Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon codes Galactic Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

Red Solar Earth
Blue Solar Monkey Red Solar Dragon White Solar Mirror
  Yellow Overtone Sun
This post has been written 3 times now.  When I added to the bit that was finally published (prematurely, due to a variety of issues), eveything but the above disappeared.  

I had written so much about the Galactic Sun Earthquake (3 times now), about how it was a Bullseye…striking the heart of Christchurch, how most residents are without power or water, and all are being advised ot dig a hole instead of using their toilet, and other heart-breaking and/or disturbing information gleaned from watching live TV coverage.
It will be intersting to hear the experiences of the 4 adults and 6 children who arrive from Christchurch in a few hours, to stay with us for awhile.

Consider this briefest of posts a reflection of Christchurch:  shattered, with so much missing.
 N.S.  1. 23. 8. 17.  Cube 11:  MAGIC  Kin 61

IMIX  Kin 61 

6 thoughts on “Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon codes Galactic Gamma 17; Cube 11: Magic

  1. Cube 2 ChristChurch:

    Pacal Votan

    VERSE 61:

    ‘Children of the day of truth, children of the dawn, people of the book, all this can you hear in the stories of Palenque where in the tenth Baktun I took pure human form. Of the 27 books of the new testament. The 27 Revelations. 27 steps ascend to the Palace of Bolon Ik. This Palace, New Jerusalem, is the mystic power of Telektonon, the 29th step, the power of seven sanctified foursquare.’

    VERSE 62:

    “22 Chapters of Revelations are the 22 kin complete in Bolon Ik: thirteen for the power of time, nine for the Nine Lords of Time, whose forms still guard my arc of stone deep within the ninefold temple of the Cube of the Law. Perfect was the time of my coming, kin 1,366,560. Perfect was the time of my going, kin 1,385,540.”

    May the Divinity of the Cube Be With All.

    Supported By My Analog(P.V.C.S.)Kin 106:MARS(16)ToChristChurch.
    Healing UR Gamma.
    Spin of 73.

  2. Kin 61 begins 4-day Harmonic 16 : PLANETARY INPUT : Inform Flowering of Manifestation

    Corresponding Codon 10: PRACTICE : Conduct Treads the Way

    Dear Kin!!

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