P.V.C.S. Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun begins Wavespell of Enlightenment and Universal Fire on Resonant Gamma 24

Yellow Magnetic Sun

Yellow Magnetic Sun
White Magnetic Dog Yellow Magnetic Sun Blue Magnetic Storm
  Red Cosmic Dragon
I unify in order to enlighten
attracting life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Noosphere Constant, Kin 79 (520-441=79) Magnetic Storm is the Analog today.  The G-Force of PVCS Kin 40 is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign.:  Kin 30:  Self-Existing Dog.    The PSI is the last one in the central column:  Kin 140:  Planetary Sun.
Today’s Postulate is the first of the 260 Postulates:
 0.1:  “The fourth-dimensional Law of Time governs the synchronic order of the world of third-dimensional appearances. Synchronic order is a fourth-dimensional principle, conforming to the frequency 13:20 in any and all of its variable possibilities.”
  GAMMA 24:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
[The Wavespell keeps moving from here to the bottom  ?  :)]  
Pink and White terraces http://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/8760976/discovery-of-pink-terraces-huge-scientist/   “The world-famous Pink and White Terraces were promoted as a tourism wonder before vanishing during the 1886 eruption of Mt Tarawera in the Bay of Plenty. (North Island, New Zealand) They were thought to have been destroyed.”
This is one small example of the process of revealing (revelation) unfolding during these apocalyptic times.  Another is mentioned in Christine’s latest comment: The Holy/Wholly/holey places are opening up…” 
Our 441 Cube of Truth is also exemplifying the increase in synchronicity that happens as we align/resonate with the harmonic 13 Moon Calendar.  Earlier in that comment, Kin 133 mentions today’s kin number:   “Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem forty days after his birth…” 
 The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple 
The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, which falls on 2 February, celebrates an early episode in the life of Jesus.  Other traditional names include Candlemas, the Feast of the Purification of the Virgin, La Fête de la Chandeleur, and the Meeting of the Lord”  This celebration connects to this Gregorian day (2/2) and to the PVCS Kin that codes it:  40  🙂
3 Skywalker also supplies information about numbers and a gifted female mathematician [Sophie Germain Prime – Kin 123 (perfect number) a French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher] , on the day whose postulate begins:  “All is number…”
Today’s  CDK is Cosmic Serpent:  (0.1 + 16.7 + 9.5) 
Cheetah Cosmic Serpent sent (and created  :)) this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKTGojQTJYc about shelter, as so many around the world are losing their shelter due to floods, earthquakes and superstorms like Yasi, which is almost as large as the U.S.!
Another ‘Cosmic Kin’;  BCosmic33:  Cosmic Hand, sent in a link http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/floodrelief/how-cyclone-yasi-compares-around-the-world/story-fn7ik2te-1225998762870?from=igoogle+gadget+compact+news_rss that shows the EYE of Yasi covering the North Island of New Zealand, centered on the spot where the Pink and White cliffs are. Her comment discusses the 4 elements  (Earth, Air-Wind, Fire and Water)  all 4 elements…the 5th (V) …US   SEA OF LOVE …see LOVE.”
So, we begin this new SUN Wavespell connected by  Synchronicity and LOVE  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 7. 24.   Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION   PVCS Kin 40

Yellow Sun Wavespell 4:     Power of Universal Fire


Yellow Magnetic Sun

Red Lunar Dragon
Yellow Cosmic Human

Blue Crystal Monkey

White Electric Wind
White Spectral Dog

Blue Self-existing Night
Red Planetary Moon

Yellow Overtone Seed

Red Rhytmic Serpent

White Resonant Worldbridger

Blue Galactic Hand

Yellow Solar Star




16 thoughts on “P.V.C.S. Kin 40: Yellow Magnetic Sun begins Wavespell of Enlightenment and Universal Fire on Resonant Gamma 24

  1. I have adjusted what I have dubbed the “All-In(clusive) Kin” calculation to CDK + Long Count + PSI (which today is 5.9 Kin 165 Solar Serpent, right?), so today’s AIK is 2.1 Magnetic Wind, Kin 222 on Gregorian 2/2/2011! The 3K is Kin 32, the ‘crystal’ number: “Day 24: Hagalaz is the Crystal that ripens the Mystery”. And the Occult 1.13 Kin 221 Cosmic Dragon! Quite a Noo Moon/Imbolc/Candlemas!!

  2. http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2011/02/uncontacted-tribe/?pid=957&pageid=49855&viewall=true

    A previously uncontacted tribe has been found in Amazon jungle, with aerial photographs giving a glimpse of people who’ve had no known contact with anyone except their tribal neighbors.
    Taken by Brazil’s Indian Affairs department, the photographs were released Jan. 31 by Survival International, a tribal-advocacy group.

    About 100 uncontacted tribes are believed to exist worldwide. They live in remote, resource-rich areas, and are threatened by invasive development. The last such discovery was made in 2008, also in the Amazon. This tribe was spotted at the mouth of the Envira river in western Brazil, not far from the Peruvian border.

    “We’re trying to bring awareness to uncontacted tribes, because they are so vulnerable. Governments often deny that they exist,” said Tess Thackara, Survival International’s U.S. coordinator. “We’re releasing these images because we need evidence to prove they’re there.”

    AC/CA circuit

    Eye cannot help but see a parallel fractal to how we so-called “civilized” people react exactly the same way to strange things in the sky… 😉


  3. cross the street from your storefront cemetary
    hear me hailing from inside and realize

    i am the conscience clear
    in pain or ecstacy
    and we were all weaned my dear
    upon the same fatigue

    staring at the sun
    oh my own voice
    cannot save me now
    standing in the sea
    it’s just
    one more breath
    and then
    down i go

    your mouth is open wide
    the lover is inside
    and all the tumults done
    collided with the sign
    you’re staring at the sun
    you’re standing in the sea
    your body’s over me

    note the trees because
    the dirt is temporary
    more to mine than fact face
    name and monetary

    be what you will
    and then thrown down your life
    oh it’s a damned fine game
    and we can play all night

    beat the skins and let the
    loose lips kiss you clean
    quietly pour out like light
    like light, like answering the sun

    you’re staring at the sun
    you’re standing in the sea
    your mouth is open wide
    you’re trying hard to breathe
    the water’s at your neck
    there’s lightning in your teeth
    your body’s over me

  4. Do not know Kin of Chitto – but this “last stand” happened on March 25, 1909 – Alpha, Solar moon 19 Kin 41 Lunar Dragon – he was the leader of the “Crazy Snake Rebellion”[1] 😉


    This test/i/mony before the US Congress occURs on November 23, 1906 – Seli, Overtone moon 9 Kin 229 Galactic Moon.

    The eloquence and prescience of his words are staggering.


    Address to US Senate committee

    Chitto Harjo’s address (1906) to the United States Senate:
    “I will begin with a recital of the relations of the Creeks with the Government of the United States from 1861 and I will explain it so you will understand it. I look to that time—to the treaties of the Creek Nation with the United States—and I abide by the provisions of the treaty made by the Creek Nation with the Government in 1861. I would like to enquire what had become of the relations between the Indians and the white people from 1492 down to 1861?
    “My ancestors and my people were the inhabitants of this great country from 1492. I mean by that from the time the white man first came to this country until now. It was my home and the home of my people from time immemorial and is today, I think, the home of my people. Away back in that time—in 1492—there was man by the name of Columbus came from across the great ocean [Atlantic] and he discovered this country for the white man—this country which was at that time the home of my people. What did he find when he first arrived here? Did he find a white man standing on this continent then or did he find a black man standing here? Did he find either a black man or a white man standing on this continent? I stood here first and Columbus first discovered me.
    “I want to know what did he say to the red man at that time? He was on one of the great four roads that led to light. At that time Columbus received the information that was given to him by my people. My ancestor informed him that he was ready to accept this light he proposed to give him and walk these four roads of light and have his children under his direction. He told him it was all right. He told him, ‘The land is all yours; the law is all yours’. He said it is all right. He told him, ‘I will always take care of you. If your people meet with any troubles, I will take these troubles away. I will stand before you and behind you and on each side of you and your people, and if any people come into your country I will take them away and you shall live in peace under me. My arms,’ he said, ‘are very long’. He told him to come within his protecting arms and he said, ‘If anything comes against you for your ruin I will stand by you and preserve you and defend you and protect you.’
    ” ‘There is a law,’ he said at that time, ‘that is above every other law and that is away up yonder—high up—for,’ said he, ‘if any other town or nation or any other tribe come against you I will see through that law that you are protected. It does not make any difference to you,’ he said, ‘if as many as twelve other nations come against you or twelve other tribes come against you it will not make any difference for I will combine with you and protect you and overthrow them all. I will protect you in all things and take care of everything about your existence so you will live in this land that is yours and your fathers’ without fear.’ That is what he said and we agreed upon those terms. He told me that as long as the sun shone and the sky is up yonder these agreements shall be kept. This was the first agreement that we had with the white man. He said as long as the sun rises it shall last; as long as the waters run it shall last; as long as the grass grows it shall last. [Bolding added.] That was what it was to be and we agreed upon those terms. That was what the agreement was and we signed our names to that agreement and to those terms. He said, ‘Just as long as you see light here; just as long as you see this light glimmering over us, shall these agreements be kept and not until all these things shall cease and pass away shall our agreement pass away.’ That is what he said and we believed it. I think there is nothing that has been done by the people should abrogate them. We have kept every term of that agreement. The grass is growing, the waters run, the sun shines, the light is with us and the agreement is with us yet for the God that is above us all witnessed that agreement. He said to me that whoever did anything against me was doing it against him and against the agreement and he said if anyone attempted to do anything against me, to notify him for whatever was done against me was against him and therefore against the agreement. He said that he would send good men amongst us to teach us about his God and to treat them good for they were his representatives and to listen to them and if anyone attempted to molest us to, tell them (the missionaries) and they would tell him. He told me that he would protect me in all ways; that he would take care of my people and look after them; that he would succor them if they needed succor and be their support at all times and I told him it was all right and he wrote the agreement that way.
    “Now, coming down to 1832 and referring to the agreements between the Creek people and the Government of the United States; What has occurred since 1832 until today? It seems that some people forget what has occurred. After all, we are all one blood; we have the one God and we live in the same land. I had always lived back yonder in what is now the State of Alabama. We had our homes back there; my people had their homes back there. We had our troubles back there and we had no one to defend us. At that time when I had these troubles, it was to take my country away from me. I had no other troubles. The troubles were always about taking my country from me. I could live in peace with all else, but they wanted my country and I was in trouble defending it. It was no use. They were bound to take my country away from me. It may have been that my country had to, be taken away from me, but it was not justice. I have always been asking for justice. I have never asked for anything else but justice. I never had justice. First, it was this and then it was something else that was taken away from me and my people, so we couldn’t stay there any more. It was not because a man had to stand on the outside of what was right that brought the troubles. What was to be done was all set out yonder in the light and all men knew what the law and the agreement was. It was a treaty—a solemn treaty—but what difference did that make? I want to say this to you today, because I don’t want these ancient agreements between the Indian and the white man violated and I went as far as Washington and had them sustained and made treaties about it. We made terms of peace, for it had been war, but we made new terms of peace and made new treaties. Then it was the overtures of the Government to my people to leave their land, the home of their fathers, the land that they loved. He said, ‘It will be better for you to do as I want, for these old treaties cannot be kept any longer.’ He said, ‘You look away off to the West, away over backward and there you will see a great river called the Mississippi River and away over beyond that is another river called the Arkansas River.’ And he said, ‘You go way out there and you will find a land that is fair to look upon and is fertile, and you go there with your people and I will give that country to you and your people forever.’ He said, ‘Go way out there beyond these two rivers; away out the direction of the setting sun and select your land—what you want of it—and I will locate you and your people there and I will give you that land forever and I will protect you and your children in it forever.’ That was the agreement and the treaty and I and my people came out here and settled on this land and I carried out these agreements and treaties in all points and violated none. I came over and located here.
    “What took place in 1861? I had made my home here with my people and I was living well out here with my people. We were all prospering. We had a great deal of property here, all over this country. We had come here and taken possession of it under our treaty. We had laws that were living laws and I was living here under then laws. You are my fathers and I tell you that in 1861, I was living here in peace and plenty with my people and we were happy; and then my white fathers rose in arms against each other to, fight each other. They did fight each other. At that day Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States and our Great Father. He was in Washington and I was away off down here. My white brothers divided into factions and went to war. When the white people raised in arms and tried to destroy one another, it was not for the purpose of destroying my people at all. It was not for the purpose of destroying treaties with the Indians. They did not think of that and the Indian was not the cause of that great war at all. The cause of that war was because there was a people that were black in skin and color who had always been in slavery. In my old home in Alabama and all through the south part of the Nation and out in this country, these black people were held in slavery and up in the North there were no slaves. The people of that part of the United States determined to set the black man free and the people in the South determined that they should not and they went to war about it. In that war the Indians had not any part. It was not their war at all. The purpose of the war was to set these black people at liberty and I had nothing to, do with it. He told me to come out here and have my laws back, and I came out here with my people and had my own laws and was living under them. On account of some of your own sons—the ancient brothers of mine—they came over here and caused me to enroll along with my people on your side. I left my home and my country and everything I had in the world and went rolling on toward the Federal Army. I left my laws and my government; I left my people and my country and my home; I left everything and went with the Federal Army for my father in Washington. I left them in order to stand by my treaties. I left everything and I arrived in Kansas—I mean it was at Leavenworth where I arrived. It was a town away up in Kansas on the Missouri River. I arrived at Fort Leavenworth to do what I could for my father’s country and stand by my treaties. There at Fort Leavenworth was the orator of the Federal Army and I went and fell before the orator of the Federal Army. It was terrible hard times with me then. In that day I was under the Sons of my father in Washington. I was with the Federal soldiers. “I am speaking now of this orator in the Federal Army. I went and fell before him and I and my people joined the Federal Army because we wanted to, keep our treaties with the father in Washington. Things should not have been that way but that is the way they were. The father at Washington was not able to keep his treaty with me and I had to leave my country, as I have stated, and go into the Federal Army. I went in as a Union soldier. When I took the oath, I raised my hand and called God to witness that I was ready to die in the cause that was right and to help my father defend his treaties. All this time the fire was going on and the war and the battles were going on, and today I have conquered all and regained these treaties that I have with the Government. I believe that everything wholly and fully came back to me on account of the position I took in that war. I think that. I thought then and I think today that is the way to do—to stand up and be a man that keeps his word all the time and under all circumstances. That is what I did and I know that in doing so I regained again all my old treaties for the father at Washington conquered in that war and he promised me that if I was faithful to, my treaties, I should have them all back again. I was faithful to my treaties and I got them all back again and today I am living under them and with them. I never agreed to the exchanging of lands and I never agreed to the allotting of my lands. I knew it would never do for my people and I never could say a b c so far as that is concerned. I never knew anything about English. I can’t speak the tongue. I can’t read it. I can’t write it. I and my people, great masses of them, are unenlightened and uneducated. I am notifying you of these things because your Government officials have told me and my people that they would take care of my relations with the Government and I think they ought to be taking care of them as they promised. He said that if anyone trespassed on my rights or questioned them to let him know and he would take care of them and protect them. I always thought that this would be done. I believe yet it will be done. I don’t know what the trouble is now. I don’t know anything about it. I think my lands are all cut up. I have never asked that be done but I understand it has been done. I don’t know why it was done. My treaty said that it never would be done unless I wanted it done. That anything I did not want to be done contrary to that treaty would not be done. I never made these requests. I went through death for this cause and I now hold the release this Government gave me. I served the father faithfully and as a reward, I regained my country back again and I and my children will remain on it and live upon it as we did in the old time. I believe it. I know it is right. I know it is justice.
    “I hear the Government is cutting up my land and is giving it away to black people. I want to know if this is so. It can’t be so for it is not in the treaty. These black people, who are they? They are negroes who came in here as slaves. They have no right to this land. It never was given to them. It was given to me and my people and we paid for it with our land back in Alabama. The black people have no right to it. Then can it be that the Government is giving it—my land—to the negro? I hear it is and they are selling it. This can’t be so. It wouldn’t be justice. I am informed and believe it to be true that some citizens of the United States have title to land that was given to my fathers and my people by the Government. If it was given to me, what right has the United States to take it from me without first asking my consent? That I would like to know. There are many things that I don’t know and can’t understand but I want to understand them if I can. I believe the officers of the United States ought to take care of the rights of me and my people first and then afterwards look out for their own interests. I have reason to believe and I do believe that they are more concerned in their own welfare than the welfare of rights of the Indian—lots of them are. I believe some of them are honest men, but not many. A plan ought fiat to dispossess himself of all thought or wish to do me or my country wrong. He should never think of doing wrong to this country or to the rights of my people. After he has done that, then maybe he can do something for himself in that regard; but first he must protect the Indians and their rights in this country. He is the servant of the Government and he is sent here to, do that and he should not be permitted to do anything else.
    “All that I am begging of you, Honorable Senators, is that these ancient agreements and treaties wherein you promised to take care of me and my people, be fulfilled and that you will remove all the difficulties that have been raised in reference to my people and their country and I ask you to see that these promises are faithfully kept. I understand you are the representatives of the Government sent here to look into these things and I hope you will relieve us. That is all I desire to say.”
    In response to, an interrogatory by the Chairman of the Committee, the old Indian responded, “Oh, yes, I am a farmer. I have a farm and a home there on it. I used to have horses and hogs and cattle but I have precious few left now. The white people have run all through me and over me and around me and committed all kinds of depredations and what I have left is precious few. I am here and stand before you today, my fathers, as a man of misery. I am here appealing to you to have the laws carried out.”
    Senator Teller of the Committee enquired of Mr. Hodge, the interpreter, “Do you believe that the old man is honest in his statements?” Mr. Hodge very readily and with emphasis answered, “Yes sir, he is as honest and straight forward and sincere in his statements as a living man can be.”

  5. dear OneS, fellow Kinshippers’, dear TMQueue,

    i wondered about this constant:
    The Noosphere Constant, Kin 79 (520-441=79)

    what is its origin thought? (well okay, i check this myself on the web)

    anyway this thought came up parallel to most unreasonable truths

    why is the magic square number 522 not involved in this equation?

    when that is anoother truth it should sing: 522 – 441 = 81
    freezing 441 as 9×49 aka 3x3x7x7 … or 21×21 (numeric 3×3? & 8+1=9)

    the attraction of 81 iz in 3×27=81 HA, false leg – although a true equation

    of course we see 3^4 = 81 as most elementary powered formulae

    9^2 aka 9 square is also vibrating that …

    ~~~ break

    could it be that the constant is a centerfold of 5 numbers?

    522 521 520 519 518
    all to be diminished by 441 into 5 mago numbers
    81 80 79 78 77

    The statistic will tend to pop up 79 as average of a trillion equations where the 5 interact with the steady one in to 5 however 1 average.

    “ea ver age”

    • Dear S’ace,

      The 520 is used because that is the number of Kin in the two PSI plates of 260 each. 520 – 441 Cube Matrix yields the 79 for the Noosphere Constant.

      It’s hard to improve upon the information emanating from the Divine, via the Law of Time. Efforts to understand the information provided by Valum Votan keep me busy enough!
      But it does appear that your number play here does arrive at the same number: 79; though as an average, rather than in its pure clarity.
      Thanks for more of your thought-provoking musings 🙂

      • this is also the reason or maybe inspiring notion that seal 21 iz Hunab’Ku, the flicker, and 22 iz Kuxan Suum, the weaver, the gigantic powers in their realm …

        or see it this waya : 2 lovers are N Z (Z=Zea=Zuid=South=Stefanie)

        N is the Northern Hemisphere IceCold in N’orWaya North close to beautiful coloured skies and so on …

        then we see 13×20 related to 20×13 … 520 in total …

        plus or minus 2 (younevercantell their electric cohesion game mago)

        (PL’easy embr’ace)

      • The main secret from Valum Votan is in the two V’s

        See VV as a double u split in two characters VV & RQ …

        a great offer from JA to fuse its own act …

        How is that split to fuse?

        Just place a V right in the middle of VV
        and you’ll see 4 V’s rizing ; 3 same pointered and the other one upside down as the pyramid which is already shaped in VV as W too,
        althought it is masked / in the ball were we hide …
        so clear
        pulsing the clare human out of his hole into the holon wholly truthabout

        L is the character of strength while it shows 90 as well as 270 degrees
        similar ratio as the 3+1 VVV … in quantumdecodeddutch
        Vonk Vlam Vuur

        in English Language this converts in anoother mask:
        Spark Flame Fire

        maybe Spark is caused by “FireSTone” ,
        a very powerfull word to unmask into the Naked “WoodBees”

        }}}~~~* ~~~{{{

      • actually i wanted to share this page too:

        it seems to promote a movie about his escape from tibet … and all that succeeded that effort …


        79 iz the only prime number in the serial :
        77 – 7×11
        78 – 2×39 / 2x3x13 ‘)
        79 – 1×79
        80 – 4×20 etc 😉
        81 – 9×9 & 3x3x3x3

        ‘) some kin ago i noted the idea 2 and 3 are harmonic numbers , not to be identified as prime numbers …

        “) how about 13 – the lucky number? availabel for all magic acts?

        this all stating 13 is no prime number anymore …
        it iz as free as a bird in the sky …

        what is your power bird todaya, dear KIN?

      • This may have been already noted on this blog, but I just realized that you, Priscella Kin 214 Rhythmic Wizard code oUR next year ~ and also the year I was born 🙂

  6. Dear S’ace, you ask “what is your power bird todaya, dear KIN?” and having had this thought, looked out the window to see a bald eagle emerge from one of the trees close by the house. So it seems Eagle for me (lov-i-a) 🙂

  7. KEPLER 11 = 11.11 🙂 had Nasa scientists opening their minds…


    V.V – in The 5th (V) element could be… LoVe squared :)..U n’ ME…We ARE One LOVE.

    MBL 247

    • showed G11 as kepler on 3.66 ratio 3×1.22 averagely spoken …

      is K G11 a 2012 ref. shipping the ones who boarder?

      20-11= 9 as harmonization insuranceye

      b*gging needs

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