Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star codes Galactic Gamma 24 and Solar Birthdays of Two Kin


Kin 68

Yellow Electric Star

Yellow Electric Human
White Electric Mirror Yellow Electric Star Blue Electric Monkey
  Red Spectral Skywalker
I activate in order to beautify
bonding art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of free will.
HAPPY SOLAR  BIRTHDAY to CHRISTINE  133, and to TMQ’s brother, BILL 13
‘Their day’ is coded by PVCS Resonant Sun in the Long Count.  Today’s Antipode is PVCS 11.3;  Electric MonKEY, and the Challenge is Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Solar Witness and Heart Oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden.  The G-Force of Electric Star is Planetary Wind.  The PSI is   Crystal  Star, while today’s combined Dreamspell and Long Count:  8.3 + 20.7 = 8.10, Plantary Star  🙂
GAMMA 24:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE  Chakra06.gif
8.3:   “Deviation from the norm implies separation both within the operating apparatus and operating procedures of the deviant organism and between the organism and the biosphere itself.”
Here are 3 videos for this 3 Star day:
8 days after the devastating Christchurch Earthquake, here is a video that describes why 55,000 people have already fled Christchurch-for good:
Gratitude to Melovia 129  for sharing the beautiful 3:33 minute video, “Human Planet”, and to
Priscella 214, for this:  “Origins of The Timespace of Cosmic History”.
This  13:45 minute video  mentions the topic of Chapter 5 of Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 1:  Sorcerer’s Whole Body Perception and Yoga.”
Because this Volume,Book of the Thronesold out soon after its release, parts will continue to be presented here.  Here are the first underlined (by TMQ during many re-readings) sentences from Chaper 5, page 77:
The Sorcerer’s whole body perception presupposes a Yogic foundation.  This yogic foundation is based, first, on recognition of the need to discipline the mind and body so the soul can actually breathe and receive prana (life-force).  This yogic foundation is also based on the cultivation of the physical and subtle bodies and the discipline of the mind for the purpose of evolution, as well as to attain to a remembrance of God or the Divine Source.”
From the point of view of Cosmic History, the pURpose of yoga is to assist in the sensory/psychophysical unification of the Sorcerer’s whole body perception.”…and to “establish  the body as a completely unified base and temple, so that the reflection and order of the body’s movement are a reflection of the original sacred order of the higher cosmos–the hieratic order of the higher dimensions–and also of the totality of the cosmos itself.”
“Mental phenomena account for everything.” 
“The basis of the sorcerer’s whole body knowing is the psychophysical synchronization of the different senses and the mind to create a whole sense perception.”
The Postulates for today’s Seal 8:  Star are mainly concerned with Yoga, while the Star’s Antipode/Challenge, Seal 18:  Mirror focuses on Meditation.  Today is extended Galactic Cube 18 Telepathic Meditation  🙂
N. S.   1. 23. 8. 24.     TELEPATHIC MEDITATION    KIN 68

4 thoughts on “Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star codes Galactic Gamma 24 and Solar Birthdays of Two Kin

  1. Thank you! Eye have so much to be thankful for – not the least of which is this forum for oUR sacred work. More webby talk… Galactic spider activate… 😉


      • Also the Moon, so special emphasis on the Base Chakra & Healing/Purification, and it is the 52-day Fire Ceremony as well. I hope I won’t be alone at my fire 🙂 Telepathic/portation visiting Kin invited and very welcome!

        Melovia Crystal Moon

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