GAP Kin 111: Blue Resonant MonKEY codes day 22 of Valum Votan’s Bardo on Planetary Kali 11

Chuen     Kin 111

Blue Resonant Night
Red Resonant Dragon Blue Resonant Monkey Yellow Resonant Star
  White Resonant Dog
I channel in order to play
inspiring illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of abundance.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal, enter me!
Today’s G-Force is Kin 113:  Red Solar Skywalker
This is the 62nd day of the second [of 7] cycle of 113 days:  Lord of the Dawn “Sets in Motion”.
The PSI for Planetary 11 is another 11 Solar MonKEY  🙂
11.7:  Coordination of time vector potentialities according to the varieties of celestial harmonics of sensory teleportation and time travel establishes a system of assemblage points. Assemblage points are those points where the holon and the experience of the third-dimensional entity maintain gateways of mutual flux. Through the mutual flux of information and energy, the assemblage points evoke the structure of an alternate persona.
111:  “Mine is the teaching of the 12:60 way of exile and the 13:20 way of redemption.  Exactly 1260 years passed from the dedication of my temple and closing of my Uranian crypt, AD 692,, to its discovery and reopening in AD 1952,  Another five times seven years, the number of my sacred ratio passed before the closing of the ninth Hell,  AD 1987, commemorated by the sacrifice of 3 Monkey,  the first of four sacred signs on the western edge of my great talking stone.  In this great sacrifice was a sign of the death and transcendence of the way of the people of the book, “Joshua,” and the people of the dawn, “Maitreya.” 
Thanks to 93 and PV 60 for the preceding, and Thank You James 164 “Galactic K’an for the following  🙂
The Qur’an. Surah 11, Verse 111:
“And, of a surety, to all will your Lord pay back (in full the recompense) of their deeds:  for He knows well all that they do.”
In the Name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful!”


Baktun 11:  AD 830;  Holy Wars

“Guided by the power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of war be transcended and overcome by Sexual Life Force.” 
         “May    PEACE    and    LOVE    Prevail     for   ALL!”
Long Count 12.19. 18. 5. 3 ***Long Count Tzolkin  Spectral Night ***Haab : 11, Pop
N. S.  1. 23. 10. 11.                Cube Five:   Sex           GAP Kin 111

3 thoughts on “GAP Kin 111: Blue Resonant MonKEY codes day 22 of Valum Votan’s Bardo on Planetary Kali 11

  1. Feel-d trip!!!

    Finished CHC Vol. II FIN/ALLY todaya! All maya sUSpicIONS were confirmed –

    We are the ones we have been waiting for/fore/foUR.

    Concluding words for Cosmic History Chronicles, Vol. II: Book of the Avatar

    The pith essence and goal of the presentation of the CHC is the knowledge and science of shifting the world hologram from a one-dimensional convention to a multidimensional dynamic. This is the knowledge that facilitates the Second Creation, the transformation of the world in 2012, and the establishment of the Seventh Day of Creation in 2013. But this is only the beginning.

    Bottom line for beginners: If you cannot take the baby step of switching to the 13 Moon, 28-day calendar, then the reformulation of the human mind and the dimensional shift of the world hologram and the telepathic reconstitution of reality may be too much of a shock for your system at the time of the great cosmic phase shift. Please prepare now.

    The cosmocentric unit of consciousness is the opposite from the grasping egocentric consciousness that characterizes most of human existence. In cosmocentricity one’s autonomy is the cosmos causing the perishable self to flow back into infinity and the real self of the Godhead to be the true essence radiating all of the order and levels of knowing necessary for one’s experience. At this point, one is no longer merely human, but rather superhuman, or noospheric. The corrective ability of the noosphere as a field of consciousness is totally dependent on the self-realized spiritual awakening of the cosmocentric unit of consciousness. This is the path to tread. As Yogi Bhajan said, “A man has to understand his existence in relation to the universe. Whoever understands this knows the truth.”

    At any given moment, the universe is experiencing six simultaneous scenarios: cosmocentric consciousness can access any of those scenarios. Through whole body perception, cosmocentric consciousness is enduring, day to day, moment to moment consciousness. It is necessary to perform acts of higher magick. Remember: the sorcerer’s power is derived from taming the demons of the lower self and transmuting that energy into magical powers and forces for the performance of higher magick in accord with the Divine Will. This is a key activation principle on the telepathic reconstitution of reality.

    The whole purpose of Cosmic Science as a supramental descent is for the activation of noosperic consciousness. For this reason, it presents a program a practical application for the transformation of the present workld order into the cosmic consciousness of the Second Creation.

    Love from MonKEYtown,
    C & T 😉

  2. Well done Christine!

    I found Book of the Avatar to be the most challenging of the Cosmic History Chronicles–to be expected from Vol /Lunar 2 🙂

    Experiencing Palenque and Chichen Itza with oUR Kin would be a dream come true!

    Love to You and Tiger and each One of You 🙂
    8 Mirror

    • Blessed. Most interesting is that Tiger’s brother was laid off from construction work todaya – and in Order to expedite my incredibly poor typing skills, he input the latter of the transmission – haha! His 12:60 is shewing – “present workld order” – guess which terma he uses m/ore – work or world…

      Awaiting Orders,

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