Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night codes Galactic Alpha 19; Cube 13: Prophecy


Kin 63

Blue Spectral Night

Blue Spectral Night
Red Spectral Skywalker Blue Spectral Night Yellow Spectral Warrior
  White Electric Mirror
I dissolve in order to dream
releasing intuition.
I seal the input of abundance
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Fifth Solar Witness, 18.3 (Electric Mirror which codes the Heart of the 5th Lord of Time, Supreme Golden Maiden) is our Hidden Power today, while an anagram of those numbers is the G-Force:  13.8, Galactic Skywalker.  The Challenge is Spectral Skywalker, the G-Force of Madame Blavatsky (11.12) while her kin  is  the G-Force of Galactic Earth, which codes this Moon.  The PSI for Galactic 19 is Overtone Dragon.
3.11:  “All geometries are thought-moments of the Galactic Brain, coordinated commands of God, incorporated in the most efficient forms possible to be shaped by time into the progressive forms of the evolving conscious order. Hence, all geometries are ultimately manifestations of sacred order”
Christine 133 (whose Seal codes today’s Challenge) contributed this fascinating article (and many more  :)) about Sea Turtles, who also carry the 13 tones of creation upon their backs:
For centuries, determining longitude was an extremely difficult task for sailors, so difficult that it’s been thought improbable — if not impossible — for animals to do it.  But migratory sea turtles have now proved capable of sensing longitude, using almost imperceptible gradients in Earth’s magnetic field.”
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOther  comments from Kin will be shared  at
oUR    Crystal  Seed  Galactic Round Table. 

ALPHA 19:  RELEASE; THROAT  Chakra05.gif

Once again, this enormous  tragedy (which so far has claimed 113 lives) reveals the incredible compassion and comraderie of the people of New Zealand, who are also being aided by many around the planet.  Some inspiring examples:  A Christchurch man, who has been providing thousands of people with water from a well in his backyard, is now planning a massive food drop  🙂

10.000 students, who organized themselves on Facebook are on the streets of Christchurch, shoveling liquefaction material and hauling away bricks and rubble.  🙂 

The Law of Time website  has released new information:  

Page 63 of the out-of-print Cosmic History Chronicle I:  Book of the Throne contains this passage:  Cosmic History is a function primarily of Jhana Yoga, the Yoga of attaining union with God through knowledge, or the exercise of the mind and intellect.”

Section 3 of Telektonon:  “The Cube of the Law and the Tower of Babel“, Verse 11. states: 

O children of the day of truth, before the separation which divided you into the children of the dawn and the children of the book, there was only the Cube of the Law and the Law of the Cube.”

This is the 13th day in the Galactic Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.  Cube 13:  ProphecyToday also corresponds to UR EARTH 4, which synchronistically pertains to today’s Seal 3:  Night:  “And by the night, when it draws a veil over it”

Moon Day 19, Cube 13

19.13: “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 

N. S. 1. 23. 8. 19.          Cube 13:  PROPHECY    Kin 63


4 thoughts on “Kin 63: Blue Spectral Night codes Galactic Alpha 19; Cube 13: Prophecy


    The central concern in All Religions are One is the notion of the “Poetic Genius”, which is roughly analogous to the imagination. Blake argues that the Poetic Genius is greater than all else and “is the true man.” The Poetic Genius thus replaces traditional concepts of divinity insofar as “The body or outward form of Man is derived from the Poetic Genius […] the forms of all things are derived from their Genius. which by the Ancients was call’d an Angel & Spirit & Demon.” Thus, the Poetic Genius supplants theological belief. This Poetic Genius is universal, common to all Mankind; “as all men are alike in outward form […] all men are alike in the Poetic Genius.” Similarly, all philosophies are derived from the Poetic Genius; “all sects of Philosophies are from the Poetic Genius adapted to the weaknesses of every individual”, and so too are all religions, which are merely expressions of the Poetic Genius; “the Religions of all Nations are derived from each Nations different reception of the Poetic Genius which is everywhere call’d the Spirit of Prophecy,” again emphasising the theological character of the Poetic Genius. Even the Bible originates with the Poetic Genius; “The Jewish & Christian Testaments are An original derivation from the Poetic Genius.” Thus, as all Men are alike in their Poetic Genius, and as all religions originate with the Poetic Genius, so too must all religions be alike, thus all religions are one.

    William was so far ahead of his fractal. 😉


  2. This man’s harmony was amazing. Born February 7, 1974 – Dali, Galactic 1, Kin 60 Galactic Sun, died February 26, 2010 – Limi, Galactic 20, Kin 219 Spectral Storm.


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