Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human ends the Sun Wavespell on the 8th day of the 8th Moon

Yellow Cosmic Human  2/14/11

Yellow Cosmic Warrior
White Cosmic Wind Yellow Cosmic Human Blue Cosmic Hand
  Red Magnetic Moon
I endure in order to influence
transcending wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the cosmic tone of presence.
Happy Galactic RetURn to  YanniQ of the Sun region  :).  The Analog is Cosmic Hand Kin 247 (19×13) which codes Burbuja 33
Today’s G-Force is Magnetic Warrior, and the PSI for Galactic 8 is Planetary Sun.  
12.13:  “Launching and navigating of the time transport vehicle is a function of mapping via the Dreamspell Journey Board and Telektonon playing board, where time vector potentialities organized in the body of time (the agent or agents initiating the travel) are coordinated with the geometries of celestial harmonics. Dreamspell Oracle Board is used to establish consolidated fifth force time vector potential “bundles,” or “soul boats” for organizing contact with subliminal conscious “entities.” “
DALI 8:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif 
       peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace      peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace    
From oUR Cosmic Healer, Burbuja, we learned of  the 9th World Sound Healing Day. 
At Noon (Eagle Time zone of Kin 247-Marisabel) we sent an “intentionalized Sound encoded with Light and Love” as a Valentine to Gaia. Here is a beautiful place we can go, anytime:  to participate so that We Can Transform the World with oUR Love, oUR Light and oUR Sound
How perfect, that oUR Global Harmonization was on the 13 Moon’s double Harmony date of 8.8, which is also a reflection of oUR Guiding Star and  oUR Sounding of the Double Octave of the Lost Chord  🙂
TMQ arose towards the end of the first watch of Magnetic Skywalker to participate in oUR Global Harmonization.  While gazing at the only light visible in the cloudy dawn sky, the bright planet in the East, she realized that she had faced that direction, that very same hour, exactly  5  Galactic Spins ago, when she led a Day-out-of-Time ritual at Tahananui Beach on Magnetic Skywalker.
Melovia 129  shares another gem from the Eternal Godliness site, which mirrors Divine Feminine of  the 3 Queens mentioned in the Crystal MonKEY blog, and also synchronizes well with this double day of 8;  Harmony:
“as you move into Cosmic Harmonic Alignment, you begin to experience the Embrace and the Love of the Great Cosmic Mother who was known to the Ancients as Ma’at. Ma’at is the One who holds the Cosmic Balance of All That Is.  Her name is pronounced “Mayat” or “Maia”, and her “children” are the Mayans, those who are the Galactic Keepers of the Wisdom of Time and Balance…”

 A crop circle depicted this last year:

The Feather of Ma’at represents TRUTH and JUSTICE
The Heart must be as light as the  Feather of Ma’at.”  
Christine Kin 133 shared this ancient discovery:
Also, see Electric Skywalker’s  wonderful analysis which covers the gamut from the Cairo museum, a possible contender for ‘the Divine Masculine’ and (for Valentine’s Day) the ‘First Romantic’; Akhenaten,  and ending with “Radical 113 (示 Unicode U+793A , compound form 礻 at U+793B, pinyin shì meaning “ancestor, veneration”)
Then, on this ‘Cosmic Valentine’s Day’, we received this from oUR own Solar Skywalker;  Ed  113 from New Zealand:
The sun seems to be responding to the second 113 day cycle; have attached the latest GOES imageXray.jpg “
This concludes oUR Crystal MonKEY Round Table, and the Sun Wavespell of Enlightenment and Universal Fire
At Midnight, we begin Quetzalcoatl’s Wavespell of Space, Exploration and Wakefulness 
                                          Cosmic Love to All!
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 8.        Cube Two:  SPIRIT          Kin 52

12 thoughts on “Kin 52: Yellow Cosmic Human ends the Sun Wavespell on the 8th day of the 8th Moon

  1. A very mellow and YELLOW day: Plasma, Daily Kin Seal & Tone, PSI/Chrono, Long Count, 3K and Guide! Ripe for something! (G-Force White Worldbridger?)

    Double 8’s showing up all day!

    Taking Magic Flight tonight… oUR Hearts as Light as a Feather! 🙂


    Once again – raised Protestant – nooledge to maya

    Raphael (Standard Hebrew רָפָאֵל, Rāp̄āʾēl, “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal”, Arabic: إسرافيل‎, Isrāfāʾīl) is an archangel of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, who in the Judeo-Christian tradition performs all manners of healing.

    I lived in Novato from 1977-1979 – in US Government housing on Ulloa Dr… Behind full size power lines. And yet more canals…


    The city is home to the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, and several small biotech firms, such as Buck Institute for Age Research, Biosearch Technologies and BioMarin Pharmaceutical. Several small technology companies are also based in Novato, such as 2K Marin, Radiant Logic, Imagemovers Digital, Toys For Bob, Enwisen, and Sonic Solutions.
    The former Hamilton Air Force Base is also located in Novato, but was decommissioned in 1974 and designated a Historic District in 1998.

    Hamilton Air Force base – after lying stagnant for many years, major renovations were pushed through by then-mayor Michael DiGiorgio. As of 2008 the base has largely been redeveloped into single family homes. The former hangar buildings were gutted and redeveloped into two story office buildings. Hangar tenants include ImageMovers Digital, 2K Sports, Sony Imageworks, Visual Concepts Entertainment, Smith & Hawken, The Republic of Tea, and Birkenstock Distribution USA.

    Hamilton’s religion
    In his early life, he was an orthodox and conventional, though not deeply pious, Presbyterian. From 1777 to 1792, Hamilton appears to have been completely indifferent, and made jokes about God at the Constitutional Convention. During the French Revolution, he had an “opportunistic religiosity”, using Christianity for political ends and insisting that Christianity and Jefferson’s democracy were incompatible. After his misfortunes of 1801, Hamilton began to assert the truth of Christianity; he also proposed a Christian Constitutional Society in 1802, to take hold of “some strong feeling of the mind” to elect “fit men” to office, and he wrote of “Christian welfare societies” for the poor. He was not a member of any denomination, but led his family in the Episcopal service the Sunday before the duel. After he was shot, Hamilton requested communion first from Benjamin Moore, the Episcopal Bishop of New York, who initially declined to administer the Sacrament chiefly because he did not wish to sanction the practice of dueling. Hamilton then requested communion from Presbyterian pastor John Mason, who declined on the grounds that Presbyterians did not reserve the Sacrament. After Hamilton spoke of his belief in God’s mercy, and of his desire to renounce dueling, Bishop Moore reversed his decision, and administered communion to Hamilton.[104]

    End the Duel/Dualism…


  3. Oh my! Born Resonant 3 – Kin 244 Planetary seed – Cosmic 7 Kin 131 Magnetic MonKEY 😉

    Antonio de Ulloa y de la Torre-Giralt (12 January 1716 – 3 July 1795) was a Spanish general, explorer, author, astronomer, colonial administrator and the first Spanish governor of Louisiana. He was born in Seville, the son of an economist.
    Ulloa entered the navy in 1733. In 1735 he was appointed with fellow Spaniard Jorge Juan a member of the French Geodesic Mission, a scientific expedition which the French Academy of Sciences was sending to Ecuador to measure a degree of meridian arc at the equator, led by Pierre Bouguer.

    His name is also recalled as the meteorological term Ulloa’s halo (also known as Bouguer’s halo) which an observer may see infrequently in fog when sun breaks through (for example, on a mountain) and looks down-sun — effectively a “fog-bow” (as opposed to a “rain-bow”). A fog-bow is defined as “an infrequently observed meteorological phenomenon; a faint white, circular arc or complete ring of light that has a radius of 39 degrees and is centered on the antisolar point. When observed, it is usually in the form of a separate outer ring around an anticorona.” (Tricker, R. A. R., 1970: An Introduction to Meteorological Optics, pages 192–193).

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Whee!!!


  4. Walking in the snow couple weeks ago, there was a symbol that calls my attention above the door of a small bulding just across a catholic church…it was the winged sun, some know came from ancient egypt but this time was whit a cross and a rose in the middle of the sun…

    here i find a video that helps me understand what this it mean…they mention Akhenaten! and also Nicolas Roerich the painter who did another symbol we are all very falmiliar with, he in between other important figures from ancients times apper to be part of this mystical fraternity. A.M.O.R.C.


  5. On Kin 52 which is/was the eve of entering into a new 52-day (White Northern) Castle I am reminded s me to be mindful 🙂 of where we R in the 52-week cycle: Week 30.

    “WEEKS 27-39.

    Here the inverted meander of Cosmic Order is enclosed the illumined square/ quadrant of space. The purpose of the cosmic order is to hold the radiance of space, to reflect back the intrinsic luminosity of the true reality. The meander actually represents the unfolding of the binary order from empty to full showing how the alternation of reality is a simple but cosmically whole design. Because it is a complete mentally realized component, the cosmic order has the design integrity to hold the radiance of space.

    This quarter’s Codon, number 38, Discriminating, the mirror symmetry opposite of last year’s Power of the Home, Codon 37, is so called because the upper triplet, once again the Vision Sun/Crystal, represents the illuminating sight informed by an inner joy, the lower triplet. Our power of discrimination or discriminating awareness is our most valuable mental gift, but it must be cultivated, because generally our mind is automatically in a reactive mode, responding with conditioned analphs (thought forms) to the great variety of sensory input we are always receiving. Our power of discrimination is necessary if we are to make intelligent decisions on behalf of our spiritual evolvement, and not continue to function like sleepwalkers buffeted by our conditioned responses. When we quiet our mind long enough our power of discriminating awareness naturally comes into play. It creates an inner joy, because finally we feel we are getting control of our lower conditioned self.

    In terms of the binary triplets, this codon is constructed by the time binary below, a mind binary letter in the middle and a mind binary on top. When the mind is between time and mind, this is discriminating. When the mind takes the time to know itself then it is able to realize the higher mid of discriminating awareness.”

    ~ pg. 278, Star Traveler’s 13-Moon Almanac of Synchronicity, Red Overtone Moon Year

    In lak’ech
    Red Crystal Moon

  6. From “The Intenders of the Highest Good”:

    The Intenders Newsletter #2 February 2011

    “Your Time to Shine

    Now more than ever, many of you reading this are being called to hold the light for your fellow travelers while they are temporarily unable to hold it for themselves. You arranged and agreed to be here at this most pivotal time in the history of Man because you knew something – something deep inside your soul – that others appeared to have forgotten. You knew that the old ways of competition and disconnection would be giving way to a new way of life on Earth where we experience true peace, true freedom of expression, and true love for one another.

    The coming year is your time to shine. With its 6 eclipses and the transition into the final acceleration phase of the Mayan Calendar, you shall bear witness to the greatest transcendent experience available in any world anywhere. This is what all of your studying and practicing has led you to. This is everything you’ve been waiting for. You are poised on the threshold of glory – to the true definition of the word – and you shall not be denied. The journey has been long and arduous, but, in the end, every nanosecond will have been worth it.

    These words are meant to remind you, to encourage you, because you are still in the duality times for a little longer and the trust that you have accrued, the patience you have tempered, the power you have forged, the strength you have gained from your time in the dark shall serve you well.

    It is for you to keep moving forward at this time regardless of what you see happening all around you. For, in the twinkling of an eye, a gift of such grace and beauty shall be bestowed upon you, and it is in this moment that you shall stand in awe of the depth of love you perceive.”

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