Kin 67: Blue Lunar Hand codes the Galactic Earth Lover’s Reunion


Kin 67

Blue Lunar Hand

Blue Lunar Storm
Red Lunar Earth Blue Lunar Hand Yellow Lunar Human
  White Crystal Wizard
I polarise in order to know
stabilizing healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of self-generation.
The  Occult: the First Solar Witness Crystal Wizard (in its human embodiment, Neil, witnessed my phone conversation with Mike 5 World-Bridger  during the Challenge Watch: Kin 197, the 4th Solar Witness/Lord of Time  🙂  Pacal Votan Clear Sign, Lunar Human is today’s Analog.  Resonant Moon is Lunar Hand’s G-Force.
The PSI for the next 3 days is Crystal Star.  Today’s CDK is 13.2;  Lunar Skywalker [Code=E].

7.2:  “Celestial harmonics represent a purposive order of meaning which can only be accessed by vector point potentials emanating from a purposive point in space, the evolving body of consciousness.”

 SELI 23:  FLOW;  ROOTChakra01.gif

“Two time capsules have been discovered… early today in Cathedral Square under the plinth of the The statue of John Robert Godley, Cathedral Square, pictured in the Cathedral grounds144-year-old statue of John Robert Godley, known as the founder of Canterbury.”  During a spirited conversation today with KiwiMike’s partner Tracy (Kin 111:  7 MonKEY),  she noted the synchronicity of the discovery inside a statue erected in 1867, on Kin 67  🙂  Aptly named Godley was coded by Kin 11:  Spectral MonKEY! [ That was also the Galactic Signature of the Kin whose details were given to Mike shortly before discovering Godley’s Kin.]  John Robert Godley died on 11/17/1861, coded by Solar Mirror [ArajarA]  The kins coding his birth (11.11) and death (18.9) equal the G-Force  9.7; of the day Godley  and the two time capsules came to light!

 High winds are whipping up the debris and silt in Canterbury today, and may delay recovery operations.  Today, Mike mentioned the huge electric storm on Kin 159:  Blue Electric Storm, first day of the Electric Storm year.  The current death toll is 159.

Within the same hour [during Watch of Lunar Earth] TMQ heard from Neil Crystal Wizard and from Ken Ring [via Carolyn 3 Dragon] of two predictions for this part of the Earth, both predicted through the Lunar cycles.

During the Crystal Wizard Watch, TMQ determined that the day they both predicted a large ‘event’,  on the March 20 Full Moon,  is  coded by Galactic World-Bridger, whose CDK is 13.9; Solar Skywalker.  A TV interviewer inadvertently brought attention and sympathy to  Ken Ring, [who predicted the Galactic Sun Quake]  and increased focus on the Moon’s cycles, and now, upon ” Lord of the Dawn

This Galactic image for the Galactic Lover’s Reunion comes from which is another beautiful example of 2012 entering the public awareness.  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 8. 23.          LOVER’S REUNION   Kin 67


5 thoughts on “Kin 67: Blue Lunar Hand codes the Galactic Earth Lover’s Reunion

  1. He predicts a fURther quake for full moon Sunday, March 20, – Silio, Solar 14, Kin 86 Galactic Worldbridger – Five days after the end of the 1st 144 hz – a sort of 5 day Wayeb’ between – culminating in an energy release. The spider metaphor has been resonating with me much the last few days.

    2. Second 144-day Cycle, Return of Sacred Power. “Stabilize the Power”, Days 647-504, Solar 9, Kin 81, 3 Dragon (15 March 2011) 5 Moon year – Magnetic 11, Kin 224, 3 Seed (5 August, 2011), 6 Wizard year, 288 days complete

    Eye watched the Fifth Element again with maya noo perspective and the numbers are there. The reason i mention this is the spider thing – in the pyramid – where the stones are kept – the stones themselves are covered in webs – and it made me realize what a true web looks like when consciousness is infiltrated…you see it everywhere, duh. 😉



      • Christine- your words Mirror my appreciation and gratitude too-especially the timing!


        May your Electric Star year be activating and beautiful-like you! 🙂


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