Kin 133: Red Electric Skywalker codes Spectral Alpha 5: “Know the Magic”

BEN      Kin 133

Red Electric Earth
Blue Electric Night Red Electric Skywalker White Electric Worldbridger
  Yellow Spectral Star
I activate in order to explore
bonding wakefullness.
I seal the output of space
with the electric tone of service.
I am guided by the power of navigation.
Happy Galactic RetURn to Christine, who contributes so much  to oUR Cube  🙂
Her Kin number:  133, also contains her seal and tone:  13.3.   
Christine’s Guide is:  17.3;  Electric Earth:  ‘Activating Synchronicity’
Today’s  G-Force is 7.10:  Planetary Hand. 
 The Long Count Kin is Resonant Serpent whose numbers:  5.7 demonstrate the sacred ratio of  [5]Solar Spins  to every 7 Galactic Spins. 
 That reminds one of this ‘synchronistic Serpent’:   “Eye’d also like to point out on this 5/5 that Cole’s and my kin = 5.5, Overtone Serpent ;)

“And one more synch – There are 595 kin between noo and oUR 12/21/2012 synch which equal 85 x 7 day weeks – kin 85 GAP Resonant Serpent ;)  [today’s Long Count is Resonant Serpent!]

 The PSI for the days of  Christine 133 and Cole  132’s Galactic Returns [and for Spectral 6] is Solar Skywalker:  Kin 113 
As 93 notes:  PSI 113.  Lord of The Dawn.  Tmoro on 133.
Double Skywalker Power.  Double Mars Day.  93.113.133.  Skywalker Trinity.”
More Synchronicity from Code=E 93  “There will be an untying the Knots Ceremony-meditation:
This coming Limi, White Self~Existing Wizard (Kin 134) In The A.M.  Blessed 144.414.441
James 164:  ” at my job today eye clocked out with 14.141 hours”
 13.3:   “Beyond imaginal sensory teleportation, whole body time transport is the capacity for the third-dimensional entity to experience “displacement” or coordinated functioning in two places at once. This is only possible because of the development of the alternative fourth-dimensional personality and its capacity to incorporate the third-dimensional’s internal body sensation of  “self.’
This message from Moi 205 arrived in time for Christine 133’s ‘Galactic Birthday’  🙂
 Bom Dia Blessed Kin!!!
A morning bit of buzz nectar…
Jacob reminded me that the Whole Earth Festival in Davis , CA. which Jose initiated (and is free) is this weekend! So, if you’re able to make it in 3D, BIG HUGS to all the kin!! If, like me you are going to attend on all our other sacred dimensions….may our CUBE radiate COSMIC LOVE AND DIVINE LOYALTY! (Lets send them a Rainbow!!)
Also, eye was reading one of my favorite blogs this morning, (great place to set your daily compass)
And this gift was there JUST in time for our Cycle of Return!! What A FUN way to ‘Trip to the Tzolkin’.
Love learning lak’ech,   –moi-  205
Burbuja 33 [247] shared this beautifull site about Cetacean Consciousness and oUR huge-hearted allies in oUR oceans   shortly before her dream of being engulfed by water.
Water is represented by the 9th glyph:  Moon
Christine shared this beautiful image on Melovia and Angel 129’s Galactic Return:
Moon goddess
Moon Goddess

Draped in her glimmering veil of stars, the Goddess Selene tenderly guides the moon on its celestial journey, keeping watch over the night-bathed earth. Her face is lit by the gentle glow of moonbeams from the heavens and by the profound power of her own inner peace and love for mankind.

night-bathed earth” reminds one of 3 [Night = Seal 3] Earth133‘s Guide.
UR Earth 3 “And by the Moon when it follows the Sun
17.3 “Post-organic entities or angels are fractal free wave forms completely engaged in the intelligence of the mind of God, and receptive to input of super conscious hyper-organic entities or time transcending third-dimensional forms of devotion, prayer or meditation.”
N. S.  1. 23. 11. 5.           KNOW the  MAGIC   🙂             Kin 133

9 thoughts on “Kin 133: Red Electric Skywalker codes Spectral Alpha 5: “Know the Magic”

  1. Bhagavad-gita, As It Is:

    Chapter 17. The Divisions of Faith
    TEXT 3

    sattvanurupa sarvasya
    sraddha bhavati bharata
    sraddha-mayo ‘yam puruso
    yo yac-chraddhah sa eva sah


    sattva-anurupa–according to the existence; sarvasya–of everyone; sraddha–faith; bhavati–becomes; bharata–O son of Bharata; sraddha–faith; mayah–full; ayam–this; purusah–living entity; yah–anyone; yat–that; sraddhah–faith; sah–that; eva–certainly; sah–he.


    According to one’s existence under the various modes of nature, one evolves a particular kind of faith. The living being is said to be of a particular faith according to the modes he has acquired.


    Everyone has a particular type of faith, regardless of what he is. But his faith is considered good, passionate or ignorant according to the nature he has acquired. Thus, according to his particular type of faith, one associates with certain persons. Now the real fact is that every living being, as is stated in the Fifteenth Chapter, is originally the fragmental part and parcel of the Supreme Lord. Therefore one is originally transcendental to all the modes of material nature. But when one forgets his relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead and comes into contact with the material nature in conditional life, he generates his own position by association with the different varieties of material nature. The resultant artificial faith and existence are only material. Although one may be conducted by some impression, or some conception of life, still, originally, he is nirguna, or transcendental. Therefore one has to become cleansed of the material contamination that he has acquired in order to regain his relationship with the Supreme Lord. That is the only path back without fear: Krsna consciousness. If one is situated in Krsna consciousness, then that path is guaranteed for his elevation to the perfectional stage. If one does not take to this path of self-realization, then he is surely to be conducted by the influence of the modes of nature.
    The word sattva, or faith, is very significant in this verse. Sattva or faith always comes out of the works of goodness. One’s faith may be in a demigod or some created God or some mental concoction. It is supposed to be one’s strong faith in something that is productive of the works of material goodness. But in material conditional life, no works of material nature are completely purified. They are mixed. They are not in pure goodness. Pure goodness is transcendental; in purified goodness one can understand the real nature of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. As long as one’s faith is not completely in purified goodness, the faith is subject to contamination by any of the modes of material nature. The contaminated modes of material nature expand to the heart. Therefore according to the position of the heart in contact with a particular mode of material nature, one’s faith is established. It should be understood, that if one’s heart is in the mode of goodness, his faith is also in the mode of goodness. If his heart is in the mode of passion, his faith is also in the mode of passion. And if his heart is in the mode of darkness, illusion, his faith is also thus contaminated. Thus we find different types of faith in this world, and there are different types of religions due to different types of faith. The real principle of religious faith is situated in the mode of pure goodness, but because the heart is tainted, we find different types of religious principles. Thus according to different types of faith, there are different kinds of worship.

  2. Which is why this New Zealand based church is a step in the noo direction! 😉 Again thank you Claire for creating this SPACE for/fore/foUR/4 us to nav/i/gate. Shout outs to GSC 95 – seeing more everyday!

    Love to all kin – hope UR electrified!!!

    • Having a proper Galactic Birthday celebration, I’ll bet! (How could it not be with such an auspicious beginning? 😉 )

      Love you!
      Galactic Synchronization Crew 95/129

  3. Spectral(11).Daya 6.kin 134
    Galactic Signature of Robert Nesta Marley.
    Bob Marley.


    Rise up fallen fighters
    Rise and take your stance again.
    ‘Cause he who fight and run away
    Live to fight another day.


    As a man sow, shall he reap
    And I know that talk is cheap.
    So the hotter the battle
    Is the sweeter the victory.

    Rise up freedom fighters
    Rise and take your stance again.
    ‘Cause he who fight and run away
    Live to fight another day.


  4. Kin 134
    Bob Marley
    WAR~~> Bob Marley Lyrics
    Song: War
    What life has taught me
    I would like to share with
    Those who want to learn…

    Until the philosophy which hold one race
    Superior and another inferior
    Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
    Everywhere is war, me say war

    That until there are no longer first class
    And second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man’s skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
    Me say war

    That until the basic human rights are equally
    Guaranteed to all, without regard to race
    Dis a war

    That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
    To be persued, but never attained
    Now everywhere is war, war

    And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
    that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique,
    South Africa sub-human bondage
    Have been toppled, utterly destroyed
    Well, everywhere is war, me say war

    War in the east, war in the west
    War up north, war down south
    War, war, rumours of war

    And until that day, the African continent
    Will not know peace, we Africans will fight
    We find it necessary and we know we shall win
    As we are confident in the victory

    Of good over evil, good over evil, good over evil
    Good over evil, good over evil, good over evil

    coun t?


  5. Kin 134
    Robert Nesta Marley

    ZION TRAIN Bob Marley Lyrics
    Song: Zion Train
    Zion train is coming our way
    Zion train is coming our way
    Oh people get on board
    You better get on board
    Thank the lord, praise Fari
    I gotta catch this train
    Cause there is no other station
    Then you going in the same direction

    Zion train is coming our way
    Zion train is coming our way

    Which man can save his brothers soul
    Oh man it’s just self control
    Don’t gain the world and lose your soul
    Wisdom is better than silver and gold
    To the bridge

    Oh where there is a will
    There always is a way
    Where there is a way
    Where there is a will
    There’s always a way

    Soul train is coming our way
    Zion train is coming our way

    Two thousand years of history
    Could not be wiped away so easily
    Two thousand years of history
    Black history
    Could not be wiped so easily

    Oh children Zion train is coming our way
    Get on board now
    Zion train is coming our way
    You got a ticket so thank the Lord
    Zion train is, Zion train is, Zion train is, Zion train
    Soul train is coming our way
    Soul train is coming our way


  6. Kin 134
    Robert Nesta Marley Bob Marley Lyrics
    Song: So Much Trouble in the World
    So much trouble in the world now (repeat)
    Bless my eyes this morning
    JAH sun is on the rise once again
    The way earthly things are going
    Anything can happen

    You see men sailing on their ego trips
    Blast off on their spaceships
    Million miles from reality
    No care for you, no care for me
    So much trouble in the world now (repeat)
    All you’ve got to do is give a little
    Give a little, give a little
    One more time ye-a-h! ye-ah!

    So you think you have found the solution
    But it’s just another illusion
    So before you check out your tide
    Don’t leave another cornerstone standing there behind
    We have got to face the day, ooh we come what may
    We the street people talking, we the people struggling

    Now they are sitting on a time bomb
    Now I now the time has come
    What goes up must come down
    Goes around comes around
    So much trouble in the world
    So much trouble in the world
    So much trouble in the world
    There is so much trouble, there is so much trouble
    There is so much trouble
    There is so much trouble in the world
    There is so much trouble in the world

    Jah Live 93.

  7. Kin 134
    Bob Marley Bob Marley Lyrics
    Song: I Know
    When the race gets hard to run
    It means you just can’t take the pace
    When it’s time to have your fun
    You find the tears run on down through
    Your face, then you stop and think a little
    Are you the victim of the system
    Anyday now they gonna let you down
    Remember Natty will be there
    To see you through

    And ain’t it good to know now
    JAH will be waiting there
    Ain’t it doggone good to know you all
    JAH will be waiting there
    Wait in Summer, wait in Spring
    Wait in Autumn, Winter thing
    Tribes goes up, all the tribe goes down
    Bring my children from the end of the earth

    Many a time I sit and wonder why
    This race so, so very hard to run
    Then I say to my soul take courage
    Battle to be won
    Like a ship that’s tossed and driven
    Battered by the angry sea yeah!
    Say the tide of time was raging
    Don’t let the fury fall on me, no, no, no

    Cause I know JAH will be waiting there
    Ain’t it good to know now
    JAH will be waiting there
    Lost and found, who speak I give
    Speak I give, lost and found (repeat)

    RainBow Bridged.

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