GAP Kin 51: Blue Crystal MonKEY codes oUR Round Table on Galactic Silio 7

Blue Crystal Monkey

Blue Crystal Night
Red Crystal Dragon Blue Crystal Monkey Yellow Crystal Star
  White Lunar Dog
I dedicate in order to play
universalizing illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Crystal MonKEY is the Galactic Signaure of Madame Blavatsky: the Queen of Intellect.    While at the beach earlier, TMQ watched a kite-surfer, whose blue kite bore the word KEY  🙂  Besides Votan’s references to this amazing woman as a KEY, the book currently being read also uses this KEY in reference to HPB.    Queen of Intellect.  
Crystal MonKEY is the G-Force of the Kin coding this Moon:  Galactic Earth
Today’s Analog (Star) and Occult (Dog) are also GAPs.  Kin 51’s G-Force is  Spectral Skywalker. 
The PSI for Galactic 7 is Solar Storm, which codes another “Queen” who was mentioned in the first post of this blog:  Princess Diana;  Queen of Hearts. 
11.12 “Because CA dominance of 12:60 historic cycle is unrelievedly masculine directed and oriented resulting in distortion of female roles as well, repressed psychic energy channeled into secondary personality of the holon double tends toward androgynous types where male and female personality characteristics are combined in varying degrees of expressive power.
 SILIO 7:  DISCHARGE;  HEART  Chakra04.gif
Art … 22228.html  “
“The revolution was successful because it had no leaders, only coordinators of bottom up energy. Its use of social media was brilliantly conceived to meld online organizing with offline action, not supplant it”

EGYPT  is a very strategic location, in part due to the sacred information contained within its pyramids.  Valum Votan wrote in CHC Volume II that the Terma of the Red Queen is stored within the Great Pyramid.   TMQ first learned of Zahi Hawass while reading Graham Hancock’s book; “.  These  well-intentioned explorers and Truth-seekers were often  frustrated by Hawaas’s actions. 

“Egypt and Zahi Hawass
While this whole situation in Egypt was unfolding, this article: … 22228.html
 indicates Zahi Hawass was nominated to be a member of Mubarak’s cabinet as “Minister of Antiquities”. I suggest that this indicates that whereas, Hawass’ control is being extended his fate is not linked to the fate of Mubarak. This new title gives Hawass an even tighter control of the Giza Plateau and more.

Mubarak’s stepping down is likely at the demand of the U.S. who is not about to let the fate of this country go its own way. Hawass is an illuminati member in good standing and will probably be attending to the U.S. every demand in coming days. It is important to note that the Great Pyramid and its critical importance during these times as the planet moves into alignment with the Galactic Center is reason enough to assume that in whatever way necessary the military industrial complex will keep this area highly locked down and monitored as was already much in evidence on my last trip to Egypt.  There is no doubt that the leylines and energetic connection of this area will factor in a primary way into the future of the planet and the opening of the natural stargates worldwide.”
February 12, 2011 – The Extinction Protocol – We will try to lay out the magnitude of the event which just erupted on our planet.

 “It began with small seismic band waves rippling across tectonic plates on February 10, 2011 and by the time the kinetic energy had crested, plates were experiencing agitation across the globe. The 21:00-22:00 GMT planetary tremor of February 11 saw seismographs across the planet going into the black as two massive back-to-back quakes of 6.7 and 6.5 magnitudes struck the Celebes Sea near the Philippines.
The North American plate and the Eurasian plate trembled along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, running through Iceland, as they were being pulled apart. We monitored no less than about 87 tremors over the span of a few hours along the MAR running through Iceland (left). These Icelandic tremors were followed by jarring jolts of the Pacific Plate and a rumbling of the African plate which produced subsequent tremors along the Eastern Rift Valley. The Nazca plate was being shoved under the South American plate creating a dragging obstruction which rippled along the coast of Chile with two massive quakes, a 6.8 and a 6.1 erupting in Bio Bio, just off the coast of Chile. This has put inordinate strain on the Cocos and Caribbean plates making the region of Central America and the Caribbean area more unstable and prone to additional catastrophic seismic disturbances in the near future.”

The 6.8 earthquake struck Chile on the 6th day of Moon 8,  near the same spot as the 8.8 Earthquake nearly a year earlier.  This day of global movement was on Galactic 6 (Spectral Dog) when “The Lord of the Dawn Sets in Motion” the second cycle of 113 days.

peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace Our Earth’s shaking yesterday could be a palpable indication of this: FEBRUARY 12th DIMENSIONAL DOORWAY OF COSMIC UNION” .   At the same site,  :,   (to which Melovia 129 provided the link) is an article which contains a  message, which feels  pertinent to what we are witnessing/manifesting now:  Look to the future for all that you can possibly dream of because you shall want for absolutely nothing at all.  Improvements in your lives will go flying ahead before long, and those who have stood in your way will be removed from their positions of power and authority.”

Tomorrow, we’ll view more contributions from oUR 441 Cube Matrix for this Crystal MonKEY Round Table.

We begin the Galactic Cube JoURney with powerful energies supporting oUR Earth’s telepathic connection with URanus  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 8. 7.        Cube One:  MEMORY    GAP CRYSTAL MONKEY ROUND TABLE


7 thoughts on “GAP Kin 51: Blue Crystal MonKEY codes oUR Round Table on Galactic Silio 7

  1. Claire, a wonderful blog! Especially glad you ended it on a high note (so to speak 🙂 )

    In the spirit of oUR Crystal Roundtable I share this excerpt (again from what has been a very fertile site this week!) that seems so right for today’s 3 Queens:

    “The Divine Feminine Energies and the Embrace of the Cosmic Mother

    Beloved Family of Light, as you have moved towards this process of Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you have been assisted by the supportive Love and Nurturing of the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, through the waves of the incoming Shekinah Light. This is an aspect of the Platinum Ray that holds a High Frequency of Divine Light and Love. Now, as you move into Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you begin to experience the Embrace and the Love of the Great Cosmic Mother who was known to the Ancients as Ma’at.

    Ma’at is the One who holds the Cosmic Balance of All That Is. Her name is pronounced “Mayat” or “Maia”, and her “children” are the Mayans, those who are the Galactic Keepers of the Wisdom of Time and Balance. Ma’at is the One who weighs and measures and creates that which is known as “Time” as a way of understanding the unfolding of the Cosmic Creation through the Dimensions of Light. The ones who are her “children” are the Keepers of Ma’at, the Keepers of the Sacred Days and Nights, and who guide you through the Waves and Frequencies of the Cosmic Days and Nights.

    The Symbol for this Great Being of Light is a Feather! This indicates that she is the “Lightness” of Being and that she Floats and Flows with the Cosmic Winds of Creation. Beloved Ones, imagine an Eagle soaring on the Wind, in perfect Balance – that is the Energy of Ma’at!

    She is the Great Mystery and the Keeper of the Cosmic Night. To enter into her embrace is to enter into the Heart of All That Is, and to experience the Lightness of Being and the Flow of Cosmic Time within the “boat of millions of years” as the Ancients called Planet Earth. To be embraced by her Light and Love is to know your Infinite Essence and to connect with your Cosmic Wisdom as she guides you through the Cosmic Night and the Great Mystery of Infinite Existence.

    When Ma’at enters your life she assists you to hold the balance in your Heart and in your Being. She is Balance, and she assists you to manifest that balance in your life. She assists you to maintain that Lightness of Being and to Flow with the Winds of Creation and the Cosmic Waves of Light from the Great Cosmic Heart that initiate Creation and Evolution in the Light. Beloved Ones, it is possible to ride these Cosmic Waves of Light with the Elegance and Grace of a Feather in the Wind, if you just allow yourself to be supported and all times by Divine Love and Grace.

    Also, Beloved Ones, the advice and wisdom of the Mayan Day Keepers will assist you to understand the nature of the Waves of Light that come to you from the Cosmic Heart and how they are an expression of the ongoing unfolding of Galactic Manifestation and Cosmic Creation.”

    [Read more: eternal godliness | Archangel Michael: New Earth Energies | Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike]

    In lak’ech, dear Kin!

  2. Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass said the museum’s database department determined 18 objects were gone. Investigators searching for those behind the thefts were questioning dozens of people arrested over several days after last month’s break-in.

    The most important of the missing objects is a limestone statue of the Pharaoh Akhenaten standing and holding an offering table. Akhenaten is the so-called heretic king who tried to introduce monotheism to ancient Egypt.

    First “individual”
    Akhenaten has been called by historian James Henry Breasted “the first individual in history”,[47] as well as the first monotheist, first scientist, and first romantic. As early as 1899 Flinders Petrie declared that,
    If this were a new religion, invented to satisfy our modern scientific conceptions, we could not find a flaw in the correctness of this view of the energy of the solar system. How much Akhenaten understood, we cannot say, but he certainly bounded forward in his views and symbolism to a position which we cannot logically improve upon at the present day. Not a rag of superstition or of falsity can be found clinging to this new worship evolved out of the old Aton of Heliopolis, the sole Lord of the universe.[71]
    H.R. Hall even claimed that the pharaoh was the “first example of the scientific mind”.[72]
    Nicholas Reeves, in his book Akhenaten: Egypt’s False Prophet, portrays a totally different image of Pharaoh, seeing his religious reformations simply as attempts to centralize power and solidify his role as “divine monarch”.

    In looking up “offering table” eye found this…

    Radical 113 (示 Unicode U+793A , compound form 礻 at U+793B, pinyin shì meaning “ancestor, veneration”) is number 113 out of 214 Kangxi radicals. It is one of 23 radicals composed of five strokes (the compound form has four strokes).
    The character 示 represents an altar or offering table, the top stroke depicting the offered goods. Compare to this the Egyptian ḥtp hieroglpyph which has the same motivation of “altar with offering”. In the seal script the table has a T shape. Semantically, the sign suggests relation to anything connected with animism in traditional Chinese religion, such as 祭 “to sacrifice, to practice ancestor veneration”, ultimately composed of the sign for meat 肉 and the sign for a hand 手 above the altar character, as it were iconographically expressing “hand placing meat on an altar”. The sign 祟 for “spirit” originally referred to misfortune caused by malevolent spirits. In 禁 (jīn ) “to forbid, restrict, restrain”, the 林 (lín ) above the radical has only phonetic significance (rebus writing). Similarly, 神 “spirit” has radical 113 plus 申 shēn as a phonetic marker. 祖 “ancestor” on the other hand has radical 113 plus 且, a pictograph of a stand with shelves for offerings to ancestors.
    Some signs including the radical have no connection with spirits or animism and are placed in the category purely on formal grounds, such as 票 “ticket” which originally had radical 火 rather than 示.
    The compound form 礻 always appears in the left half of characters.

    Radical 213 meaning “turtle” is one of only two of the 214 Kangxi radicals that are composed of 16 strokes. DOOT…

    Unfoldment of true cosmogenesis? “Lord of the Dawn sets in Motion…”


  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters…let get together and be one tomorrow noon.


  4. 12.13 Launching and navigating of the time transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where time vector potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of celestial harmonics. Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated fifth force time vector potential “bundles,” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities.”

    Conference is “bracketed/bundled” by two GAPS – October 19-23, 2011 – Seli-Limi Self-existing Moon 4 Kins 39 Cosmic Storm 😉 – 43 Magic TURtle Self-existing Night! And i can’t believe that it’s in San Rafael – the universe is pointing me there…Skywalker territory – Oh, Lucas.

    19.13 All is number. God is a number. God is in all.


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