Kin 124: Yellow Resonant Seed codes Gamma 24 of the Planetary Storm Moon

KAN      Kin 124

Yellow Resonant Warrior
White Resonant Wizard Yellow Resonant Seed Blue Resonant Eagle
  Red Resonant Earth
I channel in order to target
inspiring awareness.
I seal the input of flowering
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of intelligence.
PVCS Resonant Warrior  Guides us  today.  Lord Seven Earth [Kin 137] is oUR Hidden Strength.  The G-Force;  Solar World-Bridger [ 6.9]  reiterates the 13 Moon date of the 2012 Solstice:  Moon 6;  Day 9.  Synchronistically, this is the 609 th post of this blog   🙂
Combining 4.7 with today’s Long Count [Spectral Warrior]  yields Overtone Sun; the 7th Solar Witness, and the Lord of the Ring we are awakening this year:  Single Wing Red Fire.
4.7:  “Life itself is the function of a program code originating in the radial matrix of fourth-dimensional time.  On planet Earth this code is known as the 64-unit DNA code.   It is the interaction of the DNA code with the Law of Time, T(E)=Art, by whose synchronizing 13:20 frequency the evolving orders of life are fashioned.”
   GAMMA 24:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
 Here is a photo of  the ‘Galactic Rose’ or ‘Dancing Twin Galaxies’ which several Kin mentioned last week. 
Melovia 129 linked us to which relates to today’s themes of
Resonance,  Third Eye Vision and Telepathic Meditation  🙂  
“… in order for us to develop and use telepathy, we must become a truth-teller. We must think and speak only the truth as we perceive it.”
This article provides more incentive for developing oUR Telepathy:
Christine 133 shares 108 precepts, delivered by Sai Baba, shortly before his death.  She explores the Kins associated with the Birth and Disincarnation  of him, and two other spiritual leaders who recently left this plane:  Valum Votan and Shri Mataji,a.k.a. Divine Mother.  The synchronicities led 133 to this heartening message; “Eye noo i feel better nooing oUR officers are re/port/in-G for their sacred duties“.
N. S.  1. 23. 10.  24.        Cube 18:  TELEPATHIC MEDITATION        Kin 124

11 thoughts on “Kin 124: Yellow Resonant Seed codes Gamma 24 of the Planetary Storm Moon

  1. Pacal Votan

    124. In the sign of the Rhythmic Moon, senses will open to the manna of Heaven; no where will you find any longer signs of the evil one, a cosmic race will you be once again.


  2. Valum Votan~Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book Of The Transcendence
    Page 14

    “We are evolving from our present human nature, mutating as a unified humanity and transforming into a new state of being. At this stage, personal Transcendence is insufficient; we must strive for collective planetary Transcendence. Transcend. Evolve. Mutate. Transform. These are powerful, loaded words. By evolutionary necessity-the survival of consciousness-we are now in a time of accelerated Transcendence.”

    “Transcendence is innate to our nature. If you do not wish to stay the same, then you have to do something. If you are not satisfied, then change your patterns-try something new-something that will elevate your mind and lift your horizons. Conscious change requires you to exercise your power of will.”

    “Dissatisfaction and boredom are signals to rise above your present state of consciousness; they are keys to Transcendence. Align with the Divine Plan by being ruthless in an honest evaluation of yourself. In this way boredom and dissatisfaction are portals into higher awareness.”


    • These seem to me perfect words for todaya, my friend. Thank U for sharing them.


      In lak’ech

  3. Antipode Watch~Cycle Flow. Matrix. Kin 254.
    Pulsar Transformation.
    93.254.(Pacal Votan Clear Sign)Kin 87.
    Blue Solar Hand.
    Fifth Clear Sign On Tomb Of Pacal Votan.

    Red Queen.
    Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac~
    “If Our Outer Thoughts Were Free From Confusion, We Would At All Times Be Drawing From The Infinite Source Of Knowledge.”

    Dreamspell Flow Brings Magic To Reality.
    DNA Transforms, Mutating My Eternall Signal.
    Signal Family. Unravel The Mystery.
    Galactic Federation, Declaration,Places a Pulsar~Portal Rainbow Formation.
    The Will of a Heart to Share Truth.
    Power Ripens Fruit.
    Fruit Brings Joy To The Avatar.
    The Avatar Brings Truth to The Flux.
    Transmission. Translated.
    Understood. Developing Galactic Maya Culture Brings A Smile to G.O.D.~D.O.G.’ Face.
    Exploring Space,
    Of The Avatar’s Place.
    Holding Cube.
    The House Of Votan.
    The Seaside Castle.
    The Mountain Divinity.
    Sacred Science.
    Delicate Geometry.
    Tranquility Trinity.
    Full Sincerity.
    Galactic Family.

    • Oh maya goodness! That’s the TARGET eye’m passing where i took the other beautiful sky pic!

      HAHA! Channel!

      Eye realized (silly wabbit) today the Maya 1st antipode status with Halloween. Pole dance, anyone?

      Realize that the love you have for spooky keeps you spooked.

      Plant noo seeds that can bear fruit from the re-S(i)/dual in U. We are in the VECTOR POTENTIAL – all necessary fundamental tweaks 4/FOR/FORE this half of the PSI bank can and will be made noo until {barring extraordinary personal circumstances} the next 7th channel. All is possible, but x is probable. Noo thyself and the circumstances in which U comport. Commit to persistent attempts to seek the higher voice inside. Calling…

      Galactic Serpent Lucille Ball, please stand up!



  4. Valum Votan~Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book Of The Transcendence
    Page 182

    “As we enter into cultivating mind more and more, we will realize that it is a tremendous vehicle and storehouse of methods and techniques that can replace altogether the material technology that is strangling the life of the planet.”
    “Discovered in 1992 by Valum Votan, while working with and contemplating the pulsar geometries of the wavespell as first presented in the Dreamspell, pulsar cosmology is a largely unexplored telepathic technology with numerous implications. Pulsar cosmology is a dynamic creative capacity of telepathic mental visualization and projection that has been randomly utilized by people who can pick up certain paranormal techniques, i.e. clairvoyance, spoon bending, “mind over matter”.”
    “As we develop these telepathic pulsar technologies we will see the potential of our mind as a powerful cosmic force. We will also realize other qualities of our mind that we may not have known existed. This knowledge of the true capacity and nature of mind will cause us to become morally enlightened as we see the actual nature of the universe.”
    “While pulsar cosmology is a multi~leveled telepathic technology, is merely one aspect of the vast program of time science revealed by the Law Of Time. According to The Law Of Time, the pulsar is a relational constant in time that can be plotted geometrically on the wavespell form. ALL NUMBERS FORM A RELATIONSHIP WITH EACH OTHER. Pythagoreans believed that humans could rise above their third~dimensional programs by meditating and telepathically communing with number “beings”. This is also an aspect of the philosophy of the Law Of Time.”

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