Kin 38: White Crystal Mirror codes end of the Resonant Cube Journey; and oUR Crystal Round Table

White Crystal Mirror

White Crystal Dog
Yellow Crystal Star White Crystal Mirror Red Crystal Dragon
  Blue Lunar Night
I dedicate in order to reflect
universalizing order.
I seal the matrix of endlessness
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of heart.
The last day of the Resonant  Warrior Cube Journey coincides with the last day of the first Gregorian month, while today’s G-Force;  20.11 (Spectral Sun) reflects this Greg. year  🙂  The Antipode,  Crystal Star is a clue to Space Time information received at Luminate  :).  Our Guide today:  Dog;  Divine Loyalty synchronizes with the Long Count of Electric  Dog  (Activating God)
Today’s PSI is  Galactic Mirror, relecting Kin 138 who is relaying  these words  on the 16th day of the Resonant Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney.
18.12“For any parallel universe, the evolution of time as consciousness proceeds in the same order as for the primary universe or galactic brain. Holonomic order of God does not distinguish between parallel universes, yet keeps a record of every type that exists, as well as which phase of time it is manifesting for any point of synchronic order. The Galactic Brain, of which our Earth and sun are a planetary stellar order, may be a parallel universe for one or any number of other galactic brains.”
DALI 22:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
Today is the final one in our practice of Sounding the Double Octave of the Lost Chord, which is part of our preparation for oUR Galactic Synchronization in 2013.
Day 22.  Kin 138 (300)  SP Neptune;  SIGNAL-SOLAR PLEXUS.  White Mirror;  Tone 8
Sixteenth Note:  DO (C)
Step 16:  Godly Power Attained-Power of transferring yourself into whatever dimension you choose.  You are whole.  Circle complete.  Lost Chord Sounded.  Interval of Lost Time restored as purification of your soul essence
Cube 16:  Warrior SP-Saturn (100) Intelligence–9th Bolon Tiku:  Primordial Knowing Body Lha;  Sirius Council of Nine convened with the Seven Seers of the Awakening.
Sound:  DO (C)  DO (C’)  DO (C)
After diligently performing this practice 4 years ago, on the 16th day, when  the day and PSI were both coded by Kin 138, Cosmic Dragon and TMQ observed a ‘divine show’ which included the full moon as the pupil centered in a beautiful “Eye of God“.  Valum Votan agreed that this was a sign that oUR efforts will be successful, and that the ‘Lost Chord’ will be sounded, restoring  The Harmony of the Music of the Spheres.”   
Just after the preceding words were written, TMQ received a call from two 21 year old Kins she met at Luminate, who walked the last 20 kilometers to Richmond.  They have totally unplugged from 12:60 life and are leaving here in the morning to walk their 13:20 path to Freedom and Enlightenment, initially via a 6 day trek through the rugged mountains of Nelson Lakes National Park. 
Andy, Electric Eagle, and Ryan, Resonant Mirror (whose 4 letter names have 3 letters in common),  Alan,  Rhythmic Sun and Galactic Mirror are experiencing so many synchronicities, including the fact that we add up to Ryan’s very special number:  11.11  🙂 
Our 7 hour long conversation shows no sign of abating, so the Cosmic Storm post will share about Luminate, and in particular, the fabulous talks by Jamie Janover of the Resonance Project.
Andy bears a beautiful map of oUR Earth on his chest, and this on his left forearm:
“I am the image of the world. 
Inside is the spirit  of freedom. 
A gift of nature,
 Ever to be free.”
Blessings and Gratitude to the Kin who kept oUR 441 Cube energized, especially Christine Electric Skywalker and Melovia Crystal Moon  🙂  We’ll share yoUR comments at our Crystal  Mirror Round Table in the Resonant 23 blog, coded by Blue Cosmic Storm;
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all“.
N.  S.  1. 23. 7. 22.   Cube 16:  INTELLIGENCE   Crystal Mirror Round Table

23 thoughts on “Kin 38: White Crystal Mirror codes end of the Resonant Cube Journey; and oUR Crystal Round Table

  1. Reason well, therefore, O Men, and ponder my words which I now convey to you. I am leaving you with the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet. If you follow them, you will never go astray. O Men, harken well to my words. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to your own selves. O Allah, have I conveyed Your message?

    Disclaimer: this came into my field with noo warning. Violent. So beautiful. The karmic storm is nearly over.


    Posted within an hoUR whilst U say…

    We’ll share yoUR comments at our Crystal Mirror Round Table in the Resonant 23 blog, coded by Blue Cosmic Storm;
    19.13: “All is number. God is a number. God is in all“.
    N. S. 1. 23. 7. 22. Cube 16: INTELLIGENCE Crystal Mirror Round Table

    Love U, Mirror Mama Claire. Aye gave CHCII to my Galactic Mirror. Married to Resonant Skywalker. PermUTaTions shall ensue. So/sew/sow grateful for yoUR noo affiliations – the HUM is upon us. Noo other way to de/scribe. Melovia. UR a treasURe. The channels are opening…over and ouvre…egg and cycle collide…the cenTre/erTnec will hold. G-RA-C-E pervades my construct and C’ees the plan.

    Oui R the Juans wee halve been waiting 4.


  2. while crystal is a perfect tone for gatherings …
    i honour the presence of TMQ to serve this kin

    the seal is guide for Bolon Ik 0’22
    the tone is resonant to KIN220 in the longcountspell as another leg of a human here …

    both DS & LC walk as an egyptian with MicHeal JackSon 😉

    38+250 =) 288 =) 18 / 2 = 9 , a birdaya number (in 2nd kweakrun as a memo)

    crystal clear it aligns to kin 28: lunar star in this very wave
    tone 2 & 12 are combined!
    as tomorrow 4 & 13 … – self existing/exciting/expressing dog & cosmic storm
    while kweak runs 2 kin a daya … accomodated to realtimeworldspeed

    escaping the freezes

  3. TMQ, welcome back, and it does ‘sound’ that you have many stories to share and eye/we look forward to hearing them. 🙂

    A quest-I-on: Y-oUR new friend Ryan is Kin 98 so his G-Force is Kin 100 Solar Sun. What R U referring to by “very special number: 11.11”? Curious (cUR-e-s) as always ~ EAger to lEArn (and with a 11.11 G-Force m-eye-Self ~ and Angel 2, of course 😉 ).

    In lak’ech

    • Thanks Melovia–it’s good to be back 🙂
      Ryan had a strong affinity with 11:11 long before he learned his Galactic Signature. He has been seeing 11:11 on his clock repeatedly, and he related some powerful spiritual events that happened at 11:11. 🙂

  4. Remenber Remenber…
    I said that to me every morning recalling my… dreams?

    today finding the soundtrack of « V for Vendetta » I found an nSync whit today’s kin 18.12…enjoy

    …is the soundtrack from the 2006 film V for Vendetta, released by Astralwerks «skywalkers 🙂 » Records ! on March 21, 2006 «spring solstice :)!»…but the majority of the work is by composer Dar-io Maria-nelli
    (Maria =13)…The track “Remember, Remember” uses the “national anthem” part of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky !….

    Similar to the graphic novel, there is repeated reference to the letter “V” and the number five (Serpent- Chicchan- Surviver) throughout the film (note that letter “V” is number five in Roman numerals).[20] For example, V’s introduction to Evey is a monologue containing 48 words beginning with the letter “V”, and containing a total of 52 letter “V”s. When Evey (Natalie Portman we were talking 4 or V? day ago of hers new film partner A. Kutcher.Today she is one of the OSCAR’s best actrees nominated) tells V her name he repeats it slowly as “E… V”. “E” (Adan’s wife- in the GENESIS she accept to eat from the tree of kwnoledge…The WOMEN beliEVE in the Serpent…AND THEN… ) is the fifth letter of the alphabet, and “V” is the fifth letter from the end of the alphabet…


    Le Paradise is wherever we are, in a non judging state, just Be-ing 🙂

    V from Be…

    Solo Vee = V …In spanish
    V is like Te-Vi = I Saw…U, from my dream this morning I try to Remenber, Remenber what I saw…U-R ? it was a fun cosmic trip, want to do it again !!!

    aVatar = Hand.13


    In lack’ech


    Born into a middle-class family, Tchaikovsky was educated for a career as a civil servant, despite his obvious musical precocity. He pursued a musical career against the wishes of his family, entering the Saint Petersburg Conservatory in 1862 and graduating in 1865. This formal, Western-oriented training set him apart from the contemporary nationalistic movement embodied by the influential group of young Russian composers known as The FiVe, with whom Tchaikovsky’s professional relationship was mixed.

    Talking of swan’s…

    waking up from a dream of beauty…

    this make me thing in all this Disney princesess…they BELIEVE in Magic ;)…and they are 9 !!

    1- Sleeping Beauty (Aurore)
    2- Snow white (and the Seven Dwarfs) Grimm Bros
    3- Cinderella (popular tale)
    4- Jasmin (Aladdin and the 1001 nigths)
    5- Beauty ( and the Beast)
    6- Ariel (the angel from HC Andersen in the little mermaid)
    7- Mulan (dressed as a men to become a warrior)
    8- Tiana (The frog princess)
    9- Pocahontas (c. 1595 – March 21, 1617), later known as Rebecca Rolfe, was a Virginia Indian chief’s daughter notable for having assisted colonial settlers at Jamestown. She converted to Christianity and married the English settler John Rolfe. After they traveled to London, she became famous in the last year of her life. She was a daughter of Wahunsunacawh, better known as Chief or Emperor Powhatan (to indicate his primacy), who headed a network of tributary tribal nations in the Tidewater region of Virginia (called Tenakomakah by the Powhatan). These tribes made up what is known as the Powhatan Chiefdom and spoke a language of the Algonquian family).

    …and they lived happily ever after.


      • Dear Melovia UR WELCOME !

        Thanks u too for the Salusa message, I shared.

        In the DS I’m kin 247 = 7.13/ kin 33= 13.7 is my mirror :)…and somethings else 😉

        Marisabel Burbuja


      Thig an nathair as an toll
      Là donn Brìde,
      Ged robh trì troighean dhen t-sneachd
      Air leac an làir.

      “The serpent will come from the hole
      On the brown Day of Bride,
      Though there should be three feet of snow
      On the flat surface of the ground.” [12]

      Fire and purification are an important aspect of this festival. Brigid (also known as Brighid, Bríde, Brigit, Brìd) is the Gaelic goddess of poetry, healing and smithcraft.[14] As both goddess and saint she is also associated with holy wells, sacred flames, and healing. The lighting of candles and fires represents the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months.[5] 😉

      Main article: Wheel of the Year
      Wiccans celebrate a variation of Imbolc as one of four “fire festivals”, which make up half of the eight holidays (or “sabbats”), of the wheel of the year. Imbolc is defined as a cross-quarter day, midway between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). The precise astrological midpoint in the Northern hemisphere is when the sun reaches fifteen degrees of Aquarius. In the Southern hemisphere, if celebrated as the beginning of local Spring, the date is the midpoint of Leo. Sometimes the festival is referred to as “Brigid”. Among Dianic Wiccans, Imbolc (also referred to as “Candlemas”) is the traditional time for initiations.[21]
      In Wicca, Imbolc is commonly associated with the goddess Brigid, and hence the Wiccan Goddess, and as such it is sometimes viewed as a “women’s festival” with specific rites only for female members of a coven.[22]

      Hmmm… 😉


    Let US support the growth of telepathy. This will serve as an example of how ANY information infrastructURe com/promise is a self-replicating phenomena…and people have been so symbiotic/ally transformed by the “rise of the machines” – they will rebel. It also seems fit that it is Cairo – oUR pitiful cell phones and satellites do not RESONATE

  7. A thought has formed. The poles are shifting and at an accelerated rate. Some of the most vibrant outpost of human exists es/sent/i/ally in the center of the Ring of Fire. HaWa(i)(i) This speaks of portal. The nearest WaTer antipode of this region is this –

    The area exhibits a characteristic white and greenish surface, which spreads over hundreds of kilometres. The pan developed through tectonic plate activity over 10 million years. About 16,000 years ago, when ice sheets were melting across the Northern Hemisphere land masses, a wet climate phase in southern Africa filled Etosha Lake. Today the Etosha Pan is mostly dry clay mud split into hexagonal shapes 😉 as it dries and cracks and seldom seen with even a thin sheet of water covering it. It is assumed that today’s Kunene River fed the lake at that time but over time plate movements caused a change in river direction causing the lake to run dry and leave a salt pan. Now the Ekuma River is the sole source of water. Typically, little river water or sediment reaches the dry lake because water seeps into the riverbed along its 250-kilometre (55-mile) course, reducing discharge along the way.

    Male bush elephant south of the lake.
    The surrounding area is dense mopane woodland which is occupied by herds of elephants on the south side of the lake. Mopane trees are common throughout south-central Africa, and host the mopane worm, which is the larval form of the moth Gonimbrasia belina and an important source of protein for rural communities. The area was first explored by the Europeans Charles John Andersson and Francis Galton in 1851. The American commercial traveller McKeirnan visited the area in 1876.

    Sporobolus spicatus
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Sporobolus spicatus
    Scientific classification [ e ]
    Kingdom: Plantae
    clade: Angiosperms
    clade: Monocots
    clade: Commelinids
    Order: Poales
    Family: Poaceae
    Genus: Sporobolus
    Species: S. spicatus
    Binomial name
    Sporobolus spicatus
    Sporobolus spicatus, also known as salt grass, is a halophyte.[1]

    This bunchgrass is distributed:
    in dryer parts of Africa such as Namibia, as a well known common plant in the western desert of Egypt
    from the Mediterranean coast to South Africa
    from the Middle East southwest to Pakistan and India.[2][3]

    This harsh dry land with little vegetation and salty water if any at all supports little wildlife all year round but is used by a large number of migratory birds. The hypersaline pan supports brine shrimp and a number of extremophile micro-organisms tolerant of the high saline conditions.(C.Michael Hogan. 2010.) In particularly rainy years the Etosha pan becomes a lake approximately 10 cm in depth and becomes a breeding ground for flamingos, 😉 which arrive in their thousands, and Great White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus). The surrounding savanna is home to a number of mammals that will visit the pan and surrounding waterholes when there is water, these include quite large numbers of zebra (Equus burchelli), Blue Wildebeest (Connocheatus taurinus), and springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) as well as white rhinoceros, elephants, hunting dogs, lions, leopards, and antelopes.


    The Etosha area was used as a backdrop during the filming of “Star Wars the 4th” – A New Hope 😉 Ha! Lucasian.


    The world is talking to US. Are we listening?

    There may be a flip – hmmm – for those who choose to remain 3rd dimensionally bound – i posit that the 6 tone is the minimum plURality for third dimensional perception ascension program to enact. i posit that all hexagonal 3rd dimensional representations are a mess/age from a form/er epoch. Mirror/uni/verse. Rhythm. Reflection. i learned todaya about the nighttime practice by the Mayan priesthood of observing the sky by constructing shallow, large reflective pools at Palenque and the way the Maya perceived the sky – so wise – look down to look up – fURther up and fURther in…we don’t need no stinking lenses…haha!

    The Bees noo.

  8. “SaLuSa 21-January-2011
    It is not at all unusual for the period leading to the end times to be chaotic, but as the old drops away so a new pathway emerges. By now you should be able to see the direction you are heading in, and it will conform to the plan for Ascension. For each individual there are the personal experiences, as you notice the changes in your consciousness. You are finding that you are more able to keep centred and are not so easily disturbed by outer happenings. The end times are a great test that determines how far you have evolved. You have to deal with the constant assault upon your senses, and the sight of death and destruction that seems to constantly occupy the media. When you can give of your love and compassion to those involved, and are not adversely affected by the emotional tug of your heartstrings, you are placing yourself beyond the reach of a negative response. The anger that it evokes in some people simply adds to the fear that already exists, and feeds the very ones who are trying to unsettle you.
    Look around you and you should able to find enough good news to lift up your expectations. The signs are there that indicate that the dark ones are rapidly losing the fight for control over you. Notice how the Chinese leaders are making concessions to the West, and that they are using their power to prevent the Illuminati from gaining further footholds in the East. They are a part of a growing movement to stabilise the world and root out the influences that have tried to lead you into another war scenario. We cannot stop minor altercations or confrontations, but we will prevent any escalation into an all-out war. That is within our authority, and it is also in response to the rising consciousness levels that seek peace for all people. The few can no longer dictate the course of mankind, and the path is opening up for the final stages of duality, as you know it.
    Over many lives and through many civilisations you have experienced virtually every religion and culture, and today you stand as an extremely advanced soul. Your intuition has been heightened by them, and you have little else to learn except to apply your knowledge to the everyday situations. That way you should be able to make decisions that maintain your place in the Light. Your links with any aspect of the dark ones’ activities should fall away, as you answer to your Higher Self. It will become the normal way in which you lead your lives, and harmony and balance will result. Man’s Laws are a poor reflection of the Universal Laws, and sometimes you will have to fight them to obtain justice. With our coming, changes will be made and the Constitution restored with small amendments, for a population that is fast recognising the need for such action. The dark ones have by no means had things all their own way; the difference is that until recent times they have carried out their deeds quite openly. The Light however has worked mainly behind the scenes, and prefers anonymity for reasons of safety. In fact the Light has never ceased working for your upliftment.
    Now you wait for Governmental changes, Disclosure and Abundance programs to sweep you into the remaining period of this cycle. They are progressing and at the appropriate time we will swing into action and life will change quite dramatically. Our initial announcements will be so important to gain the confidence and support of the people, and much attention is being given to that aspect. There will be confusion, but the truth about your recent history will go a long way to clearing away false or misleading information. You have been deliberately misled and kept in the dark over many events that as Sovereign Beings you have every right to know about. For example there is vast and undeniable proof that life has not only existed on your Moon and Mars, but still does to this day. It is also known that there is an Inner Earth that houses advanced Beings, and we are not referring to bases under the Earth that hold both Humans and Extraterrestrial Beings. You really have so much to learn to set the record straight, and some information will be both shocking and sensational.
    It will be most important that we can prove beyond doubt whatever information we give you, and that we can do in ways that will astound you by going back into the past. You love your mysteries but you will enjoy the answers more so, and you could take the Great Pyramid as an example. It has caused so much speculation as to when it was built and to its purpose. Some investigators have found out much in this respect, but the vast numbers of you have little idea at all. Let us say that it goes back some 10,000 years and was built by Extraterrestrials, who created a network of such giants all around the world as you are discovering. In the main your history about them is very limited, and inaccurate as applies to much of your past 12,000 years or more. What is interesting is that you were your own ancestors. Hence it explains why some of you feel such a strong pull towards certain civilisations. It can affect your taste and preferences even today, and is apparent in many homes. It will thrill you when we show you exactly how the Great Pyramid was really built, by bringing the past to you.
    Dear Ones, knowing what lies ahead of you, find joy and satisfaction in that knowledge. The dark ones will no longer have any say in the matter, and will have been removed from all positions of power. Great spiritual Beings will have replaced them and Mankind will at last be led out of the darkness into the Light and Truth of Understanding. What happy times are just around the corner for you, and we know because we are part of them. Try to imagine how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders, and how quickly stressful situations will be changed. To be really free is in itself such a great step forward, but it comes with the recognition of the Oneness of All That Is.
    I am SaLuSa from Sirius and can tell you the we of the Galactic Federation are getting excited, at the nearness of our presence being officially acknowledged all around the world. We wish to help diminish the suffering that goes on in deprived countries, and of course anywhere else in the world. We have all of the experience needed to change matters quite quickly. We can in fact see much deeper into them than you can, and know exactly what is required to be active straight away. Hold on Dear Ones, as help is coming soon in a most efficient and gentle way.
    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.”

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