Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed codes the 28th day of PVCS & GAP Yellow Resonant Warrior Moon

Yellow Overtone Seed

Yellow Overtone Human
White Overtone Wizard Yellow Overtone Seed Blue Overtone Eagle
  Red Solar Earth
I empower in order to target
commanding awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of free will.
An unusual synchronicity is the fact that the last 3 days of each Resonant Moon  always correspond to the PSI of  PVCS & GAP Yellow Resonant Warrior.  Feels especially synchronistic now, since  this entire 28 day Moon,  has also been coded by that Kin:  176:  Yellow Resonant Moon.  The G-Force for today is Self-Existing Wind.
4.5:  “Once the element of water has been thermoelectrically induced, then the primal condition for the secondary reflex, life, is established within the evolving planetary order as the self-generative interaction of luminic and thermic chemical functions. The synthesis of light within plants is directly proportionate to the thermically-regulated water-processing capacity of the root system.”
SILIO 28:  DISCHARGE;  HEARTChakra04.gif
Just returned home an hour ago, and have only had time to start looking at  mail,  and to set up this post.  For some reason, Melovia’s entry for kin 43: Self- Existing Night was in Spam; It is  now relocated to comments, and to  here

I Define in order to Dream
Measuring Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
with the Self-Existing tone of Form
I am guided by the power of Self-Generation
I am a Galactic Activation Portal. Enter me.”

The PSI/Chrono is again P.V.C.S./G.A.P./’Magic Turtle’ Kin 176 (16.7) Yellow Resonant Warrior ~ a three-day run that ends Resonant Moon.

Long Count ~ Kin 255 (15.8) Blue Galactic Eagle
3K ~ G.A.P. Kin 218 (18.12) White Crystal Mirror
CDK ~ Kin 68 (8.3) Yellow Electric Star
AIK ~ G.A.P. Kin 239 (19.5) Blue Overtone Storm

1st Watch : Analog ~ G.A.P. Kin 96 (16.4) Yellow Self-Existing Warrior
2nd Watch: Guide ~ Kin 199 (19.4) Blue Self-Existing Storm
3rd Watch: Antipode ~ G.A.P. Kin 173 (13.4) Red Self-Existing Skywalker
4th Watch: Occult ~ G.A.P. Kin 218 (18.10) White Planetary Mirror
G-Force ~ Kin 169 (9.13) Red Cosmic Moon

4 out of 5 Fifth Force Oracle Kin are G.A.P.s todaya!

Day 27: JERA is the Law of Alternation that ripens the Time Space

LIMI: “I consume dualistic thoughts as food. I purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”

For some reason today’s Codespell seems especially appealing and powerful. “I Define in order to Dream…”. Kin 43 is the Galactic Signature of Nicola Tesla, whose visionary work on free electromagnetic energy was too long suppressed. Coils for everyone! :)

 Thanks  🙂  Melovia 12 Moon and Chrsitine 3 Skywalker for your entries for the end of this special Moon:


The Resonant Warrior Moon ends in less than an hour.  Wanted to get this brief blog posted before the 7th Moon of the Seventh Year of The Mystery of the Stone ends, and before having a peek at the internet for the first time in  3 days.

Not being online (except for 30 minutes to post Electric Wind) has allowed for new insights and synchronicities (and  time with lovely young children, ocean swims, and another good Poker win last night)  .  But first, some sleep and a chance to read what you’ve written, and to watch your links  Thanks to each of you  🙂

During the drive home, a close encounter with a Hawk, and 30 minutes behind a car bearing the license plate —178 were reminders that at Midnight, we enter the  Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity, which is coded by 17.8; Red Galactic Earth

N. S.  1. 23. 7. 28.        UR EARTH 7           Kin 44


9 thoughts on “Kin 44: Yellow Overtone Seed codes the 28th day of PVCS & GAP Yellow Resonant Warrior Moon

  1. Dear TMQ I also had a hawk cross my path on Kin 43, during the Self-Existing Skywalker watch while I was driving to visit my friends 13 Skywalker and 4 Sun (and who together are 4 Skywalker). First two bald eagles were playing together above the road, looping and swirling, white heads flashing in the sun; then in less than a minute a big red-tailed hawk came diving down right across the road and landed in a field to my left and I could see him there, wings outstretched, as I drove by ~ an especially notable hawk appearance, I remember thinking at the time. And this on a day that I finally (and unexpectedly) had pictures delivered of the little owl that took up residence in my chicken coop for almost a week during Rhythmic Moon! A lovely fowl day! 😉

    (Glad the Kin 43 post showed up and thanks for recovering it 🙂 )

    Love Melovia 12 Moon (that way of writing my Kin makes me sound so 12:60! LOL)


    PSI/Chrono ~ P.V.C.S./G.A.P. Kin 176 (16.7) Yellow Resonant Warrior
    Long Count ~ Kin 256 (16.9) Yellow Solar Warrior
    3K ~ P.V.C.S. Kin 40 (20.1) Yellow Magnetic Sun
    CDK ~ G.A.P. Kin 69 (9.4) Red Self-Existing Moon
    AIK ~ G.A.P. Kin 241(1.7) Red Resonant Dragon

    1st Watch : Analog ~ Kin 135 (15.5) Blue Overtone Eagle
    2nd Watch: Guide ~ Kin 252 (12.5) Yellow Overtone Human
    3rd Watch: Antipode ~ Kin 174 (14.5) White Overtone Wizard
    4th Watch: Occult ~ Kin 217 (17.9) Red Solar Earth
    G-Force ~ Kin 42 (2.3) White Electric Wind

    For oUR synchronization, crew! (Might as well share, what? is in my joURnal al(l)ready any~way) 🙂

  3. Each day working with the almanac, the TMQ website and my own purrrsonal spreadsheet of synchronicities I have fell into a most delicious set of synchronicites.

    Kin 37 was one week ago, the day I met Serge Richard in the graveyard of Maria Lanakila. Among the brilliant realizations that came of that day, this kin was aligned with the day I was in the enclosure in the orphanage on February 4, 2006 when my mother’s spirit left me after hanging with me since her death in November of 2003. My mother’s father, who abandoned her when she was only 8 years old, born in 1897, also codes with kin 37. This led to the realization that my grandfather’s spirit had been in the Cheetah Portal that day along with the spirit of my mother and others (yet to be identified) to welcome my mother’s spirit into the next world. I would not know of this synchronicity if I had not discovered through the name and birthday of my grandfather as my mother never mentioned him.

    Kin 37 was last Sunday, January 30th. Four days later was February 4th, the five year Gregorian anniversary of this event. I watched again the episode in the enclosure

    This morning, the TMQ post from Melovia was late by a day so I was taken back again to that date of Blue Self Existing Night:
    I Define in order to Dream
    Measuring Intuition
    I seal the Input of Abundance
    With the Self-existing tone of form
    I am guided by the power of self-generation
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal – enter me.

    So I have been brought back again for the third time in one week’s time to this day because there is more here than first I had thought. Again, the PSI/Chrono figures in greatly and could I understand the concept, it might help but for now just connecting the dots is enough. The PSI/Chrono for this day is GAP Magic Turtle kin 176 – Yellow Resonant Warrior, a three day run that ends Resonant Moon. Resonant Moon ends today, February 6th. But it was when I went to my spreadsheet to see what kin 176 represented to me personally, this kin codes August 12, 2008, the day of my mother’s birthday (Red Resonant Dragon) would have been her 91st). On this day in 2008, on kin 176, I was again squatting on that red earth in the enclosure at Nairobi Animal Orphanage in Kenya where my mother’s spirit had left me two and a half years prior on kin 37.

    I was not supposed to be there. I was working with Mary Wykstra of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Samburu and we were to trap and radio collar two cheetahs. We were scheduled to be there until August 13th. But on the 10th, the researcher in the group got into an altercation with the assigned Daktari about protocols and the operation was abandoned. We left Samburu on the 11th and Mary had a meeting at the Kenya Wildlife Headquarters on the 12th. KWS headquarters was in the building adjacent to the Nairobi Animal Orphanage so while she was in her meeting, I was in the Cheetah Portal with the three cheetah sisters on kin 176

    I had missed this very important synchronicity on the first round. Because Yellow Resonant Warrior (GAP) has been open for these three days, the information has been trying to connect.

    And I type as the day comes up on Kin 44, Yellow Overtone Seed. The family is gateway (portal), the planet Jupiter (expansion), harmonic 11. We are in the last day of Resonant Moon and tomorrow will traverse into my own moon, the Galactic.

    • Thank you sister storyteller. Yes – the Dreamtime gap is narrowing. And i was born on Gamma Galactic 24 – Do we live what we believe…


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