Kin 73: Red Galactic Skywalker codes Dali 1 of the Solar Mirror Moon of Intention



Kin 73

Red Galactic Skywalker

Red Galactic Earth
Blue Galactic Night Red Galactic Skywalker White Galactic Worldbridger
  Yellow Rhytmic Star
I harmonize in order to explore
modeling wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
This is such a harmonious and synchronistic Transition into the Solar Moon of Intention!
The 8th Moon of Harmony was coded by today’s   Guide: Galactic Earth:  
 Today’s CDK reiterates the new Solar Moon:  Solar Sun, a Magic Turtle
The combined kin of the Year (9.5) and the 8th Moon (17.8) equaled the Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Cosmic World-Bridger.  The PSI for today is ‘the other PVCS World-Bridger:  6.2, Lunar World-Bridger.
The G-Force of Galactic Skywalker is Blue Crystal Hand, which codes the End of the Cycle on 12/21/2012.
On a personal level of transition, TMQ’s Galactic tone 8 coded the last Moon, while her Seal  Mirror codes this Moon. 
ArajarA’s signature: Solar Mirror codes  this Solar  Moon.
13.8:  “Capacity of the aggregate of alternative personalities to maintain a mutual field is proportionate to the equanimity of the host bodies in relation to each other.”
 DALI 1:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif
TMQ was surprised to learn this, on Resonant HUMAN“…our world’s total computing power now equals “one human brain
This Crystal Human (G-Force) especially resonated with (and was consoled by) this line from the latest uplifting message from Salusa:
[Thank You for sharing this article, Melovia 129  🙂 
“The experience you are going through is priceless when you consider how unique it is”
ChristchURch  (=138) is also experiencing  ‘too much’ uniqueness:
Do you know of another city that has had to literally move itself to a new location?
A computer expert is about to come to this precise location now  🙂  Let’s hope he is a ‘miracle worker’!
The 33rd week of the Red Overtone Moon begins today.  This week, we build the Cube for Codon 39
 The Kins coding this Moon and Year =Kin 27 7.1. 
The Totem Animal for the 9th Solar Moon is the JAGUAR, the animal revered by the Mayans.
 Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image Go to fullsize image Go to fullsize imageHow Do I Realize my Purpose?”

 Power:        PULSE

 Action:       REALIZING

Essence:    INTENTION
During this Moon, we will awaken the 9th articulation of the 7th Lord of Time; his Left Elbow.
Moon 9 is telepathically connected to Baktun 9;
and  to St. John of Patmos.
Thanks S’ace 22, for bringing Joyous news of the  birth of a Galactic Skywalker in his circle of friends  :), and for reminding us:
an almighty number considering the 73×260=365×52 match … sync
MiKa is his name … ~ it’s a boY
Mi is the 3rd sound in the DoRayMi octave running for 9 – NiNé

We’re glad to WELCOME   oUR second new Signal Kin”  to oUR 441 Cube Matrix;
Skywalker MiKa  joins  STAR Estella, Code=E 93’s niece  🙂
Codon 39 reminds one of Kin 39,  and its Postulate; 19.13. 
Today, Kiwi Mike (6.5 + 13.8= 19.13) is a Cosmic Storm!  
Kin 226 reported positive news on his first day in court  🙂 
All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.” 
N. S.   1. 23. 9. 1.       UR EARTH 1       Kin 73

14 thoughts on “Kin 73: Red Galactic Skywalker codes Dali 1 of the Solar Mirror Moon of Intention

  1. Fascinating talk – a vision for oUR Planet Art Spore! 😉

    Women are Heroes
    For this project, JR slipped into fantasmatic places, the ones you see on TV when there is violence, the ones you might go close to but never enter and that you will not find on any tourist guidebook tour.[5] Women are Heroes introduces women who sometimes look death in the face, who go from laughter to tears, who are generous, have nothing and yet share, who have had a painful past and long to build a happy future. In seeking what is common in their gaze, JR tried to get closer to what is universal: the human being.[5] This project allowed him to keep the promise he made to these women: faire voyager leur histoire.[5]


  2. In reading CHC II – Book of the Avatar, this date is discussed as “This final 42 year cycle began on March, 7, 1970, Kin 188, and ends in 2012. This cycle represents the mutational sequence, planetary human, the hybrid technospheric organism that bridges to the advent of the noospheric superhuman. This is the object and pURpose of the study of Cosmic Science.”

    Next solar retURn is coded by Kin 178 – Solar Mirror, on Dali, Day 1 of the Solar Moon next year! Magic tURtle synch!


  3. here in out beloved circle of friends an baby is born on kin073

    an almighty number considering the 73×260=365×52 match … sync

    MiKa is his name … ~ it’s a boY

    Mi is the 3rd sound in the DoRayMi octave running for 9 – NiNé


    Longcount wise we have 73-48 => 25 ~ Crystal Tone in Wizard Wave


    TreeKweak moves dynamically on the Fusing WalkTalk (73+25): 098

    WOW 9 & 8 and 0 in a number !

    Tzolk’In draws a MIRROR tone 7 ~ Resonant Mirror

    AYE ~ what does that spell ~ Creedance?

    520+73 gives 593 as a dialtone (pulsing TreeTone dialing Buddha)

    • U R Welcome, Jara Ra 🙂

      Thankfully, I can consult the Master Synchronic Code Book, for Moon Kins and so much more.
      They follow sequentially (unlike the kins coding the years or oUR Birthdays).
      Last Moon was coded by Kin 177, and the next Moon after ‘yours’ will be coded by Kin 179.
      The 7 Mystic Moons, between the December 2012 Solstice and oUR Galactic Synchronization in 2013 are coded by Kins 202 thru 208: Cosmic Star. Those are the kins we telepathically connect to during Week 4 of each Moon.
      Enjoy yoUR Solar Mirror Moon!

      another Mirror 🙂

  4. Kin 73 is what I am this year.
    I’ll be Solar Mirror on Summer Solstice.
    Galactic Tone is Truly Full of Integrity!
    Welcome to our newest Signal Kin,MIKA!!!.
    P.V.C.S 106 is 93’s analog.
    I Love You all!

    • How synchronistically cool, Code=E 🙂

      This sounds like yoUR Moon and Year!
      And it must be nice to celebrate your Solar Birthdays on the ‘Solar’ Solstice: Triple Solar this year 🙂

      Kin 138– yoUR kin 93 till Cosmic 14.

    • as we have 74 here in the Netherlands i call upon all here to celebreathe a kin-fusing daya while the Lover Couple 22&52 fuse on 74 (11 numerical).

      We also celebrate 74 as a 28 resonant unit while 4×7=7777=28
      and 28 = 9991 aka 3x(3×3)+1 , a true composition of various mathematical transitions …

      In this respect we also embrace number 3 while 7 minus 4 = 3

      the Boddhisatva Tree ?
      Well any Tree that reaches out for the Rainbow Warriors by Radiant Aura,
      aint that a revelating clue?

    • Nice time code, B/C! Re-minds me on 9/1 we begin Heptad 33/Codon 39 and the 4-day Harmonic 19/Codon 6

      Codon 39 : HEART’S DISCIPLINE : Cosmic Order Returns to Heart of Heaven (Earth?)

      Harmonic 19 : SPECTRAL OUTPUT : Express Intelligence of Liberation
      Codon 6 : PEOPLE APART : Tree of Time Turns the Earth

  5. Yesterday I walked outside on nothing more than a vague impulse and witnessed 5 Trumpeter Swans flying (in a V) directly over my house, heading due North.

    SWAN : Awakening the True Beauty and Power of the Self; Solar symbol; ties to the direction of North; totem of the child, the poet, the mystic, the dreamer.”

    NORTH: Teaching, abundance, balance, sacred wisdom/knowledge, gentleness, thankfulness, drawing forth inner treasures, empathic intuition, trust, alchemy.

    FIVE: Versatility, change, activity

    (‘Animal Speak’, Ted Andrews)

    I am another yoURself 🙂


    “Weeks 27-39. Blue Western Quarter: Cosmic Order Holds Radiance of Space
    Codon 38: Discriminating, Sixth stage, Way of the Irresistible Fifth

    Here the inverted meander of Cosmic Order is enclosed within the illumined square/quadrant of space. The purpose of the cosmic order is to hold the radiance of space, to reflect back the intrinsic luminosity of the true reality. The meander actually represents the unfolding of the binary order from empty to full, showing how the alternation of reality is a simple but cosmically whole design. Because it is a complete mentally realized component, the cosmic order has the design integrity to hold the radiance of space.

    This quarter’s codon, number 38, Discriminating, the mirror symmetry opposite of last year’s Power of the Home, codon 37, is so called because the upper triplet, once again the vision sun crystal, represents the illuminating sight informed by an inner joy, the lower triplet. Our power of discrimination, or discriminating awareness is our most valuable mental gift, but it must be cultivated, because generally our mind is automatically in a reactive mode, responding with conditioned analphs (thought forms) to the great variety of sensory input we are always receiving. Our power of discrimination is necessary if we are to make intelligent decisions on behalf of our spiritual evolvement, and not continue to function like sleep-walkers buffeted by our conditioned responses. When we quiet our mind long enough our power of discriminating awareness naturally comes into play. It creates an inner joy, because finally we feel we are getting control of our lower conditioned self.

    In terms of the binary triplets, this codon is constructed by the time binary below, a mind binary letter in the middle and a mind binary on top. When mind is between time and mind, this is discriminating. When the mind takes the time to know itself then it is able to realize the higher mind of discriminating awareness.”

    • thX :: setting focus on the SWAN, dear Melovia!

      we have 2** *2* **2 22* 2*2 *22 & 222
      as swansets in the 260 vibration set …

      triple swan is White Magnetic Wind , a wave that has Solar Earth in its Energetic Achievement.

      the mobilizing earth as a planet within a set of planets runiing around a sun that is the mirror spot for hunab’kuh , the unifying starsun ~ would hunab’ku itself be a triplestar as some are double stars (as Sirius)?

      imagine that secret unveiled?

      is 222 as zzz & ZZZ and easy livin’?

  6. i am a red electric skywalker and on the 7th of the 3rd i stayed awake all night for no apparent reason and was doing exercise and drinking rum at 7 o clock in the morning, very unusual for me during the week and by myself. also another interesting correlation that my friend pointed out to me, my picture on a social networking site was me doing a headstand that i had changed the colors to red black and white…. the sky being white and the ground being red/black, my feet were in the sky – skywalking and the picture gave the overall impression of my glyph. also the red skywalker is sposed to be the space/time traveller and i have been using the name spacetime for certain projects etc.

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