Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth codes Planetary 17, and the One Year Anniversary of the BP Catatasrophe

CABAN   Kin 117

Red Cosmic Dragon
Blue Cosmic Hand Red Cosmic Earth White Cosmic Wind
  Yellow Magnetic Seed
I endure in order to evolve
transcending synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the cosmic tone of presence.
I am guided by the power of birth.
Kin 144 appears again, this time as the Hidden Power.  The G-Force is Kin 131: Magnetic MonKEY, and thePSI is Self-Existing Storm, which codes the 6th Solar Witness Lord of Time, whom we awakened last year.The Cosmic day of the 9th Wavespell is Kin 117 = 13 x 9.
17.13:  “Having consciously completed the dynamics of time as the mathematical logic of the divine plan, the pilot angel program is attuned to all time as the now-point of synchronic order and, simultaneously, to the final ejection of radiative thermic-luminic properties of the stellar mass whence it had originated.”
     GAMMA 17:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYE     Chakra06.gif

  The sun sets over wetlands in Barataria Bay April 13, 2011 in Barataria Bay, Louisiana. Barataria Bay and its fragile wetlands was one of the hardest hit areas in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion which killed eleven crew members. 206 million gallons of oil eventually spilled into the Gulf of Mexico until the BP well was finally sealed. 

 A dead endangered sea turtle is seen after it washed ashore April 16, 2011 in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Local turtle activist Shirley Tillman says she has discovered 20 dead sea turtles in Mississippi in the month of April alone and suspects they are dying due to the effects of the BP oil spill.One year ago today, on Kin 12:  Crystal Human, British Petroleum’s  Deep Horizon well  began gushing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  This week, there are new reports of massive amounts of dolphins and sea turtles dying on beaches.  Many people are dying from the poisons, such as Corexit that were added to these waters.

This Freeman and  ‘Mayan Inter-galactic Ambassador’ describes an amazing joURney which includes  a ceremony at the Temple of the Jaguar on the Winter Solstice.
a steep-sided, stepped pyramid with a central staircase that rises from a flat, grassy area to a temple doorway at the top  This  video will be removed on April 29.

Thank You James 8 Seed  for sharing from “Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness, A Testimony  By Valum Votan/Jose Arguelles; including  this: 

we are casting the Noosphere into the psycho-mythic framework of a planetary emergence myth.  In such myths of the Hopi, the people are warned and given signs to take action in preparation for the wiping away of the old world and emergence into the new creation of the next world.  This concept is applicable to the Noosphere as a planetary rite of passage…”

 James 164   🙂 orients us more fully here:

Dreamspell kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth
Long Count
Moon:10 (Planetary)
daya/kin:17 (Earth)
Tzolkin Calendar: 4, Muluk
Haab Calendar: 17, Pop

 Century 1, Quatrain 17 (1, 17=117)
“For forty years the rainbow will not appear;
For forty years it will be seen every day:
The arid earth will grow more dry,
And great floods when it will be seen. “
The Qu’ran – Surah 117:
Al-An’am  (means The Cattle/LiveStock in English)
“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  Thy Lord knoweth best who strayeth from His way: He knoweth best who they are that receive His guidance.”    Thank You, 164  🙂
The  Tenth Wavespell, coded by Seal 18 begins on Day 18 of theTenth Moon  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 10. 17.  Cube 11:  MAGIC   Kin 117

16 thoughts on “Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth codes Planetary 17, and the One Year Anniversary of the BP Catatasrophe

  1. Day 17 : ELHAZ is the Act of Making Sacred that Transforms the Mystery

    Begin 4-day
    Harmonic 30 : Electric Matrix : Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Service

    Codon 19 : Wizard’s Aspiration: Way of Wielding Power Shapes Space

    24.129.153G.A.P. (todaya’s All-In Kin)

    • And the Fifth-Force Oracle Kins add to 911:

      before reducing to 131 🙂

  2. Dreamspell Oracle Prayer for todaya: (transcribed from Starroot)

    “Kin 117, Red Cosmic Earth: Help us to learn the power of telepathy so we can navigate in crystal clear consciousness into a united synchronized Rainbow Tribe.

    We call you, Analog like-minded power, White Cosmic Wind: Help us to always speak the messages of Spirit and communicate the good, the positive.

    And we call you, Antipode challenging power, Blue Cosmic Hand: Help us to heal ourselves and our home planet Mother Earth, so we can accomplish the mission we came for.

    We call you Occult hidden unexpected power, Yellow Magnetic Seed: Help us to manifest flowering and ripening of our highest dreams.

    We call you Guiding power of todaya, Red Cosmic Dragon: Help us to rebirth to our higher selves, so we can nurture and receive being nurtured.

    We are tuning into the sound of Planet Uranus, in the Dreamspell related to Red Earth and White Wind.”

    In lak’ech

  3. i’ll be quoting vernon jenkins in a minute, after my take on him:

    Vernon Jenkins MSc –
    DNA mixed with Genesis
    what he wrote on 2010-03-22 ( ‘Tracking the origins of life’s Genetic Code’ see first quote) keeps the bible slinging to a minimum ..

    most of the time he is in a breast(plate) beating prowess
    mode, going nowhere but spewing some numbers and graphs onto a screen (signature fucking plotter mode of the hebrew), sorta like the diet around here too.

    The reality of the appearance of 37 (now including its numero-geometrical analogues, 7, 13, 19, 61, 73 and 121, besides its multiples, 666 and 703), among the various particle counts of the 20 canonical amino acids is now supported in the writings of two experts in the field of genetics, viz. shCherbak and Rakocevic, and in the writings of a significant contributor to the nascent field of bioinformatics, Boulay.

    [1] M.M.Rakocevic “Journal of Theoretical Biology” 229 (2004) 221-234

    [2] J-Y Boulay “The Numeric Connections of the Genetic Code” (01 – 05):


    1 – Introduction

    The remarkable features of 666 as a number per se have already been demonstrated in the earlier paper, “666 – and All That!”, and the riddle in which it features (Rv.13:18) shown to be the key to a fuller understanding of other passages of Scripture – Genesis 1:1 in particular. But another large number appears in close proximity to 666 and it is appropriate that we now give it some attention. It refers to a harrowing period of time – intriguingly presented first as 1260 days (Rv.12:6), then as “a time, times, and half a time” (Rv.12:14; also Dn.12:7!), ie one plus two plus a half years, and again as 42 months (Rv.13:5) – the two latter clearly relating to a 360-day year and 30-day month.

    What lies behind this interesting variety of expression? Is it possible that the reader’s attention is being purposely drawn to some significant matter concerning 1260? Such questions can only be answered by first studying the features of 1260 as a number per se – thereafter, allowing it to lead us where it will.

    Return to Index

    2 – The principal features of 1260

    Like 666, its close scriptural companion, 1260 displays imposing geometries based upon the equilateral triangle:

    (1) Though not itself triangular, it is the LCM (lowest common multiple) of 12 triangular numbers (the first 9 and 3 more)! In other words, 1260 is the smallest number into which 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 105, 210, and 630, exactly divide.

    (2) It is seen to be 12 x 105 – 105 being the perimeter of 666-as-triangle and 14th triangular number – a fact that establishes a firm geometrical link between 1260 and its biblical neighbour, 666.

    (3) To add to the uniqueness of the occasion, we observe that of the 1413 triangular numbers in the first million natural numbers, only 4 have the property displayed here by 105, viz that its double, 210, is also triangular!

    Figure 1: Important subdivisions of 210-as-triangle.

    [Note: the significance of (c) will be made clear as we proceed]

    Because of this rare phenomenon, the 21st numerical hexagon comprising 6 x 210-as-triangle symmetrically arranged around a single counter is equal to the 15th numerical hexagram comprising 12 x 105-as-triangle, similarly arranged.

    Figure 2: The geometrical forms of 1261 mirror those of 37.

    Without the central counters, these figures represent 36 (the dimension of 666-as-triangle) and 1260, respectively. What is portrayed here is an exceedingly rare phenomenon – there being only 3 examples in the first million natural numbers! It will be noted that the first example is 37 – highest prime factor of 666 and abundant factor of Genesis 1:1.

    (4) Clearly, the day following this 1260-day period of tribulation will be the 1261st – represented here by the completed hexagon or hexagram!

    (5) Symbolically, the six-around-one principle of the hexagon speaks of the creation week; the twelve-around-one of the hexagram, of the Lord and the twelve tribes, or of the Lord and his disciples!

    (6) Significantly, the same symmetries are to be found in what abounds in nature, viz the snow crystal!

    Clearly, these attributes of 1260 are completely in accord with earlier observations – and they lead us into new pastures of discovery!

    • Eye saw maya 144th 666 license plate today on the way back from the grocery store. 😉



  4. Nostradamus Predictions:

    Century 1, Quatrain 17 (1, 17=117

    “For forty years the rainbow will not appear;
    For forty years it will be seen every day:
    The arid earth will grow more dry,
    And great floods when it will be seen. ”

    The Qu’ran –

    Surah 117:
    (means The Cattle/LiveStock in English)

    “In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

    Thy Lord knoweth best who strayeth from His way: He knoweth best who they are that receive His guidance.”

  5. I took Magic flight Todaya.
    Black Hilla~ Paha Sapa to Denver rocky mountain high.
    Getting ready to board magic flight to Seattle.monkey region.
    Nerves are settled.
    Mission underway.
    Love to Kin.
    Love to Votan.
    On the Beat.
    Dance complete.

  6. Dreamspell kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth
    Long Count
    Moon:10 (Planetary)
    daya/kin:17 (Earth)
    Tzolkin Calendar: 4, Muluk
    Haab Calendar: 17, Pop

  7. Gamma pacification.

    The Lord’s Prayer

    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name.
    Thy Kingdom come,
    thy will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven
    Give us this day our daily bread.
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom,
    the power and the glory,
    for ever and ever.

  8. HA to the HA! Do you know where yoUR towel is? So pretty!!!

    Taken on Kin 253, Rhythmic Skywalker (maya Mother-in-law) 😉

    To commemorate the upcoming 21st [Galactic Dragon] anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope’s first day in space, NASA astronomers released this beautiful image of two interacting galaxies in the shape of a rose.

    Together, the pair of dancing galaxies are called Arp 273. [Kin 13, Cosmic Skywalker, 😉 ] They lie in the constellation Andromeda, about 300 [Kin 40, Magnetic Sun] million light-years from Earth. Though connected by a thin bridge of stars, they’re tens of thousands of light-years from each other.

    The larger galaxy, called UGC 1810, [Kin 250 Electric Dog] is about five times as massive as its smaller companion, UGC 1813 [RHYTHMIC SKYWALKER!]. Astronomers think the smaller galaxy plunged straight through the larger: UGC 1810’s inner set of spiral arms is highly warped, a telltale sign of distortion by UGC 1813’s gravitational pull. Meanwhile, UGC 1813 shows an intense burst of star formation in its nucleus, possibly triggered by swan-diving through its neighbor.

    The image was captured on Dec. 17, 2010 with three colored filters in Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3. [Electric NIght, maya antipode] Hubble’s 21st birthday is Sunday, Apr. 24. [Kin 121, Self-existing Dragon, and Easter Sunday. 😉 ]

    “For 21 years, Hubble has profoundly changed our view of the universe, allowing us to see deep into the past while opening our eyes to the majesty and wonders around us,” said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden in a press release. “I was privileged to pilot space shuttle Discovery as it deployed Hubble. After all this time, new Hubble images still inspire awe and are a testament to the extraordinary work of the many people behind the world’s most famous observatory.”

    The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco, Kin 37 Spectral Earth {Piet, no? 😉 }

    Franciscan friar William of Baskerville and a Benedictine novice Adso of Melk travel to a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy to attend a theological disputation. As they arrive, the monastery is disturbed by a mysterious death. As the plot unfolds, several other people mysteriously die, by the same hand. Later as mysterious deaths are being examined, new experiences also unfold. The protagonists explore a labyrinthine medieval library, the subversive power of laughter, and come face to face with the Inquisition. It is left primarily to William’s enormous powers of logic and deduction to solve the mysteries of the abbey.
    On one level, the book is an exposition of the scholastic method which was very popular in the 14th [Magnet Wizard] century. William demonstrates the power of deductive reasoning, especially syllogisms. He refuses to accept the diagnosis of simple demonic possession despite demonology being the traditional monastic explanation. Although the abbey is under the apprehension that they are experiencing the last days before the coming of Antichrist (a topic closely examined in the book), William, through his empirical mindset, manages to show that the murders are, in fact, committed by a more corporeal instrument. By keeping an open mind, collecting facts and observations, following pure intuition, and the dialectic method, he makes decisions as to what he should investigate, exactly as a scholastic would do. However, the simple use of reason does not suffice. The various signs and happenings only have meaning in their given contexts, and William must constantly be wary of the contexts within which he interprets the mystery. Indeed, the entire story challenges the narrator, William’s young apprentice Adso, and the reader to continually recognize the context he is using to interpret, bringing the whole text to various levels which can all have different hermeneutical meanings. The narrative ties in many varied plot lines, all of which consider various interpretations and sources of meanings. Many of the interpretations and sources were highly volatile controversies in the medieval religious setting, all while spiraling towards what seems to be the key to understanding and truly interpreting the case. Although William’s final theorems do not exactly match the actual events as written, those theorems do allow him to solve the abbey’s mystery…

    What a treasURe!



    Kin 147, Blue Self-existing Hand 😉

    George Hosato Takei was born 73 years ago, and I’m proud to be one of his diehard fans. Happy 73rd birthday, Mr. Sulu! I still remember seeing Hikaru Sulu for the first time on Star Trek. He was so cool, calm and masterful, and he was the helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise, taking the command ship of the United Federation of Planets where no one had gone before! But Takei has always forged new paths for himself and for several important human rights causes. He is instantly recognizable worldwide as the pilot of the Constitution Class starship with the registry NCC-1701.

    His crucial role as an Asian American on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise was one of the first regular roles of Asian Americans on television. He went on to stack up more than 40 feature films and hundreds of television guest-starring roles in his repertoire. Just being the only Asian American “on the bridge of the Enterprise” opened up the mainstream American television market with a hopeful example that beckoned for greater participation by Asian Americans in larger, more dignified television roles in the 1960s. Up until that time, most Asian American images portrayed on television were that of buffoons, kung-fu badasses, servants or the enemy.

    But Star Trek was only the beginning of his ongoing mission to speak out for human rights. George has a keen, empathetic eye on the Nisei community in the United States that comes from personal experience. When George was five years old, the Takei family was taken away and moved to detention centers in California and Arkansas. He has long spoken out about the human rights violations of the internment of Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants during World War II. George has been an ardent supporter of the Japanese American Citizens League and the Human Rights Campaign. He is a Nisei Honorary Committee member of the Nisei Diploma Project and Former Chairman of the Japanese American National Museum. He stars in Allegiance, whose story about love, family and heroism during the Japanese American internment will soon grace the New York stage. George is a longtime outspoken advocate not only for the Asian American community, but also for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered communities, such as speaking out against California’s Proposition 8. George Takei married longtime partner Brad Altman at the Democracy Forum of the Japanese American National Museum on September 14, 2008. I find that his life-long example of openness, acceptance and tolerance of others, regardless of what they look like (or who they love) is a sparkling example of the mindful, tolerant men and women we want our own kids to become. Oh, my, Hikaru Sulu—you have become so much greater than the cool, calm and masterful Asian American man who piloted the U.S.S. Enterprise on Star Trek. Maybe that’s the other reason they named an asteroid after you. Jolly good show! On this, your birthday, George Takei, please continue to guide our ships on the right course of tolerance. May you live long and prosper, my friend.

  10. A Little Kim and Kelly Deal – Magnetic Mirrors guided by their own power doubled. 😉

    I’m just looking for
    Just looking for a way around
    It disappears this near
    You’re the rod I’m water
    I’m just looking for the divine hammer

    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer

    I’m just looking for one divine hammer
    I’d bang it all day
    Oh the carpenter goes bang
    Bang bang
    I’m just looking for one divine hammer

    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer

    I’m just looking for a faith
    Waiting to be followed
    It disappears this near
    You’re the rod I’m water
    I’m just looking for one divine hammer

    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer
    One divine hammer

  11. Pacal Votan

    120. When the Lunar Moon has overflowed its banks, the G-7 will be no more.

    Just drove from Seattle to Missoula Montana.
    Number play with Mileage signs.
    Pure 120.
    Signal Path tonite.
    On the eve of Pure Hunab Ku, Matrix.
    Electric Matrix.
    Perfect Mirror 10, Wavespell.
    Pure Hunab-Ku Mirror.
    Beartooth Mountains,
    Home of the Grizzly.

    Gotta add Lovely 144.414.441.,
    My Patience Transforms My Conduct.
    Literally right in front of My 4-D Face.
    Eagle Wisdom.
    Galactic Maya Intention.

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