GAP Kin 110: White Rhythmic Dog codes day Hunab Ku 21 of Valum Votan’s Bardo on Day 10 of Moon 10; coded by seal 10

Kin 110       4/13/2011

White Rhythmic Dog

White Rhytmic Dog
Yellow Rhytmic Sun White Rhytmic Dog Red Rhytmic Moon
  Blue Galactic Monkey
I organise in order to love
balancing loyalty.
I seal the process of heart
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Rhythmic Sun codes the G-Force and today’s  Antipode.  The PSI for Planetary 10 is Self-Existing World-Bridger.  The CDK is Galactic Mirror, and the Long Count is Planetary Wind.  The  CDK and Long Count equal Overtone Sun, the 7th Lord of Time.
10.6:  “ Restoration of species-wide biohomeostasis—corruption of imbalanced collective social patterns, inclusive of virulent forms of disease—may also be carried out as forms of biogeochemical transduction where the harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order involves sensory teleportation exercises within the structure of the DNA as it is encoded in the psi bank.” 
These times call for such expertise. 
       GAMMA 10:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE Chakra06.gif
93 shared this  from page 184;  Book of the Transcendence, which elucidates today’s  postulate   10.6:
Working with pulsar cosmology brings the unification of universal telepathy into the present moment and provides the basis for multidimensional meditation. We use our focused mind to become the laser beams of these pulsars; this reorients and rearranges the synchronic order into a harmonic system, so that application of the pulsar cosmology augments telepathy.”
We can’t ignore the “Elephant in oUR Living Room [oUR Earth].  The nuclear disaster emanating from Japan affects us all, and averting such a catastrophe was part of the mission of the “Planet-Tamers” who came here, following Pacal Votan’s long vigilant Samaddhi from the center of Earth.  Fortunately, we have been given tools, such as those described in Book of the Transcendence.  We need to learn so much together, so quickly!  
 This was literally driven home to TMQ when she became violently ill 3 hours after ingesting a meal of home-grown spinach, causing her to wonder if it’s leaves had absorbed Iodine 131. The following day [10.6 here] her continued nausea and headache caused her to consult the very knowledgable author of this site: [feeling much better today  :)]
 “The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy, darkness into light, “fate” into opportunity”
 As Melovia 129 pointed out, St. Germain  [and other sources] are  available for keeping the highest vibration, while coping with the grimmest scenarios.
Page 135 of  Cosmic history Chronicles Volume 6 says that on Kin 123, Rhythmic Night [11/27/1952] “Galactic Master Pacal Votan receives 1st Light of Resurrection Unifying his Spirit-Prophecy with Hierarchy of Aquarius”.
On Gamma 10 of each Moon, we telepathically redeem  Baktun 10:  AD 435; 144,000 Kin, and this during this entire 10th Moon we are most connected with    Baktun 10, Great Era of Maya Time Science on Earth, when several Galactic Masters appeared:
Sacred Prophet Muhammed receives Qur’an, departs.  Pacal Votan apppears at Palenque–leaves Book of 7 GenerationsTelektonon Prophecy–same as “Angel with Rolled Script“.  Vatican receives Babylonian Legacy [the part to redeem] —Padhambsava in Tibet.”
Today, Day 10 of the 10th Planetary Moon of Manifestation and Perfection is the day we  have the strongest telepathic connection with the Galactic Mayans  🙂
             Go to fullsize image         Go to fullsize image      
Today, 10.6 is a Mirror of 6:10, the precise moment of Valum Votan’s arrival and departURe.
Today, 21 days after Valum Votan acended oUR Earth,  Valum Votan  [11.11 + 10.6] equals Self-Existing Hunab Ku.  21.4. This reduces to 1.4, Kin 121 [11×11] which coded the day the Law of Time was founded.
His ascension on 9.11 has actually served to bring greater focus upon his/oUR Mission, which we on Earth will now implement, aided by the powerful ones beyond the veil of materialism.
Burbuja 33 concurs with: “we DO HAVE an honored leader expanding our connections from the other side (V V)…”.  As Debra 98 reminds us:  “It is not about CHANGING anything, as much as it is CLAIMING what already is. By loving the abundance we already have, the peace we already have, the love we already have”
The precision of Valum Votan’s Ascension from the world of materialism is profound and significant. 
Among others already discussed, today’s numbers illustrate the wondrous timing, and even the letters of Spectral Moon equal 141. 
The letters in Valum Votan’s name [and TMQ’s] add up to 141, Spectral Dragon.
Wed Mar 23, 2011
Moon Phase



Dreamspell kin 89: Red Spectral Moon
Long Count
13 Moon Calendar: Moon:9 Day:17
Tzolkin Calendar: 2, Imix’
Haab Calendar: 14, Kumk’u
Red Spectral Moon
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Gateway      Clan- Blood
I dissolve in order to purify
Releasing flow
I seal the process of universal water
With the spectral tone of liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled
This statement from Cosmic History Chronicles;  Volume 5;  Book of the TimeSpace by Valum Votan and Stephanie South  Page 201, relayed by Code=E 93, describes a process that TMQ began 5 days ago, and which is leading to today’s ‘announcement’:  
remain receptive and open and whatever thought that arises is probably an accurate resonance of a particular path or mode of action or perception that needs to be followed through…” 
Such a path occurred to TMQ on Kin 105, when 93 days remained in her Kin 93 year.  The highly synchronized numbers today reinforced the thought that arose  that day.
The ‘2013 and The Mystery Queen’  blog began 21 Moons and 21 days ago.
This blog began on the 33rd day of TMQ’s Lunar Skywalker year, and today, 88 days remain until her Electric Mirror year begins. 
Kin 33, 13.7 is Resonant Skywalker.  The combined G-Forces of Valum Votan [21] and this writer [12] equal 33
Kin 88; Planetary Star; 8.10 coded the day in the Northern Hemisphere, on the day Valum Votan died.  The moment of his death here in New Zealand was 8:10 a.m.  TMQ had a special meeting in Sedona [=PVCS 58] with Valum Votan and Stephanie South on Kin 88, during TMQ’s Kin 88 year.  14 Moons later, they visited TMQ at the farmfouse she had named Lamat Home [at 21 Swamp Road] .  The letters of Lamat Home = 88  🙂
The third of the concurrent 3 sacred cycles [the other two being this Alpha run of 10 GAPs and this Planetary Spirit Warrior’s Cube JoURney] is the 49 day Bardo of Valum Votan.
Today is the 21st day of  the BARDO of Valum Votan, whose G-Force is 21. 
BARDO………………..Bardo refers here to the mind in the intermediate state after death or when the consciousness is separated from the previous body. It is the state between the past life and the next coming life.  The mind born in Bardo gets a mental dream-like body, which can leave and reach anyplace any time without any obstacles…”
“Both the Mahāvibhāṣa and the Abhidharmakośa have the notion of the intermediate state lasting “seven times seven days” (i.e. 49 days)”
“In the West, the term bardo may also refer to times when our usual way of life becomes suspended, as, for example, when we are on retreat.  Such times can prove fruitful for spiritual progress, as external constraints diminish”
On Magnetic Serpent, TMQ realized  that after this  595th post, her ‘voice‘ here will be silent for the period of one Moon.   Valum Votan’s Bardo ends in 28 days, on   Kin 138;  Galactic Mirror [TMQ’s Galactic Birthday  :)] 
    peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace      peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace 
Each day, the daily orientation will appear, providing the format for yoUR increasing amounts of stellar input, and for oUR synchronized connection  🙂
All the Hunab Ku 21’s occurring today confirm that oUR [21×21]  441 Cube of Truth is highly activated, and that Gregorian 4/14 or 14/4 is the Perfect” day to ‘Manifest‘ a greater space for oUR 441 Cube here. 
Additionally, that is Day 11; Cube 5, and Valum Votan ascended in his 11.5 (Overtone MonKEY) year.
Until regular ‘transmissions’ resume on the 11th day of Moon 11,  The Mystery Queen will be focusing most of her time and energy upon the Noosphere, Valum Votan, and preparations for fulfilling oUR Mission”
 We will all remain highly connected  during the remaining 28 days of Valum Votan’s Bardo.
As Christine 133 wrote today:   the program is “unfolding” all according to plan.” and “Thanks to all kin for/foUR/fore being here noo.”

“May the enlightening solar power of Maya flower as the Fulfillment of Prophecy for all!” 


  [When I tried to make today’s Cube Oath red, it insisted on remaining violet
May that be  oUR divine sign  :)]
 N. S.  1. 23. 10. 10.      Cube Four:  MAYA FLOWERING       GAP Kin 110.

17 thoughts on “GAP Kin 110: White Rhythmic Dog codes day Hunab Ku 21 of Valum Votan’s Bardo on Day 10 of Moon 10; coded by seal 10

  1. Pacal Votan

    The Wizard’s Hoard of the Lore of Death

    110. People of the dawn, people of the book, children of the day of truth, because I am time’s special witness, everything about my talking stone of prophecy is in fulfilment of God’s divine plan.


  2. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 5 
    Book of The TimeSpace

    -10-Compassionate One-10-

    I am the Compassionate One
    Coded by the White Dog
    Ten is my number complete
    I am the ageless-Comforter-the Loyal One
    Love is my law
    Wise, am I in the ways of empathetic knowing
    From my two hands of light
    I radiate goodwill to all beings in all kingdoms
    I raise my right hand
    Palm, open and free-no secrets in me
    In the absence of fear there is nothing to hide
    All heart- patience and kindness
    This is the deepest
    All-pervading universal wisdom
    Nothing exists that is not
    An expression of this all embracing love
    For love is the manifest
    Power of compassion
    To know me is to remember that
    Love is the light that holds the dreaming together.


  3. Valum Votan
    The Arcturus Probe
    Glossary Of Terms and Names
    Pages 193-205

    Mind- Medium of all galactic orders and dimensions of being. Basis of inseparable from all consciousness and possibilities of being as well as nonbeing.

    Pax- In response to RANG, conscious and knowing creation of harmony over time. Interdimensional “music” sounded and played by Maya. Universal peace.

    Time Sharing- Conscious telepathic union of two or more holons, heightened by orgasm or any form of intensified sensory pleasure. Basis of all higher-dimensional adventure.

    Kin- Galactic unit of measure based on sliding harmonic, hence flexible, increasing or decreasing according to ratio. Basis of all behavior- hence, law of kin: law by which everything holds place and power equal to everything else. Result of karmic equalization

    Zuvuya- Path upon which radian travels. Circuits used by pulsar riders. Cosmic memory

    Engrams- crystalline, fifth-dimensional code structures generated by hyper-radion. Original 144,000 code forms of universal life communicated through zuvuyas between different CSRs. Probe “tools”

    Shining Anchor(The Pleiades). Central star system of Velatropa sector. Operational base of Maya. Governed by starmaster Layf-Tet-Tzun of Alcyone. Regulates 26,000-Earth-year seasons, four of which constitute a Hunab Ku interval of 104,000 Earth years

    Aldebaran- Member of the Galactic Federation. Scene of Arcturus Probe’s first adventure. Home of the Dragonslayers

    Sirius- evolved binary star system, one of the leaders of the Galactic Federation’s Velatropa mission

    Children Of Memnosis- Altaireans awakened by Memnosis; holders of the sixth shields of cosmic memory used to cure deathfear. Protectors of Velatropa 24.1, 24.2, 24.9, 24.10(Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Pluto).


  4. Valum Votan/Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book of The Transcendence
    Page 149
    “MERCURY(4) Power Of Purification And Love:
    Purification is a natural function, we are in a continuous process of purification. When we have purified, then we can truly love. This is all a process of the solar/prophetic generation of love. We purify ourselves to heal ourselves. When we heal ourselves, then we naturally generate Love for ourselves and for all beings. Only when we truly Love and accept ourselves can we love others. Love is the greatest natural healing”


  5. The magic of this time is unquestioned as I experience it all around me in the acceleration of breakthroughs. One of many, though a small miracle, seems SO significant. Last week I posted that as I pulled up to pump #13, deciding how much gas I could afford – I chose $20 (13:20), claiming that no matter how far it got me, I would be divinely guided. SOMEHOW, there is still enough gas in my tank to make it through the rest of the week (at OLD gas prices, this ordinarily required $35). AND, I AM being divinely guided on my way to and from work – as it has become the time I spend focusing on my most basic spiritual practice of chanting the directions, snowballing into sacred ceremony that lasts all day long. THANK YOU VV for your guidance and presence with each one of us. SO MUCH LOVE AND GRATITUDE for the connections to all my kin in telepathic LOVE!

  6. from kweakspell this info:

    while we have a 3rd cycle in kweak …
    110 adds by 520 to 630 and it is a birdY …
    havin’ 626 and 634 as tippin’ points

    639 iz a very interesting number which iz KIN119 oncomin’

    reverse it and u’ll see 911

    and that’s about 10 years ago … as a marker for the lllrd milllenium minds …
    to settle the human destiny stable

    toY S’ace o’22 & LC220 : 3K242

  7. yeah, feeling all arguellean myself today:
    on Bob Dobbs:
    OK, that’s it, this fella is an all out multi-team psyops of the MKUltra
    CoinTelPro kind … if they fail, my files .. will be worked over by those known for coarser measures, .. like Mossad … no doubt. 2nd of feb in 22 was a 55er kinnerkonkinwise

    He’ll pick channelers out of the trash but never mention Arguelles?
    Suspicious too. The guy looks like he’s in his fifties and comes right out of the cult-squad. I am toy textbook material for them Schools .. of the Americas .. come to think of it, i better consult my Marco Frucht man on this prob, it’s been ages anywho.

    poetpiet has begun tangling with Bob Dobbs … a cheap dinkytoy psyops
    sent after his ass by evil time wizards who aim to please, the derail

    For a few brief moments it hit me hard, like i was the butt of a joke, a multiprong attempt that includes an army of brainwashed manchurians:
    Dan Winter, Jose Arguelles, Drew Hempel, countless more (Ivry Dov comes to mind) and now Bob Dobbs (supposedly also an eagle
    but one look will convince you this guy is not 89 years old).

    Well, the good
    rinkidink think is that this guy has done his homework no matter how long
    it took him. So simple to defuse too. Don’t even need to consult with
    Arguelles … who fits the mold too by the way.
    All the sock puppets and China lecture circuitrouters he brings on are as
    fake as dollar bills too. Rant over and out. Peace

    replaced the above (on the spaceplaza site) with:
    Bob Dobbs claims this eagle day for birth … but one look will convince you
    the guy is not 89 years old .. .that claim might be a flyby targetting snake oil supplement customers .. or make you wonder many a whitchaway

  8. Thanks TMQ for sharing your magic…
    I wonder if you can contact me as you see more than others and me. Cause in the greg. year of 1999 I was in Dreamtime Oz and received some Matrix I don`t really “under”stand. It`s allways the 9. This year Down Under was my 9.5 Kin 109 year which is the wavespell right now. Right now I`m in my 9.4 year Kin 69 wich is also Japans wavespell starting at 66 and blasting at 77 with magnitude 9.0 The last 9 years I had nothing to do with the mayan calender, the dreamspell, etc. First I got in contact with GM in greg. 1998 and until early 2002 I was into it. But then life guided me to other places and times. Japan changed the world and my life. There was something calling me back when J.A. ascended on 89 …13 days after 77, God bless him and his 49 9.4 bardo. By the way Im Kin 189 born on 03.03 And Im a calendar publisher. I have a little sunshine daughter born on 09.05. Kin 186. When I look into her eyes and see her laughing I don`t need numbers and glyphs and calendars and synchronisation dates. Cause then I´m here and now. But I also want to “under”stand the whole thing. And that`s why I m reading your blog. (since mayby 9 days 🙂
    Again thank you for sharing..
    May all beeings be without suffering, may all beeings be happy
    Om mani padme hum

  9. Last night (Kin 110) there was quite a heavy rain. The skies were dark and threatening looking. I had to walk outside. I caught myself having a moment of fear, fear of the rain! I caught myself. No. Threw off my hood and tURned my face up to the rain and said, “I love you, Rain!” It is all part of oUR Earth’s water, after all.

    And how cool is this?

    Amazing Bolivian Law Will Give Nature Human Rights

    In lak’ech my dear Kin

  10. Pacal Votan

    111. Mine is the teaching of the 12:60 way of exile and the 13:20 way of redemption. Exactly 1260 years passed from the dedication of my temple and closing of my Uranian crypt, AD 692,, to its discovery and reopening in AD 1952, Another five times seven years, the number of my sacred ratio passed before the closing of the ninth Hell, AD 1987, commemorated by the sacrifice of 3 Monkey, the first of four sacred signs on the western edge of my great talking stone. In this great sacrifice was a sign of the death and transcendence of the way of the people of the book, “Joshua,” and the people of the dawn, “Maitreya.”


  11. In Guide Watch~163~
    Pulsar Transition~>115
    Signal Download.

    Full Moon.(115).
    Full Planetary Moon.Manifestation.Time Vector. Potential.

    Galactic Agent 93.(~27~)

  12. The Qur’an. Surah 11, Verse 111:

    “And, of a surety, to all will your Lord pay back (in full the recompense) of their deeds: for He knows well all that they do.”

    In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful!

    In Lak’ech!

    -Galactic K’an

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