GAP Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon codes this Solar Ring’s Galactic Return on Planetary 9

Muluc     Kin 109

Red Overtone Moon

Red Overtone Earth
Blue Overtone Storm Red Overtone Moon White Overtone Dog
  Yellow Solar Human
I empower in order to purify
commanding flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the overtone tone of radiance.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Overtone Moon codes this year and the current Root Oracle of  this year’s Bolontiku, Single Wing Red Fire.  Today’s Guide is PVCS Overtone Earth.  The G-Force is Cosmic Wizard, and the PSI for Planetary 9 is PSI Rhythmic Star.
The CDK is Resonant  Earth, which codes Lord Seven Earth“, called “Ah Vuc Ti Cab[by the Mayans] who mediates the plasmas described in today’s postulate:
9.5.  Radion is the fourth-dimensional electrical fluid contained within the seven types of radial plasma stored within the Earth. Once triggered by telepathic comprehension of function, the seven types of radial plasma producing radion are time-released during a seven year cycle, AD 1993-2000. The timed release of the different types of radion is for the restoration of geochemical and magnetic balance.”
   SELI 9:  FLOW;  ROOT  Chakra01.gif
William in Bali shared this recently on the [his?] Kin 204 post:
“Superseding Human conceptualizations…more simple is the journey…the recollection of the ‘Realm of Love’…our home…the next journey in progress…simple truths, simple love commitments…Extraterrestrial fathering and love base existence…just wings of light bringing forth such colors, see us as a window…to God…There are those whom the constructs of this Universe and it’s functions are just a distraction to the experiences…it is so much to be busy with at just watching…and changing…all in Love…simple love…
A few days ago,  Lauran,  Crystal Earth asked about the Birth Kin of  The Red Queen.  The date of birth of The Red Queen, discovered in Temple 13, with only an 8 adorning her Tomb is unknown.  Buried adjacent to Pacal Votan, and signified by her matching jade mask to be his spiritual equal, she remains shrouded in mystery.  Valum Votan wrote that this was a signal for her to remain  hidden/unheralded in this incarnation.

VINAL 14:  KANKIN:  “Receives the Light of One Who Knows”
  April 8, 2011 – JAPAN Japan’s Sakurajima volcano produced colorful fountains of lava, highlighted by lightning.  This photo was taken on Kin 105, the first day of this Wavespell, and the letters of   Sakurajima equal 105.
Synchronistically, the most disastrous event, in a year filled with unprecedented catastrophes isnumerically equals this 13 Moon year:  Fukushima = 109. 
Yesterday, levels of iodine-131 that are 100 times above the limit considered safe in drinking water were discovered in Vancouver British Columbia.
Spinach, salads, cabbage and other vegetables with large surface areas are among those food products that are particularly sensitive to iodine-131 contamination, if they are cultivated outside and exposed to rainwater. Washing vegetables does not help, as iodine-131 is quickly metabolised by the plants, CRIIRAD notes.]
April 12, 2011 – TOKYO – “Japan raised the nuclear threat level of its Fukushima Daiichi power plant from a level 5 to the highest level 7

  Aftershock  Japan suffered a 7.1 earthquake during the 13.10 watch of GM108X, one month after the 9.0 unleashed the deadly tsunami.   Two more strong earthquakes occurred in Japan a few hours ago;  is Lord Seven Earth making a point?

 SEVEN tornadoes appeared in Wisconsin today!

WhiteKnight   “Galactic White Night Two , the name of  Richard Branson’s  newest craft needed to be shared  🙂  [Note his Peace symbol]

 Today’s Long Count;  Solar Dragon [1.9] combines with today’s CDK [17.7] to make 18.3;  White Electric Mirror, which codes the 5th Solar Witness, and the 5th Lord of Time:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

The 7:7::7:7 by Valum Votan tells us”  The ‘Seven Solar Witnesses’ represent higher dimensional Analog guiding functions mathematically in accord with the Law of the Inverse Seventh”. and on page 18:   

“All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all”.  In the 7:7::7:7, number…is everything;  it is the telepathic cue card to higher foUrth-dimensional consciousness.”  He also writes on page 12“Prophecy has the last word.”

N. S.  1. 23. 10. 9.   Cube Three:  ABUNDANCE      GAP Kin 109

19 thoughts on “GAP Kin 109: Red Overtone Moon codes this Solar Ring’s Galactic Return on Planetary 9

  1. “Yesterday, levels of iodine-131 that are 100 times above the limit considered safe in drinking water were discovered in Vancouver British Columbia.”

    When appearances arise that are likely to instil fear, it is helpful ~ imperative, really ~ that they be balanced/counteracted with that which allays fear, lest we find oURselves on the ‘wrong’ side of the equation. 😉

    Those who are aware call in the Violet Ray and Flame or any other such application of Cosmic correction that have been given to us; radiate peace, love and a sense of security for all; unite in seeing the Whole Earth lovingly and powerfully encased by the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, all of Life upon Her and within Her restored to its pristine and balanced and abundant perfection. So be it! Let us be constructive with this most powerful tool given to us: the intentional focus of oUR consciousness!

    In lak’ech

    • Well said, Melovia Thank You 🙂

      Last night I felt, in retrospect, that I was led to that information, and the ensuing article about leafy vegetables, for a reason.

      Three hours after consuming dinner, a salad composed mainly from freshly picked, thoroughly washed spinach from our garden, I became violently ill–more sick than I have felt in many years. Alan’s side salad was made from store-bought lettuce, and his main course was fish, not salad. He was fine.

      I reread what I had written earlier in the soon-to-be-posted Kin 109 blog, and am wondering if contamination has [silently] reached New Zealand also.

      So, the ‘negative news’ can serve as a warning, and also as reminders to use ‘the intentional focus of oUR consciousness!’ which you so beautifully described above 🙂

      In Lak’ech,
      Galactic Mirror

  2. Pacal Votan

    109. The prophets of peace are awakening. Truly, the hour of judgement is come. Among the angels I am known as the mysterious benefactor of the righteous. Will you throw away this opportunity, too? Beware for now the fire that consumes all falsehood is raging.


  3. On 3/30 when Dr. Emoto called in prayer from everyone to heal the waters in Japan from the nuclear leaks, I was deep in relaxation with an eye pillow over my eyes listening to gong music. I felt a liquid wave wash over me from east to west that was thick and fluid, cool and crisp. I pulled off my eye pillow and fumbled for my ipod to see what time it was. Although I was in Hawaii, the time zone my ipod chose was California and it was straight up noon. I just want to pass along that this Collective Conscious is REAL and becoming more powerful than the Collective Unconscious. Your intentions are having an effect. FOCUS on healing the waters and thank you Melovia for allaying the fears that are brought up with the muck! I love you All

    In lak’ech
    Cheetah Cosmic Serpent

  4. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book of the Transcendence
    Page 184

    “There are two types of pulsars:dimensional pulsars and overtone pulsars. The dimensional pulsars define the synchronically interconnected realms of the fourth-dimension as functions of a four-color code. The overtone pulsars provide cross-dimensional time structures that reveal more complex connections based on the fifth force power of 5. There are four types of dimensional pulsars and five types of overtone pulsars. The pulsar code allows us to track different patterns in space forward and backward through time.”

    “By working with the pulsars we can: 1)Increase continuing conscious, whole systems and holographic thinking; 2)move forward and backward in time- fractal time compression; 3) Encompass large spans of time in a single thoughtform; 4) Move from linear to radial/cyclical thinking/contemplation; 5) Organize and compile multiple-leveled data and make connections that lead us to further distinctions of knowledge; 6) Perform many types of meditations and visualizations; 7) Plan our days, weeks and years in a simple, programmable, usable form; and 8) Increase our power of memorization and recall”

    “Working with pulsar cosmology brings the unification of universal telepathy into the present moment and provides the basis for multidimensional meditation. We use our focused mind to become the laser beams of these pulsars; this reorients and rearranges the synchronic order into a harmonic system, so that application of the pulsar cosmology augments telepathy.”


  5. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of The TimeSpace

    I Am the Healer
    Coded by the Red Moon
    My number is Nine
    The power of time, destiny and the cycles of life
    From within the living waters
    I merge with the universal flow
    Purifying all within my sacred stream
    And lifting the vibration in every nature kingdom
    I am the harmony of wholeness 
    And the regeneration of life
    I am fluid and flowing
    At one with the phases of the Moon
    I am the queen of life-nurturing water
    I am the rain and the stream as it flows
    Feeding the plants and the flowering herbs
    In my sacred stream lies the kinship of all
    I am crowned by the restorative splendor of leaves,roots,seeds and flowers
    The supremacy of divine mind
    To know me and my endless powers of healing
    Is to cast aside all doubt and enter the stream of the faithful ones


    • Perfect t-eye-ming for this, dear HunabKrewMate and ‘fellow’ 2D Lunar Life Overtone Pulsar 🙂

  6. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of the TimeSpace
    Page 201

    “The mind has been conditioned to think that if it is not thinking then there is something wrong. We don’t have to be compulsive or engage our thoughts or think we can solve anything by conceptualizing or thinking about it. In telepathic civilization it is understood, because of the unobstructed unification of mind that we don’t need to fill our mind with conceptual mental constructs of trying to figure things out. We just remain receptive and open and whatever thought that arises is probably an accurate resonance of a particular path or mode of action or perception that needs to be followed through. This is also how we might experience transference of thought.”


  7. The I-Ching reading for the week, calls us to “Be the mountain” – stand in our truth, and to employ the spiritual practices we are most comfortable with. Then I rec’d news from my indigenous teacher, Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael) – a call for chanting love to the earth. All directions and news sources have been putting for this same message, that I am now seeing here as well. And, also encouragement for physical detox/cleansings of our digestive systems, in order to help process the increased frequencies that we are experiencing.

    I’ve returned to my basics of chanting the four directions on the way to work, remembering to honor the grandmothers, grandfathers, ancestors and celestial guides who watch over us all. Just this simple act reminds me to bless every car I pass, love the earth and everything I see and can’t see.

    I’m reminded that even through what feels like very intense times – when I just turn to my most basic of practices, it’s extreme opposite of love and joy is always available to me. This is what I hope to practice and remember as I continue through the ascension process.

    On my daily calendar at work, today I find:

    On April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut, Yuri A Gagarin becomes the first human in space. He pilots the Russian spaceship Vostok and orbits the Earth. (7 Storm/Cauac)

  8. «The mission of the museum is to help the mankind understand the scope of the disaster through the destinies of thousands of those people who witnessed the accident, participated in the mitigation and suffered from the disaster. The aim is to make people realize the necessary of reconciliation between man, science and technology that endanger the existence of the human civilization and Earth, to conceive the lessons of the tragedy in all the spheres of life, lest the world forget the lessons of Chornobyl. The museum is warning for the new millennia generations.»

    on the 26th april…13 days from todEyE… will be 25th years since this disaster. that day was coded by kin 18, 17.7…resonant mirror… reflection of the need to heal continues to resonate.

    LoVe to all living things…LoVe to Japan…LoVe to water…LoVe to earth…LoVe

    MBL 247

  9. Gratitude to BC33 for the radiation prevention – something that’s been on my mind, as an old teacher had an outline for treatment that I’ve been intending to dig out.

    Much love to all my kin here! Another dear teacher and daykeeper kin reminds me with some frequency how important we all are to one another. Together we can provide those reminders of ways we already know, but forget in the moment.

    I would also share some inspiration from the East rec’d during my morning chanting. I realized how much I have been focused on RESISTING DOUBT AND FEAR. As I drove along admiring the Cascade mountains, remembering the advice to “be the mountain” and greeting grandfathers, grandmothers, ancestors and guides of the East – they all seemed to say – “It is not about CHANGING anything, as much as it is CLAIMING what already is. By loving the abundance we already have, the peace we already have, the love we already have – there is no room for us to be side-tracked by perceptions of fear or doubt.

    And, finally – anticipating the core days of the Tzolkin – It is my understanding that 13 Dog/1 Chuen were traditional days for Mayan Daykeeper initiation. (I’m looking for my source, and welcome anyone who can confirm.) A message received last week explained that this is something we must ASK for – intercession can only be rec’d with our permission.

    This reminded me that at such a special time – I want to ASK OUT LOUD for that which I desire, and for the most benevolent outcomes for all. After all – we DO HAVE an honored leader expanding our connections from the other side (V V)…

    Excerpt from 93 above – Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5
    Book of The TimeSpace
    –9–Healer– “To know me and my endless powers of healing
    Is to cast aside all doubt and enter the stream of the faithful ones”

    in lak’ech with love to all

  10. I think everyone would benefit from viewing this website that I have stumbled across. I use it comparatively with my almanac and our TMQ’s blogs.

    It also mentions the Haab calendar, and Long Count. Which, we readers of TMQ’s blog should start at least scratching our heads at. 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s a great site. I especially love the ‘oral’ daily ORAcLe with Valum Votan playing his flute. It’s a very nice (and yet powerful 🙂 ) way to keep oUR vibrational connection alive in the here and Now.

  11. Okay so/sew/sow a synch for some POSITIVE imaginal prepaRATIOn – at the back of my noggin’ eye’ve been prodding myself to look up Towel Day again – which as my Cosmic/ally Comedic timing has once again proven Infinitely Improbable 😉 will be in 42 daya on May 25 – Gamma, Spectral 24 – in the Middle Time of the exhalation GAP stream, Kin 152 Solar Human.

    In these times, it is essential to noo where yoUR towel is. 😉
    And that the program is “unfolding” all according to plan.


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