Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon codes oUR Round Table on Dali 1 of the Spectral Moon of Liberation

MULUC        Kin 129

Red Crystal Dragon
Blue Crystal Storm Red Crystal Moon White Crystal Dog
  Yellow Lunar Human
I dedicate in order to purify
universalizing flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
I am guided by the power of birth.
Happy Galactic RetURn to Melovia and Angel  Their G-Force is 11.11;  Spectral MonKEY, which codes Valum Votan.    Crystal Dragon is the Guide, while today’s Long Count is Electric Dragon.
Today’s Hidden Power is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Lunar Human, which codes Cole/Tiger.
GM108X;  Self-Existing Star is the PSI Kin for  the first 3 days of each Spectral Moon.
 9.12“The precise timing of the release of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, White Resonant Mirror Day-Out-Of-Time (July 25, 2000), restores and activates the planet’s dormant magnetic polar flux tube regulators. Its successful completion augurs the triumph of sensory teleportation (the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge) as an established evolutionary possibility placing the species and the biosphere once again within the spiritual evolutionary trajectory of the Galactic Brain”.
VINAL 15;   MOAN:  “In order to see into the darkness”  
      DALI 1:   TARGET;  CROWNChakra07.gif
UR EARTH 1:  Outer EarthSpirit Tower
Heptad 41  corresponds to Codon 11:  DYNAMIZING:   Way of Conduct Shapes Space.
This  11th Spectral Moon of liberation is coded by Kin 180:  Yellow Spectral Sun;  20.11.
AHUA  Yellow Spectral Sun
Yellow Spectral Sun
White Spectral Dog Yellow Spectral Sun Blue Spectral Storm
  Red Electric Dragon
I dissolve in order to enlighten, releasing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the spectral tone of liberation.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peaceOn our first Crystal Round Table of the Spectral Moon, we welcome  new Kin to oUR 441 Cube of Truth:
Debra, Solar Earth is a psychic from the Night bio-region [New Zealand & Australia] Her G-Force is Lunar Night, and her Plasma is Limi
Welcome to musically-gifted Arun, Galactic Seed   from the Human region;  Brasilia, Brazil.
Kontras, Spectral World-Bridger joined us today, and shares this unique feature of yesterday’s Kin:  ‎128 is the only 3-digit number that is a 7th power. 2 to the 7th power.
Thank You to all the Kin who contributed such wonderful comments and links recently.  Please view them all  🙂
There is a quickening in oUR sense that it is time to move from 3-D with a ” knowledge” of Hunab Ku [Code=E 93]  into living in 13:20 Harmony with other Kin.
Melovia, whose Kin codes this  Crystal Moon Round Table shared these words  from Valum VotanTime is upon us, for we are now counting down the last 600 days of the 12:60 world.
Every day that passes the power of the 12:60 diminishes by one, the power of the 13:20 increases by one … Let each day be a gathering of the spiritual force for the Harmonic Convergence of 2012, enlightenment of the world soul …”
KiwiMike, 5 World-Bridger reiterates:  “Re-align in natures time realtime, natures time
Gg writes, in part:  “make your inner attunement with the star of your divinity
Christine 3 Skywalker URges:  “Prayer for this sensitive time
Priscella 6 Wizard linked us to the newest videos from the Cosmic History Chronicles.
James 8 Seed agrees with Code=E 93, “If one is truly willing to Give up this “old” way of Living, completely.
Being able to Become One with Nature.  With No Excuses.  We Will Tranmit into 4-D.” 
ImageJames also reminds us that the Long Count Lunar Sun led us into this 11th Moon coded by the Spectral Sun
Here is an article  about oUR Sun, followed by the newest crop circle, which is reminiscent of the Sun  “These two labs also found that small seasonal variations existed in the decay rates of the chemical elements silicon-32 and radium-226.”  “
It may very well be that the interaction between the Sun and radioactive materials is caused by a new, yet-undiscovered particle, physicists say.”
Silbury Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire. Reported 29th April. [Solar World-Bridger]

“The number Six represents…consciousness in its Planetary Aspect: The Sun. Colour: Yellow!”

May we Liberate oURselves from the artificial 12:60 life during this Spectral Sun Moon of Liberation, in order to  Unite in the natural, harmonic and Enlightening 13:20  frequency  🙂

N. S.  1. 23. 11. 1.   UR EARTH 1~Spirit Tower   Crystal Moon Round Table

11 thoughts on “Kin 129: Red Crystal Moon codes oUR Round Table on Dali 1 of the Spectral Moon of Liberation

  1. Thank U, TMQ, for the Galactic birthday wishes, and to all oUR Kin, for being Kin; for waking up to the knowing that U R Kin. It is definitely time for us to join together. I would gladly welcome any Kin who are so inclined to join me at the old farmhouse where I have been living the last 6 years (at least if I can convince the owner to let me stay another year rent~free or…). There are fruit trees and berry bushes and a big garden area and lots of good well water. Very rustic as it’s an old house that has not had the benefit of too much in the way of upgrades or repairs. But it’s a beautiful setting, crystal-filled cliffs overlooking a peaceful valley with a clear sandy-bottomed river winding through it, and wilderness in every direction. And it has been given lots and lots of love and appreciation! I call it The Shire 🙂 It might at least serve as a place to gather/start until something more permanent could be created/manifested/ developed with combined Kin energy and intention! Many hands make Light work indeed! Code=E 93 is already planning to come for the summer. Claire can give anyone who is interested my contact details and we’ll go from there. This or something better for all!

    Love to all Kin!
    In lak’ech,
    Melovia 129

  2. SaLuSa (Mike Quinsey) ~ Kin 129 (2 May 2011)

    “As you are finding out time is not constant, and according to what you are doing it will sometimes seem to speed up so that you convinced you have lost time. It shows how you have moved into a vibrational mode of a higher level of consciousness. Eventually time will no longer be experienced as linear and it will all be in the “Now”, as in reality the past, present and future are all One. It is why we can state quite positively that at our level of observation, Ascension has already taken place. The process of Ascension is gradually changing your body and whole outlook, as of course it is to be expected and is a quite natural occurrence. There are also those souls that are not responding to the higher energies, and in fact have little or no interest in that process. There is as a result a separation occurring between the two groups, and this will determine which of them ascend or leave the Earth for a different destination. It is all part of the Divine Plan and based on Universal Law, which ensures each soul proceeds correctly to the next stage of their evolution.

    In the context of what is due to take place in the remaining period leading up to Ascension, your upliftment is really the most important issue. The preparations for a quantum leap into the future are necessary to introduce you to an almost entirely different life style. There is a gap that needs to be bridged resulting from the deliberate actions of the Illuminati to hold you back. It has left you in a perpetual state of need, and prevented you from experiencing the advantages that new technological advances would have given you. Consequently most of you have struggled to exist, and almost all Third World countries have lived in continual poverty. You are to experience abundance and peace before the end times arrive, and once you have ascended you will move into a most wondrous and fulfilling time. The Earth is beautiful in its present form, but once ascended it will be a showcase of perfection and truly a heavenly abode. Equally you will be its appointed guardians and will have reached an understanding, that allows for your full appreciation of Mother Earth’s place in your lives as a fully conscious Being.

    We of the Galactic Federation are also part of your destiny, and not simply here to guide you onwards…..”

    Read the rest:

    • Happy return, Melovia. And, also wanted to report recent inspirations on time. I am preparing for the new moon to begin 21 days of gratitude ceremony, ending on 8 chuen, traditional daykeeper initiation day.

      I was thinking about insights from the almanac noting that all time is now and that the energies/timeframes of the calendar could be defined by will. I was considering the idea of proclaiming a chuen galactic week as the beginning of this 21 day period, and low and behold, find that our next galactic week IS 1 chuen.

      I would be interested to know other daykeepers who plan to enter special ceremony surrounding this time.


      • Thank u, Debra! I just noted that in this ‘time zone’ (what is that, anyway?) the Noo Moon is @ 11:51 p.m. (Valum Votan and Madame Blavatsky?) todaya. All Moons in synch! 😉 Good moment to change trains, jump ship, make oUR new connections!

  3. While entering the Spectral Moon of Liberation, oUR Codon for this heptad (heptad 41) is Codon 11: Dynamism. Way of Conduct Shapes Space.

    Spectral Moon = 11
    Codon = 11

    Kin 129= 9.12

    Bhagavad Gita —

    Chapter 9 Verse 12

    9:12 “These bewildered fools of futile desires, futile endeavors, futile knowledge, and futile understanding; certainly assume the nature of the atheistic and demoniac.”

    Qu’ran —

    Surah 9
    At Taubah
    (Repentance) [= Purification]
    Verse 12

    9:12 “But if they violate their oaths after their covenant, and taunt you for your Faith,- fight ye the chiefs of Unfaith: for their oaths are nothing to them: that thus they may be restrained.”

  4. Valum Votan~Red Queen
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book of The Transcendence
    Page 178
    “The Earth families create the structure of a new social organization. When a group of people consciously function within an Earth family then they can focalize thei energies to charge one of the five horizontal bands of the planet. The group practice consciously engages the telepathic activation of a particular protectorate zone and thus, awakens the interplanetary force field. The more people practicing the greater the Activation. This is a telepathic art that will increase as we move into the Aquarian Age, or age of the Noosphere.”
    “There are different psychic vortices of energy that ascend from each of the Five Zones, each containing it’s own particular quality of energy or interplanetary attributes. This energy is then absorbed through the electromagnetic field of the Noosphere. This creates a cycle of reciprocal energy flows within the flux tubes at the poles.”
    “Different vortices of energy open and send an impulse to those planets that represent the different zones. Once received, they come back as subliminal feedback from other worlds. It is the responsibility of the planetary geomants-the diviners of the Earth-to identify these vortices, cross-index them and keep them activated. Sometimes these are known as Sacred Centers.”
    “We are at this particular consciousness horizon at the brink of a new cycle. We can now develop our own biotelepathic feedback mechanism to raise and sustain higher levels of consciousness in different regions of the planet, and then stabilize at higher levels”

  5. That crop circle is beautiful. I was just reading today that this design symbolizes the first six days of creation according to the ancient Egyptians as well as the early Christians.

  6. On 12 muluc 9.12 First Day of spektral Moon 11.1 The Message of The killing of osama bin laden rushed over billions of 1260 tv screens around The World. For ones He was The Devil in Person and The Head of 9/11 for others the holy warrior against The devil USA. For sure He was The ” Most wanted Person ” espacially for G.W. Bush. As his galactic birthday is nothing Else then 9.12 he really got His birthday present. Happy bday W.

  7. 2 Melovia 129, I have just become aware of 13:20 time, but unsure on how/where to educate self of concept. Will be many “sites” to offer learning but unfortunately I am very wary of misdirection to proper education. I ask you for direction in learning 13:20. I see so much wrong all over, is difficult to trust and love. Your messages give hope, but so long being cynical, hard to undo. I message you because resonance and hope. Believe much chaos due next few month/years. Seems no choice to be able to move from coast, strong concern of survival self, family, friends. No one listens, I will not leave them to save self, but difficult to wait with much Earth fracture and local celestial change. Education with 13:20=”right place, right time “? If u can give direction for education on 13:20, I begin better path. Thankyou, Love and Light

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