Kin 32: Yellow Rhythmic Human codes Resonant 16; Cube Ten: LOVE

Kin 32

Yellow Rhythmic Human

Yellow Rhytmic Human
White Rhytmic Wind Yellow Rhytmic Human Blue Rhytmic Hand
  Red Galactic Moon
I organise in order to influence
balancing wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
As with all tone 6 kins, the Antipode;  Rhythmic Wind,  is also the G-Force.  The PSI is coded by P.V.C.S. Lunar Human, which also codes Tiger.  The CDK is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign17.5:  Overtone Earth.
12.6: Construction of the transport vehicle is through a process of fully holographic visualization, the mental energy incorporating itself within the hexagonal volume of the form, the departure point of time vector potentiality defining one of the crystal terminations, the object point in time defining the other crystal termination point. The telepathic propulsion of the crystal is proportionate to total mental clarity.”
SELI 16:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif
Day 16:  Kin 132  SP-Earth;  Core HEART  Yellow Human-Tone 2
Tenth note:  TI (B)
Step 10:  Unification of Consciousness beyond immortality, with consciousness of the spiritual Plan:  Attainment of the Whole.
Cube 10:  Dog  S-P  Mercury (4)  LOVE  Reknowned  Conch Topknot (3rd Bolontiku)
Sound TI (B) and RE (D)

It appears that the Mid-point of the Overtone Moon year, and Valum Votan’s birthday on Overtone Monkey has been commemorated by a crop circle in Indonesia! 

 According to several residents, they saw a tornado on Saturday evening,” 
  “On Sunday afternoon, we saw the footprint in our fields.” 
The work of aliens? Indonesia's first crop circle has left many wondering -- but scientists remain skeptical.
Found in a rice field in a hamlet of Sleman, Yogyakarta, the crop circle consists of triangles and circles with a diameter of about 70 meters.”
Yesterday, on Kin 31, Mehdig initiated a ‘chorUS’ of AYEs.  AYE adds up to 31  🙂
AYE (pronounced I) inspired Christine Kin 133 to share about another Kin 31 Yogi Sri Ramana Maharsi who wrote of his reflections  of I‘:  “Of all the thoughts that rise in the mind, the thought ‘I’ is the first thought.”
3 Skywalker ended that comment with: 
 Oh MonKEY! :)     DO DO DO!   
On this Cube day of Divine Loyalty, let’s note that KEY = 41= “Interval of God
DO, the Chord we toned for the two days in the center of oUR 13 Moon year and the center of the PSI Tzolkin,  equals 19  🙂  Kin 19: Rhythmic Storm.  Her 3 “DOs” add up to  PVCS  and GAP 57:  Today’s CDK:  Overtone Earth.

Priscella Kin 214 (Rhythmic Wizard)  enjoyed “a remarkable day”, and shares 3 links in her comment for Kin 31, including one about the Huichols of Mexico:  
 Huichol Girl  Huichols
” The Huichol consider themselves “Mirrors of the Gods” and strive to reflect a sacred vision of the world, both physically and spiritually. To the Huichol, everything is alive and has a soul (called Kupuri) and is therefore divine”  “Tile Huichol use their mode of dress as another important form of religious expression. Their highly ornate and colorful clothing is said to give pleasure to the gods…”
   The sacred trinity can be seen in this Huichol yarn painting: green peyote, yellow hairs of corn and Blue Deer, or “trickster angel” who is seen here in his form as the morning star or evening star”
Sadly, Christine relates how 12:60 materialism is encroaching upon this beautiful living example of 13:20 Creativity and Divine Loyalty: “Currently one of the Huicholes sacred mountains, Wirikuta, important in their ceremonial migration, Peyote hunt, and deer dance is being purchased for silver mining by a Canadian mining company, “First Majestic Silver Corp”

Thanks to S’ace 9 Wind, Christine kin 133 and Jara 9 Mirror for yoUR suggestions regarding technical issues, and  for yoUR encoURagement regarding a short break.  Ideas are percolating  🙂

DO = 19=19.6   From page 19 of CHC 6:
Paragraph 44:  “Our mission as reflective transistorized subatomic quanta of intelligence is to unify into a single thought reflex…The star (oUR Sun) requires a unified orbital field of intelligence to attain a state of higher resonance…”
N. S.  1. 23. 7. 16.        Cube Ten:  LOVE and DIVINE LOYALTY    Kin 32

DO, the Chord we toned for the two days in the center of oUR 13 Moon year and the center of the PSI Tzolkin,  equals 19  🙂  Kin 19: Rhythmic Storm.  Her 3 “DOs” add up to  PVCS  and GAP 57:  Today’s CDK:  Overtone Earth.

It appears that the Mid-point of the Overtone Moon year, and Valum Votan’s birthday on Overtone Monkey has been commemorated by a crop circle in Indonesia

7 thoughts on “Kin 32: Yellow Rhythmic Human codes Resonant 16; Cube Ten: LOVE

  1. There are times when all of our efforts seem hopeless to open the heart of the world and trust. There are so many wrongs being done for money to our precious world at times it seems we cannot overcome. We become drawn into that vortex of despair and let go of the the string on the balloon that keeps our outlook afloat. But know that despite the efforts of those who would sell our planet for an illusion, there are legions of angels to overcome. It is our combined sight; our combined KNOWledge; our combined WISEdom that will prevail. So we must keep our sight on the light of the rainbow and not be drawn in. To all who love the planet, EYE LOVE YOU!

  2. Interesting to see a bit wider for the “tri-spell-unit” which coordinates the dreamspell, the longcount and the treekweak. The latter bringing forth a revelating number out of a network organized phenomenon which sort of blanks ratio as a seertool.

    Sri Ramana Maharshi shows a kin031 to dreamspell, kin211* to longcount and it results into a kin242 – Galactic Wind – treekweak.

    And some of us here might be familiar with number 242 treekweak …

    it combines a good friend of our Bolon Ik labelled Geronimo 150+092=242;
    Sri Ramana Maharshi 031+211=242 & Bolon Ik herself 022+220=242.

    in kweaktypes we defined the SPIRAL, LINEAR, CENTRIC waya to approach a “goal” or u may prefer the label “DESTINY” which converts in to “TINY” having the negative pre ignored or vanished.

    This leads to the conclusion DREAMSPELL is a LOVEKWEAK resonant approach; LONGCOUNT is a LIFEKWEAK resonant approach & TREEKWEAK is a CENTRIC resonant approach to a similar OUT CO ME …

    in lak’ech a la KIN, S’ace O’022 A’220 Y’242

    O’is Omega; A’ is ALPHA & Y’ is Yp-soil-on
    “have a break have a sneak allow the kweak”

  3. Wake up in a land of dreams;

    Enchanted with mountains hollows and streams;

    Where morning sun becomes your friend;

    And the gentle breezes of the four winds whisper for the day to begin;

    An eagle and a hawk soon soar above;

    While well below are the calls of robins and doves;

    A whitetail deer heads home on an early morning trail;

    While young squirrels spend the day hiding behind trees as they chase each others tails;

    On a lazy afternoon in the mountains a black bear takes a nap;

    After a delicious meal of ants and termites and a dessert of honey sap;

    For a moment evening sun sits on a mountain top before he descends down;

    And pretty soon native night creatures will be the only sounds;

    Then the mountains become covered with a smoky mist;

    As nature gives the land a good-night kiss;

    Every star is lit as they sparkle throughout the night;

    And treetops dance in the water with shadows by the moon light;

    And soon the land of Cherokee becomes quiet;

    Until morning, nature says goodnight.
    Frank Goss, 2006


    Spent much of this afternoon really digesting what happened to Maldek and Mars and as we get ever nearer the shift – any “GAP” in “communications” keeps maya nose to the ground – from Kin 34 – 49 there will be no signal – and honestly, what eye perceive as the weirdest part is that on the Space Station Plaza website, which has been up and running for over a year – the only Kin that has still not been represented is Kin 49, Planetary Moon.

    We have been anticipating this progression for the entire year 1/11/2011, and Kin 49 is version 2.0 – 2/11/2011- hmmm…

    Spacewalker C

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