Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Galactic Alpha 5 and Vinal 11 on Gregorian 2/11/2011

Red Planetary Moon

Red Planetary Earth
Blue Planetary Storm Red Planetary Moon White Planetary Dog
  Yellow Self-existing Human
I perfect in order to purify, producing flow.
I seal the process of universal water with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
The G-Force is 7.5:  Overtone Hand.   49 (7×7) is known as a Bardo of time.  The combined CDK is Planetary Eagle (TMQ’s Long Count) and today, the Long Count begins a new cycle with Kin 1;  Magnetic Dragon.
9.10.The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge synthesizes analog functions of the biopsychic, electromagnetic, and geomagnetic fields of resonance in a correspondence between planetary and human body axial identification and simultaneous collective telepathic projection”.
ALPHA 5:  RELEASE;  THROATChakra05.gif

VINAL 11:  SAC;  “Dissipating the clouds of doubt, raising oneself up”  “The Global Coherence Initiative is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace”
In this recent video:  Valum Votan describes how we will effect this change.  He says that we have the power to influence oUR Sun.
Christine 3 Skywalker has related how today’s Kin 49 remains the only unclaimed Kin at Space Station Plaza.  Just now, went there in order to place its link here, apparently their domain expired. Hmmm… 
It was working yesterday, because TMQ went there and discovered that the earth events occurring on Galactic Mirror happened to occur in the 3 countries in which she has lived:  a huge earthquake in Japan in 1700, Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., and a 7.4 earthquake in New Zealand in 2006.  How interesting, that Space Station Plaza expired on the day of the only Kin that it was missing. 
And, if I understand Kin 133’s recent message, Tiger (Cole) turns out to be coded by Galactic MonKEY  🙂  If so, then Tiger guided the Magic Turtle Day on which that was reported. 
 That next day, we welcomed another Human:  “Practicing Human” who subscribed yesterday. 
2 /12 began 19 minutes ago (in New Zealand), a reminder of 12.2, which was or is Tiger***Clairification please  🙂  Kin 133 and Kin 151 equal 204, Spectral Seed, which codes the year of the person who filled in the ‘missing’ information for Galactic Hand:  Melovia-Thank you!
Continuing on the topic of seal 12:  Human, here is a quote from page 49 of Volume I of Cosmic History Chronicles:  Book of the Throne.  It discusses how the process of Valum Votan and Stephanie South writing the series of 7 Cosmic History Chronicles is “a function of Divine decree…”  “a descent from a higher-dimensional Divine realm into the Earth consciousness“.
“…through the dissolution of the old, and through the development of universal compassion for all beings, lies the goal of the evolution of the Planetary Human.  The self-sacrifice  of all beings must come swiftly to ensure that by 2012, the  Planetary Human has a clean soul, a clear mind and a new time.”
This is a ‘perfect’ day for contemplating these words.  Planetary Dog represents Compassion and the Divine, while the Hidden Power is the HumanEarth Guides us, and the Postulate for Antipode/Challenge Planetary Storm engenders Compassion and Divine Loyalty:
19.4:  “Knowledge of God is inherent in every last detail of design of the least  component parts of the atomic cellular world, to the hyperorganic radiosonic super conscious phase of existence.”

N. S.  1. 23. 8. 5.     KNOW THE MAGIC      Kin 49

12 thoughts on “Kin 49: Red Planetary Moon codes Galactic Alpha 5 and Vinal 11 on Gregorian 2/11/2011

  1. “The G-Force is 7.5: Overtone Hand. 49 (7×7) is known as a Bardo of time.”

    Kin 49’s G-Force adds to *707* before reducing. And the 3K of 10.11 Spectral Dog Kin 150 GAP is a preview of tomorrow’s Kin, which begins the next 113 Kin-run.
    9/10/10/11 makes a n’ice 3K! (S’ace, where have U been? 🙂 )

    • Kin 50 Spectral Dog, that is 😉 of course.

      Also, the Global Coherence Initiative is a wonderful group. Glad U shared the link here.

  2. The following is also posted at

    On this day, February 11, 2011, as Egypt lays groundwork for a new beginning, we arrive at the 113th day of the first of seven 113 day cycles brought forward by Votan as a major cycle of transformation.

    In October 2010, Valum Votan acknowledged that we had entered the last 791 (7 x 113) day cycle, “a galactic activation portal – a heightened phase of accelerating transformation.” Today, kin 49, Feb 11, 2011, is the 113th day – the end of the first of seven 113 day cycles, described by Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan, in his writing, “Galactic Spiral Density Wave and 2012: The Final Cycles of Transformation.”

    Votan described this first 113 day cycle as (blue) the “Lord of the Dawn Arises”, Days 791-679, Self-existing 5, Kin 197, 2 Earth (22 October 2010) Galactic 5, Kin 49, 10 Moon (11 February 2011) 5 Moon year.

    “The Lord of the Dawn Arises” seems an appropriate description of the largest rising of the ONE universal spirit emerging in the events in Cairo that manifested on this day.

    The second 113 day cycle is defined as “Lord of the Dawn Sets in Motion”. Certainly, political events, reveals of corruption, and the rising up of the human spirit in unity brings a new dawn that has ‘set in motion’ new progress on our road to transformation.

  3. I’d like to welcome my Niece.
    Kin 48
    Estella To the Game.
    Born Yesterday,
    Her Mother(my Sis-in Law)
    Is also kin 93!
    P.S.I. Coded Her Birth!!!!
    Welcome To The Ball Game.!!!!!!!
    I love You all dearly, 441 Matrix!.

    • Code=E! Hoping you’d come through UR PSI portal! Happy to C U 🙂 and welcome to the new Star!

    • Hey brother! Was the little one’s name chosen before delivery? How perfect a moniker for a Solar Star! For/tune tellers…



    “To put our findings in perspective, the 6.4*1018 instructions per second that human kind can carry out on its general-purpose computers in 2007 are in the same ballpark area as the maximum number of nerve impulses executed by one human brain per second,” they write.

    Our total storage capacity is the same as an adult human’s DNA. And there are several billion humans on the planet.

    Haha! We can and mUSt unlock oUR potential. And the simplicity of the GCI’s message is so powerful! From the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers this quote:

    “The most important Journey we will ever take is the 18 inches from our mind to our heart.”
    ~ Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim


  5. Check Red Resonant Moon on 1988 and 2005 around Yucatan Peninsula; two of the strongest Hurricanes: Gilbert and Wilma.

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