Kin 125: Red Galactic Serpent codes Planetary Catalytic Kali 25


Red Galactic Moon
Blue Galactic Eagle Red Galactic Serpent White Galactic Wizard
  Yellow Rhytmic Warrior
I harmonize in order to survive
modeling instinct.
I seal the store of life force
with the galactic tone of integrity.
I am guided by the power of universal water
The G-Force is Crystal Storm, which coded theFirst Year of the Mystery of the Stone.  The Long Count is also Crystal: Red Crystal Earth, whose Dreamspell Kin coded the catastrophic 9.0 Earthquake in Japan.
5.8“The discovery of the Law of Time and its applications define a program for the reorganization of the human social order and the consequent development of telepathic technologies for the amelioration of the environment and the possibility of time travel or telepathic transport.”
   Catalytic BLUE KALI 25:  ESTABLISH; SECRET CENTERChakra02.gif

 “Such an incredibly dense aggregation of whales and krill has never been seen before in this area...” [Antartica]  “about 5.1 whales per square kilometer, the highest density ever recorded – in Wilhelmina Bay.”
Lucille Ball Christine 133 reminds us that Red-haired Lucille Ball was a Red Galactic Serpent.  TMQ met the comedienne on several occassions, and enjoyed playing the Backgammon tournament she and her hilarious husband Gary organized  🙂
Today, we welcome Arun from Brasilia. Brazil  [in About]   Arun,  like James, is  coded by ‘oUR Galactic Synchronization date’ 164:  Yellow Galactic Seed  🙂  Arun is an accomplished musician [Viola] who  adds musical Harmony to our Galactic Octave.  Additional Synchonicity is the fact that Arun‘s name equals 441 !
[when numercially calculated by the way introduced in Cosmic History Chronicles; A=1, R= 90, U=300, N=50] 
On Day 25, we focus on the Telecosmic number power of 5Fifth Force – the principle of the center which animates all things.
Today is coded by seal 5.
Christine 133 contributed a visual Roman numeral 5 [V]  🙂
Go to fullsize imageValum Votan’s initials are V.V.
Valum Votan ascended 5 Heptads ago;  one Wavespell of 13 days remains in his 49 day Bardo.
Today, on this Catalytic Kali 25 of the Moon coded by Planetary Storm, we
“bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation.”
N. S.  1. 23. 10. 25.     Cube 19:  SELF-GENERATION RECHARGE   Kin 125

2 thoughts on “Kin 125: Red Galactic Serpent codes Planetary Catalytic Kali 25

  1. Pacal Votan

    125. And when comes the seventh year, the Resonant Wizard will seal the Heavens and the Earth with the glory of all prophecy, the redemption of all prophets, messengers, apostles and witnesses of truth.


  2. Kin 125 ~ Kin 128

    Harmonic 32 : Spectral Store : Remember Elegance of Liberation

    Codon 13 : People Organized : Truth Evolves Way of Conduct

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