GAP Kin 107: Blue Electric Hand codes the beginning of the PLANETARY Storm SPIRIT WARRIOR’s Cube JoURrney

It feels awesome  and fulfilling to wake up this morning to  all of yoUR  WONDERFUL comments!  🙂

Your comments today show that we are all, in various ways, intuiting the significance of  these 9 days {Nine is Votan’s sacred number] of 3 Sacred Cycles that synchronize beginning today

The Cube Journey coinciding with the 9 remaining Galactic Activation Portals  during Valum Votan’s Bardo.

It’s interesting to note that today, Valum Votan’s seal 11 plus the day’s seal 7 = 18, on day 18 of his 49 day Bardo.

Additionally,  Galactic Mirror, 18.8 plus today 7.3 equals Pacal Votan Clear Sign 5.11 [Spectral Serpent].  Valum Votan’s Bardo ends on 5/11/11, which is coded by 18.8

Synchronistically,  TMQ, Galactic Mirror determined nearly a year ago that 5/11 [May 11] is the Gregorian date of Pacal Votan’s DisincarnationThe Bardo of Valum Votan, the third incarnation of Pacal Votan, will end on the 1328th Anniversary of Pacal Votan’s Disincarnation!  Readers will know this indicates 13 [Moons] of 28 [days]  🙂

MANIK       Kin 107

Blue Electric Hand

Blue Electric Monkey
Red Electric Earth Blue Electric Hand Yellow Electric Human
  White Spectral Wizard
I activate in order to know
bonding healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of magic.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Of coURse it’s perfect that this unique, triply sacred  period begins on the day guided by PVCS 11.3, Electric MonKEY
 TMQ first learned of Bardo’s while reading of the 49 days that Valum Votan and Lloydine spent in grief, in the Spirit world, following the sudden death of 21-year-old Josh Arguelles
Valum Votan and Stephanie South happened to visit TMQ on the day she had awakened from a dream of Paul McCartney.
She related how upon awakening, she did a search to discover McCartney’s Galactic Signature.  To her surprise, it happened to be his Solar Birthday that day! [it was June 19th here, but  6/18 in the U.K where Paul was born, in 1942.]
{Weird…Just now I went to see Paul’s Long Count, {Electric World-Bridger}and of course saw the numbers 6[Rhythmic] 18 [Mirror] because the site is showing yesterday’s Long Count!  Also serves as another reminder of  Pacal Votan’s Death on PVCS Rhythmic Mirror  :)}
When TMQ told V.V. and S.S. that Paul McCartney’s Galactic Signature was PVCS Electric MonKEY, she began sobbing when Valum Votan said his deceased son Josh was also an Electric MonKEY.  (This was after she had been viewing photos of Father and Son in the just-published Spanish edition of Stephanie’s Biography of Valum Votan, which they had kindly brought for her to see that day)
Today’s G-Force is Kin 101:  Planetary Dragon, and the PSI is Self-Existing World-Bridger, which coded Valum Votan’s last full Solar Spin on oUR EarthThe Long Count is 19.7, Resonant Storm, which codes the year containing the Closing of the Cycle and the Seven Mystic Moons until oUR Galactic Synchronization in 2013.
7.3.   “The regularization of daily time according to the biological 28-day, thirteen moon cycle, establishes the most common incidences of celestial harmonics. These celestial harmonics are functions of the fourth-dimensional number powers, 4, 5, 7, 13, 14, and 20 (28). By regularizing the biological order, the cyclic power of time becomes transparent and enlightens the continuing conscious with form-patterns of meaning in accord with the autonomy of the consciousness accessing the forms.
Today, Code=E  93 shared Telektonon Verse 106, which also mentions the 13 and 28:

106“O people of the dawn, people of the book, children of the day of truth, make yourselves as one again and do not doubt the accuracy of the appointed hour on the day Lunar Moon!  Synchronise now, and in all humility accept God’s plan, 28 days, thirteen moons, plus one day for deliverance and forgiveness”.

SILIO 7:  DISCHARGE;  HEART  Chakra04.gif
Your comments indicate that today we’ll examine the shortest of the 3 concURrent cycles:  The remaining Nine  Galactic Activation Portals.

Debra 7 Mirror wrote:  “I would be interested to know the experiences and perceptions of others regarding the 10-day activation portal series we have just entered. I have always experienced them as a supercharged time of inspiration…”

  Ani 62 shared:  “Regarding this 10 day GAP period, I am expectant that something divine or fortuitous or extraordinary or inspiring or creative or illuminating will happen. I am highly attuned to the energies of this period

Code=E 93 addressed all three Cycles in his comment:

“Eye Feel that we are in a Major Form of Downloading.With Lord Votan in the Noosphere.  These are the days for high levels of transmission, from 4-Dback to 3-D.
Pacal Votan Clear Sign!  Signal download Activated.  GM108X.
Flux tube Connector.   Feel the repair of The Uranus>>Earth speaking Tube.
Continual,conscious,constant relation of 441.Truth.
As a G.A..P. I reAlize the alignment of the Galactic Federation, Mayan Engineers on that particular G.A.P.. That information, that particular knowledge, Direction and ancient Way of Living is made Clear.
Aligning my Intent. My Liberation. My Integrity. With that of Votan!
Stay close with Votan is what this 10-kin-G.A.P. Is telling me.
Easier days to release baggage. Free my soul, Allow it to breathe.
All say this,every question I have ever had about Anything has been answURed By Votan.
So I guess I have to say….It’s all about Votan and oUR alignment for his Will of Passage.
 In “Book of the Transcendence“, Valum Votan and Stephanie South offer information that can give us a purposeful focus during these Galactic Activation Portals.  [From Chapter 1; CHC VI]
[26]  “By recognizing that [oUR] individual life is the basic operating unit of the life of the Cosmos, then we can raise our sights to collective transcendence and cosmic unification…”
[27]  “Let’s now expand our lens to encompass the whole collective mind of Earth:  the Noosphere.  To understand the Noosphere, we must first understand the Universe and the purpose and nature of the Galaxy.”
[34]  “This Universe in its entirety is an elightenment body projected as a complex thoughform….
[35]  “…a complex entity whose beams of thought whisper as spinning pools;  each spinning spool is a galaxy, and each spinning galaxy is a gigantic thought molecule.”
[37]  “Think of our galaxy as a galactic being composed of a Cosmic thought molecule:  The form and structure of a mental entity of the universe, a living being.”
[38]  “The stars are thought atoms….”
[42]  “This local star system can be thought of as the thought atom within which we are revolving and evolving.  The planet [Earth] is an electron or little magnetic nanocore of the evolvement of the self-reflective quantum-the human.  This electron rotates around the star [our Sun] or thought nucleus.”
[40]  “Are we like those transistorized micro-nanochips into which numerous complex functions have been programmed?”
[44]  “Our mission as relective transistorized subatomic quanta is to unify into a single thought reflex”
[6]  “The Divine calls upon the Human in order to realize itself.  Only a few, at this time can…realize themselves as interplanetary vortex transmitter-receivers within the Solar System, and ultimately in other parts of the Universe.”
[7]  “It is the duty of those who hear the call to surrender and merge with the cosmic energies that are currently working for the Liberation of Earth.”
As Ani 62 wrote:  “Grace to us all”  during this extraordinary time.
N. S.  1. 23. 10. 7.     Cube One:  MEMORY           GAP Kin 107

20 thoughts on “GAP Kin 107: Blue Electric Hand codes the beginning of the PLANETARY Storm SPIRIT WARRIOR’s Cube JoURrney

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t think the title of Lord is appropriate. Brother genius oneness, but not Lord.

  2. i wondered about this notion:

    9 days {Nine is Votan’s sacred number] of 3 Sacred Cycles that synchronize beginning today:

    why did VV not hang on to the 9 daya a week – a kweak – method to fulfill a 28 daya period in 3×9+1 daya?


    in a wonderful composition the 13 synchronize the 3 collaborative cycle 13 12 11 with the more individual 9 …

    (do i see 911 – as a pivotal historic shiftmoment, as U all here, dear KIN)

    10 is also the planetary tone as well the resonant theme forall binary codes: the digitalized world flattening in order to boost timespaces into the greater human performance

    aha 10 is the number representing the MOONDOG and not the DOGMONKEY – who was dominating for quite a while pulsing into the better understanding … for what is given to us as a specie – or gathered galactic communities

    in kweak (3rd cycle means +520 kin) we have those 10 GAPS as numbers
    626 627 628 629 630 631 632 633 634 635
    where 630 is the birdY according kweak-stand’arts

    627 is in kweaknumbers
    overtone moon (629!) – DOG-moon – LOVEkweak – SIRdaya

    can this be true and validaty consistency ?

  3. when we see and consume E 93

    we might immediately resonate on E3 …

    the cubic and rounded version of about the same figure …

    but then what does it originate from ?


    my idea?

    well, does anybody set free his/her idea first?

    waving the communicative wires as waves go bye?

  4. Pacal Votan

    107. Pardon now in public your enemy’s indiscretions, and make full confession of your own transgressions. If you are sincere, God will see this in your heart and by his mercy many will follow your way; and if you proclaim for the cause of righteousness and truth, a new beginning and a new time, Telektonon, the thirteen moon way, and you enjoin others to do likewise, then God will know this, too, and make you a great general in the holy victory march.


  5. This seemed to resonate with oUR Alpha G.A.P. run:

    “Alpha Life Trends
    … Jupiter connecting with Mercury retrograde provides the cosmic course correction …

    This week, April 10th through April 16th, opens the door to the key and important aspect during this Mercury retrograde phase. Late Monday brings Mercury retrograde to a connection with Jupiter at 18 Aries. Jupiter expands the opportunities to move the TRUE SELF into new directions. Mercury retrograde provides the cosmic course correction that becomes the blessing in disguise to help to move you forward. The opportunities that come into Monday emerge all day long and finally bring in new information that culminates, pushing you onto a new route. Situations prompt the light bulb to turn on, bringing options that become the stepping stones that reveal more of your new avenue.

    From these new ideas, you become aware of more options that are revealed all through the week. It’s as if you have broken the code that provides the clues through this time frame. Moving into these new directions provides the theme that you follow, as if it is the scent of an orange blossom that pulls you along on this journey. Thursday you put together the details to your plan to organize your journey, so that once Mercury turns direct you will have all of the pieces of the puzzle into their place.

    Saturday night the almost Full Moon rises, to shine the light onto the pathway that has been emerging. You connect with the journey, and you are able to see and understand the confirmation that this is your right transport that will take you into your destiny. Your journey will be activated next week as Mercury retrograde connects with action-oriented Mars, providing the coordinates for your new destination. As the journey to emerge the TRUE SELF begins, you will know that the pulls you feel are aligned with your inner spiritual blueprint.

    The events of next week, April 17th through April 23rd provide a key aspect each day creating a powerful week of change, transition and breakthrough, with Mercury turning direct early morning on the 23rd. You will see people moving every which way, into various directions the week of April 24th through the 30th, as all board the right transport to move into new and right directions.”

    Read more: eternal godliness | April 10th through April 16th | Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

  6. Votan.Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Page 127.
    Cosmic Mediumship And The GM108X Stream.

    “A new transmission was prepared for the end of the cycle-a new stream of knowledge or thought set apart from historical streams and simultaneously encompassing them all under it’s vast cosmic umbrella. Up until 1952, the GM108X stream was an underground river in the forest not yet lit. Then in 1953,a particular incarnation of VOTAN–Valum Votan- was tapped and accelerated by this particular event and soon after began his own memory retrieval process(see 2012:Biography of a time Traveler).

    What was in the mind of the great Pacal was released 1260 years after the sealing of his tomb in 692 A.D. The thought transfer was then initiated and received a year later through the medium of -Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan.For the next 40 years,this thought transfer was activated as a time release program that opened in different stages.This program directed and shaped the inner character and purpose of the cosmic medium known as Jose Arguelles-Valum Votan. Precisely 40 years after the thought transfer was initiated,the chosen medium was transformed into the messenger of time.

    When we talk about the origins of the GM108X, we are talking about a twin galaxy, a twin star system and a twin planet of Velatropa 24.3.

    Since the agent,Valum Votan, was tapped exactly one year after the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan, all the books authored by him are part of the GM mind stream, most notably Earth Ascending with it’s advanced information templates regarding the activation of the p.s.I. bank plates and the Rainbow Bridge.


  7. Love People
    Want to share some things that happen to me on the last 3 days…I find this space is the only place I can manifest all this…

    On the 1st day of the wave spell I received a Ukulele as a gift that my partner kin72 bring from Honolulu, Hawaii. H.H = 9.9 kin 9 !…first sing nsync.

    There is 2 tunes I especially like to learn
    Somewhere over the rainbow from Israel IZ Kamakawiwo’loe …he make me think on OZ and follow the yellow brick road.

    and other song I found super-conscious from a latin group call it CALLE 13 from Puerto Rico, Muerte in Hawaii/Dead in Hawaii…the lyrics talk about a being that for LOVE can do anything…like LOVE give US superpowers !!! 🙂 extract from the lyrics: I can talk all languages in all ABC’s…I can construct a brain without instructions, I can communicate with telepathy, Ican speak whit animals…etc ( the song is in Spanish off course)

    Yesterday on the 2nd day of the wave spell…here in Montreal, we had a beautiful spring day !!…at morning I went to my backyard n’ start playing the Ukulele under the sunny sun…I start whit the IZ song, whit the computer out I listened the song, see the cords, get on twitter to see what’s up and (now I realized this) see that Calle 13 was playing in Bogota, Colombia, the city of my birth… I stop playing feeling a wave of hapiness !! I heard some geese coming from the south so I look at the sky and found a RAINBOW around the SUN !!! 🙂 at the time the birds were passing above me (44 wild geese) I look the clock and it was 11:19, Kin 71 just one behind my partners kin and 8 minutes form 11:11…8 Star!

    Today I woke up from a dream where I was a warrior trying to free the people from my «country», it was a lot a passion, and strength in my dream…the last vision I had was «me» and my people on a ship approaching a HUGE ship on the ocean…I tough in my dream, my people don’t know where I’m taking them, I not even sure what I’m going to find there but it has to be this way…we are already on this boat. I woke up, kind of tired, asking myself who was this women…went to my culture…my memories and I though in Policarpa Salavarrieta, she was a hero of the independence of Colombia, also known as La Pola, acted as a spy for the independence forces shot and killed in Santa Fe during the Spanish Reconquista at the age of 22 (26-1-1795/14-11-1817). I try to find hers kin but i could’t 😕

    I know the «story» i’m telling took another colors, I has in Hawaii, whit the Ukulele, then I’m in Colombia talking about la Pola…how to connect that !

    We are in the wave spell of sURvivors…activation of memories…connection whit the past and the future, we still have to find oUR way to freedom from the highest powers…some of us maybe will die in the proces…to live out of the time…LOVE’s MAGIK. ..LOVE POWER !

    Snake Wavespell
    The opening of the Root Chakra.
    The opening of the Sexual Chakra
    The opening of the Sun Chakra.
    The opening of the Central Chakra.
    The opening of the Vocal Chakra
    The opening of the Ajna Chakra.
    The arrival of the crown chakra.
    The rotation of the Ajna Chakra.
    The rotation of Vocal Chakra
    The rotation of the Central Chacra.
    The rotation of the Sun Chakra.
    The rotation of Sexual Chakra .
    The rotation of the Root Chakra.

    …the wind blowing the spirit. From V.V. disincarnating day : the last 9.11.2010 was coded with the kin from my older daughter Lola, kin 215/ 15.7…she is turning 7 this year and she will be coded whit kin 170/10.1…Magnetik love + nsync my current year will be coded in a moon (28days) from 11.11 departure. Moon love…Moon dog.

    I’m starting to play whit kin 93/13.2 + 247/7.13= 80/20.2 ! Lunar Sun !
    Code the 14.3.2011, 9 before 23.3.2011 and 27 days from today. 9×3= 27!
    Kin 7.1 Magnetic Hand…attracting healing LOVE !!!!

    I polarise in order to enlighten
    stabilising life.
    I seal the matrix of universal fire
    with the lunar tone of challenge.
    I am guided by the power of free will

    finally i realized that on 24h 19:13 is 7:13pm…19.13=247/7.13/ 🙂
    and 7.13=91/11.13 Cosmic MonKEY…my guide !

    DS 7.13-247/LC 13.11-193= 20.11-180
    Current year 17.13-117/9.4-69=5.4 -187


  8. Dane Rudhar-KIN 129

    A great avatar refers to the beginning of a phase of the cycle of evolution of the whole planet and humanity.

  9. MME.Blavatsky KIN ~51~

    “We call them “masters”, because they are our teachers:and because from them we have derived all the Theosophical Truths…For long ages, one, generation of the adepts after another has studied the mysteries of being,of life, death and rebirth. By the training of faculties we all possess, but which they alone have developed to perfection, the Adepts have entered in spirit the various superphysical planes and states of Nature.”

    Rainbow Bridge Intact
    Rainbow Bridge InTrinsic Awareness
    Rainbow Bridge Circumpolarized.
    Breathe Rainbow In~~>>Accomplishment of Knowing.
    Humbled Galactic Mayan Agent

  10. Eye:~Kin~:(93)
    MME. Blavatsky:~Kin~(51):
    Kin 144.

    Positioned to Attain Accomplishment of sURvice:

  11. ~22~
    Blue Spectral Eagle

    I Dissolve in order to create
    Releasing Mind
    I seal the output of Vision
    With the Spectal Tone of Liberation
    I am Guided by my own Power Doubled
    I am a Polar Kin I Transport the Blue Galactic Spectrum
    I am a Galactic Activation Portal Enter Me


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