Kin 84: Yellow Rhythmic Seed codes Solar Alpha 12; Cube 6: Bridging Worlds


Kin 84

Yellow Rhythmic Seed

Yellow Rhytmic Seed
White Rhytmic Wizard Yellow Rhytmic Seed Blue Rhytmic Eagle
  Red Galactic Earth
I organise in order to target
balancing awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Rhythmic Wizard codes the Antipode, the G-Force, and the year that begins next July 26th.  Solar 12 corresponds to the PSI: Electric Human.  We are in a sequence during which the sum of the Kin number [8+4 = 12] equals the day of the Moon.
4.6:  “The plant is to the organic realm what the crystal is to the inorganic.  The radiative geometries of time inform the structure and procreative power of all plants. The duration of plants as a species, and not just the cycle of an individual element, maintains the order of time within the instinctual unconscious organic realm of life.  The duration of plants is the complement to the duration of crystals, and which together create the dialectic of the living planetary environment called the biosphere.”
ALPHA 12:  RELEASE;  THROAT Chakra05.gif
Prince's plantingPrince William addresses the Earthquake Memorial Service at Hagley Park (NZPA)
Prince William visit 

Prince William brought Love and Solace to over 60,000 people who attended the Christchurch Memorial during the Rhythmic Wizard Watch.  “Today I represent the Queen. I convey to you, her majesty’s message of deep sympathy and condolence.  My grandmother once said that grief is the price we pay for love.  Here today, we love, and we grieve.”

After the cameras stopped rolling, Prince William continued talking and touching the many families who lost loved ones in the Christchurch Earthquake on Kin 60.  As the radio announcer just said:  “Prince William sure has his Mother’s genes!” 
The day before, near the Pike River Mine, the Mayor of Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn said:  “It is real humbling that you have extended your hand to help these families grieve,” he said.   “We know you have had tragic times in your past with the death of your mother, Princess Diana.”  Kokshoorn said Diana’s legacy had been handed to William.
 March 18, 2011 – JAPAN – The strongest activity at southern Japan’s Shinmoedake volcano in 52 years shattered windows four miles away.”
In 24 hours, the Moon will be Full, and at Perigee; its closest distance from the Earth in 19 years.
Code=E 93 shared some wonderful passages from Cosmic History Chronicles, and this:
“Eye Must share that I feel the overwhelming Intrinsic awareness of the SUPER MOON. Full Moon Kin 85.
Into Spring Equinox Kin 86
Eye am aware of the transcendence that is Manifesting.
Breathing Lunar Compassion,
Exhaling Solar Prophetic Healing.
Blessed Be the 144-414-441 Sacred Time-Cube!

Check out the beautiful and inspiring “abundanceof information and inspiration  from  Angel Crystal Moon,  for Kins 82 and 83.  It is greatly appreciated by oUR “Sacred Time-Cube when Kin contribute so much  🙂

Kim Kin 33 in Oregon phoned dURing the Rhythmic Seed Watch (here) to share this:   Three mornings earlier, she awoke with this unfamiliar word resonating in her mind:  Supplication.  When the same  word ‘happened’ the next morning, she found its definition in the dictionary:  a humble prayer.  A Christian source wrote:  “We submit to His will and to His authority. We earnestly seek His help.”  “In the terminology of Islam, Duʿāʾ (دعاء) is the act of supplication. The term is derived from an Arabic word meaning to ‘call out’ or to ‘summon’, and Muslims regard this as a profound act of worship. This is when Muslim people from all over connect with God and ask him for forgivness and favors. The Islamic prophet Muhammad is reported to have said “Dua is the very essence of worship,

Next, TMQ rode her bicycle into town, in search of Ground Kelp, a natural form of Potassium Iodide (which is nearly  impossible to find in the U.S., now) Two articles/videos that were to be shared here disappeared, but the screen to the right gives an idea of what has now reached the U.S.:

The 4-inch high letters of this headline from the “Dominion Post” newspaper caught her eye:  IT’S TIME TO PRAY, SAYS NUKE EXPERT”

That article was referring to people in Japan, but, considering the soURce of the word received by Kim, and all that is happening during this Super Moon and Equinox, NOW is the perfect time to heed the admonishments to Pray and Submit to the Divine Will.

The Postulate for Kin 79:  ‘The Noosphere Constant’ reminds us:

19.1:  “There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 12.   Cube 6:  DEATH    Kin 84

8 thoughts on “Kin 84: Yellow Rhythmic Seed codes Solar Alpha 12; Cube 6: Bridging Worlds

  1. C:\Users\Angel\Pictures\CASIO Digital Cam\AngelGreenBflySeedqueen.jpg

    I Organize in order to target
    Balancing care
    I seal the input of flowering
    With the rhythmic tone of equality
    I guide my own power

    Energy State:
    Conscious intent infused with the beginnings and endings of all cosmic cycles.

    Preparation for the planting of the galactic seeds of conscious intent. Opening the furrows of the cosmic birth canal.

    Planting the seeds for the highest potential of conscious completion. Encouraging the process of growth within a state of innocence and joy

    Yellow Rhythmic Seed = KAN
    The Power of the flowering.

    Category Absolute and Complete in Itself.

    Class: Primary Development Being
    Properties: Attention, Bloom, Target
    Cosmic Race: ripe yellow
    Member: Little, Right Hand
    Clan: Fire
    Loop Group: Generation of Light
    Family: Portal
    Chakra: Root, which transmits
    Vibrates with the note: Fa
    Time cell: ONE Entry Report
    Gives rise to: Blossoming
    Duality: Sovereignty – Slavery
    Highest point vibration Noon
    Address: South
    Senses: Ear

    SEED: Kan, South expands, ruled by Jupiter, root chakra, her right hand little finger.
    Power system of spiritual growth, through the flowering of the idea of being.
    Of the yellow race, the power of flowering is encouraged to flourish, she who sows shall reap accordingly, is related to success at the time of planting and harvesting, which implies being wise, knowing the precise moment action.
    Cosmic interest in the mysteries of creation, is related to the world through the five senses
    The seed when awake knows when to act, when to talk.
    Everything she touches it does bloom, is the true spirituality of the sower.
    In the physical body is related to the reproductive system, is the germ of life.
    The people of this tribe is dedicated to teaching, its mission is to flourish in the spirit of others, help them grow, to mature.
    This tribe will mark the mission to the yellow race.
    Its action is the wise one’s.
    A sleeping-dormant seed is not encouraged to flourish, they stay in stagnation with the desire to be someone.

    The seed carries the flowering of intrinsic awareness as the basis for Spiritual Practice.

    Tone 6
    Rhythmic Pitch
    Key word: equality
    Creative Power: organize
    Key word: equality
    Creative Power: organize
    Action Tonal Balancing
    Equality Challenge
    1 st Dimension – Life – Musical Note FA

    Tone 6 holds the power and purpose of organic balance, the six-pointed star which brings heaven to earth and earth to heaven, a meeting in the heart, a fully embodied human being, loving from the totality of who you are.



    The polarity of the rhythm generating organic principles, the law of order hexagonal crystal structures and cell phones. The tendency of all structures related to the process of life is to achieve a relative balance, enabling it to achieve a state of realization intermediate from which to continue the movement toward higher stages of development. Higher-consciousness.

    Thus, the principle of potential difference provides the resolution of situations through leaps between energy states-jumping potential into kinetic energy of unstable to stable equlibrium, a form of energy to another.

    Nothing that happens is accidental, everything is subject to the power of primitive law, every effect has its cause and also causes other effects, the only Cause First Center is the Creator. Its action is to balance and reconcile, to moderate the extremes, set the equalization to produce the organization. Organization should not be regarded as immutable order, but as temporarily to obtain the progressive development of the action.

    Mudra: Hands together on the solar plexus, as if holding a seed and then open your hands providing the seed in your life.

    MEDITATION: – I am a Bodhi mandala, the eruption of the seed of the possibilities –

    STATEMENT: – I am fertile and self-germinating seed of possibilities –

    Yellow is the color of the South. Its element is Earth. Its wisdom is the body.

    So, a message for today is:

    Wherever you find yourself today, bring the fullness of your self & your love, bring the dance of your heart into it and fully express yourself so that all possibilities may emerge.
    Seed says: Time and Space is the fertile beam of Universal live, that is the rhythm of existing, All worlds IN ONE ♥

    Mangalam Sarvam (may all beings be well and happy, Buddhist)

    As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be with all of us, Islam)

    O’MITAKUYASIN (for all my relations)

    IN Lakech (I AM another yourself)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    • Dear Angel;

      It’s wonderful that you are taking the time to create these beautiful daily interpretations/inspirations for us. ThankYou!

      The only way I know of (tho i’m sure other easier ways exist) is for you to send a link to them to my mailboxw, so that I can open, copy and paste it in.
      [Will send address now]

      In Lakech and Love,

  2. Kin 85, Full Moon, Eve of Equinox. The Moon is full here at 11:10 a.m., during the Kin 33 Watch, and I will be out in the Sun, by the fire, standing/sitting/lying on oUR beloved Earth. Here’s a lovely excerpt (courtesy of Day 11, “Blooming Humans”) for this 7th day of Wavespell 7, Cube Seven. In lak’ech, dear Kin!

    “The Initiation

    Face the rising Sun and begin to meditate.

    … Ask to be reawakened to the ancient knowledge
    of the cosmos. As the Sun begins to rise, look directly
    at it. Please use discretion here. Just one second of
    pure sunlight directly in the eyes is enough. Then
    close your eyes and begin to say the name of the sun,
    K’in in the Mayan language, and catch your spirit in
    your hands by holding your hands out in front of
    your face as if you were holding a sphere.

    Just as Om-m-m is the name of the Earth, K’in is the
    name of the Sun. The name of the sun sounds like
    K’eeeeeeen with a distinct e sound. You may need
    to practice this a little while to get the hang of it.
    When you do it properly, you will hear the sound
    of the Sun in your ears and in your head.

    Say K’in, K’inn, K’innn, K’innnn

    Say K’in seven times for your body, seven times for
    your spirit, and seven times for the awakening of
    the cosmic human. You can actually feel the energy
    of your spirit in your hands. Feel the vibration in
    your hands.

    Hear the sound of the Sun in your heart. Now place
    the blessings of your spirit on the Earth by bending
    down and placing your hands flat upon the Earth.
    Allow your spirit to enter the Earth and send your
    blessings and intentions to walk on earth in a way
    that will awaken yourself and others into rightful
    living once again.

    Many benefits are experienced by our connection
    with the Sun. Some among these are clearer thinking,
    inner peace, improved health and ultimately a more
    harmonious and productive life. It is easy to maintain
    your solar connection by taking a few moments each
    day to orient and realign yourself to the sun.

    This is a most auspicious time for humanity. The Mayas
    encourage us to walk through this door into the Itza Age,
    and leave the world of illusion behind. It is simple. Just
    place your intention on the sun and absorb its light and
    information. We are on the threshold of a major shift for
    humanity into becoming cosmic human beings.”

    excerpt from “Homo Luminous – The Neo Cosmic Human”

  3. Solar 13 / March 19

    913319 / 319913

    Begin Harmonic 22 : PLANETARY SERVICE : Remember Elegance of Manifestation
    Corresponding Codon 54 : TRANSCENDING : Temple Incorporates Telepathy

    • Wow. Maya noofamily is congealing this eve, culled to my hOMA by sheer love. Many powerfully funny ladies and gentlemen. 😉 Supplication to the harmonic mandatory. Know that we have been working towards this for generations; across time and space to be here noo. So utterly grateful for this life and community.

      CHC VI – Book of the Transcendence, pg. 91

      Day Six: LIMI


      “Concentrate on the area inside your solar plexus. The solar plexus is considered the second brain and the central storehouse of prana. The energy stored in this chakra can be used to connect us both individually and as a planet, through the Sun, to the galactic core, Hunab Ku. In the Tibetan tradition this chakra is known as mani padma, or “jeweled lotus.” This is the point where all 72,000 nerve endings (on each side of the body) meet, for a total of 144,000 nerve endings.

      This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Lakini (Authority). This chakra center is also associated with willpower, and power in general; it is the place of empowerment and disempowerment, judgement, and identity. The solar plexus is the processing chamber of the instinctual/intuitive energy and emotional intelligence. This energy is transferred to the heart chakra where the transduction of emotional energy is experienced as the “intelligence of the heart.”

      Meditation on the Manipura chakra leads to knowledge of the entire physical and subtle body system. When this center is purified and awakened, then it is possible to reconnect (via the etheric “highway” of the kuxan suum or cosmic umbilical cord) to the center of the galaxy, Hunab Ku. When this reconnection takes place the body becomes disease-free and luminous, and consciousness does not fall back into a lower state.

      This chakra is often compared to the heat and power of the Sun, radiating and distributing pranic energy throughout the entire human system. To awaken this chakra, breathe slowly into the solar plexus and feel the expansion and contraction of the navel as you breathe in and out through the naval. Breathe in, hold and suck the stomach in, then push it out when you exhale. Do this several times focusing on the purification of the abdominal area.

      From this center feel the kuxan suum as the etheric fiber that flows directly to the center of the galaxy, making the solar plexus chakra a vital information receptacle. The kuxan suum connects to the planetary circuit with the solar and galactic circuits.

      Through an effort of imaginal will, we can direct our astral body through the reflective membrane of the planetary field into the Sun and then ultimately to the galactic core. This is the area allowing us to transmute and override primitive lower emotions by opening to receive the influx of higher cosmic energy. It is important to visualize the kuxan suum as a luminous etheric thread extending from the solar plexus to the center of the galaxy. This establishes us in the galactic order of reality.

      Manipura affirmation: May our perceptions be organized into a cosmic whole that we may all become one with the radialized order of the Primal Source!”


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