P.V.C.S. Kin 26: White Cosmic World-Bridger codes Resonant 10; Cube 4: Maya Flowering

White Cosmic Worldbridger

White Cosmic Dog
Yellow Cosmic Warrior White Cosmic Worldbridger Red Cosmic Skywalker
  Blue Magnetic Eagle
I endure in order to equalize
transcending opportunity.
I seal the store of death
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of heart.
The G-Force for  P.V.C.S. Kin 26 is another Pacal Votan Clear SignMagnetic Sun.   PSI for Resonant 10:  Solar World-Bridger.
 6.13:  “PAN is the advent of the planetary art spore and the hyperorganic evolution into the Psychozoic era. In the PAN-induced Psychozoic era, the evolutionary synthesis of crystal (32) and DNA (64), consciously regulated by the Law of Time (13:20), creates a noospherically unified field of planetary life, the sum of whose living interactions constitutes a planetary art spore: Timeship Earth 2013 transmuted into a stellar-galactic unit for the exchange, transformation, and communication of universal energy impulses.”
GAMMA  10:    PACIFY;  THIRD EYE Chakra06.gif
Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord
 Day 10,  Kin 126  (16)  G-K Mars;  CARDINAL–THROAT;   WHITE WORLD-BRIDGER Tone 9
Fourth note:  FA (F)
Step 4:  Consciousness consumes Divine frequencies–realized as quality of ‘Heaven’.
Cube Four:  Seed G-K Jupiter (52)  PACAL VOTAN
Sound:   DO RE MI FA
Crystal Serpent Round Table  peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
{parts of this post have already disappeared, and all would have been lost during a text color change-if I hadn’t had most of it on another screen, so I’m leaving text in the color WordPress (or my computer) insists upon–Sorry for the appearance today.}  Oops–just now lost what was above-{when  I tried to unbold this disclaimer), about the kins (Rachel 123-Melovia 129, Tiger 132; Christine 133,  and TMQ 138)  -appearing in the center of the Tzolkin, who code the PSIs in the center of the 13 Moon year.  The graphics of the Tzolin and 13 Moon wavespell also disappeared.
Christine 3 Skywalker was inspired by the self-immolation of  Yacoub Ould Dahoud (initials YOD)  in Tunisia, to follow a serendipitous and amazing  chain of thought that included Dolphins, Astonomical Alignments  {A yod is a rare astrological aspect involving any celestial body of astrological importance}  and a curious character, Father Yod,  whose demise included the numbers of oUR Lord of the Dawn, when he hang-glided off a 1300 foot cliff, and died  from his injuries  9 hours later.  His birth on Crystal Hand and death on Cosmic Seed mirrors our own trajectory towards the Original Matrix Attained.
  Kin 133 also discovered that an airport near the Crystal Serpent crop circle  was coded by YOD!  Her mention that the town there was incorporated on 10/1/96, coded by Kin 36, Planetary Warrior elicited a response from Jessica, who is a Planetary Warrior,
whose  son is also a Warrior  🙂 
animal.discovery.com/mammals/dolphin/pictures/dolphin-picture.jpg Image Preview Christine posted a video featuring  Ashton Kutcher (20.12;  Crystal  Sun) right after Burbuja 33 Kin 247  had a dream of him  (:))  Synchronistically, in a later comment, oUR Cosmic Hand asks about 12 and 8, the difference between the numbers coding Ashton’s Seal (20) and Tone (12)  🙂

From Pacal Votan’s “Book of Harmony”:  The wisdom text of God’s perfect pleasure:
“…Three perfect numbers unlock the solar mystery, By which life within death is ordained:
Eight are the rays of light evenly placed
To set rolling the unimpeded whell of Eternity
Thirteen are the tones of Galactic order, Pulsed in unending Harmony
Twenty  are  the seals of Becoming and RetURn…

 Today, we heard from a new kin, a Solar Mirror called i,  “guided by Timelessness’  who responded to the 1/16/2010 blog.  Welcome!
The reinstatement of the 13th astrological sign evoked a wonderful respons from our ‘original’ Solar Mirror;  Jara Ra (ArajarA}:

“I believe Ophiuchus is very much a part of the Dreamspell story. The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013 says much about how the robed male priests of Babylon stole the power of the 13 moons, trapping the masses into artificial time deemed by priests…

Ophiuchus ruled the 13th month and represented the power of the 13 – the feminine, the sexual, the force of creation. 360 degrees were drawn around the circle and it was divided into 12 constellations and 12 months, and the horoscope was frozen on Aries and hasn’t moved till today, even though the ages of the zodiac have slowly precessed.”  “

I’ve been interested in Ophiuchus for a long time. My company StudiO FictuS actually encodes the word: Study Ophiuchus.”  (!)

S’ace 9 Solar Wind had these observations about Ophiuchus: 

“funny how O’phiuchus is place between november and december …
when u consider them the 11the and 12 month …

also funny they are actually 9 and 10 in the original meanings for nov – novice and dec – decimal …

we have the 11month which occult popping up in 20 minus 11: 9 – nine

how are the placed in Dreamspell Calendar?
moon 5 – PEA COCK 16
moon 6 – LIZARD 5
5.16 and 6.5 sum up on the TMQ method into 11.21
which may give MON KEY – HUNAB’KU”  🙂

 We’ll close this Crystal Round Table (and this technologically-plagued post) with a quote found at the informative site of  reader;  Imam Mehdi AJ: 

‘Beware of anxiety, for it cuts off hope, weakens action, and brings sorrow. And know that the way out [of trouble] lies in two things: resourcefulness where a stratagem exists, and perseverance wherever stratagems fail.’ 


 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace     At Midnight, we enter the Wavespell of Accomplishment.

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 11.   Cube 4:  FLOWERING     P.V.C.S. Kin 26

3 thoughts on “P.V.C.S. Kin 26: White Cosmic World-Bridger codes Resonant 10; Cube 4: Maya Flowering

  1. havin’ kin o’26 alignes us to the number of a popeular character set kn’own as the Alphabet. It might have Arabic origins as basic methods to form the characters.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphabet gives some insights

    We all here also know this number as the VOW that brings 2 bodies together as 13 dynamic mainlimbs incl. the 7th – the spine.

    It somehow gives me number 69; why iz that?

    Maybe a French Karmic number or CANCER sign popping out of my fingertips?

    Anyway tomorrow we have kin o’27 which sets focus on the hand as a magnetic tool that also brings forward “The Healer” as one of 21 described archetypes in the Cosmic History Chroniclue.

    I promote the idea this number resets all characters into their well: SPACE – the broadest bar on the keyboard, we every now and then hit by automated performance … (we should be more aware of the space bar, dont we?)

    In fact we will have 13 kin as a sequence to experience its linguistical acrobatics from Claire du Moulin, our host … on birdY Wings’ 😉

  2. Nothing can take us far enough
    Emotion… far enough together
    As the light shines so bright
    Bright enough to let us in

    Nothing can bridge our souls’
    Devotion… fast enough together
    As the power proves you right
    Right enough to let you begin

    So many displaced among the future dreamers
    Realised their doubles
    Took a new step
    A question of origin

    Only in the recent past
    Seeking for to realise
    Skyward shone
    Like beacons
    A question of origin

    Ten thousand millions free
    To the westward light
    The dreamers represent
    This arc of peace

    As the poets entranced
    The anchor redeemed
    Secrets of science
    The history of the future
    Was surely made

    Just what keeps us so alive
    Just what makes us realise
    Our home
    Is our world, our life
    Home is our world

    Nothing can take us far enough
    Emotion… far enough together
    As the light shines so bright
    Bright enough to let us in

    Nothing can bridge our souls
    Devotion… fast enough together
    As the power proves you right
    Right enough to let you begin

    Speak so fast to the prophets
    Of the living
    Looking for the signs
    Spanning out the centuries
    Search for truth

    Ancient ones… they watch
    And listen
    Carry our wishes
    Took upon themselves to guide us
    Through the endless skies

    Just what keeps us so alive
    Just what makes us realise
    Our home
    Is our world, our life
    Our hope is our world, our life

    I have seen the passion
    That’s in the hope that everyone
    Will find their way into
    The secret of
    The home of your heart

    Living within the vision
    Within the power, beyond belief
    We see that hate destroys the soul
    Of anyone who tries to teach it

    I have seen the dream
    That’s in your heart
    That’s in your eyes
    To bring you closer to the one

    It’s what keeps us so alive
    It’s what makes us realise
    Our home is our world, our life
    Just what keeps us so alive
    Just what makes us realise
    Our home
    Is our world, our life
    Home is our world, our life

    Send, ascending to the secrets
    All is pure and clear to resolve
    Nothing can change us now
    Send, ascending to the future
    Nothing can ever change us now
    We follow the sun
    We follow the sun
    We follow the sun

    Truth is a simple place
    Here for us all to see
    Reach as it comes to you
    As it comes to me
    As I will always need you inside my heart

    Peace is a word we teach
    A place for us all to reach
    Sing as it sings to you
    As it sings to me
    As I will always need you inside my heart

  3. Dear TMQ, sorry you are continuing to experience such annoying technical difficulties!

    A very amazing Full Moon, hasn’t it been? Very powerful.

    P.V.C.S. Kin 26 Resonant Gamma 10

    3K Kin 4 (4.4) Self-Existing Seed
    CDK Kin 51G.A.P. (11.12) Crystal Monkey
    AIK Kin 130 (10.13) Cosmic Dog

    G-Force P.V.C.S. Kin 40 (20.1) Magnetic Sun

    Interesting to note that the next New Moon falls on Gregorian 2/2/2011, Resonant Gamma 24, and is coded by P.V.C.S. Kin 40:

    “I Unify in order to Enlighten
    Attracting Life
    I seal the Matrix of Universal Fire
    With the Magnetic tone of Purpose
    I am guided by my own power doubled.”

    PSI/Chrono: 5.9 Red Solar Serpent Kin 165 GAP
    Analog: 19.1 Blue Magnetic Storm Kin 79 (Noosphere Constant)
    Guide: 20.1 Yellow Magnetic Sun PVCS Kin 40
    Antipode: 10.1 White Magnetic Dog Kin 170
    Occult: 1.13 Red Cosmic Dragon Kin 221
    G-Force: 20.4 Yellow Cosmic Sun Kin 160
    3K: 12.6 Yellow Rhythmic Human Kin 32
    CDK: 5.13 Red Cosmic Serpent Kin 65
    AIK: 17.2 Red Lunar Earth Kin 197!!

    Looks powerful. And, let’s hope (and trust!), productive and wonderful!

    In Lak’ech

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