Kin 82: Self-Existing Wind codes Solar Gamma 10; Cube 4: Maya Flowering


Kin 82  IK

White Self-Existing Wind

White Self-existing Mirror
Yellow Self-existing Human White Self-existing Wind Red Self-existing Earth
  Blue Planetary Storm
I define in order to communicate
measuring breath.
I seal the input of spirit
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of endlessness.
The Analog is Kin 17, Nahui Ollin, and the Occult is Planetary Storm, which codes Prince William’s next year.
The G-Force is Cosmic Star, Kin 208.  The CDK is Overtone Moon, which codes this year.
9.5 also is the 13 Moon date of the triple Catastrophe in Japan, and the numerical value of Fukushima is Kin 109:  Overtone Moon.
2.4: The purpose of the variability of differences in evolution in time among the stellar masses is to provide at any given moment to any level of stellar evolutionary development the opportunity to gauge itself in relation to the rest of the Galactic Brain, both in terms of less and more advanced stages.   This describes simultaneous continuity of incidence of synchronic order, or comprehensive whole system experience.”

Prince William to arrive in NZ tomorrow 🙂

Prince WilliamThe Mayor of Greymouth said:  ““For him to come Down Under and meet with the Pike families, the Christchurch earthquake victims and then travel to Queensland, is humbling and gratifying — he’s obviously a real compassionate individual. He will feel the warmth from us radiating back to him, we are so gratified.”

TMQ plans to drive to  Greymouth today,  to ‘Welcome the People’s Prince’ Prince William 🙂


After learning a few hours ago that he will spend the night in the West Coast town that lost 29 Miners in the Pike River  [=113] mine,  18.8 and 1.3 [=19.11] are also planning to stay–perhaps we’lll catch a glimpse of William when he leaves in the morning to attend the Memorial Service in Christchurch on  Rhythmic Seed.

On Overtone Night [Prem’s Galactic Return  :)], which dawned here a few hours ago,  William Resonant Wizard will be Crystal Earth;  the Kin that coded the triple disaster unfolding in Japan.  Synchronistically,  the Occult for Overtone Night codes this Moon:  Solar Mirror.

The CDK for Solar 11 is Rhythmic Dog, and that day is coded by the Long Count of [Magic Turtle] Solar Eagle.  When we add 10.6 + 15.9, that “All-in Kin” equals 5.2,  the G-Force of 19.9.   When we add William [14.7] to that, it equals  19.9:  Solar Storm, the Galactic Signature of Princess Diana  🙂

Am now off to [hopefully] sleep (it would be difficult to navigatethe 4 hour winding drive on only 1 hour of sleep}

As the  photo-laden poster I’m making will say, we will carry

 y”oUR  LOVE to the “SUN” of our Queen of Hearts”  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 10.          Cube Four:  FLOWERING     Kin 82

6 thoughts on “Kin 82: Self-Existing Wind codes Solar Gamma 10; Cube 4: Maya Flowering

  1. Self Existing Wind

    I define in order to communicate
    Measuring breath
    Seal the entrance of the spirit
    With the self-existing tone of form
    today I guide the power of Endlessness

    Energy State:
    Animating endlessly, the eternal spirit communicates its divine purpose, and forever vibrates to the will of God.

    Moving through the eternal flame the celestial melodies are felt, and the everlasting cosmic breath is imprinted onto life.

    Harmony of movement and receptivity to form is enjoined to express the gentle flow of spirit. Music, and the joy of expression become the accepted way of life

    Seal 2 out of 20.

    Category Absolute and Complete in Itself.

    Wind communicates the spirit, the essence of what we call the original mandala of cosmic order.

    Class: Primary Development Being
    Properties: Communication, Spirit, Breath
    Cosmic Race: White Refiner
    Member: Heart, right hand
    Clan: Fire
    Loop Group: Generation of Light
    Family: Central
    Chakra: Heart, which transduce
    Vibrates with the note: Re
    Time cell: ONE Entry Report
    Gives rise to: Espiritu
    Duality: Humility – False Pride
    Vibration highest point: at midnight
    Direction: North
    Senses: Taste

    White is the color of the North. Its element is air. Its vehicle of expression is the mind.

    WIND: IK, North, purified, ruled by Uranus, heart chakra, right handmiddle finger.
    Cosmic proximity with the Male aspect of God, represents the god Quetzatcoalt.
    God of wind,
    Of the White Race is the power of the spirit, the breath of life, breath.
    Its action is to communicate, mobilize the word finding spiritual meaning of every experience in life.
    The people of this tribe are very talkative, in everyday life can be broadcasters, if they discovered their mission through vocation.
    This tribe channels its energy transmitting spirituality through communication.
    The wind is the spirit, the breath, the divine breath, the cosmic energy, the vital principle within the physical plane corresponds to the respiratory system.
    Its action is to communicate.
    When a person of the Wind tribe is asleep they talk a lot but meaningless, and fail to convey anything to communicate. Insecure.

    TONE 4 Self-Existing tone
    how Creative Power: Define
    Tonal Action: Measuring

    “action & demonstration”

    Tone 4 holds the purpose and intent for measure, for bringing ideas into form, and the use of measure as a tool to mold time, space, and form.

    TONE 4. Self-existent. RIGHT WRIST

    Is the power of mathematical system macro and micro cosmos. Is to establish the boundaries of the structures are four Mayan cosmic regions, four elementals, four nucleotides, four primary chemical elements, four cosmic root races, the four cardinal directions, four solar seasons, four galactic seasons Four personality chakras. The four as a measure of all material structures, sacred Pythagora.
    The fractal geometry of the universe is the base of its holonomic. To the tone wich is called Self = four being the direct creation of the Central Deity: Solar Lord Hunab Ku.
    Everything that exists is by the Law of the Whole!

    Wind Mudra: Hands below the mouth open, wind blowing the breath ofSpirit.
    Then raise your hands, out doing a circle and join them in prayer.

    MEDITATION: – I am the strength fertilizer and limestone of the cosmic wind. –

    STATEMENT: I am the unified presence of the spirit!

    So, the message for today is:

    Spirit is behind you. You have the ability to make what you see in your mind’s eye. Take the steps you need to today to get crackin!!

    Mangalam Sarvam (may all beings be well and happy, Buddhist)

    As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be with all of us, Islam)

    O’MITAKUYASIN (for all my relations)

    IN Lakech (I AM another yourself)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Dear Angel;

      I’m most grateful for your beautiful and Spirited Communication for today 🙂
      Will carry yoUR words with us on
      oUR joURney to see oUR Prince, Will-I-Am.

      Now it’s time “To get crackin!!” !

      As Salaam Alaikum

      LOVE to All of You 🙂

      • TY 4 that you sweet Beauty:))) I was a wee bit hesitant, didnt wanna overwhelm in any way, so IM deLIGHTed it “landed” so well IN UR heART dear TMQ …then u dont mind I continue:)

        namaste from the *crystal moon*
        who is livINg in the psicrono NRGY reality-tree of the Lunar Star** xxxxxxx

    • Will I Am Today!

      He arrives in Christchurch in 3 hours, and in Greymouth in 7 hoURs 🙂


    Not negative. Just awake.

    See also: List of anti-nuclear protests in the United States
    Diablo Canyon was built and entered service despite legal challenges and civil disobedience from the anti-nuclear protesters of the Abalone Alliance.[3] Over a two-week period in 1981, 1,900 activists were arrested at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. It was the largest arrest in the history of the U.S. anti-nuclear movement.[3]

    Pacific Gas & Electric Company went through six years of hearings, referenda and litigation to have the Diablo Canyon plant approved. A principal concern about the plant is whether it can be sufficiently earthquake-proof. The site was deemed safe when construction started in 1968.
    However, by the time of the plant’s completion in 1973, a seismic fault, the Hosgri fault, had been discovered several miles offshore. This fault had a 7.1 magnitude quake 10 miles offshore on November 4, 1927, and thus was capable of generating forces equivalent to approximately 1/16 of those felt in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.[4] The company responded to the resulting protests by improving the structural integrity of the building, after it was discovered that the structural plans to earthquake proof the plant had been reversed between the two identical reactors, therefore compromising the safety of the plant.
    There had been historically this and another fault until recent months in which the Shoreline Fault was discovered by the U.S. Geological Survey. In turn, PG&E was directed to commence seismic studies regarding that fault and contingencies regarding several areas of concern. Notable is the phenomenon of ground liquefaction which can occur in connection with seismic activity, rupture which is the opening of fissures and ground acceleration, or shaking. Some have voiced concern that the latter effect could cause spillage of submerged fuel rod assemblies which, upon exposure to air, could ignite. PG&E and NRC regulators insist that the foregoing scenario is anticipated and controlled for, and that there is no basis to anticipate spillage. Additional seismic studies are in process, however completion of those studies is not a condition precedent to reissuance of the operating licenses for the two onsite units.[5]
    A newly hired 25 year old engineer discovered after construction that the seismic blue prints for the Diablo Canyon plant had been reversed, and PG&E formally notified the NRC that it has built the seismic supports in a “mirror image” of their proper positions[6][unreliable source?].


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