Blue Electric Eagle: Kin 55, codes Galactic Catalytic Blue Kali 11

Kin 55

Blue Electric Eagle

Blue Electric Storm
Red Electric Serpent Blue Electric Eagle Yellow Electric Seed
  White Spectral Worldbridger
I activate in order to create
bonding mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of self generation.
The Guide, Electric Storm, coded the 5th year of the Mystery of the Stone (2007-2008)  Today’s Challenge, 3 Serpent also codes Stephanie South, co-author of the Cosmic History Chronicles.   The G-Force is Kin 49:  Planetary Moon, and today’s PSI is 13 Night.
15.3:  “Coordination of solar (stellar) and planetary pulses produces an animation of higher analog life functions within the theatre of radiosonic architecture. Higher analog life functions represent a stepping down of post-organic subliminal conscious energy and information patterns into discrete hyperorganic super conscious programs.
KALI 11:  CATALYZE;  SACRAL  Chakra02.gif
This  Catalytic KALI, coded by Seal 15VISION yields several visions of oUR  Evolution.
Big Image
Christine 133 shared more information about  Akhenaten which synchronistically included today’s Kin #:    “Tomb 55 in the Valley of the Kings  “Of all the royal mummies ever discovered none has ever caused more controversy then the one found in tomb 55 of the Valley of the Kings.”  “….beautiful coffin made with thousands of paste in-lays and semi-precious stones in the shape of protective wings. …the last sheet of gold, seemed to have the damaged named of Akhenaten written on it.
Priscella 6 Wizard shared the wonderful news of the Sea Shepherd’s victory on behalf of  WhalesGo to fullsize image,
 and two  videos by David Wilcox.  It’s especially gratifying to read this article from Priscella:  Human DNA  “New energy from the galactic center is raising consciousness, which is triggering an upgrade to our DNA”.  It presents “evidence that our Solar System entered a new field of cosmic energy that set off a chain of events including the vibration of the entire planet, the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn, and an early sunrise in Greenland (related to a wobble of the Earth and magnetic pole movement).  The sequence of events began the day after the combined Winter Solstice and total lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010 – exactly two years to the day before the end of the Mayan calendar.

Thank You Debra 7 Mirror for this spectacular image which is a result of Sunspot 1158 (=15);  the largest CME  in 4 years.  This like-minded blogger writes:  “The current uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East of oppressed people seeking freedom is, I would venture, the gradual surfacing of a world wide innate need to unite in a collective state of social cooperation and altruism ~ the driving force of evolution. The latest advances in science could well be revealing this very same phenomenon is the basic stuff of molecular matter.”  Large Hadron Collider demonstrates the urge to unite, and “our individual quest to reunite with our original state of soul consciousness” about the Hopi Prophecies  refers to the Plieiadians as the Angels from the Sky”  🙂
Many of us resonate with these creatures who seem to embody Angels on Earth  🙂 
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 11.     Cube Five:  SEX        Kin 55

4 thoughts on “Blue Electric Eagle: Kin 55, codes Galactic Catalytic Blue Kali 11

  1. Gear up for the illuminating Full Moon that happens at 12:37AM PST tomorrow – activating 30 degrees of Aquarius and Leo. You may want to meditate tonight, and send out your healing thoughts and prayers to family members, friends, associates, and the kingdoms of nature.


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