Kin 131: Blue Magnetic MonKEY codes the 11th Wavespell of MAGIC on Spectral 3

CHUEN    Kin 131

Blue Magnetic Monkey
Red Magnetic Dragon Blue Magnetic Monkey Yellow Magnetic Star
  White Cosmic Dog
I unify in order to play
attracting illusion.
I seal the process of magic
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Today’s G-Force is Self-Existing Dragon, which codes the Law of Time, and the PSI remains GM108X:  Self-Existing Star.
Today’s 13 Moon date:  11.3  [3rd day of Moon 11] evokes the PVCS of Electric Monkey:  11.3;, and the Kin number [113] of the Lord of the Dawn, Solar Skywalker. 
Those numbers are also  anagrams of today’s palindromic Kin number:  131  🙂
 11.1:  “All biological entities called human possess a holon, a fourth-dimensional double, dormant and repressed during 12:60 deviance from norm.  Activation of holon is an evolutionary development dependent upon release of organic instinctual consciousness into telepathic continuing consciousness.
   GAMMA 3:  PACIFY;  THIRD EYEChakra06.gif
Thank You Burbuja33/Marisabel Cosmic Hand for this exquisite image of   “A pair of gravitationally interacting galaxies called Arp 147 ” 
Kin 147 is Self-Existing Hand:  7.47.4 is Mayan Notation for 144  🙂peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace ArajarA 9 Mirror [another palindrome  :)] noted the beauty of the ‘Sun‘ crop circle, discovered on William and Catherine’s wedding day.    “This design symbolizes the first six days of creation according to the ancient Egyptians as well as the early Christians.”
TMQ suspects this  crop circle of 6 parts  might also be alerting us to this fact: 
“Six Planets Now Aligned in the Dawn Sky”  “If you get up any morning for the next few weeks, you’ll be treated to the sight of all the planets except Saturn arrayed along the ecliptic, the path of the sun through the sky.”
This beautiful video features the crop circles of 2011 [and was made the first day of  this Moon, coded by 20.11:
Kin appreciated the view of oUR PSI plates, created and contributed by Jannis 189.  Today he shares:  “in Mayan cosmology the square is for the 20 and the circle for the 13.  Both together a square inside a circle is another symbol for Hunab Ku – The giver of movement and measure.”  Pacal Votan was buried with a sphere in one hand, and a cube in his other.
Check out the latest information, videos  and music [contributed by Priscella 214, Code=E 93, Burbuja 247, Debra 98, James 164 and C 133]  and the two  latest messages from Salusa, via Melovia 129.  Today, Christine 133 relayed a fascinating article which seems to indicate that we are receiving intelligently directed cosmic energies.  [This ‘news‘  is  startling for 12:60 scientists]
Our beloved Moi is Planetary Serpent, which  is Valum Votan’s Long Count Kin. 
Moi’s baby entered this plane 11 days after Valum Votan departed it:
blessed Sea-Star!!! … was born Solar Sun on Solar 28, in the sak, into the water in the third watch…with the wind softly blowing and he sun beaming!!!!   Emile….[…do you know the book ‘Emile or on Education’ by Jean-Jacques Rousseau  a French Blue Self-Existing Monkey??] 
Emile and his Mother are thriving in Ashland, home of the Law of Time.  🙂
The last  Heptad of Valum Votan’s Bardo begins today.  TMQ will make a renewed effort to spend less time in the Cybersphere/Technosphere and more time in the Noosphere until his Bardo ends, which means the next 7 posts will be shorter.
peace cube - twin virtual light and colour cube - catalyst of peace  Today’s Long Count date is Overtone Night [3.5] Combined with the CDK [9.5+20.11+11.1] of 20.4, the ‘All-In Kin’ coding the beginning of the second half of this Tzolkin is 3.9:  Solar Night known as the  Heart of  Nine of  Votan.
3.9 can also be construed as 39: 
19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”
Wavespell 11MAGIC codes the 7th Heptad of Valum Votan’s Bardo           
N. S.  1. 23. 11. 3.                                                      Kin 131

10 thoughts on “Kin 131: Blue Magnetic MonKEY codes the 11th Wavespell of MAGIC on Spectral 3

  1. Looking at the crop circle further of the six overlapping circles, notice the two on the left are filled and the two on the right have dots in the middle. This symbolizes the feminine and masculine respectively, with the top and bottom empty circles representative of the child aspect. We know crop circles to be the language of light, all deriving from the way the fundamental movement of circles and spheres creates space and thus dimension.

    • Okay. I don’t know if this is a translation issue or not, but this is in the 3rd dimensional future and eye fervently want to noo what you perceive u “made.”

      Your sister,

  2. Pacal Votan Clear Sign.132.
    Spoke With Jacob(201)at The Law Of Time.
    The New Almanac is Up For Pre-Order!
    Red Queens Part 2, of Valum Votan’ Biography, is Ready for Pre-Order!
    Cosmic History Chronicles
    Volume 6
    Book of the Cube, will be ready for the Day Out of Time!
    Also anyone in the area of Davis California, might be interested in the Whole Earth Festival, this weekend, stop by and say Hi To The Rythmic Twins, Kelly(240) and Jacob(201) at the Law of Time, Space!
    Also Day Out Of Time in Mt. Shasta!
    The Crest13 Crew is Planning, and Creating!
    Congratulations MOI(205)!!!!!
    Wonderful News.!!!!

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