Magic Turtle and PVCS Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand codes Solar Dali 15 and the Equinox

MANIK        Kin 87

Blue Solar Hand

Blue Solar Night
Red Solar Earth Blue Solar Hand Yellow Solar Human
  White Overtone Wizard
I pulse in order to know
realizing healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
This Magic Turtle Day has the 9 triply coded, with 9 as the tone for the  Day and Moon, on Cube 9:  Purification.
Solar Night ‘crowns‘ this Pacal Votan Clear Sign day.  The G-Force is Kin 93:  Lunar Skywalker [which codes Code=E, and TMQ’s current year].
 From the Law of Time Noos-Letter [compliments of Moi 205]comes this interesting information:  “Kin 87 is the fifth clear sign on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. It was eight weeks ago today (25 Jan, Resonant Moon 16) that the National Institute of Anthropology and History (Mexico) announced that the lid had been sealed again on the sarcophagus, restoring the tomb to the state it was in before it was discovered in 1952.”
7.9:  “The inverse binary symmetry pattern of the 13:20 matrix extended over four- plates or time functions establishes the psi bank as the holonomic registration of the Galactic Brain fully encoded on a planetary scale. As a result, the psi bank contains the complete complex of time vector potential creating celestial harmonics, accessible through the Dreamspell codes.”
DALI 15:  TARGET;  CROWN  Chakra07.gif

Week 35 corresponds to Codon 5:  PEOPLE TOGETHER;  Tree Evolves Space



In his “very Sirius message”, S’ace 22 informs us: 

  “in the Netherlands – Paris time zone ~ Spring starts on 00:21 on March 21in London it will be 23:21 on March 20″  

 This photo came from a Long Count website, where the day is Blue Cosmic Storm.  This photo complements  a catalytic‘ video from Prem 83, in response to Pacal Votan:  “My children are the oppressed.  Is it not time for the war of the righteous to restore equality?”  It’s message synchronizes with the beginning of the Human Wavespell  🙂 
It also synchronizes with Angel 129’s beautiful description of  Accomplishment:
“Guiding people into the light.  Helping people understand all that is above and below as well as distances between all the worlds of thought on this plane as well as in the multi-dimensional universe.  Creating both healing and empowerment in all forms of expression. Becoming a guide to the soul.’
Pacal Votan via Code=E 93 is also ‘in synch’  🙂 
Blessed Clear Sign:144.414.441 HUNAB Cube of Truth.(87)
Strength in Numbers.
PACAL VOTAN   TELEKTONON:     87:  “O children of the day of truth, people of the dawn, people of the book, in your orgins you were one blood, today the hour of judgement demands you become one again, unified in time.  Who among you will join my apostles of the Telektonon?  Already the gift has been given.  Already we left for you the 13:20 tool, my sacred count of days, 260 KIN, to turn the solar-lunar wheel of 365 days.  And when prophecy was vindicated at the conclusion of the ninth Hell, we sent among you the perfect form of this gift, Dreamspell, containing the message of the thirteen moons.”


We become ONE Galactic Neighborhood, of Intrinsic TRUTH:
With our mission clear as PACAL VOTAN’s watchful EYE:
Fulfillment of tranquility:  STABILITY:  MOBILITY:  SYNCHRONICITY:
Heat of Knowledge:
Honor of Thy Lord of Dawn: 


File:Jaguar throne.jpgThis is Lord of the Dawn’s JAGUAR throne at Chichen Itza.   Today, thousands will gather there to watch Quetzalcoatl descend his Pyramid on this 15th day of the Solar JaGUAR Moon  🙂

 19:13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 15.   Cube 9:  PURIFICATION     PVCS  Kin 87

13 thoughts on “Magic Turtle and PVCS Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand codes Solar Dali 15 and the Equinox

  1. Pacal UR Clear signs tell a story.
    UR wind whispers Solar Intention.
    You have fulfilled my Desire.
    To be that Lunar Human.
    To shapeshift,Mind with Nature.
    While remaining in The Heart of UR Story.

    But this was not enough,the seventh trumpet had yet to sound,and so it did in the fortieth year following the discovery of my Uranian ark of stone.And now my prophecies are revealed.The Mayan Appocalypse of kin 144,Yellow Magnetic Seed,turns the seventh year of karmic destiny into the opening of the first of my seven seals of prophecy.

  2. I feel a very powerful MARS connection Todaya. With Daya(16)Coinciding with Bode.P.S.I. being the Lord of the Dawn.
    then the G.A.P wrap in the daily oracle.218,(173)all around the beautiful,art-reflecting,elegant 88!


    • And todaya the Kins coding Year + Moon + PSI + Dreamspell + Long Count = All-In Kin = Kin 73!! (UR Galactic Return on 9/21with a PSI eye see of 3.1 (mirror Skywalker 😉 ) Magnetic Night, magnetizing abundance!)

    • Awe Sum!! 🙂

      129.921.10 (Planetary Dog)
      129.24.153 (Planetary Skywalker)
      351.153.244 (Planetary Seed)

      A whole herd of Magic Turtles Batman! 😉

      1. 23. 9. 16. Cube 10 : LOVE : G.A.P. Kin 88 Yellow Planetary Star

  3. So grateful. Eye have once again been blessed by my Galactic Mirror with gifts to feed my batty mind/soul. Firstly, she named a Star after me 😉 just three astronomical minutes away from Gamma Pisceum – it’s called Barssiah, is 138 😉 light years away from V 23.3 (here 😉 ) with a magnitude of 9.3 😉

    Aye really can’t believe her. For my next trick…

  4. She also gave me a copy of Jung’s The Red Book – the truth that resonates through this very personal joURney and the illustrations are pieces of soul. Eye felt this was appropriate for todaya – this is the translation.

    “Amen, you are the lord of the beginning.
    Amen, you are the star of the East.
    Amen, you are the flower that blooms over everything.

    Amen, you are the deer that breaks out of the forest.
    Amen, you are the song that sounds far over the water.
    Amen, you are the beginning and the end.”


  5. In the Nahuatl tradition, Quetzalcoatl is regarded as a multiple avatar and the first human to discover and convert himself into a “god”, i.e., to attain and realize his divine nature. Quetzalcoatl taught that human greatness grows out of the awareness of spiritual order. The era of Quetzalcoatl is that of the advent of the soul, the unifying center which is the essence of all religious thought.
    Quetzalcoatl gave three principle counsels or advices:
    1. Always be aware that God is ever-present; don’t despair or become cowardly, but remain humble in your heart and love God.
    2. Be at peace with regardless.
    3. Don’t waste your time. You have been given a precious opportunity in this earthly life; use it wisely and creatively.

    From the Law of Time

  6. “Whoops!
    There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a line…”

    This message (in much larger letters) comes up when I try to access my wordpress account. Not sure if I’ll be able to post the [half-written] blog for Planetary Star.
    It was 11:11 a.m. when I began this comment 🙂


    • Wow. A game changer. Woo hoo!!! Here is anoother form of sentient filtration. The Sea TURtle is oUR most robUSt scientist. Why they tradition/ally oUTlive Homo Sapiens. 😉 Eye’m convinced they are taking samples. Total Soul transmission can be read on the holy 13:20 aligned shells of the deceased. If we could only read them properly. We mUSt seek union of consciousness. All data is on the table.


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