Kin 98: White Resonant Mirror codes Solar Alpha 26

Etznab          April 1, 2011

Kin 98           

 White Resonant Mirror

White Resonant Dog
Yellow Resonant Star White Resonant Mirror Red Resonant Dragon
  Blue Resonant Night
I channel in order to reflect
inspiring order.
I seal the matrix of endlessness
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of heart.
Happy Galactic Return to Debra  🙂  Scott’s Kin; Resonant Star codes today’s  Challenge.  The Occult, Resonant Night codes the 2013 Day-out-of-Time.   The G-Force is Solar Sun.
18.7:  “Choice of entry to parallel universes is dependent on evolution into pure mind. The choice to continue the experience of subliminal angelhood is conferred by God as a reward for striving. The striving of angelhood for reassignment in a parallel universe is a function of the moral value known as Bodhisattva, enlightenment being.”
      ALPHA  26:   RELEASE; THROAT Chakra05.gif
Pacal Votan…Telektonon…/-98-/..  via 93:
 98.   “Lord Buddha called this power of zero, Sunyata.  The special voice of Buddha,  Padmasambhava, whose life span followed mine, exactly as Muhammad‘s preceded it, knew this Sunyata to be the basis of non-ego.”
  April 1, 2011 – JAPAN
“By taking more than 70 million observations during its first 2 years in orbit, a limousine-length satellite has given scientists their most detailed map yet of Earth’s gravitational field. The lumpiness of that geoid—the theoretical surface that a planet-wide ocean would take if there were no tides or currents—betrays the irregularity of the planet’s mass distribution, including concentrations of mass such as mountain ranges and ice sheets. Yellows and reds mark areas of higher-than-normal gravitational strength; blue shades are lower than normal”
Today’s Gregorian date; 4/1 can translate into 41, “The Interval of God“.  4.1 is Kin 144, Magnetic Seed.  Today is also known as April Fool’s Day, as discussed in the post one year ago.  On the last day of this Gregorian month is Beltane, bridging into May Day  [the last two days of the Planetary Dog Moon of  Love  :)]  Today, this comment on last year’s May 1 blog arrived from Celestial Elf:
“Wonderful Post thank you:  D thought you might enjoy my Beltane Blessing machinima film“:
Bright Blessings  elf ~   
Thank you Dear Elf  🙂   The length of this beautiful and magical video is  7:25,  reminding us of oUR most special ‘holiday’:  The Day-out-of-Time on 7/25  [Also enjoy  the info below the  Beltane Blessing film]  The Celestial Elf’s blog: beautifully illustrates aspects of the Goddess, whom we were reminded of through  Melovia 129′s link on Kin 97.
Synchronistically, Debra Jaguar Woman, on her Galactic Return,  Reflected a lovely comment, in which she shares:  “evidence of growing energy and one-ness all around me“.  Kin 98‘s comment also Resonates with the theme with which the Beltane film ends  🙂  “…new reality show brought thousands of people together to break into song and dance for a marriage proposal and wedding.   Seeing so many people focusing their love at these two was a beautiful demonstration of the joy of people coming together to direct their LOVE.”
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 26.       Cube 20:  ENLIGHTENMENT RECHARGE       Kin 98

9 thoughts on “Kin 98: White Resonant Mirror codes Solar Alpha 26

  1. Happy galactic return 98:Debra!

    Eye received the Arcturus Probe,by Valum Votan,Todaya.
    Upon opening a rush of overwhelming feeling of Mixed Emotion-Recapping Memory took me to a place of Uncontrolable Tears Filling my Eyes,literally gasping for Air.?

    Arcturus Probe:
    Valum Votan:
    Page 3:
    “First of all,you must know who “we” are:Arcturians,naturally from Arcturus-40 light-years away,by your physical standards,sixth brightest star in your heavens,star of flashers,Hokulea,the purple star of the Bootes.We are not neccessarily carbon-based like you are,but function radiosonically.We come to you from neither the past nor the future,but operate sideways,surrounding you. We flicker where you cannot see.We sound where you cannot hear. We tickle where you cannot feel. What you have gleaned of us,you pass off as myth or fancy,but that is only because you have not coped with your major delusion:::DeathFear.”

    Oh beloved Votan may I be UR humbled SerV.V.ant!

  2. having 9.28
    makes me remind kin to the kweakspell other setting on 28: is kweakspell telling 4.0 marks the mystery about
    Daya of Moon Experience aka GLORYdaya
    just a repetition igniting open bodies & mindsets

    Day out of Time just is a catalyser into the 4yearcycle setting of time:
    LEAPday is to be placed in the trinity of 13.4.0 – GLORYdaya of the TORTUGA moon , 13.4.1 – Daya of SUN experience & 13.4.2 Daya of TIME experience in 2012 …

    focus the schedule that pivotes all that makes human specie align to the DreamSpell / Birth calendar

    just my 3 cents as dimes’

  3. Pacal Votan

    99. If you would know me and all that I witness for you in this hour of judgement, children of the dawn, people of the book, then practice the being that is non-ego.


  4. Kin 99:
    Postulate 19.8

    By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious,the discovery of The Law of Time places EVERYONE at God.

    73.93.>>>>106…Signal Point of 10 Daya,upcoming 10 Daya G.A.P RUN.


  5. ARC–means–(the highest measure)–
    TU–means–(signifies what binds)–
    RUS–refers to(the power of ordering in a harmonic manner)–


    • Kin 99 was G-Force of the day V.V. discarnated 10 dayas ago
      Analog P.V.C.S. Kin 60
      PSI/Long Count
      155/51 both Crystal tone G.A.P.s (G-Force Crystal Skywalker)

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