Kin 70: White Overtone Dog codes the 26th day of the Galactic Earth Moon of Integrity and Harmony with Empowerment


Kin 70

White Overtone Dog

White Overtone Mirror
Yellow Overtone Sun White Overtone Dog Red Overtone Moon
  Blue Solar Monkey
I empower in order to love
commanding loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
Today, we are guided by Kin 18, and the letters of OC (15+3) = 18.
On each Moon Day 26, we telepathically connect with the 5th Solar Witness, coded by Kin 198:  Electric Mirror; and with the 5  Mystic Moon.
5 Moon, today’s Analog, also codes this 7th year of the Mystery of the Stone, while the Antipode, 5 Sun, codes the Heart Oracle of the 7th Lord of Time we are awakening:  Single Wing Red Fire.  During this Galactic Moon, we are awakening his Left Shoulder. 
 The Occult, Solar MonKEY is Kin 49’s G-Force  🙂
The PSI for the last 3 days of each Galactic  Moon is 4 Skywalker, whose G-Force (19.13)  Postulate  states:
“All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
As today’s postulate demonstrates, DOG, ‘pulsed “backward” or counter-clockwise’ is GOD.
The letters in God and doG equal 26, and on this 26th day of the Galactic Moon, we focus on the Telecosmic Number Power of 13: 
10.5Fourth-dimensional spin is counter-clockwise. Third-dimensional spin is clockwise. In pulsar geometry, celestial harmonics are the coordination of time vector potentialities over a limited duration in which the geometry is pulsed “backward” or counter-clockwise through time. Telepathically this backward motion through time is coordinated with the clockwise spin of the atomic and molecular structure of the object of restoration, and a mentally induced reverse spin is generated, neutralizing or even erasing the corrupt or negative order.”
Postulate 10.5 also holds a critical KEY for the restoration of oUR Biosphere.


ALPHA 26:  RELEASE; THROAT  Chakra05.gif
Thank You S’ace 22, for this beautiful blue  divine image:
Check out the fascinating contributions in Comments.  Christine 133 discusses the implications of  “Elenin“/Eleven, an ‘intelligently controlled” celestial body which is headed towards Earth.
In Eleven days, we enter the second 144-day Sacred Cycle of Return.
The numerical value of the letters “Elenin” equal 59, Resonant Storm, which codes the year of the 2012 Crystal Hand Solstice.
19.7:  “…With the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan becomes cosmically conscious, the synchronic order, articulated by celestial harmonics, is now evident and mathematically coherent at every moment.”
N. S.  1. 23. 8. 26.  Cube 20:   ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE     Kin 70;  Post 555

13 thoughts on “Kin 70: White Overtone Dog codes the 26th day of the Galactic Earth Moon of Integrity and Harmony with Empowerment

  1. And today is my solar birthday 3/4/1954 = 26 . . . I was born on a new moon, today is a new moon. I was just caught in a huge downpour and was cleansed! This marks my new beginnings year. I can’t wait! Cheetah Cosmic Serpent

  2. “The Analog partner is the White Overtone Dog kin 70. Command love and compassion in your journey out of middle time and hold no grudges. Everyone has been your teacher no matter how uncomprehending they might have been about your activities. Open your heart to the True Reality and channel the radiance of divine loyalty. Dog represents the alpha or beginning point of the Solar-prophetic flow. Begin anew in love.”

    13 Moon Calendar ~ Annual Ring Oracle ~ Law of Time

  3. I empower in order to love
    commanding loyalty.
    I seal the process of heart
    with the overtone tone of radiance
    I am guided by the power of endlessness.
    This was so powerful for me to read today. The love of my life and my cosmic complement, just boarded an airplane to India (3/4/2011), she will be there for 6 months retURning 8/14/2011. She is a nURse and will be volunteering and learning new healing skills while abroad. Last night before she left as we lay in each others arms I dreamed of deep blue oceans rising to tsunamis and bringing devastation to the shores they touched. The first video I stumbled upon after she departed was this.

    Susan Rhythmic Warrior I love you. And I know that you will have an extraordinary experience and that safety and good fortune will be yoUR guide, gratitude and compassion will be yoUR gift, and an open heart and open arms await yoUR retURn. Namaste sweet woman. Love unconditionally for all life.

    • Oh, Deo. She is scheduled to retURn on

      I Dedicate in order to Explore
      I Universalize Wakefulness
      I seal the output of space
      With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
      I am guided by the power of Life Force.

      If eye have anything two/too/to say about it, yoUR Warrior will guard her intelligence and retain her balance – we are both in the vector and eye’m jUSt three clicks away – and Claire is just two. 😉 Peace to you, Brother Night. We are all here noo.


    • Oh MY!!! Again synch! i decided to work on my soul vocals and put on George Michael’s Patience and realized eye for/got his signatURe! He is Overtone Night. 😉 Singing for oUR Warrior’s safe mission!


  4. Kins 69 thru 71 coded by Harmonic 18/Codon 58, BOTH of which R represented by circle-within-circle CIRCUMPUNCTS.

    HARMONIC 18 : RESONANT PROCESS : Formulate Free Will of Attunement
    CODON 58 : RADIANCE OF JOY : Song of the Galactic Octave

    “In the 20 Tablets of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law we are in the fourteenth (Wizard) position…. Identify with the Wizard. He also holds the second power of the Telektonon – Ek, the power of the starborn to remember. These are all important clues for the possibilities of our transcendence into the Cube of Universal Recollection…. Rinri Code for the Wizard cube position: Hope is the Sunshine of our Heart.” 🙂 🙂 ~ Law of Time~Annual Ring Oracle and UR Rune Codes

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