Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror codes Solar Mirror Limi 6: Free Will Tower


Kin 78

White Cosmic Mirror

White Cosmic Wind
Yellow Cosmic Star White Cosmic Mirror Red Cosmic Dragon
  Blue Magnetic Night
I endure in order to reflect
transcending order.
I seal the matrix of endlessness
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of spirit.
The G-Force of  Cosmic Mirror is Kin 92:  Magnetic Human.  The Solar Free Will Tower corresponds to the PSI of Spectral Eagle.  The Long Count Kin is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 30:  Self-Existing Dog.
18.13 + 10.4 = GM108X;  Self-Existing Star, which codes the current Root Chakra of Single Wing Red Fire, Seventh Lord of the Ring. 
18.13:  “All time is now.  The Synchronic Order of T(E)=Art holonomically reflects in the now the whole evolutionary energy-mind spectrum.  Normalization of functions, whether inorganic, organic hyperorganic or post-organic, equalizes all orders into the now.  God is always present in the now.”
LIMI 6:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
Mirror, as a member of the Signal Family, corresponds to Limi’s Solar Plexus Chakra.
Nelson is the last place in New Zealand expected to be hit by the tsunami-generated waves, at about 11.15 a.m.”
At least 35 boats have been crushed in the harbour of a northern Californian community hit by waves from the Japanese tsunami — and an official says worse is feared”   
That town of 7,000, Crescent City, is the closest California town to Ashland Oregon, home of the Law of Time, and the closest marina to Mt. Shasta, the Earth’s root chakra.
Synchronistically, Nelson and Ashland are the two places on the planet where TMQ and the authors of Cosmic History Chronicles both lived in  (for 7 moons and 3 moons respectively)  at the same time.  Japan has many keen Kin, who support and publish Law of Time material.  
Last  week, the white  “Cosmic Diary” given to me by Valum Votan disappeared:  It was made in Japan, and it’s text was in their beautiful script. (It also contained photos of Valum Votan, and notes taken durin our  meetings with the Waitaha, including the name they gave me when they decided to adopt me:  Whaka RuRu Hau:  Divine Wind.  It’s interesting to note this on the day guided by Cosmic Wind, which also codes  the Moon of this Kin 138’s  birth.
[Of course, our entire world is affected by this catastrophe, but these two news stories were the first to be seen this morning on my homepage, causing a personal stream of consciousness.]
This tragedy had the unbelievable magnitude of 8.9:  Solar Star which codes Scott.  
Remembering that Scott is in his 8.8 year [the magnitude of the Chilean Quake], which is the Challenge of 18.8, caused another synchronicity to emerge:  9.11 + 13.2 (=Code=E and TMQ’s current year) also equals 2.13,  Cosmic Wind  🙂
Interpreting 8.9 as Kin 89 yields Spectral Moon:  9.11.   The Challenge/Antipode of 9.11 is 19.11:  Spectral Storm, the G-Force of the day the 8.9 happened.
  [Volcanos]   were believed to have erupted shortly after the Japanese quake “the fact that an earthquake in Japan could have triggered a volcano eruption in Russia does have some significance.”
The CATASTROPHIC Crystal Earth  QUAKE has generated so much ensuing calamity that an already full weekend is preventing TMQ from keeping up with everything.  The preceding text was written prior to leaving home for 10 hours of activity, followed by sleep.
The headlines today (Kin 79 here) are scary, and you all have a better idea of the horrifying aftermath than TMQ does, until she finds time.  Now, this needs to be posted before 13:00, at which time another round of activity here is taking me away from home for another 10 hours.  Will catch up with the latest developments in oUR 441 Cube of Truth matrix, and in oUR rapidly changing world with the beginning of the 7th Wavespell, coded by the Noosphere Constant.
Ten thousand people in the path of the Tsunami are feared dead.

Honshu earthquake tore gash in the Earth 150 miles long, 50 miles wide  :


  March 12, 2011 – KAMCHATKA – Kizimen and Sheveluch

This just in: 

Quake fire This Map shows the Ring of Fire, with New Zealand at lower left.
A quake-hit Japanese nuclear plant reeling from an explosion at one of its reactors has also lost its emergency cooling system at another reactor
We enter the Storm Wavespell and the Solar Mirror Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey at Midnight, united in oUR exponentially-transforming world.

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 6 Free Will Tower/UR EARTH 2   Kin 78

16 thoughts on “Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror codes Solar Mirror Limi 6: Free Will Tower


    Kozyrev’s Mirrors and Electromagnetic Null Zones:
    Reflections of Russian Cosmic Science

    Interview with Alexander V. Trofimov, MD
    by Carol Hiltner

    IMAGINE STANDING UNDER A VAST, SCINTILLATING AURORA BOREALIS, and seeing it change colors as you changed your thoughts. This exact situation led Russian medical doctor Alexander V. Trofimov into his groundbreaking research on human consciousness, in collaboration with Vlail P. Kaznacheev, and following in the footsteps of the great 20th century physicist Nikolai Kozyrev.

    Essentially, Kozyrev devised reproducible experiments that prove the existence of a “torsional energy field” beyond electromagnetism and gravity, which travels much faster than light. He called it the “flow of time.” Others, Einstein among them, have called it “ether.” Others call it “zero point energy.”

    Within this “flow of time,” the past, present, and future all exist at the same time, and in every place. This discovery sets the stage for all psychic phenomena to be scientifically explainable. Trofimov and Kaznacheev have, for the past thirty years, been experimentally developing the practical explanations, and have made some surprising discoveries.

    When I visited Trofimov’s laboratories at the International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk, where he is general director, he enthusiastically showed us his two main experimental apparati — two hollow, metal, person-sized tubes, equipped with mattresses and drinking water.

    The first, dubbed “Kozyrev’s Mirrors,” reflects thought energy (which exists within the “flow of time”) back to the thinker. This apparatus, invented by Kozyrev, gives access to intensified consciousness and altered states, including non-linear time — similar to a deep meditational state.

    Trofimov’s work has consisted of “remote viewing” experiments across both distance and time. They discovered that results are more positive when the “sender” is in the far north, where the electromagnetic field is less powerful. So they invented a second apparatus that shields an experimental subject from the local electromagnetic field. Within this apparatus, their subjects can reliably access all place and time — past, present, and future — instantaneously. Construction specifications for these apparati are published in Russian scientific literature.

    Among Trofimov and Kaznacheev’s conclusions are:

    1) our planet’s electromagnetic field is actually the “veil” which filters time and place down to our everyday Newtonian reality — enabling us to have the human experience of linear time,

    2) in the absence of an electromagnetic field, we have access to an energy field of “instantaneous locality” that underlies our reality,

    3) that the limiting effect of the electromagnetic field on an individual is moderated by the amount of solar electromagnetic activity occurring while that person was in utero, and

    4) that once a person has accessed these states, his or her consciousness remains so enhanced.

    The implication is that the global electromagnetic soup of cell phones, radio, television and electric appliances actually impedes our innate communication abilities. The further implication is that expanded human consciousness is mechanically producible now, which raises the vast ethical question of how these apparati can be most beneficially used.

    Hmmm… 🙂

    • This is very interesting, C. I want to build one. For myself I don’t suppose enhanced consciousness could ever be a ‘bad’ thing. So step right up! LOL After all, consciousness is always there, whether we are conscious of it or not. If it is simply the electromagnetic field that veils it, and there now exists the means to nullify the effect of that field, I say yeah! Everybody always has to do their own work, so if something like this can become widely (and freely) available, we must have earned it. 🙂

      Love ya!
      Melovia Moon

  2. And my Magnetic Skywalker lives 0.8 miles (1.29 km 😉 ) from the actual Santa Cruz Mission – eye re/ally think there is compelling karmic evidence as to why this harbor – and Crescent City (fraught with symbolism,) were affected on this side of the ring.

    Name as founded – La Misión de la Exaltación de la Santa Cruz [1]
    English translation – The Mission of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (portal)
    Patron – The Exaltation of the Cross [2]
    Founding date – September 25, 1791 [3] Kin 24 Spectral Seed
    Founding priest(s) -Father Fermín Lasuén [4] GAP Kin 150 Resonant Dog
    Founding Order – Twelfth[2] Kin 12 Crystal Human
    Military district – Fourth[5] Kin 4 Self-existing Seed
    Native tribe(s)
    Spanish name(s) – Awaswas / Ohlone, Yokuts
    Native place name(s) – Uypi [6]
    Baptisms – 2,439 [7]
    Marriages – 827 [7]
    Burials – 1,972 [7]
    Secularized -1834[2]
    Governing body – Catholic Diocese of Monterey
    Current use -Chapel and Museum
    Coordinates – 36°58′41.2206″N 122°1′45.8394″W
    California Historical Landmark – #342 – reduces to Kin 82 Self-existing Wind

    he Santa Cruz mission was originally consecrated by Father Fermín Lasuén on August 28, 1791,[9] (Kin 27, Magnetic Hand) on the San Lorenzo river’s flood plain. It was one of the smaller missions, in the fourth military district under protection of the Presidio of San Francisco.[5] The mission was flooded as the San Lorenzo swelled with the rains that winter. Over the next two years, the padres set out to rebuild the mission on the hill overlooking the river. The night of December 14, 1793, (GAP Kin 85 Resonant Serpent) Mission Santa Cruz was attacked and partially burned by members of the Quirosto tribe who inhabited the mountains to the east of Point Año Nuevo. The attack was purportedly motivated by the forced relocation of Indians to the Mission. On October 12, 1812, (GAP Kin 197 Lunar Earth) Father Andrés Quintana was beaten to death and his body disfigured by natives angry over his use of a metal-tipped whip in the punishment of Mission laborers.
    In 1797, the Spanish governor of Monterey founded the secular pueblo (town) of Branciforte, across the San Lorenzo River to the south of Mission Santa Cruz. The frequent gambling and smuggling which occurred in and through Branciforte brought what the padres of Mission Santa Cruz considered an unwelcome element to the area. In 1818, the Mission received advance warning of an attack by the Argentine corsair (simply a pirate, from the Spanish point-of-view) Hipólito Bouchard and was evacuated.[10] The citizens of Branciforte were asked to protect the Mission’s valuables; instead, they looted the Mission.

    A series of earthquakes ??? in 1857 destroyed the mission buildings[9]. The lands were put up for sale, but no buyer was found. In 1858, a wood-frame church was built on the old Mission property. In 1889, the current Gothic style Holy Cross Church was built on the original adobe site. There is nothing left of the original Mission except for a row of buildings which at one time housed local Yokut and Ohlone Indian families, and a protected remnant of the mission wall standing behind the current Holy Cross Church. The parish address is 126 High Street. The road leading to the mission from the west is called Mission Street; now most of Mission Street is designated part of California State Route 1.

    This was the end of a psychic ripple – it was one of the first missions to be secularized – the rejection of the false time invaders was relatively swift by Catholic standards. “Stock was sold and land granted to individuals, and the Indians just faded away. The decrepit buildings collapsed one after another. The church tower fell in 1840. The church itself collapsed following a earthquake in 1857, and a *** high tide rushing upriver *** destroyed building materials stored nearby. A frame church, which replaced the old adobe in 1858, stood until 1889, when it in turn, was replaced by the white painted structure now standing on the square. [Cube] In 1931, a small replica of the mission church was built 200 feet (Overtone Sun) from the original site.

    A half a block away stands the restored Mission Adobe (now a state park,) built in 1822 to house native neophytes. Artifacts portray their domestic life; a film recalls the sorry history of their interaction with the Spaniards.” (Sunset Books)


  3. Interesting info about the Founding date – September 25, 1791 [3] Kin 24 Spectral Seed

    I am Blue Magnetic Eagle. Born September 25,1971

    My Mother was born and raised in Las Cruces New Mexico, and was buried in El Paso Texas in 2005. My parents met while my father was stationed at Roswell Army base in 1948.

    I have had an amazing life and had experiences beyond the belief of most people. I have had several “awakenings” over the years starting in 1998 after meeting a man by chance named Kim Folce who introduced me to the Mayan Calendar and Planet Art Network. I had a magical experience in 1999 as well when my sister and I went on a spontaneous trip to Colorado and ended up at Chimney Rock. We showed up and there was no one there so we got out just to look to see if maybe a ranger was in the station and went back to the car and I had locked my keys in it. We were at a total loss with no one there and after spending 20 minutes trying to get the keys out all of a sudden a caravan of trucks and cars show up. It ended up being all the native tribes from the 4 corners and a couple of tribes from Mexico that had came to the mountain to do dances in the Great Kiva. They helped me get the keys out of my van and then invited us to come up and watch the dances. It just happened that a ranger had to be there as well and he informed us that this was the first time they had allowed them to do any rituals on Chimney Rock. So needless to say that was a very magic day. Hopi, Zunni, Pueblo, Apache, Aztec and I’m not sure if there was another. I really enjoyed the Hopi Eagle Dance.

    Tuesday night I had a “dream” that was very real. I was on the Sun and it was violently throwing off spiraling arms of fire. A great white light formed in front of me like a spinning vortex and I was “pulled” through a arm of fire like a wormhole or “water-slide” to the Earth. I was in the Ice when I landed and was in the presence of the most beautiful Blue Aurora’s I could ever imagine. Then all of a sudden I start spinning and I woke up in bed. It was very powerful. The next day I am on a website that I have some friends who post stuff on and one person had a link to a Nasa article that had just came out. When I read it, I was blown away. Here is the link

    I know this may sound crazy but I am going to say it. I have carried this in shame for way too long. In 1998 When I met Kim Folce he had a woman friend named Jobi Brown that he introduced me to. She was a Past Life Hypnotherapist as well as an ordained Essene minister. When she met me she immediately started to weep and proceeded to wash my feet. She thought that I was the reincarnation of Yeshua (JESUS) and needless to say after that day I have been dealing with so much turmoil. I have always had memories and knowledge of things I can not explain, but my human rational side has been fighting insanity for over 11 years. It has caused marital problems and the few people that found out about it of coarse ridiculed me it has been a great source of humiliation on one hand, and such a powerful thing on the other. I do not know what to think about all of it.

    I do know that I can not fight my psychic intuition. My gut is always right and I have been so upset today. I am not feeling good about events that are happening and that will happen. This transit of Jupiter and Mercury is going to be a rough one. I feel the poles are going to shift more and I see major earthquakes in the United States both in the Yellowstone park and in the Arkansas/Tennessee area. I see floods, tidal waves and death on a mass scale. It has me very upset. And I am alone with no one who understands me or will support my ideas. My wife left me in December after 11 years and I have had so many changes going on since then. I have lost my job, and am doing everything I can just to pay my bills and take care of my 3 boys. I have always by divine grace been able to make my bills miraculously and I am just at a place of utter loss. To feel so much and feel nothing all at once is quite overwhelming. To have the keys to the Universe inside my head but have to worry about the keys to my truck being repossessed. Any insight I could get from anyone would be very enlightening at this point. Cause Jeremy David Stone is loosing his mind. Love you all I truly hope you and your families are safe in the days to come.

    • One more thing I could use some answers on if anyone has them. In December there was a total lunar eclipse. That night I watched it with my Son Jacob and I had a very profound experience. Another one of my quickening moments. Anyway since then I have had the words I’m Sirius going off over and over in my head and have been fascinated with the whole Sirius situation. Also I found out alot of info about my bloodtype that I would like to have confirmed as well. I’m A Rh-, and so is everyone in my family. My mother gave me the family genealogy right before she died in 05 and she had traced her family line to Edward IV of England. He was the king of the War of the Roses and he was of the House of York, the white Rose. My mothers maiden name was Duke. My mother grew up poor in an adobe house in the desert. My grandfather was a farmer. The Dukes he is related to came from the same Dukes that founded Duke University and are related to Captain Henry Duke who married into the Byrd family that founded Virginia. William Byrd was one of the founders of America and was a part of the first Congress. Just thought I would throw all that in the mix. It’s alot for me to carry around and I am so weary of telling people only to be laughed at. It has definitely been a lifetime of hard lessons and service. But I am not complaining. I am so happy to have been able to screw up and make mistakes because I see the true Value of Duality now. Love all of you.

      • Jeremy thank you for honouring us with your very personal and very interesting story. Have you met our Barssiah/Christine? 😉 You are in loving company, that much is certain. My sister Linda’s solar birthday is September 25th and she is an Electric Eagle. And the White and Red Roses as symbols of British Royal Houses is an interesting reference. I think it’s time for Pink. 🙂

        It is a challenging time to remain in peace, especially when ‘gifted’ with these visions, but all we can do is to make that our intention and to do oUR best. And ask for help.

        And I don’t know how helpful it will be, but I have been living on no income for many years, having thrown myself on my consciousness once I learned about the false money matrix, manifesting etc. etc. And I wouldn’t say it hasn’t been an extreme challenge as I was raising two boys alone myself, but there is great freedom in it, and any attempt at remembering how to use our own power and to be free is better than being used as an unwitting energy cell to create/maintain a destructive society.

        In lak’ech

      • Hoo boy. Aye know the crazy all too well. The christ holograph flows through us all – it is the very expression of “I am the way, the truth and the life.” i had a spontaneous kundalini awakening (or psychogenic fugue, to use another definition) on the summer solstice of 2008 – and it felt like i, who had been Jesus, had been dropped into my body and it was time to activate my mission. i was terrified. Denying myself three times before the cock crows, as it were. Crying on the phone to my best girlfriend and utterly shaking with anger at my prospects, convinced that “They won’t learn! They’re just going to keep killing each other and i’m not going through this again! They…” and then in a mischievous chide, i heard the voice of one of my guides, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop (for real, i met her twice in the time i worked for the company, and she was so wise and full of LIFE,) in her caramel voice, “HumoUR, girl. HumouR!” And i just started laughing hysterically at the hubris of the whole thing. No one was going to come and crucify me. We mUSt save oURselves. We are the only ones who can. Everyone is divine – contained in the whole. No one here in this place will laugh at you for yoUR unique experience. Fractality begs that more people awaken. Thank you so much for sharing yoUR story, Brother Eagle. We need yoUR vision.


  4. Dear Jeremy Stone – I’ll share the inspiration that came to me as I read your post.

    My dear friend Theresa Gandhi and I had an exchange of ideas just prior to her death, January of 2010, about the concept of a Christ Spirit. As ‘heirs with Christ’ who was the embodiment of God in human form, I believe we all have the capacity to BE that, and to identify with that. There have been synchronicities in my own life that have caused me to wonder the same things you have.

    Today, I believe each one of us could arrive at that impression with coincidences, facts and figures that might prove this could be so – because, it is so. We are ALL that. And, Christ was one of the most perfect illustrations – here to help remind us of who we really are.

    All religions that I am personally familiar with, have an archetype that embodies our limitless capacity for unconditional love and personal power. These are among the longest held beliefs on our planet… for some reason.

  5. This is good stuff. The power of perception. Divine perception.

    “Where is the Real Spiritual Teaching Found?

    It has been prophesied by numerous sources that, in this time of planetary shift, many people including the most spiritually sincere would be lead astray. Predictions warn of many false prophets appearing on the scene. It has been said that certain energies in opposition to Earth’s Divine Plan would cleverly manipulate those whose mission was to either ascend and/or to help forge the new pathways for Humanity.

    Truth or fiction, all one has to do is observe the plethora of conflicting speculation about what is to come and how it will unfold. There are a growing number of people proclaiming to channel great cosmic beings. Many promote new techniques to, supposedly, instantly activate the DNA strands and even to access levels of dimension far beyond where our current shift is taking us as a collective. We have numerous teachers of Christ Consciousness who have not made the transition themselves. Much of this has a hefty price tag to partake in these often guaranteed methods to ascension.

    If we have even a small understanding of the laws of nature or the initiatory pathway of soul evolution, these types of spiritual teachings and their claims are to be greatly questioned. This is especially important if the messenger still lives in duality, which the vast majority of people (and Light Servers) are.

    Further, while our extra sense faculties are quickly opening and new voices are being heard, not all energy streams are benevolent. Many preying inter-dimensional entities (including mass thought-forms) are quite skilled at masking their identity to be from the light and give intelligent metaphysical information in which to purposely interfere, confuse and distract. Some of these malevolent energies can even appear to perform miracles in order to win over the faith of the crowd. There are many people, including those among us, who are totally unaware that they are being used as a host for shadow forces.

    In the type of transition that we are making today, the great Divine Beings who are in assistance to the race are, most often, making direct contact through the Law of Impression. This type of radiation is received by the human senses and then comprehended through our Divine Intuition. It is only through the clarity of a balanced, peaceful mind and the selfless purity of a humble heart that we are able to be reached in this very safe and assured method of pure energy transference.”

    ~ excerpt from Children of the Sun, Equinox/Full Moon Focus

  6. Wow. I am once again blown away in the winds of Divine Synchronicity. Thank you all for everything you have done for me today. I am humble and in awe of the Collective Mind we all share. Love is all that IS. Nothing else matters.


  7. Pacal Votan

    “Pacal Votan am I, time’s special witness, messenger of the Telektonon, instrument of the seventh angel, I declare again and again: All is number. God is a number. God is in all.”

    Volume 6
    Votan/Red Queen
    Page 169

    “The challenge for Japan is to overcome its isolated ethnocentrism, as it is susceptible to suffer the same fate as Mars or Atlantis. This could indicate why Japan, so far, has been the only nation bombed with nuclear weapons. As a counterpoint these same people continue the mass slaughter of whales and dolphins that is disrupting the balance of nature. Japan is also just below the Maldekian (serpent) zone of influence, which circulates the destroyed planet memories into that zone, reflected in the thriving manga and pop subculture of Japan.”

    Earth Ascending
    Page 106:
    “At the edge of time
    rain comes, clouds hover,
    then dissipate-
    above the mountains, stars
    beyond the stars
    ten thousand thousand dreams,
    burst through a crystalline net, too wide to measure.”

    Surfers of the Zuvuya
    Page 118:
    “But time is short and we are full of nothing but goodness for everybody. However we must be summoned; we must be called; we must be beckoned; we must be invoked; for we are the gods, the spirits of the earth, the energy beings who fulfill desire. Appease us with the prayer and smoke offerings that call to us through the smell of sage and juniper; draw us into your circles- soon. For if we are not called and must therefore depart, then the terrible storm of Earth’s wrath will fall everywhere. If we depart, it would be like you as a human losing your brain, your memory, your ability to be conscious, to sing, to experiment, to dare…”

    Postulate 19.1:
    “There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”

    “Goodpeople” by Widespread Panic

    :We are the good people
    The ones they told you about
    The ones that disappeared
    Behind the calling of the sun
    Like footprints to the sea
    They dance upon the rising storm
    Ten thousand voices singing
    Hardly thrills our soul
    Louder and louder
    Hear the engines roar
    Faster and faster
    Fables overturned
    Tighter and tighter
    Oh the lightning flash
    Closer and closer
    Here are your waters so drink and be whole again
    Machines that make their rounds
    Don’t care if they ever see the dawn
    It’ll be peaceful flowing rivers
    After the winter’s come and gone
    Some are weak and wounded
    Others sick and sore
    Old woman at the well
    Dropping roses from planted thorns
    Louder and louder
    Hear the engines roar
    Faster and faster
    Fables overturned
    Tighter and tighter
    Oh the lightning flash
    Closer and closer
    Here are your waters so drink and be whole again
    We are the good people
    The ones they told you about
    One kiss of mother nature
    Her spirit waits in light
    Louder and louder
    Hear the engines roar
    Faster and faster
    Fables overturned
    Tighter and tighter
    Oh the lightning flash
    Closer and closer
    Here are your waters so drink
    Here are your waters so drink and be whole again
    Be whole again”

    73 to 133: Connect todaya? I’ll call U Skywalker?
    Rainbow Bridge.
    Intact. In Order. In Votan.

  8. I am blessed to be here Votan and humble to be called. Becoming incarnate to forget to remember is such a blessing and a curse. How could we ever understand the Divine Consciousness any other way? I realize I am not the man but the vessel of the MOST HIGH. The Unifying Field of US all. I unify in order to create a new vision of One for ALL Mankind. To awaken the soul to the energy of the Great Ray of Hope that will set them free from the chains of the EGO and the bondage of Duality. I am here for you as a humble servant. Ready to work for my Higher Good in life now. I am free of attachment. And wait in stillness for the direction of the Most High. I am so honored to finally be here and it would be an honor to oneday meet with my blessed brother Votan. Peace and Wholeness my brother

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