Kin 99: Blue Galactic Storm codes Solar Limi 27 and Hunab KUbe 21


Kin 99

CUAUC   Kin 99  4/2/11

Blue Galactic Storm

Blue Galactic Night
Red Galactic Moon Blue Galactic Storm Yellow Galactic Sun
  White Rhytmic Wind
I harmonise in order to catalyze
modeling energy.
I seal the matrix of self-generation
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
Today’s Analog is PVCS Galactic Sun
Crystal Skywalker is the G-Force, and the PSI for the last 3 days of each Solar Moon is Crystal Eagle 
The Long Count is Crystal MonKEY, which codes Madame BlavatsKEY.
19.8“By making conscious what had been previously unknown and unconscious,the discovery of The Law of Time places EVERYONE at God.”
Pacal Votan…Telektonon…–:99:–
 99:  If you would know me and all that I witness for you in this hour of judgement, children of the dawn, people of the book, then practice the being that is non-ego.”  2013TimeAgentPluto(388)HunabKrew. [Thanks 93  :)]


9 is the special number of Pacal Votan Today, we have ‘the most 9’s possible’ .

Today is the 27th [9 x 3] day of the 9th Moon, coded by 18.9 [3 more 9’s].  Today’s Kin # [99] contains two more s.

Here is a reminder of the Nine Lords of Time  who guard the Tomb of Pacal Votan, inside it’s 9-storied Pyramid.  Pacal Votan was born on Gregorian 8/1 [8+1 = 9] in year 603 [6+3=9].  By Pacal Votan’s decree, there was a between  his Disincarnation and the Dedication of Pacal Votan’s Tomb in 692, which was the Mayan date of :

Today, Galactic Storm, is the G-Force of the kin coding Valum Votan’s Disincarnation on Spectral Moon, 9.11.  Kin 99 also  is signified by the factor of 9.11:  9×11= 99The Seals coding their two Disincarnations also denote Nines:  18 [PV on 18.6]  and 9.  Together those seals equal 27,  for today’s 13 Moon date, and for  Pacal Votan’s most recent Solar-Galactic Return, his 27th, on Magnetic 7 in 2007

19.13“All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”


Valum Votan came from Arcturus, and as Code=E 93 relays from the “Arcturus Probe” by Valum Votan:

ARC–means–(the highest measure)–
TU–means–(signifies what binds)–
RUS–refers to (the power of ordering in a harmonic manner)–”


“Comparison between Arcturus, red supergiant Antares, and the Sun. The black circle is the size of the orbit of Mars.”

Arcturus, the 6th brightest stars in our sky passes directly over Hawaii, where it is called Hokulea

For this day guided by Galactic Night, here is a photo of the beautiful Aurora that appeared over Norway the night after Valum Votan ascended.  [‘the night’ insists on remaining in red, for some [technical?] reason.]

LIMI 27:  PURIFY,  SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra03.gif
The 27th day of each Moon is telepathically connected to the 6th Solar Witness; Kin 199:  Self-Existing Storm, and to the 6th Mystic Moon, which is coded by Kin 207.  207, Blue Crystal Hand codes the 2012 Solstice, when the 13 Baktuns end in 629 days.
The TFI of 629 [-441]  is 188.  629 – 520 = 109, which codes this Overtone Moon year, and the number of days between Valum Votan’s Death and Kin 198 [another way to interpret 19.8 the 5th Solar Witness  on Cosmic 14 [TMQ’s Solar Birthday]The 27th day also corresponds to the extended Cube day of Hunab Ku 21This Cube comes from the website [ ]
“This all but gave me wings and my home long gone,  you know, like crypton…” 
Welcome to oUR 441 Cube of Truth,  David!  Today is a great day to check out his site, where he discusses an ancient Cube“.  🙂
The time at this moment [per the time this post was just saved] is  12:21:21,
for another Nine; the Solstice date;  and a 21 squared for 441 [=9]  🙂 peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace
N. S.  1. 23. 9. 27.       Cube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY        Kin 99

8 thoughts on “Kin 99: Blue Galactic Storm codes Solar Limi 27 and Hunab KUbe 21


    Oui have been here before. Do we reject the mechanism?

    I harmonise in order to catalyze
    modeling energy.
    I seal the matrix of self-generation
    with the galactic tone of integrity.
    I am guided by the power of abundance.

    This is the time of benevolent vigilance, we the fractal witness to the evolv-in-g natURe of this construct. We will not fail this arc -this is the time of the Ra-in-bow bridge. Unquestionable. Here comes the NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE NINE Solar Sun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. Blessed New Moon to all! Surf’s up, Kin!

    “Barbara Hand Clow
    (view chart for aries new moon:

    The Aries New Moon has arrived! Since we’ve just created new intentions during the equinox to steer a new course this year, it’s time to activate our creativity as much as possible. The 2011 New Moon in Aries is the big activator! With the Moon and five planets in Aries, closely opposite Saturn in Libra forming a wide T-square to Pluto in Capricorn, we are in for a wild ride this spring. Adding in the preceding planets in Pisces, we have a classic bucket chart: Saturn holds the handle with the other planets in the bucket, except Pluto is where the liquid pours out. Things are going to go so fast, that before this month is over, you may hardly be able to remember what you were doing just a few minutes ago. Nobody is going to escape radical change during this lunation; the more you can anticipate this one the better.

    I begin right away with the astrological analysis of the New Moon chart because it is such an astonishing set-up for activating our species. I will use the analysis to put this lunation in the context of the world.

    A chart like this one means we must think very deeply about what is most likely to soon be coming up in our lives based on what’s going on right now because mastering and utilizing this chart’s potential can help you stay in balance and keep you moving along amidst the chaos. Great skiers and surfers just ride the snow and waves with no hesitations because they’ve learned how to just go with the flow. We are riding the waves of the collapse of technological industrial civilization, just like snow and waves; yet, all these flowing fields of energy are functioning by fractal geometry. Any one of us can navigate realities by using sixth-dimensional geometry instead of being a confused victim in the third dimension; it’s a clear choice.

    Read more: eternal godliness | Aries New Moon: April 3, 2011 | Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

  3. I was so inspired last night by a wonderful video by Drunvalo Melchizedek – “2012, The Prophecies from the Heart.”

    His principle message talked about the importance of living and dreaming from the heart… that teachings such as The Secret and the Law of Attraction err in the principle idea that through ‘mind-full’ intention we can draw to us what we desire. He said that our intentions must come from the heart where duality doesn’t exist, or we will draw both what we desire and also what we don’t desire. Only by centering in our hearts can we truly rely on intentions that will bring joy to our hearts and true unconditional love for everyone and for all of life’s experiences.

    His closing comments were so uplifting – I wrote down so that I could return to them again and again.

    “This is an exciting time to be alive. This is a time of great joy.

    Don’t hold on to the old way because the old way is going to go, right before your eyes. But right before your eyes something new and beautiful and brilliant is going to appear. Know that this is for YOU, and your family, and for YOUR life. It’s not star wars, it is evolution. It is part of the cosmic DNA that has been planted from the beginning.

    You will remember everything you need to remember. You are perfect RIGHT NOW. Even though you may not think so – You may think, “I can’t pay my bills, I can’t even figure out how to keep a relationship going… my children are in trouble…”
    Yes, I know. We are all going through that.

    But, inside of you is a brilliant light, and that light IS going to emerge out of you at the right moment at the right time and ALL you have to do is BELIEVE and WAIT and it WILL all happen.

    There is no reason for fear – only reason for joy. It won’t be long before we reach another level of existence where we will all understand everything.”

    Dear TMQ – I am so grateful for all the effort you put forth here and for the intentions of your heart. Much love and light sent in your direction for physical healing, and in lak’ech to all who seek healing.

    Jaguar Woman

    • Thank u so much for sharing this, Jaguar Woman! What a wonderful gift for yoUR Galactic RetURn (belated best wishes, btw 🙂 ) Happy Noo Moon! (How awesome is it that the ‘calendar’ and celestial Noo Moons are in sync!)

      • THANK YOU, Melovia – the birthday wishes are so appreciated. This one seemed to catch up with me before I realized it was even coming. As I look back on that day in my almanac, I see “I am guided by power of the heart.” Sometimes I can feel so off-track, feeling I’m not enough – then the synchronicites of the calendar reminds me that we are ALL already enough and part of the divine flow. Many blessings back to you, in lak’ech.


    • Dear Debra Jaguar Woman;

      Your gratitude is greatly appreciated 🙂
      Mention of my ‘physical healing’ already has caused some Kin to write me with concern, and has also caused me some curiosity.

      My health is excellent, and I am more energized and motivated than ever!

      But, it’s always wonderful to receive Love and Light 🙂

      Thank You Debra, for that, and for all that you contribute.
      Enjoy the last day of ‘yoUR’ Jaguar Moon

      Love and Light,

  4. Pacal Votan

    The Ecstasy of Deliverance
    100. Because I repose on Telektonon, the mother of all prophecy, mine is the ecstasy of deliverance. With a mind of non-ego clasped to the heart of God I have sent out my message of the Mayan Apocalypse. By relinquishing the calendar of twelve and leaving the prison of mechanised time, God’s mercy will come swiftly to you.


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