GAP Kin 69: Red Self-Existing Moon codes Galactic Kali 25 and two Sacred Meditations


Kin 69

Red Self-Existing Moon

Red Self-existing Serpent
Blue Self-existing Storm Red Self-existing Moon White Self-existing Dog
  Yellow Planetary Human
I define in order to purify
measuring flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of life force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s Analog is a PVCS:  Self-Existing Dog.  The 6th Solar Witness; 4 Storm codes the Challenge.  Today’s G-Force is Cosmic Eagle, which codes the 2nd Solar Witness and the Heart Oracle of the 2nd Lord of the Ring. 
The Long Count Kin is a Magic Turtle Hunab Ku 21Galactic Dragon; Valum Votan’s G-Force.

9.4“Through visualization of the guiding matrix of time vector potentials encoded as the Loom of Maya/binary triplet psi bank weave, the continuing conscious of projective pulsar and radiative geometries within the telepathic matrix re-establishes the primal condition of the AC (crystal) CA (life reflex) functions within the psi bank. The reflex of the primal condition of the AC-CA functions realized within the biopsychic organism activates the release of radion.”


VINAL  Meditation 12:   CEH; 

Breaks With Habitual Caution, and Reaches the White Light


13-day Untie the Knots, Return Time to the Sacred Round Meditations:

 This program was originally promoted by the Copalaa (Guatemala) community of Queqchi Mayan Elders.

The ceremonies occur on every tone 4 of the wavespell (tone 8 in the long count calendar). When the tone 4 falls on one of the six seals, [as it does today] then special focus is on the quality of that seal.   Thinking of each of these knots, free them:

WARRIOR:  Intelligence as our intrinsic curiosity and knowing.  Free your Intelligence; [THROAT]

MIRROR:  As a natural gift for having a clear mind.  Open up your Meditation;  [SOLAR PLEXUS]

DRAGON:  As the natural recollection of original cosmic nature.   Tune into your Cosmic Memory;  [THROAT]

SEED:   Flowering as our natural expression of radiance.  Assume your personal power;   [ROOT]

***MOON;  Purification/Healing as a natural gift of our own being.  Trust in your power for self-healing;  [ROOT] 

{Today, 4 MOON= FIRE CEREMONY, Next one is in 52 days on 4 DRAGON}. 

TomorrowDOG:  Love as an unconditional response to the worldExpand your heart in selfless love.  [HEART]


Synchronistically, last night, we viewed a political thriller directed by John Malkovich:  “The Dancer Upstairs”  The main characters are of  Mayan Indian lineage, so the film contains many lines of the spoken Queqchi language. 

This leads to a fascinating current news item regarding Language, which my feline, O.M.A.,  liked:  “Close Encounters of a Purred Kind…” 

Air traffic controllers in Siberia claim they were buzzed by a high-speed UFO with a female sounding alien who spoke in an unintelligible cat-like language.  The mystery object suddenly burst onto flight monitors over the remote Russian diamond capital of Yakutsk.  It was shown flying at a speed of slightly over 6000 mph, and rapidly changing direction in the early morning sky, it is claimed.” UFO landing

 Remote: The UFO was picked up over Yakutsk in Siberia The letters of Yakutsk = GM108🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 8. 25.    Extended Cube 19:   SELF-GENERATION   RECHARGE   GAP Kin 69

8 thoughts on “GAP Kin 69: Red Self-Existing Moon codes Galactic Kali 25 and two Sacred Meditations

  1. the knot seems also here in a presence:

    “Today’s G-Force is Cosmic Eagle, which codes the 2nd Solar Witness and the Heart Oracle of the 2nd Lord of the Ring.”

    2nd Solar Witness iz about 2.9 Wind.Solar
    Heart Oracle iz about 17 while this decodes our beloved Planeth as a Place to Be
    the Hearth of 17 iz 9.
    The Lord of the Ring iz about 0 and 1 to 19; its centre is 10, the DOG of tomorrow, which is the Radiant Dog releasing Radion Ions – the second Tone of Luna which Ticks so infinite smooth … again a 2.9 figure in a planetary wave …

    thX dear Barssiah for resonating your purified H2O ions in this blog’s focus



    A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev by Minister Serdyukov of the Russian Defense Ministry on the building of an additional 5,000 underground ‘bomb’ shelters in Moscow warns that even though progress is being made, the appearance of the new Comet Elenin [photo top left] in our Solar System means “additional resources” will have to be added “immediately” as the 2012 timeline for completion “may not be soon enough”.

    Sparking the fears of Minister Serdyukov, he says in this report, is that based upon the new orbit calculations for Comet Elenin, it appears in “all likelihood” that this celestial object is under some type of “intelligent control” and will approach our Earth “much closer” than originally thought this coming fall season.

    Comet Elenin was discovered by Doctor-Scientist Leonid Elenin [photo 3rd left] on 10 December 2010 from his research facility in Lyubertsy utilizing images acquired from the 18-inch (45-cm) telescope at the ISON-NM Observatory near Mayhill, New Mexico and confirmed by Doctor-Scientists Aleksei Sergeyev and Artem Novichenko from the Maidanak Observatory in Uzbekistan.

    Upon its discovery Comet Elenin was traveling very near the ecliptic plane at more than 4 Astronomical Units (375 million miles) from the Sun and headed inbound towards it. Its original perihelion [point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet where it is nearest to the Sun] was calculated to occur well inside Earth’s orbit at about 0.45 Astronomical Units (42 million miles) from the Sun to occur on or about 5 September 2011 making it visible to the naked eye in the pre-dawn skies in the Constellation of Leo.

    Most ominous in Minister Serdyukov’s report is his assertion that Comet Elenin appears to be in “direct contact” with the mysterious Jupiter-sized planet discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto that is, also, headed inbound towards our Sun.

    Interesting to note about Comet Elenin is that even though the American space agency NASA has said “Because of the possibility that the comet’s orbit slightly deviate from, there is no guarantee that Earth will be missed”, they have, also, in contradiction, stated that “…Comet Elenin will come nowhere near the Earth. At its closest (on 10 September 2011) it will be more than 25 million km from our planet.”

    9/10/11 is Alpha Lunar 19 – GAP Kin 260 Cosmic Sun – followed by 9/11/11 GAP Kin 1 Magnetic Dragon…way too much going on here to not notice. The name itself an onomatopoeia Elenin/eleven…and a waxing gibbous moon.

    Stela 19 – Quetzalcoatl en roUTe…Lord of the Dawn…


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