Kin 97: Red Rhythmic Earth codes Solar Mirror 25; ‘Cube 19’: Self-Generation Recharge

CABAN   Kin 97

Red Rhythmic Earth

Red Rhytmic Earth
Blue Rhytmic Hand Red Rhytmic Earth White Rhytmic Wind
  Yellow Galactic Seed
I organise in order to evolve
balancing synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Occult=164=Galactic Synchronization 2013/James”  🙂
 Today’s G-Force and Antipode is Rhythmic Hand
The CDK is 4.7:  Resonant Seed, the current combined annual Kin of TMQ and Valum Votan [6.5+13.2]
The Long Count is Kin 49 [Planetary Moon] and this is the 8th day of Valum Votan’s  49 day Bardo JoURney, which began at 6:10 a.m.  on 9.11.
17.6The Galactic Federation of hyperdimensional mind is the future order and organization of all conscious intelligently ramified in degrees and ranks,  stored according to a comprehensive knowledge of all phases of the evolutionary spectrum constituting the galactic brain.  The only purpose of the Galactic Federation is to increase awareness of God and the divine order, which can only be effected through subliminal feedback to input from the lower orders of time.”
On this 8th day since the ascension of oUR Beloved Valum Votan on the 58th day of his 72nd year, Code=E 93 synchronistically shares this telling passage from page 58 of Valum Votan’s The Mayan Factor” discussing tone 8’s quality of Harmonizing:
“… if the name of the galactic game is superior, intelligent harmonization, it must be played so that the local intelligence is taught or shown how it works in such manner that it comes to its own conclusions…..the code’s chief command would be to do nothing to further any notion of duality or separateness
93, yoUR discernment is cherished, especially  choosing the preceding  from a book TMQ gave away [to the two 21 year-old embodiers of 13:20 time]  🙂  And, Thank You for the following:
Pacal Votan…Telektonon  97

0-19 is my code. In it are all demonstrations of the wisdom that is always close and near,  but which comprehends the web of galactic being and all forms of its natural orders in time. Just as Nineteen is the power of God’s mercy, so zero is the fullness and emptiness all at once which characterise the nature of mind and all it can know.”

Kin 19 [Rhythmic Storm] is the G-Force and Antipode of Rhythmic Moon, which codes  Day 19;  Cube 13:  Prophecy of each Moon. The world honored Valum Votan on the 19th day of this Solar Mirror MoonKin 19 codes  the combined Kins of TMQ and Valum Votan during the last full Solar Ring of his life [6.4 + 13.2 = 19.6]

19.6:  “The Synchronic Order of the Uni-Verse, maintained by the functioning of the Law of Time defines the ‘DIVINE PLAN“.  Prior to the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine Plan unfolds in the cosmic conscious, becoming self-reflectively known to the intelligence of evolving bodies in time only as Revelation.”

Valum Votan’s last known Revelation began 160 days ago, on GAP Kin 197:  Red Lunar Earth.

On Rhythmic Earth [yesterday, here]  TMQ learned from Kin 160 [Lore 4 Sun] that Stephanie South  [initials = 19.19= 19.6  :)] 3 Serpent  is completing Cosmic History Chronicle Volume 7:  Book of the Cube  🙂   peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Our 441-144 Cube of Truth sends oUR Love and EncoURagement to Stephanie, who is completing her mission during these challenging times. 

Cosmic History Chronicle  7;  Book of the Cube is for this 

Solar Ring of the Red Overtone Moon, 2010-2011”  

From the Law of Time, Code=E 93 share this about this 7th year of The Mystery of the Stone:

“…For those following the codes of the Law of Time, this year we enter the final stage of the greater telepathic quantum – the Mental Electron Neutron that codes the crystal core at the center of the Earth. This means we are at the conclusion of putting together the purified planetary telepathic God particle.   This will be a truly momentous year. There is no longer any return, and nothing to go back to anyway. The game is over for the old world.   To purify and attend to the flow of the 13:20 time and its telepathic codes is the only course to follow if we are to fulfill and live by the true power of spiritual transformation!”

N. S.  1. 23. 9. 25.       Cube 19:  SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE     Kin 97

5 thoughts on “Kin 97: Red Rhythmic Earth codes Solar Mirror 25; ‘Cube 19’: Self-Generation Recharge

  1. Kin 97 begins 4-day
    HARMONIC 25 : Solar Matrix : Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Intention
    Corresponding with
    CODON 40 : Heart’s Release : Cosmic Order RetURns to Heart of Earth

    * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Perhaps not for everyone, but there were so many interesting numbers mentioned in this article I had to link it:

    “Cosmic Cube Circuit 10.6: THE QUEEN’S PRINTER”:

  2. we might remember the 8.9 measured earthquake near Japan …

    here iz a snapshot in the Arcturus Probe:

    8. Telepathy and Natural Government 20
    9. Arcturus Dominion: The Probe Aroused 22

    the first chapter 8 is printed on page 20

    the second ONE, 9, is printed on page 22

    can this be a clue to KIN who dig down deeper on FATE …

    and (howww) is it related to the Queens Printer?

  3. Pacal Votan

    98. Lord Buddha called this power of zero, Sunyata. The special voice of Buddha, Padmasambhava, whose life span followed mine, exactly as Muhammad’s preceded it, knew this Sunyata to be the basis of non-ego.



    As we think about solar rings – the rings of Saturn are now beginning to shine brighter due as it moves into opposition to the Sun – “opposite to the Sun in the skies of Earth.” The site notes that the rings will reach their brightest on Sunday, April 3… and where to look in the sky. I’m hoping for clear skies in Seattle, so I can see it in my sky binoculars!

    I would also like to share what I see as evidence of growing energy and one-ness all around me. It’s been a week of up and down chaos, though each time I turn my thoughts toward seeing all as a blessing – solutions and blessings ‘magically’ appear.

    Also – a new TV show previewed last night – “Mobbed”. Howie Mandell’s new reality show brought thousands of people together to break into song and dance for a marriage proposal and wedding. Seeing so many people focusing their love at these two was a beautiful demonstration of the joy of people coming together to direct their love. I was overcome by the joy of it.

    If you have a chance to see it online, it would be so worth while.

    Jaguar Woman

  5. Greetings Kin 🙂

    The Galactic Storm blog was completed hoURs ago, but there is a problem with WordPress in actually posting it.

    Hopefully soon…

    Love to all,
    Kin 138

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