VALUM VOTAN a.k.a. Jose Arguelles Ph.D. retURned to the Plane of Spirit

Valum Votan died on Spectral Moon; 3/23/2011




Kin 90:      White Crystal Dog

White Crystal Wind
Yellow Crystal Sun White Crystal Dog Red Crystal Moon
  Blue Lunar Monkey
I dedicate in order to love
universalizing loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of spirit
VALUM VOTAN, the pre-eminent Author, Artist, Visionary and 2012 Prophet  passed into Spirit  on the 17th day of the Solar Mirror Moon Red Overtone Moon year.
His current incarnation of 72 years and 59 days ended 639 days before the end of the 13th Baktun on December 21, 2012.
At the age of 14, Jose Arguelles received the vision of his Mission atop  the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, the Place Where Men Become Gods.  His life was devoted to preparing the world for these times, long predicted by the Mayans and a plethora of Prophets and traditions. 
 View from Pyramide de la luna.jpg
Jose Arguelles  organized the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, when millions around the world observed the return of Quetzalcoatl, in the Supernova 1987A, and the final 26-year countdown to 2013.
During that same year, his book “The Mayan Factor” introduced millions to the Mayan’s concept of time, and the fact that their precise count of time ends on December 21, 2012, when the Earth is aligned with the Heart of our Galaxy. 
In 1989, accompanied by his wife Lloydine, he discovered the Law of Time, and subsequently began decoding the Tomb of Pacal Votan.
This led to the establishment of the Harmonic 13 Moon Calendar and the 260-day Dreamspell as tools for regaining Telepathy and realigning with the 13:20 frequency, as opposed to the artificial 12:60 frequency. 
The Tomb of Pacal Votan was dedicated 1260 years before it discovery in 1952, and 1320 years before 2012. to fullsize image    Go to fullsize image     Go to fullsize image 
After producing a huge amount of erudite, prophetic and scientific  books and art,  Jose Arguelles, with Lloydine by his side, was honored to be recognized as the Closer of the Cycle atop the Pyramid of the Sun, 49 years after his first vision there. 
He then assumed the name Valum Votan, and shortly afterwards,  began the series of  7 volumes known as the Cosmic History  Chronicles,   with  Stephanie South, his apprentice and co-author.
The enormous body  of information revealed by Valum Votan will enable us to navigate the evolutionary  shift in consciousness, which is neccesitated by the end of materialism.  We are eternally grateful for his genius, his ceaseless efforts on oUR behalf, and his brilliant Spirit. 
The Mystery Queen is grief-stricken with the news of Valum Votan’s death.
Our  Hearts go out to his family, including his twin brother Ivan and his daughter Tara.  
Valum Votan, 11 Monkey  is now reunited with his son, Josh, PVCS 3 Monkey.
May Valum Votan telepathically guide us on our Universal Return.
P. S.:  [The Law of Time is] “asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on Valum Votan’s behalf at noon (Pacific standard time) on Solar Moon 19, Kin 91.
Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey – and also visualize the Rainbow Bridge and the Return of Light.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 18.      Cube 12:  FREE WILL       Kin 90

24 thoughts on “VALUM VOTAN a.k.a. Jose Arguelles Ph.D. retURned to the Plane of Spirit

    • “When my life fades as the fading sunset,
      my Spirit will come to you”

      ThankYou Priscella,
      for this very beautiful video of Valum Votan.

      I suggest we all synchronize/come together at 11:11 tomorrow;
      Solar 19; Cube 13: PROPHECY,
      and attune with this video,
      then meditate until we join others at Noon.

      I feel him very strongly with us 🙂

      Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

      Galactic Agent 138

  1. Today in the Kiche Mayan calendar: 2 Imox / 23’rd of March 2011.

    -General association: The crocodile and all that lives in lakes, rivers and seas. Imox represents the hidden, the occult and the eccentric; the natural forces we don’t understand and that therefore seem dangerous and threatening to established truths. It stands for the l…eft side of our body, which is governed by the right-side, non-linear and intuitive part of our brain.
    Protection, comfort and motherly care are all associated with this nahual; yet if the energy of Imox is not balanced in a persons life, feelings of chaos, turmoil and over-territoriality may arise. Imox maintains an underlying sense of unity between all our ideas and beliefs. Femininity, primordial source and intuitive creation are also key-words that describe this sign.

    -Suggestive application: Create a space for others to enter your life that is not already filled by preconceptions and suspicion. Be content to enjoy and share the good fortune of others and yourself. Realize that we all are part of the same tribe. Anchor yourself in an understanding that all acomplishments are worthwhile for the greater collective you always are a part of. Experience the freedom of love without jealousy, and try to nurture all life without playing unconscious games of control.
    Become playful and allow for things to unfold in your life. Don’t worry about the future, place your trust in the miraclous intelligence that sweeps through all existence and simply go along with the flow. Allow yourself to become simple, and the universe will respond to your decision soon enough.

    -Personal activation:

    My thoughts are stiff and numb
    from over-fixation on squirming ideas
    nested in the swamp of some collective meeting-place
    wrapped in dreams.

    They are life-forms of their own now
    the ideas
    weird tentacle-clad creatures
    plowing the sea of a greater mind
    searching for strands of attention to feed on
    like ribbons of plankton decorating the spaciousness
    of all that’s lost for words to find.

    I wonder where they come from
    the images I shelter in temporary letters
    the stuff that sacres me just enough to know I’m on to something real
    since I was a child.
    I know, the entities that live in my imagination won’t care about me
    unless I care for them.

    Somehow, a boy that crawls into riverside caves
    cares for the different.
    He cares about stuff that breeds in dark chambers of belief
    and cellular memories
    that no body would live in again.
    He cares enough about the shunned ones to feel sad about the bad-guy
    in stories where good always prevails.

    Is there real fairness in life?
    Are there left any prints of purpose in the trail of those that still search?
    I wonder, and trough my wonder
    one of the tentacle-clad beings presses through.

    Octopus of deliverance.
    Weird creatures, telling me to let them go about with their buisness
    assembling words
    the corpuscles of faith
    shaping the body of holy creatures even greater than them
    or the sum of all I know.

    What I know is an electron
    swirling round a sun my thoughts can never touch
    placed in a chain of worlds my wildest imagination can’t even feel the spool of
    stretched invisibly like a train of sacred contemplation
    issued by a God I’m chanceless at perceiving a fragment of.

    Yet maby I just did
    before I got the chance to think of how.

    I’m still the child that once ransomed the darkness of caves.
    I’m still that part of me
    that remembers the presence of mystery
    closer than air
    closer than anything I know
    closer than this moment ever will be again
    to touching the slick skin of an entity
    inconceivably wrapped in oneness
    and the darkest abyss, soundlessly mouthing infinities name.

    • Dear Priscella, I want to acknowledge UR birthday and extend best wishes for a wonderful and powerful solar cycle coded by Kin 89 Red Spectral Moon, now known as the Kin coding the Day and Watch during which OUR beloved Valum chose to discarnate. And with Kin 214 also coding this very important next year, definitely a potent combination.

      I am grateful for yoUR sharing of these words (in particular) on this daya:

      “Create a space for others to enter your life that is not already filled by preconceptions and suspicion. Be content to enjoy and share the good fortune of others and yourself. Realize that we all are part of the same tribe. Anchor yourself in an understanding that all accomplishments are worthwhile for the greater collective you always are a part of. Experience the freedom of love without jealousy, and try to nurture all life without playing unconscious games of control. Become playful and allow for things to unfold in your life. Don’t worry about the future, place your trust in the miraculous intelligence that sweeps through all existence and simply go along with the flow. Allow yourself to become simple, and the universe will respond to your decision soon enough….”

      With love, in lak’ech

  2. Valum VOTAN is my hero
    I have Never felt such overwhelming thickness as I do now.It’s amost selfish of me to say just how much I want and need him here with me,on this plane.
    I just feel so SAD.

    Valum Votan
    O children of the dayof truth,people of the dawn,people of the book,seven is my sacred power.Foursquare seven is 28,the number that,perfectly followed,opens Heaven’s gate.Walking together the sacred thirteen moon-28-day way,you will be joined to GOD’s command,a holy victory march of the righteous to restore sacred order to this troubled Earth and to recover your lost powers.

    In full Honor of kin 11:

  3. what comes up is His Greatness for being There at the most peculiar moment …

    even now , yesterday and tomorrowww he is always there

    where no-one else can be but He

    with a Flute

    and a Rhyme

    Dream Number 11 ~ eleven
    Seal 11 ~ eleven
    Tone 11 ~ eleven

    As lately discovered only by his effects on a weaving …

    13 is the number for collective love-spheres
    12 is the number for changing life-effects
    11 is the number for the void and unevitable choice

    10 is our beloved planet ~ our bond & healing trust …

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 (Heart of Nine)

    261 is heart of 9 at 29 (11)

    We’lll never part & overco~me
    o’22 ~ white solar wind & LC220V

      • Ha C/B ! i didn’t not’ice this meltdown signal from -lets guess and frame the sure ion- VV himself – himseleven – Him11 !

        Love UUU ~ U3!

        my oracle reading on this signal 14.13.12…

        is this from the temple that grewww me:
        14 is the reverse of 41 – the God interval;
        it is all time in our bodylanguage:
        * open the left hand to receive and see 1 thumbt 4 fingears
        * pass it over by the right hand and see 1 thumb 4 fingers
        then see how the 4 fingers communicate 12: 3×4 bones,
        and the thumb communicates 2 bones and between them both a lot of bones through a wholly body! Man and Women should have the same number of bones, don’t they? (Skip the parts that well euphoria)

        Then the riddle of 13-12-11 … (yes also the Tones Given)
        this is recently discovered from a tense Questioning by Channels made Available and some over here pushing the pulse by pullsof bulls (thank u!)

        13 is the cosmic Love Impulse Embraced : Shemantick Purepose
        12 is the grounded Life Open Crystal: Earth through Breath & Breasts
        11 is every moment a decision is made by Void & Euphoria Options

        10 is earth itself illustrated by every KIN lightened up

        this is also the idea in the 9 daya a week : kweakspell …

        Time comes down to Earth by its Cadence aka KA-dance ina rhthm and a rhyme in inter and transactive passionate flow …
        3 kweaks of 9 daya frame number 27 while the extra 1 is 0: 28:
        “Daya of Moon Experience” also “Planetary Humen Glorydaya”

        sort of laiddown countdown while there was an impulse that forged it
        (actually in an ol’forge spot 8~)>

  4. «I am writing to inform you that Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles departed this
    Planet on Solar Moon 17 (March 23), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m (the
    exact same time that he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year).

    After a short illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for
    those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on his
    behalf at noon (Pacific standard time) on Solar Moon 19, Kin 91. Send him
    your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey – and also
    visualize the rainbow bridge and the Return of Light.

    Red Spectral Moon (solar seal 9, tone 11 – 9.11)

    I dissolve in order to purify
    Releasing flow
    I seal the process of universal water
    With the spectral tone of liberation
    I am guided by my own power doubled.

    Solar Moon 17 began vinal 13: Closing the equivocating part and entering a

    Note that he departed 58 days after his 72nd birthday. Kin 58-White Rhythmic
    Mirror-is the excarnation date on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan. Between his
    (Jose/Votan’s) birth kin (11) and his death kin (89) there are 78 days. 78
    (6 x 13) is the sum of the tones of the clear signs on the tomb of Pacal
    Votan. Note: the tomb lid of Pacal Votan was closed and sealed a few moons
    ago in Palenque, a clear sign.

    The message that he wanted me to convey to kin is that everything is now the
    responsibility of the people who have heard the message. There is much work
    to be done. He said to tell all kin: “EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! Love
    everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone.” He will now be assisting the
    closing of the cycle from the other side of the veil.

    “Perfect was my time of coming. Perfect was my mission. Perfect was the time
    of my going. Perfect is the discovery of my prophecy .” Telektonon 11.67

    I extend all of my love to everyone in this most heartbreaking (but
    miraculous) time,»

    Love Red Queen/Stephanie/Kin 185


    peace n’ harmony for his beatifull being, he changes my life since my first contacto whit the knowledge in 2005.

    Thank u su much Jose, we will continue creating more and more rainbows to enligth and heal our loved earth.

    I’ve been very sick the last 3 days and his departure is a big surprise for me and for all, yestarday afternoon I look at the ski thinking about him and i saw a beatufful rainbow in the clouds, i know he is good, now is to us to keep the teaching, the love flowing.

    It’s not easy but we know is the only way to heal…

    Thank u TMQ for keeping is teachins alive.

    Peace n’ harmony
    7.13 in my 17.13 year

  5. Vinal 13 : Closing the equivocating part and entering a trance.

    Day 17 : ELHAZ is the Act of Making Sacred that transforms the Mystery.

    * * * * * * * * *

    Comforted be all who grieve, strengthened be all who falter, resolute be those who waver. This cannot be other than Perfection. Let us love and bless and honour and thank this great aspect of oURselves who accomplished so much, awakened so much, represented so much, gave us, the world, the Earth, so much, by holding True to what oUR beloved Valum Votan/Pacal Votan asked of us:

    “Everything is now the responsibility of the people who have heard the message. There is much work to be done…. Love everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone….. ‘EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!’”

    ELHAZ – Let us make Sacred that the Mystery may be transformed.
    Love and comfort to all Kin.
    In lak’ech
    Kin 129

    • Vinal 13 : MAC : 13.1.3

      KIN 9.11 Watch 9.11

      Valum Votan’s “…current incarnation of 72 years and 59 days ended 639 days before the end of the 13th Baktun on December 21, 2012.”
      639 – 520 = 119

      Day 17 of 9th Moon, Day 241 (1.7) of Overtone Moon Year. In 20 days a new ‘spin’, the Year’s Galactic RetURn.
      11th day of Storm (Seal 19) Wavespell 7.
      In 11 days the Noo Moon on Kin 100, Solar Sun (Kin 11 + Kin 89).

      Harmonic 23: MAGNETIC PROCESS : Formulate Free Will of Purpose

      Codon **64** : PREPARED : Galactic Octave Unifies the Dimensions

    • hi Melovia }}}~~~*~~~{{{

      ELHAZ denotes in bivideotex decode into
      5 12 8 1 1 => 27 (9)

      which also makes 3 to 9 very matching the core of trinity nines

      + 1 for the road

      + 1 tor the mission

      + 1 for unified creatures on a blue planeth


      the road is the moon as a whole of 28th daya

      the mission is a suncycle as a whole of 13moon

      the bleu planeth is the now, the moment, the presence

      and presence is as presensed kin open, passionated and active …
      by pulsing s’elevens


  6. “Everyone is an Artist”
    Valum VOTAN

    “Everyone’s an artist,looking for an outlet
    Everyone’s a healer,trying to make it whole
    Everyone’s a lover,looking for a cause
    Everyone’s a leader,sitting on a goal

    The skies are turning crimson,the seas are riding high
    The prophecies are comin’ round,it’s now-it’s do or die
    The last one who will tell you,is yourself,my gentle friend
    The first one who will know,is the first to go beyond the End

    Everyone’s an artist,looking for an outlet
    Everyone’s a healer trying to make it whole

    The prophecies have come around,the future couldn’t wait
    It’s up to you to make it true,to break the seal on Heaven’s gate
    Just past the last horizon,the dragon twists and turns
    Genesis he calls it,Mama waiting our return

    Everyone’s an artist,making real the endless song
    Everyone’s a healer,knowing light’s the right for wrong
    Everyone’s a lover,making every moment count
    Everyone’s a leader,drinking from the sacred fount

    Yes,Everyone’s an artist,and the outlet’s through your heart
    Yes,Everyone’s a healer,ending war by making art”


  7. Thank you TMQ for this fine eulogy. VV will always be remembered for knowing the truth about the delicate workings of human and cosmic creativity and its inseparable numeralogical connection to evident solar galactic rhythms.

    I feel blessed to have been drawn to his teachings and to have received the occasions to meet him and hold circle with him.

    He joins Uncle Budd and other enlightened teachers in the great galactic council and the zuvuya

  8. …zuvuyas of time-space.

    Blue Spectral Monkey

    Red Spectral Moon

    Double solar, double enlightenment for our double eleven.

    In Lake’ch VV

    White Solar Mirror

  9. For the Ceremony for Votan‏…

    Dear Planetary Kin,

    For those who will be holding vigil or ceremony for Votan at noon (Pacific
    standard time)
    on Cosmic Monkey (March 25),can you please read the following poem written
    by Votan’s twin brother Ivan. Ivan wishes that the poem be read for his
    brother’s send-off.

    Thank you–Stephanie/RQ


    For Jose, by Ivan Arguelles

    here is where we part , yours is the section to the left numbered Zero

    , mine has been carefully removed , together we had searched , together

    we , came apart , magnify not the dank spot , tomorrow is a definite

    improbability , hush , ponder , whiten this page over , who is the

    deity of the step-ladder ? pray we must to his numen , washed in grief

    the thumbnail , the human portion in its inch , look then to the Stars!


    Noogenesis Meditation Vow by Valum Votan. (This is a powerful vow to remind
    us of our unity and reactivate our shared star mission. You might want to
    read this aloud during any ceremony or vigil you may do for him).

    We who take this vow are the nameless ones
    Sent here from afar – on other world systems
    The time has come for us to fulfill
    The ancient pledge we took to be as one
    In the enactment of our sacred duty
    One breath are we to become
    One life, one sacred bond
    In order to lift up this Earth
    Into its memory among the stars


    Is the name of our assignment
    Only by the nameless ones
    Can this assignment be completed
    One breath, one life, one sacred bond


    The vow to be fulfilled-
    We take this vow in meditation
    That all beings may be freed
    A new world be born
    And the Rainbow be the light of consciousness
    Guiding us all into the Infinite One

  10. Eye awoke yesterdaya when my husband got up at 5:30 am and i could not sleep. Eye just kept praying the first line of the dreamspell over and over in bed –

    I Dissolve in order to P/UR/ify…

    Maya hope is that on anoother plane i was paving his path with rose petals of prayer and URging on this beautiful transition of sacred energy…

    So utterly humbled and grateful for this CONNECTED conscioUSness. Much LOVE and COMFORT to all KIN. Crystal Tone of COOPERATION enact.

    A song for uplift. From Jim Henson Kin 199, Self-existing Storm and Debby Harry Kin 19, Rhythmic Storm. Self-generation sequence enact.


  11. Valum Votan/José Arguelles Has Ascended
    Valum Votan/José Arguelles, President of the Foundation for the Law of Time, ascended on Kin 89, Red Spectral Moon (March 23) in a state of complete peace.
    Before he departed he said to his apprentice, Stephanie South/“Red Queen”, “I have done all that I could on this planet. I am being called to assist in the closing of the cycle from the Other Side.”  Among his final wishes was that the Foundation for the Law of Time, the vehicle for his work and vision, be continued.
    We at the Foundation for the Law of Time are absolutely, unequivocally dedicated to continuing his life vision and work on behalf of seven times seven generations to come, on behalf of the coming noosphere and beyond.
    So join us in celebrating the life of a true visionary by holding a ceremony or vigil for him on March 25 (Solar Moon 19, Kin 91) at noon (Pacific Daylight Time). For the vigil we ask that you visualize the rainbow bridge, read the Noogenesis Vow and also a poem provided as a final farewell from his twin brother, Ivan Arguelles.
    We send all our love for Valum Votan’s/Jose Arguelles journey back to the stars and Beyond …
    Jacob Wyatt—Director of Communications
    Stephanie South—Executive Director
    Ishram Tansley—General Manager
    Ashani Tansley—Executive Assistant
    Kelly Harding—Graphics design and webmaster
    Gustavo Ik Lunar—Spanish Communications
    Aida—Spanish Noos-letter Translation
    Noemie Dederichs & Veronique Coffignal—French Noos-letter Translation

  12. I met him(Joze) & his lovely wife many many moons ago in Amsterdam Holland, we where the lucky hunabcrew ……
    I am stunned that he left at the exact time he was born, pheew!!!
    such accuracy is most humbling to perceive!

    heres an amaziing track from Bob Marley singing about many many Moons…

  13. I AM Crystal Dog!

    I dedicate in order to love
    By universalizing loyalty
    I Seal the process of the heart
    …With the crystal tone of cooperation
    I guide the power of the spirit

    Energy State
    The total embodiment of trust and love in the integrity of the universe.

    Unconditional love is the binding force necessary to empower all people. All thoughts are felt without malice or judgement. Surrendering to the grand universal design. Understanding the life force as Christ consciousness.

    Seeing all the weakness and strengths shared by fellow humans. Seeing through barriers of confusion and fear. Having compassion and love for all earthly manifestations. Surrendering to universal energy inherent in all things. Sharing love and devotion.

    Category Absolute and Complete in Itself.

    Class: Senior Development Being.
    Properties: Love, Heart, Loyalty
    Cosmic Race: White Refiner
    Member: Thumb, Left Hand
    Guild: Blood
    Loop Group: Transformation of Light
    Family: Polar
    Chakra: Crown, which receives
    Vibrates with the note: Sol
    Time cell: THREE Develop Process
    Gives rise to: Spirit
    Duality: Humility – Pride
    Vibration highest point: at midnight
    Direction: North
    Senses: Taste

    DOG: Oc, north, purified, ruled by Mercury, crown chakra, the left thumb.
    Top of the emotional ties creating emotions and feelings love
    Of the White Race is the power of the heart, the love and loyalty, the guardian of their loved ones, the protector, the people of this tribe are made by loving, loyal and faithful by nature, brave, is raging in defense of their loved ones.
    if they are not connected with the spiritual, are obsessed with the people we love, relationships, friends.
    If you are awake, feel the real love unconditionally and are primarily loyal and faithful to their inner being.
    His/Her action is love.
    Should focus their work to overcome the emotions that limit their spiritual connection.
    They need variety in life, working in teams,but are good leaders, they know.
    Sleeping dogs are not true to their inner self, do not love yourself, suffer from jealousy!

    Dog: The Double Accumulation of Merit ‘has already been completed. ”

    The dog shares the love universally as the accumulation of merit, both for itself and for all beings.

    OC means dog, foot. Its energy brings the qualities of justice, loyalty, breakthroughs, spiritual strength, sensuality, playfulness, and understanding.

    “The harmonic wisdom of White Dog is affinity, the attraction of like vibration or substances for one another. Spiritual affinity is not limited to family kinship – it is part of the natural affinity between companions of destiny. Such companions of are drawn together by the same aligned force that draws iron filings to a magnet. Companions of destiny are drawn togther to do work that is naturally harmonious.”

    Crystal tone 12
    Keyword: cooperation
    Creative Power: I work
    Action Tonal Universalizing
    Cooperation Form
    3 rd Dimension – Mind – Music Note SI

    La Ka = tone 12, holds the purpose and intent for constellating complex stability and understanding and facilitating a new level of functioning.



    The polarization of organic equilibrium in which each species gains its own level of harmonic frequency, ie, its status as a species-code, niche, habitat. Forces generated conservation of living organisms, including Earth, and symbiotic cooperation.

    “Open your perceptions. Through you, the mysterious balance of the cosmos is fulfilled.”

    MUdra: left hand on the heart, right arm at right angles to the palm forward and fingers together.

    MEDITATION: – I am the arrow of faith that flies into the designs of fate –

    STATEMENT: – I open new beginnings. I get the guardians and guides.

    White is the color of the North. Its element is air. Its vehicle of expression is the mind.

    So, a message for today is:

    Today is an excellent day for making new connections, for travel, and for reaching a new level of understanding about whatever issue you are facing.

    Love and devotion for the community, in communication for the well being of totality. This complex stability must be clear and transparent then everyone will understand. The Re-Generation of free will, elements that confidently put their qualities in the balance, so the loyal heart can wear the crown and rule!!!;)

    Understanding of the Loyal Heart ♥

    Mangalam Sarvam (may all beings be well and happy, Buddhist)

    As Salaam Alaikum (Peace be with all of us, Islam)

    O’MITAKUYASIN (for all my relations)

    IN Lakech (I AM another yourself)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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