GAP GM108X: Yellow Self-Existing Star codes Planetary 8; Cube Two: SPIRIT


Lamat  Kin 108  [GM108X]

Yellow Self-Existing Star

Yellow Self-existing Seed
White Self-existing Mirror Yellow Self-existing Star Blue Self-existing Monkey
  Red Planetary Skywalker
I define in order to beautify
measuring art.
I seal the store of elegance
with the self-existing tone of form.
I am guided by the power of flowering.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Planetary 8 is the Galactic Return of the Day-out-of-Time.
Today’s Analog is 4 MonKEY, which coded the Catalytic 9/11/2004 Tragedy and the 2004 Venus Transit.  Today’s G-Force is Cosmic Wizard, and the PSI is Overtone Hand. 
Today’s Long Count kin is PVCS Galactic Sun.
8.4“With the initiation of CA dominance, BC 3113 (-3187, Dreamspell), the crystal lattice structure of the AC current is increasingly subsumed as the geometric lattice of the artificial urban center.  The transform of the CA (64) into Civilizational Advance, increasingly devolves from the organic (plant) prototype into radiative patterns of worldly power and acquisition called empires.”

8     DDN:Chakra07.gifd

The 34th Week of the last year of the Mystery of the Stone corresponds to Codon 54
REFINE HUMILITY:  Transcending, Temple incorporates Telepathy.
Interesting to note on this Star day, that the numbers for the only full week to contain all three of the sacred cycles [Alpha G.A.P. run, the 16 day Cube Journey and days 18 thru 24 of Valum Votan’s Bardo] equal 88 [34 + 54}.  For 90% of the Earth’s population, Kin 88:  Yellow Planetary Star coded the day Valum Votan ascended.
This should go above, but for some reason [for the second time ever] when I type there, nothing appears!
Scientists are perplexed, because this Gamma Blast has lasted for ELEVEN days, so far: 
GM108X: From Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. IV:  Book of the Initiation:
 GM means Galactic Mayan,   Galactic Mind or Galactic Masters.  The G is the 7 and the M is the 13.”
The program of the 108 is coded to the 144

From  “The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time” 

by Valum Votan [page 21]

“Early in 1989, March 12 (4 Star= GM108X), at the opening of the Palenque Initiation Ceremony [Valum Votan] received telepathic communication from Pacal Votan regarding his return through all of the people.  Valum Votan was now prepared , with [Lloydine] Bolon Ik’s assistance, for the final breakthroughs:  the discovery of the 12:60-13:20 timing frequencies;  the Thirteen Moon Calendar; and all of the mathematical codes of the Fourth-dimension, formulated as “Dreamspell:  The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013“”.  
The second [in duration] of the current three concurrent sacred cycles is the 16 day Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey
the first one that Valum Votan is undertaking in Spirit only. 
This is the  19th day since Votan left our Earth:  Cube Two:  Spirit.
“According to Telektonon, the current planetary crisis is actually  the climax of an interdimensional, interplanetary time wars, The War of the Heavens”

The Telektonon Playing Board  is a map of our solar system understood from the point of view of the cosmology of telepathy.

Playing Board Image

16-day Warrior’s Cube Journey

16-Day Warrior's Journey

Days 7-22 of every 28-day Moon you have 16 days to practice your telepathic powers of awakened intelligence and prophecy.

Cube Two:  Spirit  “By my superconscious Spirit Warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself-“


N. S.  1. 23. 10. 8.    Cube Two:  SPIRIT      GAP GM108X

From  “The 20 Tablets of the Law of Time” by Valum Votan

17 thoughts on “GAP GM108X: Yellow Self-Existing Star codes Planetary 8; Cube Two: SPIRIT

  1. Pacal Votan

    108. And, if you have means and wealth, and you hear these words, or have explained to you the curse of 12:60 time and the blessing of 13:20 time, then do not doubt it and practice charity. Provide for the children orphaned by war and provide for the reconstruction of the Earth, and that the practice of art and culture will flourish once again. Practice such charity with zeal, for soon you shall see an end to money. No more will flow the drunken wine of Babylon’s fornication, and then what will you be with your paper credits and your useless machines?


  2. SaLuSa 11-April-2011


    Stick to your principles and follow your intuition, as your beliefs and thoughts are bombarded by so many different sources that claim to know the future. Some are simply misguided but those that seem acceptable are sometimes clever pieces of disinformation. Bear in mind that the dark Ones are well aware of Ascension and the events leading up to it, and they play upon a scenario that largely fits your beliefs. However, they intentionally look to cause confusion in your minds, and once doubt creeps in they have succeeded in their aims. Naturally there are also some sources that are genuine, but have a different idea as to how the end times work it. Their approach can be influenced by what they desire to take place, and this is more likely with religious beliefs. If you are satisfied that you have a truthful source you can generally speaking accept what is given to you. However, still question it until you are satisfied that it fits into your mindset and that it is of a positive nature. The truth will normally feel good, whereas dubious statements often make you feel uneasy….

    Up to now you have been allowed to use Mother Earth for your raw materials, but even so you have destroyed many locations with little thought for the environment. Lessons have since been learnt, and it has to be understood that she is a fully conscious Being that needs your love and full consideration for her well being. The previous lack of understanding has led to Mother Earth having to take her own action to cleanse the Earth, and restore it to its pristine condition. Consequently she rumbles and shakes, with the resultant changes arising from earthquakes and other happenings….

    We trust that you will understand the need to cut your reliance upon material acquisitions, and know that in time you want for nothing at all by creating for your needs. Humans become very attached to their material belongings but as with the passing of the physical body, you cannot take them with you. Yet in the Astral Realms, you can recreate by thought any item that whilst on Earth was to your personal liking. It follows that after Ascension you will not only be able to create, but have more extended skills than previously. Take for example your delight in dressing up, and know that you can “think” into being whatever you wish and change it as often as you like. What can be created can also be “uncreated” just as easily, so there is no waste. The higher you go, the creations become more perfect and radiate light all around. Color and sound go hand in hand bringing an array of beauty and perfection not found on Earth at present.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and place in your minds concepts and ideas that will prepare you in readiness for Ascension and beyond. We will do more as time moves on and accompany you well beyond it. We Are All One in this great Galactic adventure that is just beginning. God Bless You All.

    Read more: eternal godliness | SaLuSa 11-April-2011 | Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

    In lak’ech
    24.129.153 G-Force!!

  3. Pluto Retrograde

    Pluto turns retrograde @ 7°30′ Capricorn on April 9th, 2011 (Kin 106 PVCS/GAP Lunar Worldbridger) and remains retrograde until September 16th, 2011 (Kin 6 Rhythmic Worldbridger) when direct station occurs at 4°53′ Capricorn.

    Transformational Pluto seeks to empower individual and societal entities through the eradication of that which is non-beneficial and incongruous to the future well-being of said entity. Pluto assists us in reinventing portions of our lives that we were previously unable, or unwilling, to adapt on our own so that we might move forward on our path unencumbered by previous obstacles or outworn patterns/programs….

    Read more: eternal godliness | Pluto Retrograde 4/9/2011 – 9/16/2011 | Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Share Alike

  4. Valum Votan ~ Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 4
    Book of the Initiation
    Page 126
    Orgin And Nature Of GM108X~Hermetic Mind Stream

    “Let us look more closely at the nature,history,and origins of this galactic~hermetic mind stream,known as GM108X. It is important to understand that this particular system of transmission has little taint of historical consciousness. The origin of the GM108X mind transmission lies far outside Planet Earth and predates the present historical cycle by hundreds of thousands of years. The GM108X stream was first established on this planet 1,400 years ago. It was planted as a time release program,so that 60 years before the closing of the cycle(2012) it could be resurrected from the tomb of Pacal Votan.”

    Page 127

    “The GM108X mind stream is an intergalactic phenomenon that is unique among all earthly hermetic streams. Its mission is to help point human consciousness in the direction of the galactic/cosmic horizons of the new time now dawning.”

    Page 128

    “This Information stream occurs via a synchrotronic transmission system,and is directed to fully activate Earth consciousness into a new state of evolution. This transmission was first activated in the core of the Planet through the unconscious field of the psi bank at the beginning of the 13 baktun cycle,3113 B.C.”


  5. Very Occult Daya for Melovia 🙂

    129.108.237 (Occult of 24)
    24.108.132 (Occult of 129)
    24.129.153 (Occult of 108)

  6. TMQ, Thank you for always improving your work. It seems like every time I check a new post, you’ve added another beautiful piece of the art of your blog. Such as the 16-day Warrior’s Cube Journey picture you’ve posted. And, also keeping us updated on Valum Votan’s own journey. 🙂

    HUnab KRew, Thank you for supplying us, On this excellent Dali kin, with excerpts from the Tel Ek Ton On. And all your groups other addendums are always very helpful. Like the CHC IV you posted as well.

    Melovia, thank you for posting excerpts from the Galactic Federation. I enjoy reading the words of the Sa Lu Sa from Sirius.

    In Lak’ech –


  7. Rock solid~James 164~
    I appreciated the video you posted on kin107.
    I honor your sacred number~164~!
    U R The signal point of Galactic Freedom/Synchronization!


  8. The Arcturus Probe
    Valum Votan
    Page 193

    GOD~ All-comprehending, beyond-comprehension, always-close-and-near universal activator of everything.

    Page 197

    GALACTIC FEDERATION~Consciously aroused program of universal intelligence resulting from compact of telepathically evolved stellar spores. Based on laws of Matrix and following goal of universal transcension,the Federation guides,catalogues,and monitors,but–true to its mission of the attainment of galactic free wll–does not actively intervene except as a form of fulfillment of the law of karma(universal cause and effect). Member star systems include: Arcturus,Antares,Sirius,Pleiades(Shining Anchor),Procyon,Aldebaran,Vega,Regulus,Formalhaut,Altair,etc..

    Page 199

    AH K’AL BALAAM~”One knower of Totality”. Kinich Ahau’s binary meditation partner.

    (The Galactic Federation Comes In Peace).

    Kin 93.108./201/.

  9. Valum Votan~\~Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of the TimeSpace

    HUNAB KU 21

    Of all the hidden treasures come to light
    None exist vaster
    Than Hunab Ku 21
    Unity of totality-secret of the 441
    One Giver of Movement and Measure
    Hunab Ku cannot be seen or encompassed
    But special ones are appointed
    Known by name as the Magus of Infinite
    Many are we and yet we are one
    Teachers of the Cube of The Law
    Our teachings exemplify the essence of the cube
    Lords of the Cube,we emanate and radiate the powers of seven
    With celestial ears we hear the sacred holy sounds
    Of the universal void
    Our vow is simplicity
    We eat nothing, we take nothing
    We only know how to give
    Masters of the Zuvuya we ride
    The waves of infinity
    You will recognize us when you see yourself
    Emanating from the center of the cube
    To know us is to know totality
    To know totality is to know peace
    To know peace is to enter fully into the
    Awesome,endless,splendor of Galactic unfolding.


  10. On the 13 Moon calendar, these knots refer to the following solar seals:
    Intelligence – Warrior
    Meditation – Mirror
    Memory – Dragon
    Flowering – Seed
    Purification/Healing – Moon
    Love – Dog
    Currently, the ceremonies occur on every tone 4 of the wavespell (tone 8 in the long count calendar). If the tone 4 falls on one of the six seals, then special focus is on the quality of that seal as listed above. Special fire ceremonies occur every 52 days, Day out of Time and any other special days and should be held, if possible, outside with a fire providing the center of focus, and may be thought of as burning past obstacles. Do the practice preferably in the morning, or at whatever time is most convenient, as long as it is on the designated days.
    13-day Untie the Knots, Return Time to the Sacred Round meditations
    2011: January 10*, January 23, February 5, February 18, March 3*, March 16, March 29, April 11*, April 24, May 7, May 20, June 2*, June 15, June 28, July 11, July 24, August 6*, August 19, September 1, September 14, September 27*, October 10, October 23, November 5, November 18*, December 1, December 14, December 27.
    2012: January 9* January 22, February 4, February 17. March 1*, March 14, March 27, April 9, April 22*, May 5, May 18, May 31, June 13*, June 26. July 9, July 22, August 4*, August 17, August 30, September 12, September 25*, October 8, October 21, November 3, November 16*, November 29 December 12, December 13-21, all day vigils for returning time to the sacred round.
    * Indicates ceremonies every 52 days.
    (For more information go to,

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