Red Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, Galactic Seli 9; and the start of Wavespell 5


Kin 53

Red Magnetic Skywalker

Red Magnetic Skywalker
Blue Magnetic Night Red Magnetic Skywalker White Magnetic Worldbridger
  Yellow Cosmic Star
I unify in order to explore
attracting wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Yesterday’s G-Force becomes today’s Analog:  Magnetic World-Bridger.  The G-Force of 13.1 is 3.4:  Self-Existing Night, the day of  Skywalker Christine’s conference in Luke (Lucas)  Skywalker country  🙂
The PSI for Galactic 9 is Spectral Dragon (141), and last Galactic 9 was coded by today’s Hidden Power: Cosmic Star  🙂 
Today’s CDK is Kin 79;  Magnetic Storm, known as the Noosphere Constant.
Postulate 19.1: There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.” 
 During Kin 53, (here, yesterday) this topic came up in three very different conversations:  First, with two Jehova’s Witnesses who came to my door  (whose “Awake” publication synchronistically contained a photo of Akhenaten).  They finally left when the phone rang:  Kim 33 calling to discuss the Bible, and the Mayan’s idea of God, for over an hour, resulting in the blog getting posted late.  Then, at a local poker tournament last night, several players were asking questions, which led to a mini-talk about 2012 and God!  The Postulate for that (this) day’s CDK precisely answered a direct question from one of them.
13.1.In the Dominion of Time, everything comes from a natural sense of opening to the now.  Superior intelligence dwells nowhere else but in the now. In the now is the synchronic experience of the union of the third-dimensional entity and its fourth-dimensional holon double or alternative personality.
SELI 9:  FLOW;  ROOT Chakra01.gif
Yesterday, on Dali 8, we began the 30th Week/Heptad of the Overtone Moon Year, during which we build the
Cube for Codon 56:  VOYAGING;  Time Travel Unifies the Mind
Thanks Melovia 129 for sharing from Stephanie’s Almanac (which TMQ didn’t buy this year) about the Master Codon  governing this 3rd Quarter of the year:  “WEEKS 27-39.
CODON 38 : DISCRIMINATING, SIXTH STAGE, WAY OF THE IRRESISTIBLE FIFTH;  Here the inverted meander of Cosmic Order is enclosed the illumined square/ quadrant of space. The purpose of the cosmic order is to hold the radiance of space, to reflect back the intrinsic luminosity of the true reality…”  [See her comment for the remainder] 
Today, we enter the Dreamspell’s Second Castle of 52 days:  WHITE NORTHERN CASTLE of CROSSING;  and the 13 day

Red Skywalker Wavespell:   Power of Space

Red Magnetic Skywalker

White Lunar Wizard
Red Cosmic Serpent

Yellow Crystal Seed

Blue Electric Eagle
Blue Spectral Night

Yellow Self-existing Warrior
White Planetary Wind

Red Overtone Earth

White Rhytmic Mirror

Blue Resonant Storm

Yellow Galactic Sun
Christine 3 Skywalker continued the dialogue begun by N.Z. Kin 113, with this report: (a beautiful and riveting video) of an ejection hurled towards Earth by Sunspot 1158.  One of the flares noted by one of oUR Skywalkers must be the one referred to here:, alerting us to look for a stunning response from the Borealis, like this one on Resonant World-Bridger; 5/24/10):
God, and His/Her Angels and Messengers also appeared in oUR comments/conversations today  🙂
Christine 133 shared this:  Saint Archangel Raphael, “It is God who heals”, “God Heals”, “God, Please Heal” who an archangel of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam,
  Marisabel 247 shared about the winged sun, some know came from ancient egypt but this time was whit a cross and a rose in the middle of the sun…” ” and a video [ in French]  that helps me understand what this it mean…they mention Akhenaten! and also Nicolas Roerich  Banner of Peace Melovia 129 provided the photo of the Crop Circle (Winged Sun) whichalso signifies the feminine Mayan aspect of God“The Feather of Ma’at” 
UR signifies Universal Religion, and all of us United for  oUR Universal RetURn to God. 
“The universal meaning of UR is vindicated in the mathematical plotting of the great messengers of the Universal Religion.  These figures are the three special messengers of the awakening:
Buddha, Christ and Muhammad, and the two special progenitors of Prophecy,  Abraham (Old World) and Pacal Votan (New World).”
“UR is the primal unity of Spirit and Being.” 
 Valum Votan wrote  these preceding words in the 7:7::7:7 Telektonon Revelation.
Today is the Galactic RetURn of another Divine Messenger:  Quetzalcoatl  🙂
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 9.   Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE       Kin 53

12 thoughts on “Red Magnetic Skywalker codes Quetzalcoatl, Galactic Seli 9; and the start of Wavespell 5


    There is a ton of art that has different number variations in the “sun rays” – eye’m convinced there is symmetry and terma there. I can find no other analysis at this time that anyone has attached significance – at least online. Apocrypha are bound to tURn up!

    It was said that one day Akhenaten had a vision wherein he saw a sun disc between two mountains. He felt that God was guiding him to make change. He was shown the God, Aten, as the Sun Disk – the Light. He felt guided by Aten to build a city between the two mountains.

    In the sixth year of his reign Akhenaten rejected the Gods of Thebes. They were never part of his childhood anyway since he had been shunned as a child. Akhenaten had declared for the first time in recorded history that there was only one God – the concept of monotheism. Overnight he turned 2,000 years of Egyptian religious upside down…

  2. KIN 53 begins the 4-day Harmonic 14, which corresponds to Codon 11. And Codon 11 is the weekly codon for Heptad 41(in 11 weeks) which begins Spectral (11) Moon. (11/1 always codes the Kin of my next Solar year, and this year will be my Galactic Return as well 🙂 )

    HARMONIC 14 : Self-Existing Output : Express Intelligence of Form

    CODON 11 : Dynamizing : Way of Conduct Shapes Space

    • Very interesting! And Dec.22 was Kin 258 Spectral Mirror ~ Sunspot 1158 seems to correspond 🙂

    • Priscella, I can’t thank you enough for posting these. Hadn’t watched any new David for too long! What a fantastic summation. In lak’ech, Crystal Moon

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