GAP Kin 85: Red Resonant Serpent codes Solar Limi 13; and the SuperMoon



Kin 85

Red Resonant Serpent

Red Resonant Earth
Blue Resonant Eagle Red Resonant Serpent White Resonant Wizard
  Yellow Resonant Warrior
I channel in order to survive
inspiring instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
The 5 part Oracle for this GAP Kin, which denotes the sacred ratio of 5 Solar Spins to 7 Galactic Spins, contains some significant Kins.   The Guide is 17.7 (Kin 37) which is the Signature of the
Both the Hidden Power:  Resonant Warrior, and the G-Force: Solar Hand are Pacal Votan Clear Signs.
The PSI for Solar 13 is Overtone Wizard, and this date; Solar 13 could be interpreted as Solar Skywalker (13th Seal), which codes “The Lord of the Dawn” 
Additionally, from Melovia 129Solar 13 / March 19913319 / 319913  🙂
Begin Harmonic 22 : PLANETARY SERVICE : Remember Elegance of Manifestation
Corresponding Codon 54 : TRANSCENDING : Temple Incorporates Telepathy
 5.7:  “The discovery of the Law of Time is the precise self-reflective trigger initiating the biosphere-noosphere transition. The biosphere-noosphere transition represents the self-reflective transition from a purely third-dimensional operating procedure to a purely fourth-dimensional understanding and operating procedure.
LIMI 13:  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra03.gif
The 13th day of each Moon telepathically connects with the 13th Baktun of MaterialismThis one, which ends in 643 days.
Thank You Christine 133  🙂, for sharing this from  CHC VI – Book of the Transcendence, pg. 91

Day Six: LIMI     HRUM  “Concentrate on the area inside your solar plexus. The solar plexus is considered the second brain and the central storehouse of prana. The energy stored in this chakra can be used to connect us both individually and as a planet, through the Sun, to the galactic core, Hunab Ku. In the Tibetan tradition this chakra is known as mani padma, or “jeweled lotus.” This is the point where all 72,000 nerve endings (on each side of the body) meet, for a total of 144,000 nerve endings.

This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Lakini (Authority). This chakra center is also associated with willpower, and power in general; it is the place of empowerment and disempowerment, judgement, and identity. The solar plexus is the processing chamber of the instinctual/intuitive energy and emotional intelligence. This energy is transferred to the heart chakra where the transduction of emotional energy is experienced as the “intelligence of the heart.”

Meditation on the Manipura chakra leads to knowledge of the entire physical and subtle body system. When this center is purified and awakened, then it is possible to reconnect (via the etheric “highway” of the kuxan suum or cosmic umbilical cord) to the center of the galaxy, Hunab Ku. When this reconnection takes place the body becomes disease-free and luminous, and consciousness does not fall back into a lower state.

This chakra is often compared to the heat and power of the Sun, radiating and distributing pranic energy throughout the entire human system. To awaken this chakra, breathe slowly into the solar plexus and feel the expansion and contraction of the navel as you breathe in and out through the naval. Breathe in, hold and suck the stomach in, then push it out when you exhale. Do this several times focusing on the purification of the abdominal area.

From this center feel the kuxan suum as the etheric fiber that flows directly to the center of the galaxy, making the solar plexus chakra a vital information receptacle. The kuxan suum connects to the planetary circuit with the solar and galactic circuits.

Through an effort of imaginal will, we can direct our astral body through the reflective membrane of the planetary field into the Sun and then ultimately to the galactic core. This is the area allowing us to transmute and override primitive lower emotions by opening to receive the influx of higher cosmic energy. It is important to visualize the kuxan suum as a luminous etheric thread extending from the solar plexus to the center of the galaxy. This establishes us in the galactic order of reality.

Manipura affirmation: “May our perceptions be organized into a cosmic whole that we may all become one with the radialized order of the Primal Source!”   The Equinox tomorrow marks the retURn of the 1/2 of the year when the Sun illuminates the greater part of each day [for the 90%of the Earth’s population in the Northern Hemisphere]  🙂

Remember to read Angel 129’s beautiful inspiration/interpretation for Self-Existing Wind, and Melovia 129’s lovely excerpt (courtesy of Day 11, “Blooming Humans”) for

this   7th   day of   Wavespell 7,    Cube Seven”. Dazzling: A rainbow cloud dwarfs Mount Everest in the Himalayas, taking photographer Oleg Bartunov by surprise

 Burbuja 33/Marisabel 247 sent this stunning RAINBOW image photographed over Mt. Everest in Tibet, on the  day after Prem 83 saw a TRIPLE RAINBOW on his Overtone Night Galactic RetURn  🙂  🙂  🙂 

Gracious heartfelt GRATITUDE for yoUR wonderful contributions/collaborations 

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 7.   Cube 7:  ACCOMPLISHMENT     GAP Kin 85

5 thoughts on “GAP Kin 85: Red Resonant Serpent codes Solar Limi 13; and the SuperMoon

  1. Entering 4th Watch on KIN 85:
    Entering the Galactic Activation Portal.
    My Compassionate Ones:
    Miss Stella RU.(UR)
    and Sir RED:
    Howled straight into the Lunar Presence:
    Attuned to Explore.


    Two solar faces there are upon my talking stone, the one an icon of my solar shield, GALACTIC SUN, the other, LUNAR SUN, an emblem of the perfect lunar timing of Earth’s solar orbit.


    Children of the day of truth, the hour of judgement has come for you. How much longer do you need to suffocate in the Babylonian exile of 12:60 time? My children are the oppressed. Is it not time for the war of the righteous to restore equality? Why not wage the war then that destroys altogether the old time? Why not smash the caskets of the Babylonian wine of fornication with a single stroke?

    Blessed Be. 144-414-441 Sacred Matrix Time Cube of Truth.

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    I Channel in order to survive
    Inspiring instinct
    Seal the store of life force
    …With the resonant tone of harmonisation
    I guide the power of navigation
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal
    Enter Me ….l

    Energy State
    Awakened energy that moves throughout all space and all matter. Full awareness of life as a sublime force, moving everywhere with non-attachment.

    All aspects of the material world, no matter how small or large, sense each others presence. Ability to flow through existence, and bring perfect union with every manifestation in the known universe.

    Seeing movement in all things, even those that are still. Knowing that each form of existence can feel its presence either in darkness or in light. Sharing life and communicating with all levels of existence whether in the physical or non-physical form.

    Category Absolute and Complete in Itself.

    Class: Primary Development Being
    Features: Life force, survival, instinct
    Cosmic Race: Red Starter
    Member: thumb, right foot
    Clan: Fire
    Loop Group: Purification of Light
    Family: Polar
    Chakra: Crown, which receives
    Vibrates with the note: Sol
    Time cell: To Remember , Store.
    Gives rise to: Birth
    Duality: Knowledge – Ignorance
    Vibration highest point: Dawn
    Direction: East
    Senses: Touch

    SNAKE: Chicchan, this initiates.
    Ruled by Maldek, crown chakra, right big toe.
    Power vital bodily growth, nervous system, analytical and accurate, event integration and physical functions.
    Strong sense of individuality
    Of the Red Race, is the power of Vital Force.
    It is the instinct of survival, sex, vital energy and momentum to reproduce the race.
    Its energy brings qualities of vitality, passion, creativity, sensuality, kundalini forces, instinct, and intimacy.
    To channel this energy requires playing, moving, drumming, great physical strength, endurance.
    It is a phoenix rising from its own ashes, fall and rise, is the struggle for survival, the people of this tribe will often attract adventure, and outdoor experiences that generates a personal challenge to survival, dangerous expeditions, etc., are also protectors of nature and work to preserve the sacrednes of the species.
    Its action is to survive
    When this tribe is asleep they are depressed and channel their energy through casual sex.

    Serpent: The Vision *already done*
    The Serpent demonstrates the vision of cosmic life force & the instinct of self-made original mind.

    Resonant Tone 7
    Creative Power: Channel
    Tonal Action: Inspiring
    Keyword: Harmonisation of Service
    2 nd Dimension – Emotions – Music Note F #

    tone 7, holds the purpose and intent for mystical power and resonant attunement.


    MENTAL Unification Principle

    The human being is a unit in a tone resonant mental, their material is a fractal of the mental order of the universe. we do not control the mind, we thought by the mind, we are immersed, move and live in it ourselves. the mystical power is the power that derives from all that is pure mind. Generates the alpha and omega, and its channel of communication the Kuxam Suum, Sipapu or silver cord as a channel between the dimensional worlds. In humans it functions as the central canal of the spine.
    “cosmologically Serpent represents the structure of the material universe and the mental and spiritual worlds. As tone 7 resonates , seven channels are the energy to inspire the harmonization.
    The Rain~Bow:).

    Red is the color of the East. Its element is fire. Its medicine is for birthing things.

    So, a message for today is:

    Sit quietly and focus on your breath for a moment. As you breathe in and out, notice how your body feels. Breathing in, and breathing out, start with your feet and move up your body, tuning in and being each part. If you become present to a pain or source of discomfort, just stay there for a moment resting your hand on the spot and visualize a beautiful warm golden light surrounding that area. Breathe there until you notice a shift. In this way you can do a self-healing and attune your body with your own divine power.

    Mudra: join hands to make up the abdomen and sinuous movements in the chakras, ending with hands clasped above head.

    MEDITATION: – I am the flint and tinder of the sacred fire –

    STATEMENT: – I Happily access and experience the wisdom and vitality that is in my body.

    Mangalam Sarvam (may all beings be well and happy, Buddhist)

    As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be with all of us, Islam)

    O’MITAKUYASIN (for all my relations)

    IN Lakech (I AM another yourself)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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