all levels. The Higher Self, and the Ego Self, work together in a wonderful partnership that ensures that you experience peace and joy on all levels of your being as you begin to manifest the New Earth Reality in your own life.

    And so, Beloved Family of Light, in this year that lies ahead, you will be learning and experiencing in a wonderful way. The most important date for you in this year will be the 11th of November, when the 11/11/11 Star gate will provide the final recalibrations of the Earth for its journey to the Galactic Plane alignment on the 12/12/12 and the Journey through the Time gate on the 21/12/12. So, Beloved Ones, we wish you much Joy and Love as your Journey continues in the Year of 2011. ”

    ~ Excerpt from “The Shift into the New Timeline and the Manifestation of Peace on Earth. Living an Authentic and Soul-Full Life in the New Reality”; ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 03 JAN.11 (through Celia Fenn

    Lots of marvelous gifts shared todaya!
    In lak’ech
    Red Crystal Moon 129

  7. the flower of life with 19 circles queues also the wholly 20th one the whole 😉

    i c : N. S. 1. 23. 7. 3 Kin 19

    and also have a G’limpse on the kweak revelation number …

    3K the 3rd birdaya kino’539 of the 7th mono resonant to the 7th column especially by those kin within that twin’ship / twins’hiphop

    it is WINDdaya in the Overtone Moon – which iz pretty 19 resonant in 109, AYEA

    3 iz always the electric impulse in~volveD,
    actually we have only numbers as 3, 3+1 & 3-1 except 1 itself … in the positive line-up (quite a view gifted to ReiMarCH’ing IN’s)

  8. Almost from the beG’inning i’m a tutor in the nooclass.
    So, when i read things as “Today’s Occult, Solar Wind also codes Bolon Ik and S’ace.” it strikes the wholly practice in a whippy ~ this iz what inter/trans-connectedness does …

    It iz no coincidence therefor that a STORM 99 pops up out of the noothing to collaborate in writing a book on decision making fields that transmit the noogrid without any fear at all for the aftermath.

    noodigm is the pinpointed paradigm ordering what has no order that can be traced by human interaction – thanks to the virtual designer which is basically very fundamentally structed in the numbers 1,2,3,4,5

    Noow that we have managed to dance the dance we quickstep the twins we always desired to be … 123 is a full triple 3rd dimension domain at earth …

    4 actually wires 4 6 8 and then 5 pivots into 5 7 9 strangling the force of ultimate human race aGain

    it is all in the Cosmic History Chroniclue , written by 2 wholly persons that offered themselves to a mysterious 3rd one (that might have been a twin-within itself afterall)

    SUN daya in WIZZARD WAVE glories the first ZERO in the range of 260 seals while 20 always has the auric task to tick the tack …

    :-)) happYmemyself with/out an eye

  9. “Today’s Occult, Solar Wind also codes Bolon Ik and S’ace.”

    Dear one, I believe Kin 19’s Occult is White Galactic Wind Kin 242. ( Still, U R right that it codes S’ace ~ Kin 242 is S’ace’s 3K Kin! 🙂 )

    In the spirit of maintaining our Cosmic Coordinates,
    Melovia Crystal Moon

    • when we see deeper in this Notion , dear Melovia:

      “3K Kin”

      we see K is a character out of 3 strikes …
      what do u see?
      } K is a human being seeing into the world? {

      3 K K’in iz as 3 x 3 x 3 + 1 (in contact with all divine life) ?

      K iz character 11 – 20 11 … signals SPECTRAL SUN?
      EQUIvalent to 20-13=7 … RESONANT MONKEY?
      or SPACTRAL HAND (the HEALER archetype)

      or iz this an orchestral reunion / redemption

      the MIRROR is the GUIDING WHITE SEAL for WIND9 & WIND4
      Iz 3KKin a Diamond as DuoMooN?

      How can i comprehend my final mission (?) ~ i’m just in NOO, anywaya

      • You’ll like this, dear S’ace 😉 Kin 20 does have the G-Force Kin 22; its Long Count is Kin 232 ~ and Kin 232 G-Force? Kin 242 🙂

    • Oops!

      I let my Guide (Galactic Wind) down 🙂

      How interesting that Kin 242 is S’ace’s 3K Kin. (what are the 3 Kins used in that style?)

      Thanks dear one!

      Galactic Mirror

      • 3K ~ the mystical 3rd Kin you get when you add Dreamspell and Long Count Kins together. It’s a ‘Kweak thang’, one of S’ace’s (co)creations 🙂

      • thX Melovia for explaining to TMQ …

        in fact i am pretty convinced we should act on walking the line …
        which means activating both hemispheres in the brain by the two feet walking … the line is a artificial frequency that pops up from both kin numbers on dreamspell and longcount.

        lately i got the universal commitment / affirmation of this concept because a friend that initiated me on the tzolkin was the same number in TreeKweak as me myself & i.

        Maybe i iz Dreamspell, myself is LongCount and me suits TreeKweek

        Having the full 3 dimensional mirror perception on your own engagement delivers the most dynamic impulsed sharp view on the “selfish genes” – perhaps shellfish, which iz a Pisces image to overcome into aQuariUS

        😉 in lak’ech ala kin’ops

    • Kin 22–
      Your daya has just begun here 🙂
      When you mentioned 3 K kin, I thought (until Melovia explained that is what you call the Dreamspell and LC combined) perhaps there was a 3rd kincomponent added to that.
      Now, what I’m curious about, is your last paragraph here.

      Enjoy yoUR kin Daya 🙂

      In Lak’ ech,

      Kin 138

  10. some strange effect on menoopi?

    i was tracked back to an event on dec13, 2002

    why not glimps to its Dream Electric Magnified Message Affirming the Miss’ion

    Red Resonant Moon
    Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
    Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
    Galactic Activation Portal
    I channel in order to purify
    Inspiring flow
    I seal the process of universal water
    With the resonant tone of attunement
    I am guided by the power of birth
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    Seal 9 Red Moon Seal 10 White Dog Seal 11 Blue Monkey Seal 12 Yellow Human Seal 13 Red Skywalker Seal 14 White Wizard Seal 15 Blue Eagle Seal 16 Yellow Warrior Seal 17 Red Earth Seal 18 White Mirror Seal 19 Blue Storm Seal 20 Yellow Sun Seal 1 Red Dragon Seal 2 White Wind Seal 3 Blue Night Seal 4 Yellow Seed Seal 5 Red Serpent Seal 6 White WorldBridger Seal 7 Blue Hand Seal 8 Yellow Star Tone 7 Resonant Tone 8 Galactic Tone 9 Solar Tone 10 Planetary Tone 11 Spectral Tone 12 Crystal Tone 13 Cosmic Tone 1 Magnetic Tone 2 Lunar Tone 3 Electric Tone 4 SelfExisting Tone 5 Overtone Tone 6 Rhythmic Tone 7 Resonant
    counter clockwise wheel rotation

    Kin 189 – Loom of 13 Moons Gap Kin

    } what a mess mesh mash mass {

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