Magic Turtle Day; Kin 127: Blue Planetary Hand codes Limi 27 of Blue Planetary Storm Moon

MANIK     Kin 127

Blue Planetary Eagle
Red Planetary Earth Blue Planetary Hand Yellow Planetary Human
  White Self-existing Wizard
I perfect in order to know
producing healing.
I seal the store of accomplishment
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of vision.
This Magic Turtle Day has some unusual synchronicities: The CDK of the day Valum Votan died was Crystal Warrior [9.11 plus 9.5+ 18.9=16.12] When we add 11.11 to that, it equals today’s Kin:  7.10.  When we add Valum Votan’s 11.11 to today’s Kin, it equals 18.8Galactic Mirror,  the Kin that codes the end of his Bardo.
This is noted on the 27th day of Moon 10. [27-20=7; 10]  The numerical value of Hand [8=1=14=4=27] = 27, mirroring the 27th day of this Moon. 
 896 people viewed the blog written for the 13th Anniversary [on Kin 5.2] of Princess Diana’s death, on the day her son married.  This [and this: “… a 5.2-magnitude earthquake this morning…was felt throughout Canterbury and the West Coast “. compelled TMQ to combine the two Kins coding those significant days:  Lunar Serpent: 5.2 [Also Diana’s G-force] plus 6.9 equals 11.11  🙂
At 1.26 p.m., ninety-six long seconds after they walked out of the Centre Room and on to the balcony of Buckingham Palace, William and Kate kissed“. Royal kiss
This headline from The Mail contains the numbers coding their wedding day:  1:26=Kin 126, and 96 contains the numbers {Tone [9] and Seal [6]} of Solar World-Bridger.
Today’s G-Force is 5.5, Overtone Serpent.  The Long Count is Magnetic Storm: Kin 79, known as the Noosphere Constant.
7.10:  “Personal celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time based upon date of birth which then defines the personal space-point and its time vector potentialities.  Through celestial harmonics the life process which had been unconscious can be experienced in the conscious order of its unfolding synchronics.”   7/10 [July 10;  Cosmic 14] is TMQ’s date of birth  🙂
    LIMI 27:   PURIFYSOLAR PLEXUS Chakra03.gif
The Sun and the Purifying ocean air drew us to Tahananui Beach during the Planetary Earth Watch.  TMQ opened Book of the Transcendence to today’s Kin/page # 127.   After studying  page 131 in particular, and  calculating how they arrived at key  numbers stemming from 7 x 7 , Rhythmic Sun called her attention to formations being made in the sand, which were  reminiscent of crop-circles.  Walking to them, TMQ realized they were two large formations, each composed of 7 concentric circles.
Of course she shared with  the Artist the synchronicity of his creation of two formations of 7 while she was  studying a page of information regarding 7 x 7!  While his partner was completing a third circle of a Yin-Yang,Image  I asked his Birthdate and name, telling him it would be in this blog.  He proudly stated that he was born at 8 a.m. on the 8th day of the 8th month of 1960  🙂  His Galactic Signature is Resonant Human.  Leo wore a cap bearing his name, and says his astrological sign [Leo the Lion]  suits me to a T!” 
Red dots signal the location of electrical impulses generated within this grid cell, which are needed for the brain to store information about the rat's physical environment (credit: UC San Diego)This image is from a fascinating article Christine 133 shared today:  “Like GPS, the brain’s navigation system for the external world requires precisely timed pulses”
This quote from St. Catherine of Siena [like Madame BlavatsKEY, she is a Crystal MonKEY] was mentioned in Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding ceremony:
“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire!“.
N. S.  1. 23. 10. 27.   Hunab Ku Cube 21:  TELEPATHIC MEMORY  Kin 127

4 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day; Kin 127: Blue Planetary Hand codes Limi 27 of Blue Planetary Storm Moon

  1. Planetary(10).27.127.
    Guide WatchFul Flow Inbreath Kin 75.
    Kin 75 Pulsar Transition 93~~>168 G.A.P. Kin 168.
    168 is 93’s Occult. G.A.P.Wrap.
    Continue Signal Path.
    Accomplishment of Deliverance.
    Head Held High.
    Eagle Vision.
    Eyes on Galactic Mayan Culture.
    A beacon of Light.
    Comfortable in JAH Darkness.
    Shadow Dancer.
    Heart Enhancer.
    Surveillance Contained.
    Mission Clear.
    Operation Galactic Federation.
    Eye Be UR Rainbow Tribulation.
    Velatropa 24. Headquarters.
    Eternal Sensation.
    Mayan Space(10) Station.
    No Hesitation.

    Galactified to Feel Unified.

  2. Planetary Hand = 7.10

    Surah 7.
    Al A’râf
    (The Heights)

    Verse 10:

    7.10 “It is We Who have placed you with authority on earth, and provided you therein with means for the fulfilment of your life: small are the thanks that ye give!”

  3. Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation – Noos-letter of the Foundation for the Law of Time – Issue #10

    “Time is upon us, for we are now counting down the last 600 days of the 12:60 world. Every day that passes the power of the 12:60 diminishes by one, the power of the 13:20 increases by one … Let each day be a gathering of the spiritual force for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, enlightenment of the world soul …”

    —José Argüelles/Valum Votan

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