Kin 92: Yellow Magnetic Human codes Solar 20 and Wavespell 8: Free Will

EB   Kin 92

Yellow Magnetic Human

Yellow Magnetic Human
White Magnetic Wind Yellow Magnetic Human Blue Magnetic Hand
  Red Cosmic Moon
I unify in order to influence
attracting wisdom.
I seal the process of free will
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
The Hidden Power is Cosmic Moon, and the PSI is Cosmic Wind; while  the G-Force is Self-Existing Wind.
The Analog Watch is coded by 7.1; Magnetic Hand  [the same as the current Moon and Year:  18.9 + 9.5= 7.1].
12.1:  “The purpose of time travel is to expand and accelerate the kind and quality of spiritual experience accompanying evolution into the hyperorganic super conscious. The quality of the experience of time travel is in direct proportion to its beneficial usefulness.”
LIMI 20;  PURIFY;  SOLAR PLEXUS  Chakra03.gif
Code=E 93 found this paragraph which synchronizes with the Human Wavespell:
Valum Votan:  The Mayan Factor:   Page 194:
“Then,as if a switch were being thrown, a great voltage will race through this finally synchronized and integrated circuit called humanity.   The Earth itself will be illumined.   A current charging both poles will race across the skies, connecting the polar auroras in a single brilliant flash.  Like an iridescent rainbow, this circumpolar energy uniting the planetary antipodes will be instantaneously understood as the external projection of the collective mind of humanity.”

Yellow Human Wavespell:  Power of Free Will

Yellow Magnetic Human

Red Lunar Skywalker
Yellow Cosmic Seed

Blue Crystal Night

White Electric Wizard
White Spectral Wind

Blue Self-existing Eagle
Red Planetary Dragon

Yellow Overtone Warrior

Red Rhytmic Earth

White Resonant Mirror

Blue Galactic Storm

Yellow Solar Sun


60 days ago, on Rhythmic Human, the Tomb of Pacal Votan in Palenque was sealed. 

That day, Resonant Seli 16 reflected the PVCS that coded that Moon:  Resonant Warrior.  12.6 + 16.7 + 9.5 equals a CDK of 17.5, which is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 57,  Red Overtone Earth Valum Votan disincarnated 57 days later.

Here is a lovely and polished eulogy/tribute for Valum Votan by Eden Sky 173  It appears to state that Valum Votan died in Australia on Kin 89;   while it was Kin 88:  Planetary Star, 3/22/2011  in the Northern Hemisphere.

That means he passed into Spirit at 8:10 [Kin 88= 8.10] here in New Zealand, during the hour TMQ was writing that exactly   21 Moons had passed since this blog began on Kin 21:  Votan’s G-Forceand that Kin 88 marked 7 Galactic Spins since oUR Sedona meeting.

Is anyone else surprised/disappointed that the passing of Valum Votan doesn’t appear to have been noted in any mainstream media outlets?  [Please prove me wrong  :)]  But, Thank You Eden Sky for expressing our feelings so beautifully: 

 We honor you,  [Valum Votan] Jose * Standing we honor you * with candles bright with Buddha’s clear mind we honor you * with stargazer flowers opening wide we honor you * with ancient crystals humming we honor you * with white stones from Palenque meditating we honor you * with spiraling shells from Lake Atitlan we honor you * with turtles, owls, globes, and Roerich Peace symbols we honor you * with fragrance of copal ascending we honor you * with pools of moonlit water resting we honor you * with obsidian staffs vigilant we honor you * with feathers of winged messengers bright we honor you * with the power of the 7 Galactic Directions we honor you * with the one sun blazing in our blood we honor you * with the Earth shaking we honor you * with the sky covered in Rainbow Bridges we honor you * with silence we honor you * with tears wet with loyalty and gratitude and grief like a crying cloud who lost a kin, we honor you * with the presence of your fierce brilliance like an Arcturian sword in our hands we honor you * with a banner of galactic culture raised around the one biosphere, we honor you * with codes of time engraved in our mind, we honor you * with the hug of our presence united in this family of awakening hearts – one time one earth one people – we honor you,  forever…”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 20.    Cube 14TIMELESSNESS   Kin 92

20 thoughts on “Kin 92: Yellow Magnetic Human codes Solar 20 and Wavespell 8: Free Will

  1. was there a signal such a transformative thing should happen …

    by free will and forging the mans miss’ion in a radiating beauty ?

    ~~~ take some time to receive … aye

    as a matter of fact / experience

    a double coded WORLDbridger …

    felt an irresistible sync on the numbers 11 II 11 – feb 2, 2011

    is this about one or two twin bro’s?

    wasn’t that date the day an Egyptian Boss resigned?
    what happened in between February 11 & March 23 ~~~

    How is the rainbow bowing its legacy ?

    anyway the ROMAN II iz 2 ~ 1 swan … “s’one”
    it also is the month popes reserved for the 28daya moon month in 13 moon calendar … also their energetic compass(ion) …

    While we all know this ~ is it reasonable to perfect our watch’s again?

    11:11 perfectly fits twice in 22:22 which is sliced into 2:9 by this formula:


    it is 2::9 Bolon Ik aka White Solar Wind … in SIRIUS twin legacy meltdown …

    momentum …


  2. Pacal Votan
    Verse 92:

    92. O children of the day of truth, 144,000 times thirteen is an army of the righteous. Learn again the sacred count of time and join this army. O children of the day of truth, realize that everything about the old 12:60 time is now become a garment of false being, a moral corruption, a banquet feast for the evil one.


  3. From The Law Of Time:

    Arcturus Remembered: A Crystal Earth Network Projection

    Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet—a kind of “repeat performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.
    This in brief is a summation of information known as Arcturus Remembered. It is called a Crystal Earth Network Projection because it is the result of a memory release of the initial meditation implant projected as a crystalline thought form from the red planet to the blue planet, transmitted so many lifetimes ago.
    Read it, dear Earthling, and ponder the rising tide of events around you. It is not too late for further wakefulness and recollection.
    Arcturus Remembered.
    Transmission complete.
    6.13.84. Full Moon. 38 AH.
    Filed by Pan Agent 24.


  4. From The Law of Time:::

    Dreamspell Oracle of Destiny:
    The Oracle of Galactic Time
    The Dreamspell Mission on Timeship Earth 2013
    Humans: time travelers lost on experimental third-dimensional colony.
    Earth: third-dimensional anchor of lost Timeship.
    Original mission: land Timeship 2013 on Earth and take action to keep Earth from being third planet in succession to blow out within local star system.
    Target of original mission: Galactic Synchronization, AD 2013.
    Cause of planetary blow-outs: memory virus affecting third-dimensional space suits.
    Result of virus: genetic flaw in space suits causing amnesia of third-to-fourth dimensional connect and of sensory/environmental hook-up.
    Origin of virus: double-agent time bandits on Jupiter and Saturn wanting to take over local star system project 12:60 ratio beam toward Earth to keep time colonists in third dimension.
    Mission protagonists: Galactic Central Fifth Force, a higher-dimensional organization.
    Function: star surveillance and planet development for purpose of seeding fifth force, power of galactic self-creation.
    History of mission: through many galactic spins there had been surveillance of the system, Kinich Ahau, a single star system with ten orbital wings. Because of its ten orbital wings, Kinich Ahau was deemed perfect for anchoring the fifth force. Once the fifth force was anchored on the star Kinich Ahau, its ten orbits became charged and activated.


  5. 129.93../222/
    Nice Antipode Synchronization.



    • Yeah, caught that 2 😉 Actually it’s a pretty Windy daya 2daya all around: PSI/Antipode/G-Force 🙂

      I brought the candle I lit for V.V. back into the house last night, still bURning. I placed it by my bed for the night and as I tURned out the light I glanced at the clock: 11:11. Smiled. Take Magic Flight. The flame burned all night and finally went out sometime after the beginning of the Guide Watch: Magnetic HUman of Magnetic HUman.

      Eye 4 1 am certainly glad U R back ‘on-line’ dear Code=E.93.73!


  6. Once these cycles have commenced, it is the pURpose of the Enlightened elements of the Planetary consciousness to ride, and even be in advance of this accelerating excitation wave , spontaneously generating the call for a GALACTIC INTERVENTION to HELP CONCLUDE the BIOSPHERE-NOOSPHERE TRANSITION, now that the Human civilization is out of control.

    Wavespell recognition sequence enact. Ref kin 222 November 2010 – initiate voice of God.

    Sentient beings unite.

    Human bridge

  7. “Once these cycles have commenced, it is the pURpose of the Enlightened elements of the Planetary consciousness to ride, and even be in advance of this accelerating excitation wave , spontaneously generating the call for a GALACTIC INTERVENTION to HELP CONCLUDE the BIOSPHERE-NOOSPHERE TRANSITION, now that the Human civilization is out of control.”

    That is simply,right onTarget>>>68.133.:(201):=Sir Jacob

  8. “While we all know this ~ is it reasonable to perfect our watch’s again?

    11:11 perfectly fits twice in 22:22 which is sliced into 2:9 by this formula:


    it is 2::9 Bolon Ik aka White Solar Wind … in SIRIUS twin legacy meltdown …

    momentum …


  9. A ‘moon rainbow’ offered today at drew me here for a comment – and I am now benefiting from the opportunity to see all that has been written here. Thank you all, in lak’ech, for much needed inspiration.

    In an I-Ching forecast for the week – advice was that the breakthrough is near, and that we have been fighting the ultimate battle of good versus evil… with our intentions of loving all as divine; and also, that now that we were so near, let us not fall back into darkness for that which we’ve already conquered by responding in any way from pride or arrogance to make some final point, but to hold fast to living in step with our highest intentions.

    It is time to dream about what would be our joy, and seeing played out the movie of the happy world we would create… remembering that EVERYTHING is possible and MIRACLES do happen.

    In unity and love,
    Jaguar woman

  10. Rest in Peace José Argüelles (January 24, 1939 – March 23, 2011) – Valum Votan – Jor-El. Your Spirit is finally Free to complete YOUR Work.

    I will Complete My Work as well.

  11. It was Planetary Star, kin 88 for us here on Maui when Jose Arguelles ascended. The GAP portal was open. There was a peaceful silence as I bobbed on the ocean and let the calming waves wash over me. It would be two days before I would hear the news and that news came through you. I couldn’t believe it, that Jose would choose this moment when my life seems in such upheaval and turmoil and yet there was comfort somehow in knowing he is working from the other side of the veil. I heard when I needed to hear and I gently told those who didn’t know he was gone from us . . . the ones who mattered; the ones who understand. I shook my head that Calleman had to get a last desperate shot in . . . he wounds no one but himself. Jose has taken the great debate off the table. There will be no opposition on this earthly plain. There is only acceptance of what IS and KNOWING what will be. I don’t own a TV and therefore have seen no news of Jose’s departure. The media doesn’t see this as newsworthy and that also is as it should be. That they sensationalize the ugly for glorification, I purrrsonally prefer that those of us awakened to his great spirit within know his joy without splashing it all over the headlines. Thank you for your beautiful words and thoughts and heartfelt love as we head into the rest of this marvelous play knowing we have this spirit with us at all times.

  12. however this article seems dutch – it iz english:

    influence of urane on consciousness field attractors

    and WIND as well as STORM is URANE, according our beloved guide?


    just a snapshot from the ARKTURUS PROBE:


    Power of creation unifying two or more minds [and mindsets?]

    power of magic bringing together affects from one dimension or parallel universe to another;

    science for [generative?] binding together the patterns and effects of the thirteen dimensions;

    basic for science of pulsar riding, time travel, and time magic;

    available to thrid-dimensionals of Terra-gaia as boxed kit of tools for leaving third-dimensional time warp and engaging fourth-demensional holons.


    getting into 4th dimension beholds the 5th … [Beethoven]

  13. WOW , I just now found out about Valum Votan. Thankyou my saviour and giver of freedom, you are with me in my prayers. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, sing the songs “It’s not to late to re-deliberate plug in the positive “13MOONS” push out the negative “gregorian calendar” realign in natures time real time natures time. Valum’s message to the people of the southern cross rings in me, my next court appearance is on red overtone moon, Auckland district court. My not guilty plea due to insanity stems from a cultural disconnection
    from nature and natural time. Science is proving that what owns your
    time owns your mind. It is time to ask “why do we use an instrument of
    imperfect measure to coordinate the affairs of the world? We must
    consider that the calendar we follow affects our minds. “When we
    structure our lives by the artificial rhythm of the clock and 12 month
    calendar, we expose our central nervous system, and subsequent, our
    entire mental-emotional body to the frequency of a machine.I am once
    again before the courtss as a recidivist offender with a long list of
    guilty pleas, showing no history of wasting the courts time. I feel a
    J&J need to evaluate this science of time and it’s effects on the

  14. Crying in the library for our Lord, “Stay under the rainbow stay under the rainbow stay under the rainbow of the rising sun alpha omega beginning and end aotearoa new zealand cause its over for the gregorian calendar of death.” Cmon kin come on down

  15. Good to CU in Jah Cube KiwiAllegiance.
    Tower of Babel is being forced to surrender.
    My prayers n energy are with u!
    93.73.178.(with a strength partner 106:(P.V.C.S)


  16. 4’Th watch/Kin/169.kin 92/
    In watch/watching kin 93 come to be.
    Patience Transforms Conduct.
    Consuming Dualistic Thoughts az food.
    Holding Cube Presence.
    Waiting M-E-Y-E tURn.
    New relations.

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