Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard codes Galactic Gamma 10; Cube 4: MAYA Flowering

IX  Kin 54

White Lunar Wizard

White Lunar Worldbridger
Yellow Lunar Seed White Lunar Wizard Red Lunar Serpent
  Blue Crystal Hand
I polarise in order to enchant
stabilizing receptivity.
I seal the output of timelessness
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of death.
Pacal Votan Clear Signs are associated with today’s Kin, which coded the 4th Year of the Mystery of the Stone.  PVCS Lunar World-Bridger is the Guide, while the G-Force is PVCS Resonant WarriorToday’s Hidden Power is Crystal Hand, which codes the rapidly approaching end of the 13 Baktuns on the 12/21/2012 SolsticeAdditionally, the Long Count of Rhythmic World-Bridger combines with 14.2 to make Pacal Votan’s Galactic Signature and Clear Sign20.8, Galactic Sun.
This day of  Mayan connections occurs on Galactic 10; Cube 4, MAYA Flowering,  reflecting PVCS 10.4 [4 Dog],  Kin 30,  mirroring this 30th Week.  It was a ‘Galactic Mayan’ day for TMQ, who awoke from dreams  of the Mayan jungle, where she was on a pilgrimage with many other Kins.  Towards the end of the dream, they gave me a necklace of  ‘gold lattice’ which they said had been worn through hundreds of years of continuous meditation. 
The day concluded during the Crystal Hand Occult Watch with an exciting ‘Maya’ related discovery (a life-altering event to be shared later) and with news (via instant messaging)  of the greatest living Galactic Maya [whose 7:7::7:7 quote appeared at the end of yesterday’s blog].  🙂
In CHC II:  Book of the Avatar, he and Stephanie South wrote, on page 113, of how Pacal Votan determined that: 
“…the Free Will experiment in the Milky Way solar system was about to blow if it did not receive higher help.  “Mahabodhisattvas are angelic orders who choose galactic transmigration…”  Dynamics of Time  18.8
…The Galactic Maya (mahabodhissatvas) got tapped for the assignment to help clean up Planet Earth, the goal being the attainment of full radial luminosity for all beings on all star-systems.” (!)
Valum Votan projected the Cube Crop Circle on the 7th day of the Lunar Wizard Year [7/1] , which was coded by Pacal Votan’s 1407th Solar-Galactic RetURn.  That day was Dreamspell Kin 60 (Galactic Sun), and Long Count Kin 11 (Valum Votan’s Signature).  On that day (which fell during the period that Valum Votan, Stephanie South and TMQ all lived in Nelson [=79=Noosphere Constant]) TMQ was Electric Mirror [60 + 138 = 198] which codes the 5th Lord of Time, Supreme Golden Maidencrop-circle-metatron.jpg
Valum Votan describes  how Kin 54 is signified, along with 144 and 198.
 Her discovery last night showed TMQ where she needs to be by her Solar Birthday,  in 144 days, when her Electric Mirror year begins.  This post will be short, due to eagerness to ritualize the magical intent to manifest this outcome.  TMQ is also eager to read/view the plethora of wonderful links  🙂  that arrived from you while she slept.  Those will appear in Kin 55’s post. 
14.2:  “Synchronization of the interplanetary flux tube system, AD 2013, marks the advent of  “solar consciousness,” the stabilization of the super conscious hyperorganic evolution of the terrestrial planet art spore within the whole heliocosm.”
GAMMA 10:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
 Section of stucco frieze with a prominent human face in the centre, surrounded by elaborate decoration.
        Go to fullsize image
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 10.           Cube Four:  MAYA FLOWERING         Kin 54

11 thoughts on “Kin 54: White Lunar Wizard codes Galactic Gamma 10; Cube 4: MAYA Flowering


    The link for the 5 day sunspot animation should still be at the top of the page – (it’s embedded)

    Eye find this very provocative data…

    Sunspot number: 100 [Solar Sun]

    Spotless Days
    Current Stretch: 0 days – have we crossed the tipping point???
    2011 total: 1 day (2%) [Magnetic Dragon] (Lunar Wind)
    2010 total: 51 days (14%) [Gap Crystal Monkey] (Magnetic Wizard)
    2009 total: 260 days (71%) [T’zolkin?] (Rhythmic Monkey)
    Since 2004: 820 days [reduces to 40 – Magnetic Sun]
    Typical Solar Min: 486 days
    Updated 15 Feb 2011

    It seems an exponential is occURing…


    • This seems to be the same book that was discussed on William Shatner’s show called “Weird or What”–[or something like that]
      They concluded that the manuscript was a hoax, for various reasons. It is mysterious 🙂
      Love, C


    There are other photos in the group – eye do question whether the conventional photography by essentially making a “photo eclipse” by placing the lamppost (eh, Mr. Tumnus?) or the roof edge would skew the ellipse. But being as these people are paid to opine on the cosmos, can we say the eARTh’s distorted magnetic field warp might be affecting the “ben/ds?”

    AURORA WATCH: A series of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) en route to Earth from sunspot 1158 will buffet our planet’s magnetic field during the next 24-36 hours. NOAA forecasters estimate a 35% chance of geomagnetic activity on Feb. 17th. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras.

    MYSTERIOUS SUN HALOES: Most sun haloes are circles. They surround the sun when sunbeams hit ice crystals in the air. The haloes this week in Finland, however, were not circular. Olli Leivo sends this picture from Lahti in southern Finland:

    Photo details: Canon EOS 550D, 50mm, f11, 1/250s. More images: #1, #2, #3, #4

    “Finland has had a spate of elliptical halos over the last few days produced by ice crystals precipitating out of low clouds. The ones Leivo photographed are superb,” says atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. “Elliptical halos are rare and we do not understand how they are formed. A popular theory is that hexagonal plate-shaped crystals with very blunt pyramidal ends make them. 😉 But ray tracing simulations using these crystals do not reproduce the halo’s fine detail properly. Moreover, these crystals are physically unrealistic because crystal faces follow lines of atoms in the crystal lattice 😉 – blunt pyramidal ends do not! The mystery remains.”

    Love dream,

  3. Well I walked in the pouring rain
    And I heard a voice that cries “It’s all in vain”
    The voice of doom was shining in my room
    I just need one day somewhere far away
    Lord I just need one day

    Well I’ll be breaking these rocks
    And cutting this hay
    Yes I’ll be breaking these rocks
    What’s my price to pay

    Well the river’s so muddy, but it may come clear
    And I know too well what’s keeping me here
    I’m just the slave of a burning ray
    Oh give me the night, I can’t take another sight
    Please, please give me the night

    Well I’ll be breaking these rocks
    And cutting this hay
    Yes I’ll be breaking these rocks
    What’s my price to pay

    Sun keeps beating down on me, wall’s a mile high
    Up in the tower they’re watching me hoping I’m gonna die

    I won’t be breaking no rocks
    I said I wont be breaking no rocks
    (I won’t be breaking no rocks) Oh-oh-oh
    (I won’t be breaking no rocks) Oh-oh-oh
    (I won’t be breaking no rocks)

    When the kingdom comes
    When the kingdom comes
    When the kingdom comes
    When the kingdom comes

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