Kin 93: Red Lunar Skywalker codes Solar Hunab Ku 21; Cube 15: Vision

BEN     Kin 93

Red Lunar Skywalker

Red Lunar Serpent
Blue Lunar Night Red Lunar Skywalker White Lunar Worldbridger
  Yellow Crystal Star
I polarise in order to explore
stabilizing wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the lunar tone of challenge.
I am guided by the power of life force.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
His Analog is Pacal Votan Clear Sign Lunar World-Bridger,  and his Hidden Power is Crystal Star.
Code=E 93 serves as a ‘World-Bridger’ between the Votans and oUR 441 Cube.  🙂
 93’s G-force is Resonant Eagle, resonating with today’s Cube 15:  Vision.
The PSI for Solar 21 is  Kin 183:  Magnetic Night 
Today’s Long Count Kin is Rhythmic  Seed.  5.6 plus 13.2 is 18.8, which is a special synchronicity for TMQ, Galactic Mirror; 18.8, whose Solar/Galactic Return is today  🙂 
 Her own Galactic Return falls one Bardo (49 days) after Valum Votan’s Disincarnation on Kin 89The first day after 11.11’s  Bardo will be the 11th day of the 11th Moon  🙂  [the time is now 11:11!]
13.2Whole body time transport is the capacity to extend through the now into continuing and super conscious. This is achieved through total holographic projection whose quality is proportionate to the vividness and completeness of the alternative fourth-dimensional personality to incorporate the third-dimensional internal body sensation usually referred to as “self”.”
      SILIO 21:  DISCHARGE;  HEART  Chakra04.gif


This image, sent in by  several Kin,  fits today’s Challenge, 2 (rainbow) Night  🙂

Here is the Eagle’s Vision of the Rainbow

Christine Electric Skywalker  shared this:

“it is the pURpose of the Enlightened elements of the Planetary consciousness to ride, and even be in advance of this accelerating excitation wave , spontaneously generating the call for a GALACTIC INTERVENTION to HELP CONCLUDE the BIOSPHERE-NOOSPHERE TRANSITION, now that the Human civilization is out of control.”

93  presents this: Arcturus Remembered: A Crystal Earth Network Projection

Most significantly, it was foreseen that there would be karmic consequence of the Martian Experiment manifesting at some future, undetermined point in the evolution of the blue planet—a kind of “repeat performance.” All of Arcturian understanding was to become concentrated on this future point, so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.”

************* The Mystery Queen  believes that this  “future point manifested on our  planet when the Fukushima catastrophe began with an explosion at the No. 1 plant at about 3:36 p.m.  on Kin 78:  Cosmic Mirror.

 Kin 11, Valum Votan passed into Spirit 11 days later, on the Kin that denotes ’emergency’:  9.11  ****************

This comment from today’s ‘Galactic Return’ Kin;  Code = E  shows this idea is in the Noosphere: 

Humans: time travelers lost on experimental third-dimensional colony.
Earth: third-dimensional anchor of lost Timeship.
Original mission: land Timeship 2013 on Earth and take action to keep Earth from being third planet in succession to blow out within local star system.
Target of original mission: Galactic Synchronization, AD 2013.

The first planet to blow was Maldek, which is now the Asteroid Belt.  Next was Mars, and now extraordinary effort,  cooperation and Planetary Magic  [here, and on the ‘other side’]  is needed to prevent that fate for Earth. 

Please see the  many  beautiful comments from 441 Cube of Truth Kin, which are so appreciated, on this  Hunab Ku 21    🙂     peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace

Thank You S’ace Solar Wind for this quote, so apropos for this Lunar 13 day: 

just a snapshot from the ARKTURUS PROBE    DREAMSPELL
Power of creation unifying two or more minds [and mindsets?]  power of magic bringing together affects from one dimension or parallel universe to another;  science for [generative?] binding together the patterns and effects of the thirteen dimensions;
basic for science of pulsar riding, time travel, and time magicavailable to thrid-dimensionals of Terra-gaia as boxed kit of tools for leaving third-dimensional time warp and engaging fourth-demensional holons”  Then S’ace 22 adds more ART to the equation:     getting into 4th dimension beholds the 5th … [Beethoven]”  🙂  

Kin 22 [2.9]  also notes: 11:11 perfectly fits twice in 22:22 which is sliced into 2:9 by this formula:  (22-20)::(22-13)”

Those are the numbers of two key Gregorian dates:  3/22/2011, which was 9 years and 19 days after Jose Arguelles was named Valum Votan (Heart of Nine) on the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan on 3/3/2002    [Galactic Seed, which codes 0UR Galactic Synchronization in 852 days.] (In the Southern Hemisphere, where Valum Votan ascended, the dates are each advanced a day]

11.11 and 8.10 [which coded the  Northern Hemisphere day of Valum Votan’s passing] = 19.8, which is Kin 99;  Galactic Storm

The G-force of  Spectral Moon is Galactic Storm, and 9 x 11 also equals 99.

19.8  links the two Hemispheres and the two Kins coding Valum Votan’s retURn to Spirit.  

19.8:  “By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious, the discovery of the Law of Time places everyone at God.”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. Hunab Ku 21  Cube 15:  VISION      GAP Kin 93


14 thoughts on “Kin 93: Red Lunar Skywalker codes Solar Hunab Ku 21; Cube 15: Vision

  1. Pacal Votan

    The Storm of Non-Ego
    93. O children of the day of truth, children of the people of the book, in the Storm is the sign of God’s power. To the Storm is assigned the power of nineteen, the mystic saturation of all number. 114 Suras, nineteen times six, the power of the Cube, are the number of Suras in the Holy Qur’an. 22 years after the finding of my Uranian crypt, Telektonon, came complete revelation of the Qur’an’s power of nineteen, Allah’s mercy. Nineteen more years then to unfold the karma of Allah’s prophet besieged by Babylonian conspiracy. Then comes the destined year nineteen, kin 144, hour of prophecy’s convergence, moment of the day of truth.

    Humbled s.(UR)V*V*ant
    Galactivation of Tollan in the Noo.

  2. Pacal Votan
    Telektonon: Instruction Manual:
    Page 5

    “Telektonon:Divine Revelation of Time

    Telektonon,the prophecy of Pacal Votan,is a divine Revelation,the last to be received and delivered before the closing of the Great Cycle of 26,000 years in the year 2012. This revelation began to be received July 26,1993,Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed,the first year of prophecy.

    Telektonon,Earth Spirit Speaking Tube,knowledge of the supreme law of time,is a revelation of the Cube of Law.Time has the power to reduce mountains to dust.The fourth dimension of time is greater than and includes the three dimensions of space.

    The Cube of the Law is the cosmology of time.The Cube of Law is self-existing and springs from it’s own intersection.This divine intersection consists of three simultaneous planes.

    1) The all foundation plane of mind.Mind is the root of time which originates,moves and dissolves all things.
    2) The plane of spirit. Spirit is the root of telepathy.Telepathy is the instantaneous order of mind as number.
    3) The plane of will. Will resonates order and is the root of atomic structure,both molecular and cellular.

    (Page 12.)
    The wisdom of Telektonon is profound. The timing of it’s release for our time represents an act of unfathomable compassion,of a love for humanity and truth so profound that is truly Miraculous!

    “Thirteen Baktuns,seven years,
    Your assignment is done:
    Mine has just begun.
    Your assignment was to lat down thirteen Baktuns;
    Mine is to weave to life thirteen moons,
    If you desire me enough to want all of me,
    Follow the path I have woven;
    Seven years,thirteen moons,28 days.
    Everything shall be remembered.
    Victory over Babylon Planet at last!
    Reunion of our love FOREVER.”

    93.22.115:(Blue Spectral Eagle)
    Intrinsic Rainbow Bridge Meditation Todaya(93) Silio, now that Votan is arching the Foundation from the Noosphere,back to Earth(10).

  3. Happy Galactic RetURn, Code=E 93 🙂

    Begin 4-day
    Harmonic 24 : OVERTONE OUTPUT : Express Intelligence of Radiance
    Codon 61 : INNER SPACE : Galactic Octave Resounds as Mind

    93 + 73 = 166 More evidence of Worldbridger sURvice!!

    C U all inside the Rainbow ((((((((o))))))))
    Melovia Crystal Moon

  4. From The Law of Time/-/

    To function as a unified field dispersed around the planet at the various “planetary light grid nodes,” the Galactic Synchronization Crews (GSC) need but a simple set of defining ground rules that anyone can follow. It matters not whether you are an advanced student of the Law of Time, or new to the 13 Moon calendar to form or be a member of a GSC.
    1. A Galactic Synchronization Crew may be defined as a group of three or more people who are attuned to the reality and meaning of 2012 as a climactic event that augurs a change in the frequency of time and a consequent mind shift. The purpose of this unprecedented shift is to prepare our terrestrial habitat for galactic synchronization.
    2. Galactic synchronization refers both to preparations for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, as well as the follow-up event of that name, Galactic Synchronization, July 26, 2013. While the Harmonic Convergence of 2012 will culminate the cycle of history with the celebration of the Rainbow Bridge, the Galactic Synchronization of July 26, 2013, will usher our planet into a new era of expanded cosmic consciousness through a formal linking with galactic intelligence. This moment will inaugurate the new era of the noosphere (mind of the Earth), when Earth is operating as a fully conscious vehicle of unification – Timeship Earth 2013.
    3. “Planetary light grid nodes” refer to the invisible network that connects all of the various sacred sites of our planet – and these are innumerable. Some are more obvious – like Mt. Shasta, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kenya, Uluru, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, or Teotihuacan – but most are only locally known. Wherever you are, you know where these sites might be – waterfalls, lakes, ancient trees, caves, springs, etc. The point is to identify and become familiar with them. As the time approaches you will be practicing certain meditations and visualizations at these sites, building up to the Big One. The point is to establish and deepen our connection with the Earth as the sacred carrier of our highest dreams.
    For the sake of coherence and unification a Galactic Synchronization Crew is unified by following or observing the following methods, practices or techniques:
    1. Thirteen Moon 28-day calendar. Following this calendar (synchronometer) puts you in the new 13:20 frequency and serves as the foundation placing all Galactic Synchronization Crew members on the same information base wherever they are. Programmed into the 13 Moon calendar are certain daily practices that give a common base for remaining synchronized. The most important of these include: Learning about the 7 radial plasmas in relation to your chakras, and coordinating your body with the daily tone and seal, while aligning the five principle chakras with the planet holon . There is a whole new language here called the synchronic order – placing your mind and body in the order of harmonic time. But it all starts with following the 13 Moon calendar.
    Seven Radial Plasmas

    • Holographic Transparency enact. Be the electron. Transubstantiate.

      The Council of Trent in its thirteenth session ending October 11, 1551, [Kin 91, Cosmic MonKEY 😉 ] defined transubstantiation as “that wonderful and singular conversion of the whole substance of the bread into the Body, and of the whole substance of the wine into the Blood – the species only of the bread and wine remaining – which conversion indeed the Catholic Church most aptly calls Transubstantiation”.[8] This council officially approved use of the term “transubstantiation” to express the Catholic Church’s teaching on the subject of the conversion of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist,[9] with the aim of safeguarding Christ’s presence as a literal truth, while emphasizing the fact that there is no change in the empirical appearances of the bread and wine.[10] It did not however impose the Aristotelian theory of substance and accidents: it spoke only of the “species” (the appearances), not the philosophical term “accidents”, and the word “substance” was in ecclesiastical use for many centuries before Aristotelian philosophy was adopted in the West,[11] as shown for instance by its use in the Nicene Creed which speaks of Christ having the same “οὐσία” (Greek) or “substantia” (Latin) as the Father.

      Love US.

      In Lak’ech,

      • Palm Sunday is Extra Magic T/URtle.

        Silio, Planetary 14, Planetary Wizard.

        Get yoUR PALM FRONDS o/UT!


  5. Thank you every one for continuing with the mission. 🙂

    I’m grateful to be a part of something so special.

    In Lak’ech –

    Galactic Seed 164

  6. “…so that when the conditions ripened for the repeat performance, the Arcturian agents this time would not be asleep, but standing ready, as it were, at their Violet Command Crystal Way-Stations.”

    Do you think that we are all Arcturian agents on the 3rd Dimensional side?

  7. Transmission:To James 164:
    Grateful that you checked back in:
    UR a very important anchor Kin to the Galactic Maya Dreamspell/:
    UR the Translation of TimeShipEarth(10) Decimal Point.
    We are Agents.
    Votan activates signal.
    Receiving the Signal we are Activated.
    We are Wide Awake.
    We realize Tollan as our Template
    We won’t be third dimensional for too much longer?
    For we are Maya,we breathe Prophecy.
    We reflect only Truth.
    Galactivation set in Motion.
    Releasing Karma to avoid Complication.
    Agent 93

  8. as an awakened state of mind illustration i would kindly offer this adventure with a ship of fools to the lawoftime organization …

    as u will see it includes Valum Votan as a member on board …

    we did not call for tickets ; it was all Arcturian Devoted …

    as u can see VOTAN was in a crypt of

    216 CIB8 ~ 2194 8IX10

    which can be denoted as
    216 CIB8 includes 14th seal – tone 8 (Galactic Wired) without any fear:
    a WARRIOR from TREEKWEAK spell … (DS+LC=3K)

    even more Arcturian Spiced might be 2194 (16?) and 8 IX 10
    2194 is the frequency of the wholly ship at the moment VV entered it …
    (anyone here can tell what the number spells?)
    my guess
    21 is the blackjack phenomenon actually alchemy of the Mother
    94 sums into 13; it definitely point to 9 daya a MOON ;
    4 iz about 4 phases :
    3×9 daya as a longterm exercise to reach “the short shot”
    1 GLORYdaya the slot opened on every 28th daya … which worldbridges 2 MOONs from a humen perspevctive

    8 IX 10 … points at the 9th cycle of 260 kin in TREEKWEAK (8 are done/realized)

    10 points at the digitalized world of choices, YIN & YANG into YOUTH

    the YOUTH PLANET is the EARTH having realized itself with Humans Awakening their Specie from Galactic Guidance; HA

    10 indeed points to MANIFESTATION trusting the PLANETARY TONE

    10 is also the DOG, the BAR~KING DOG loving the BLACK MONKEY …
    into HUMAN from MOON spiced WATER-IONS


  9. oops i forgot this remarkable sync:

    8 IX 10 … points at the 9th cycle of 260 kin in TREEKWEAK (8 are done/realized)

    the 9th tone of the IX wave is 22: BOLON IK : 11 doubled …

    and 11+22=33


    a BIRTH indeed!

    QUETZALCOATL deja vu~ness

    WAKE-UP and when u are … illuminate!

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