Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle codes the Solar Jaguar’s Lover’s Reunion on Seli 23

“… a very bright blue light … lit up the sky….like it was daylight…towards the end of its flight…it left a fiery tail”
 Sky This huge meteor lit up the skies of New Zealand around 11 p.m. [ 23:00] of the Planetary World-Bridger Watch6:10  codes the exact minute of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death.
[when TMQ tried several times to insert this into the blog, everything above would disappear- insisting on  ‘Top Billing’  :)]

MEN      Kin 95

Blue Self-Existing Eagle


Blue Self-existing Monkey
Red Self-existing Serpent Blue Self-existing Eagle Yellow Self-existing Seed
  White Planetary Worldbridger

I define in order to create
measuring mind.
I seal the output of vision
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of magic.
Analog 4 Seed coded the preceding year.  Today’s Guide, Self-Existing MonKEY, coded the ‘first’ 9/11.  The G-Force is Cosmic Dragon.  The PSI for Solar 23, 24 and 25  is Electric World-Bridger.  The Long Count, Galactic Hand combines with 15.4 to make Cosmic Wind.
15.4:  “Through the new subliminal conscious programs, experiments in mutual exchange and displacement commence, first at a terrestrial level, thence to the interplanetary, solar/stellar and galactic levels, initiating the expanded phase of galactic universal life time travel.  Mutual exchange and displacement represents a new level of spiritual evolution in which soul-identity merges holons into a collective radiosonic mass.”
15:  EagleCROWN;  SP-Jupiter .
SELI 23:  FLOW; ROOT  Chakra01.gif
UR EARTH  6:  Inner Earth Navigation Tower
Seli 23:  Second Solar Witness:  Cosmic Eagle
Second Mystic Moon:  Galactic Night
Pacal Votan*** Telektonon*** –/:95:/–95.  
“I am Pacal Votan, Time’s Special Witness, revealer of the Cube of the Law, devoted patron of the Mystery that is woman, the consummation of the telepathic power of 28,  known to me by name of Bolon Ik”.

Gratitude to  Code=E 93 and the2013 Time Space Earth Hunab Krew’.

              peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Go to fullsize image
The spectacular, auspiciously-timed meteor during the  Planetary World-Bridger; 6.10. marked the hour and minute of  Valum Votan’s Birth and Death, and this Jaguar’s Lover’s Reunion.
Tomorrow, Solar  24 marks the 7th day since Valum Votan crossed the Bridge from the material World to the World of Spirit.  
         peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace        
This 580th post [-520 =   PVCS 60; Galactic Sun] will be the last before a ‘Noospheric Pause’ until  Solar Mirror Moon Silio 28. 
Tomorrow,  [today in the Southern Hemisphere] Gamma 24 represents extended Cube 18: of Moon 18.9 Telepathic Meditation, and is coded by GAP Overtone Warrior
The Mystery Queen  invites Kin to join her in meditating upon Valum Votan’s Bardo Journey, precisely during the hour before 6:10 a.m. yoUR time,  each moURning.
Each day’s 13 Moon date and 5-part Oracle will continue to be posted here during the next 4 days, so that Kin can contribute  each day’s information, news and inspirations  🙂
We’ll be fully engaged again on Solar UR EARTH  7
Earth in Heaven Spirit Tower, which is coded by  a Magic Turtle Day  🙂
Until then, let’s join Valum Votan in TELEPATHIC MEDITATION.
Spectral Storm is the Challenge of the day, 9.11,  that Valum Votan chose to Disincarnate.
19.11:   “The spiritual evolution of the Dominion of Time augured by the discovery of the Law of Time is the Divine Return of mind to soURce.  By making unconscious what was unconscious, the order of the Dominion of Time evolves all bodies of time into the condition of Universal Transcension.  God is the magnet of Universal Transcension.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 23.               LOVER’S REUNION                  Kin 95

9 thoughts on “Kin 95: Blue Self-Existing Eagle codes the Solar Jaguar’s Lover’s Reunion on Seli 23

  1. Widespread Panic

    I’m Not Alone

    I see what I do, first look at the phone
    Turn on your TV
    Unscrew a bottle of beer,
    An orange square cellophane cheese
    First I think of this, and then I turn to that
    Maybe I just don’t think
    Might sing to this, I might sing to that
    If I could only sing
    Now, as you can see
    This clearly isn’t me
    I’m not alone, I’m just blue
    I’m not alone
    There was a day when I was alone
    A few sane days ago
    There was a love I’ve been living with
    That I lost on the way home
    First I thought of this
    And then I turn to that
    And then I turn a little bit scared
    Well, I feel a little bit easier
    Knowing that you’re here
    Now, as you can see
    This clearly isn’t me
    I’m not alone, I’m just blue
    I’m not alone
    First I think of this
    Then I turn to that
    Then I turn a little scared
    I feel a little easier now
    Knowing that you’re all here
    Now, as you can see
    This clearly isn’t me
    I’m not alone, I’m just blue
    I’m just BLUE.


  2. Eye got here in the silliest way possible. Have had multiple joke synchs over the coURse of the daya – Viking Bikers [One seen riding down the street, one a joke on The Daily Show, todaya 😉 ] Two utterly unrelated Worm jokes?

    They compose 90% of Seafloor [Mirror point] life…mUSt enact conscious thought bridge to species.

    Biological circuit Zuvuya – Nematode

    The nematodes (pronounced /ˈnɛmətoʊdz/) or roundworms (phylum Nematoda) are the most diverse phylum of pseudocoelomates, and one of the most diverse of all animals. Nematode species are very difficult to distinguish; over 28,000 have been described,[1] of which over 16,000 are parasitic. It has been estimated that the total number of nematode species might be approximately 1,000,000.[2] Unlike cnidarians or flatworms, roundworms have a digestive system that is like a tube with openings at both ends.

    Nematodes have successfully adapted to nearly every ecosystem from marine to fresh water, from the polar regions to the tropics, as well as the highest to the lowest of elevations. They are ubiquitous in freshwater, marine, and terrestrial environments, where they often outnumber other animals in both individual and species counts, and are found in locations as diverse as mountains, deserts and oceanic trenches. They represent, for example, 90% of all life on the seafloor of the Earth.[3] Their many parasitic forms include pathogens in most plants and animals (including humans). Some nematodes can undergo cryptobiosis.

    Cryptobiosis is an ametabolic state of life entered by an organism in response to adverse environmental conditions such as desiccation, freezing, and oxygen deficiency. In the cryptobiotic state, all metabolic procedures stop, preventing reproduction, development, and repair. An organism in a cryptobiotic state can essentially live indefinitely until environmental conditions return to being hospitable. When this occurs, the organism will return to its metabolic state of life as it was prior to the cryptobiosis.

    They {We} are a MEMBRANE that has forgotten US.

    Good Morning program enact.


  3. Planet V23.1

    The good stuff is still on its way. The orbiter took 363 more images of the planet’s surface in the six hours after this first image was captured, and is in the process of downlinking them to Earth. These initial images are part of the commissioning phase, to make sure all the instruments are working. The true-science phase of the mission begins April 4, Magic T/URtle Kin 101 Planetary Dragon. It calls for 75,000 more images before the orbiter’s science goals are complete.

    Interplanetary Communication Re-assimilation Program enact. 😉 All hail the Messender Mercury – fleet of foot and God/Element/Kin 80 Lunar Sun guided by Free Will. 😉


  4. Pacal Votan

    96. Pacal Votan am I, enigma to your men of reason. My existence is proof of the workings of higher law. Telepathy is participation in God’s knowing, but is no cause to claim full knowledge of his powers. Prophecy, too, is natural law, the compliment to God’s mercy.


  5. This day (Kin 96 3/30/2011) is my Cosmic Dragon mom’s 83rd birthday. Kind of neat that the Analog Kin is 83, and that 221 + 83 = 304/44, which is the Guide. Finally, Kin 96 + Kin 221 = 317, which reduces to Pacal Votan Clear Sign Kin 57 Overtone Earth. Which happens to be todaya’s All-In Kin. Pretty auspicious, mama! 🙂

  6. Postulate 16.5

    The unconscious preorganic order of T(E)=Art(domain of potentiality) resulting in the primary objective structure of the crystal is completed in the curve of ascent where the subliminal post-organic order of T(E)=Art results in the ultimate self-reflective projective structure of the “SOUL BOAT”. The “Soul Boat” is a radiosonic crystalline projection of the order of time super consciously self realized.


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