Kin 29: Red Electric Moon codes Limi 13; Cube 7: Accompishment

Red Electric Moon

Red Electric Skywalker
Blue Electric Storm Red Electric Moon White Electric Dog
  Yellow Spectral Human
I activate in order to purify
bonding flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of space.
The G-Force of Kin 29 is  Planetary Night.  The PSI  of Resonant 13 is Crystal Moon.  Kin 29 is the 3rd day of the 3rd Wavespell:  Accomplishment, which matches today’s Cube 7:  Accomplishment.
Vinal 10:  YAX“Where the student clears the mind, taking account of what is not yet ripe.”
9.3: The cultivation of sensory teleportation through maintaining a projective geometry coordinated according to sets of time vector potentials, organized by a collective multiplicity of planetary stations or points, establishes a continuing conscious field known as the telepathic matrix. The telepathic matrix is not created as an abstract function, but is the evolved necessity of the biosphere-noosphere transition.”
       LIMI 13:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
Day 13:  Kin 129 (4)  GK Omega Mercury,  Gateway Root  Red Moon Tone 12
Seventh note:  TI (B)
Step 7:   Vibrations of 2nd (non-manifest) Universe,  Gate of Reflection to 1st (manifest) Universe–Perfection of  orginal  days of creation.
Melovia and Angel’ s Kin 129 code today’s PSI.  From Melovia’s most recent comment, TMQ was gratified to learn there are at least two of us (one in each Hemisphere) sounding the chords each day  🙂

For this 13th day of the 7th Moon, 13 crystal skulls here is a link from Burbuja 33 (Kin 33 = 13.7; today’s 13 Moon date)  “According to Mayan Legend, there will come a time when 13 ancient crystal skulls are reunited that can affect the Earth and the course of humanity…This date is calculated as December 21, 2012 and there are many interpretations of 2012 Mayan prophecies.”
Image Preview George Lucas (producer of Star Wars) recently  revealed to actor Seth Rogan that he is firmly convinced the world will end in 2012.
May we Resonate with this Sovereign Free Human:, whose courageous and intelligent defense earned the judge’s respect-and preserved his own freedom  🙂
 On Magnetic Hand, Christine Kin 133  had a ‘Handinduced dream’ of “a holographic multi-colored Hunab Ku pulsating in the sky above a large body of water – as i realized eye was dreaming the focUS of the galactic center accelerated and i felt a “zooming” effect – what was perceived as “in the sky” was compressed and i felt a warm connected radiance from the Hunab Ku directly to my heart chakra – it filled me with a joyful bURst of energy as i stood on the beach’
beach’  Galactic Center
Today’s Kin number: 29 was seared into the conciousness of Key-We s the past few months (because of the 29 miners lost at Pike River =113}, and the components of the Cube = 29.  Kin 29 also marks  Hunab Ku 21 days until the end of the first cycle of   the Seven 113-day Cycles of the Lord of the Dawn.
As Valum Votan revealed, in his report of the Terma he began ‘unlocking’ on kin 197:
 113 is a key prime number, and as a kin equivalent, (Kin 113) it is the Red Solar Skywalker, and represents Quetzalcoatl as Lord of the Dawn. This is because Skywalker is the equivalent of Acatl, the Reed, the sign of Quetzalcoatl’s natal signature, and Solar represents the sun and the dawn. Sura 113 in the Qur’an is entitled, Lord of the Dawn, confirming the Kin 113 designation.
The 7th cycle of 113 days ends on “The prophetic date, December 21, 2012  {which} marks the crest of the 104,000 year galactic spiral density wave, an evolutionary shift point of unprecedented magnitude, the shift from mind to supermind and the ascent of spiritual-mental values over materialist ones.
GAP Kin 197;  Lunar Earth  also marked the beginning  of “the 1008-day cycle of the Seven 144-day cycles of the Return of Sacred Power and the Six 36-day cycles of the Cubing of the Earth”.
 At the end of the 7th cycle of 144 days, we will ‘Launch Timeship Earth 2013’ to complete oUR GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION.

Today:  Moon 7;  Day 13:  Cube 7 marks a significant milestone in the Accomplishment of oUR Final Cycles of TRANSFORMATION.

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 13.   Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT   Kin 29

On Magnetic Hand, Christine Kin 133  had a ‘Hand-induced dream’ of
Hot Gas in Galactic Center 

9 thoughts on “Kin 29: Red Electric Moon codes Limi 13; Cube 7: Accompishment

  1. Lucas, maybe? it’s not prepared, but there is people who definetly it is, in MOSCU this Sir, claim to the gourvenement to do more of this…is just $80.000 for each 4 persons.

    to do list:
    survivor capsule: check

    actually i had a dreams two days before the A .kucther dream…

    (yesterday I saw it the in the news paper Metro, that he’iis releasing a new movie called, no strings attached,

    Sex is Evolution no just reporduction, idealy )

    …was about a shell capsule to survive when a big wave come to my home…I had dreams two nigths in a row about lots of WATER flowing…everywhere….MOON energy.

    Flow in Balance.

  2. I think I managed to figure out the Kin coding the Moon in which I was born so I could ascertain my ‘Galactic Signature CDK’: Kin 111 Blue Resonant Monkey (11.7), a bit of a cool synchronicity with a 1/17 Gregorian b’day. 🙂

    • Okay, wildly miscalculated, I now make it Kin 116 as the my CDK ~ but funny how even our mistakes can be synchronistic 🙂

    is the 9 fold ladder that spells the winding road ~ downward

    seal 9 tone 3 iz quite a perfect ratio to spell 1-ness

    we will polish

    the shift into a polishifting curve … aye?

      • aye is 1 out of the serial aye aye aye AYE

        it is either a blessing or a healing call to someone in there

        and it is parallel to “i i i I” and “eye eye eye EYE”

        attune the self for the best outlook at a moment,
        and try the variance when applying

        “i i i I” could be flipped into “I I I i”
        the last “i” simply honours the dot above a standing man …
        which is also applicable in the serial “i i i I”

        in fact aye is also just 1 value below bye
        considering the bivideotex conversion:
        1 2 5 =) 8
        2 2 5 =) 9

        there could be a lot of wisdom in this most simple initiation

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