Kin 65: Red Cosmic Serpent codes Galactic Hunab Ku 21; Cube 15: Vision


Kin 65

Red Cosmic Serpent  2/27/2011

Red Cosmic Moon
Blue Cosmic Eagle Red Cosmic Serpent White Cosmic Wizard
  Yellow Magnetic Warrior
I endure in order to survive
transcending instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of universal water.
Two Solar Witnesses are contained in today’s Oracle:  Challenge Cosmic Eagle also codes the heart oracle of the second Bolontiku.  Occult Kin 196 (VV and SS combined Kins) Magnetic Warrior codes the 3rd Solar Witness and Lord of Time/B.
Today’s G-Force is Blue Magnetic Storm which, due to it’s kin number 79  is known as the “Noosphere Constant.”  The letters of Nelson = 79   Some of the thousands who are fleeing Christchurch have come here to Nelson. 
Galactic Hunab Ku 21 corresponds to the PSI of Resonant Eagle, and the Long Count is Self-Existing Earth, known as Nahui Ollin:  Shaking Earth sure seems to apply to oUR present world!
5.13 “Evolution of planetary bodies from biosphere to noosphere are holonomic functions of stellar evolution. The synchronization of planetary noosphere with stellar evolutionary programming marks the advent of the next geological era, the Psychozoic.  The Psychozoic Era, is defined as the normative sequence of the evolution of the hyperorganic super conscious of a telepathically unified noosphere.”
SILIO 21:  DISCHARGE;  HEART  Chakra04.gif 
Beautiful 5 year old Caitlin  has drawn over 30 pictures since her arrival , which are  all adorning our walls.  Next, she suggested we draw and color a RAINBOW together, which is now  taped below the TV, a reminder of beauty and renewal,  contrasting  the scenes of Christchurch Carnage on the  screen above.
Shops in ruinsFormer N.Z.  Prime Minister Helen Clarke said   “”What I’ve seen in the centre of Christchurch is as bad as what I saw in Haiti at the beginning of last year, no question.  It’s as bad as anything you would see.”  Consider that  the new and old Christchurch buildings were much more solidly built.  But buildings pale in comparison to the enormous loss of life in Haiti.    Current death toll here is 148.  This devastating despicable disaster grows worse by the day, as more information comes to light.  Several strong aftershocks in the last few hours are causing more evacuations in the coastal communities today.
One is reminded of Valum Votan’s words in a TV interview, in which he says that regardless of who caused 9/11, what matters is that it happened.   The 9/11 event was the “puncture in the Technosphere” that  leads to the Noosphere.  This Christchurch catastrophe has led to a search for a higher  ‘big picture’ meaning.  As 133 intuited, conditions here are constrained, while at the same time, the  numbers communicate/connect  so much.  More when there is time. 
Some news of positive change, that shows people around our Earth are ‘on the same telepathic frequency’, and operating from their Hearts:  Smoking Mirrors comments:  “Something like this is going to reverberate through police stations around the country
Most of you have  probably had more opportunity (than TMQ) to view the comments from oUR 441-144 Cube of Truth Kin for our second Galactic Earth Round Table, coded by Crystal SeedWe all appreciate your comments, videos and channeled transcriptions.  🙂
At midnight,  we enter the 6th Wavespell, coded by seal 6:  World-BridgerThat feels so appropriate for these challenging, changing times, as we release and prepare for our new high-vibration World of beauty, unity and telepathy.  Let’s hold that VISION in oUR HEARTs.
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 21.         Cube 15:  VISION     Kin 65

10 thoughts on “Kin 65: Red Cosmic Serpent codes Galactic Hunab Ku 21; Cube 15: Vision


    The boundaries are blUR-ring. The Serpent is shedding its coil…the eARTh is waking up. Painfully beautiful. Just like birth. 😉

    alpha life trends

    March is universally a SEVEN* month (in numerology* terms). SEVEN brings a new perspective as seen from the inside out. SEVEN relates to inner strength, inner wisdom, inner connection and inner value. The situations from the whirling winds of change that have caused people to end up trading places also are providing situations in which people move into the right place according to the TRUE INNER VALUE. The view of this inner value will continue to be seen in clear visibility. Similar to a coin-separating machine, the whirling circumstances and events have continued to bring in changing situations prompting the very events that separate people, shifting them into their right locations. Penny’s end up in the penny slots and quarters end up in the quarter slot, etc. This began January 22nd as Jupiter opened the floodgates of circumstances that have now gained in speed and intensity, becoming a raging current of change.

    Eye feel so for/TUN/ate to have oUR perspective. Love to/two/too my three Cosmic Serpents, in their respective heartzones. 😉


  2. Fact: People are not names and names are not people.
    Fact: There is nothing in law that states a legal name is your name.
    Fact: There is nothing in law that states a legal name is personal identification.
    Fact: Legal names are used for purposes of law.
    Fact: Registration secures a right.
    Fact: All legal names are registered.
    Fact: There are rights associated with registered names.
    Fact: Every right carries with it duties and obligations.
    Fact: Persons are the subject of rights and duties.
    Fact: Registration of ones birth is the only way to become a person.
    Presumption: In law, you are recognized by the legal name.

    All of the above are what they are. The facts need not be proven for both sides agree on them (I believe that the courts are well aware of all the above stated facts). The only thing that cannot be stated unequivocally as a fact is whether or not you are recognized by the legal name. This is because they can never know for sure if you have accepted of your own free will the entitlement to be recognized by the legal name for purposes of law. The acceptance of this right is yours and yours alone. And even if you have knowingly chosen to accept it, you can rescind your acceptance at any time. Therefore, at any given time the best the courts can do is act on the presumption based on your actions and self testimony. But also at any given time the power is always in your possession to bring up the presumption and establish a fact. Your are the only one with the power to establish that fact, no one else.

  3. Valum Votan / Red Queen
    Volume 4
    page 87

    “We are now being called upon to summon our untapped creative powers, overcome all obstacles and remain on the path of light. We must master our inner “demons” and redirect their chaotic energy in order to build the inner temple of our evolving soul. The true initiate knows that aversions only lead to enslavement; by liberating ourselves from all forms of hatred or delusion, we thereby transcend historical dualism and attain freedom.”

    Pacal Votan
    Verse 66:

    By my symbolical channel of communication called telektonon did I intend this prophecy to be discovered and recovered. Once 40 years had elapsed from the time of the discovery of my Uranian crypt, then would come the recovery, the recollection by my special agent of the numbers rehearsed and repeated to announce the day of truth.

    Happy Galactic Return Kin 65!
    Intrinsic Awareness is our 441 Matrix.
    Agent 93.

  4. -Never take anything personal. Remain the observer, not the personality. Practice the art of living in the sacred space where all identity is dissolved. Feel that your roots into the formless are deep.

    -Never make assumptions. Either you kn…ow something or you don’t. True self-knowledge is found when we clearly define the limits of our own strengths and weaknesses.

    -Always express the truth. Recognize that your personal truth always is the greatest gift you can share with an other, since all life-expressions always all stem from the same source. Honesty means to present our sense of connection to this source in the most clear and direct way.

    -Always do your best. Become the living example, the way-shower, the embodiment of your personal vision and dream. Through this, you will stand out like a light of inspiration for all that cross your way.

    May these four perspectives hold the power to crystallize a community that forever will protect one shining and living truth within. May this day cast a spark of truth from each of us, like an obsidian blade glittering mischievously in the sun’

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