Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior codes Spectral Dali 8; Cube Two: SPIRIT

CIB    5/9/11

Kin 136

Yellow Rhytmic Warrior
White Rhytmic Worldbridger Yellow Rhytmic Warrior Blue Rhytmic Night
  Red Galactic Serpent
I organize in order to question
balancing fearlessness.
I seal the output of intelligence
with the rhythmic tone of equality.
I am guided by my own power doubled.
Rhythmic World-Bridger codes today’s Antipode and G-Force.  The PSI for Spectral 8 is Crystal Hand:  7.12, which codes the 12/21/12 Solstice  in 592 days.
The Long Count Kin is 88, Planetary Star, which coded the day in the Northern Hemisphere, when Valum Votan left this Planet 47 days ago.
Today is the 8th day of the 11th Moon of Liberation 8 x 11 = 88
When Valum Votan Ascended, it was   8:11 a.m. in New Zealand,  The First  Land to See the Dawnand the first to  see the Dawn at the culmination of the 7 Lord of the Dawn  Quetzalcoatl Cycles, and the end of the 13 Baktun’s of History.
Valum Votan was here  in the   ‘Heart of that Land’ on the 27th Solar-Galactic RetURn of Pacal Votan [per TMQ‘s calculations]
Magnetic 7==1.7 ; which is Day 7 Cube 1   {August 1, 2007  = 27 = 7.1, Magnetic Hand} was coded by Pacal Votan’s  PVCS & GAP  Signature: 60:  Galactic Sun, and in the long Count, that day was coded by Valum Votan’s Signature:  11.11.
 16.6:  “Entrance into the Dominion of Time through the conscious self-reflective discovery of the Law of Time actually initiates the “cycle of return.”  Cycle of return refers to that moment in the stellar evolution when atomic-cellular expansion becomes regressive, and the correct process of excitation of primary material can only be induced by self-reflective consciousness.   As self-reflective consciousness increases, mass diminishes, volume expands, and weight decreases.  This decrease is proportionate to the release of radion resulting in continuing and super conscious expansion of primary thermic and luminic properties.”
 DALI 8:  TARGETCROWNChakra07.gif
Heptad/Week 42 corresponds to Codon 36:  INNER RADIANCECosmic Order Becomes Self-Enlightening.
Cube Two:  SPIRIT  Baktun 8:  The Annointed One.
“…By my Warrior Wind  Power of Spirit, may I redeem theAnointed One as myself–May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!” 
9 and 5 describe today’s Gregorian date:  9/5;
This 13 Moon year9.5:  Red Overtone Moon, Kin 109.  9.5 codes the Heart of Heart Chakra of our Seventh Lord of the Ring’s Nine Chakras.
One day after the 9.0 in Japan on Crystal Earth,   the first explosion at Fukushima [which numerically equals 109:  9.5]  changed the world. 
11 days later, Kin 11;  Valum Votan Liberated himself from oUR Earth, [many believe] in order to help Save oUR Earth
Valum Votan’s  49-Day Bardo  ends on Galactic Mirror, precisely 11 minutes after the end of the Analog Watch, coded by  Kin 21, Valum Votan’s G-Force]  
Tomorrow, Kin 137: Red Resonant Earth codes the last full day of the Closer of the Cycle’s Bardo.
This blog will be silent tomorrow [for the 13th day since it began 22 Moons and 19 days ago]

Kin 137:  Red Resonant Earth
Red Resonant Moon
Blue Resonant Hand Red Resonant Earth White Resonant Wind
  Yellow Resonant Seed
I channel in order to evolve
inspiring synchronicity.
I seal the matrix of navigation
with the resonant tone of attunment.
I am guided by the power of universal water
On the 17th day of the 7th Tzolkin Column17.7, let’s meet with
Valum Votan in the Crown-of-Crown Chakra:  Noosphere; [coded by PVCS & GAP Overtone Earth;  17.5 for Return half of this Solar Ring];
and with Lord Seven Earth {Kin 137} in hisDomain:  The Root-of-Root Chakra. 
Known by the Mayan’s as Ah Vuc Ti Cab, he mediates  the cosmic Radial Plasmas which enter our Earth through her poles and remain in the Heart of oUR Crystal Earth
Lord Seven Earth is aided by the Seventh  Lord of the Ring’s  Root-of-Root Chakra -coded by Solar Human until the Day-out-of-Time.
 There is certain to be lots of Spirit in Earth’s Crystal Core, and the Ninth Crown-of Crown Chakra: oUR Noosphere.
 The Fifth Heart-of-Heart Chakra [coded all year by 9.5:  Overtone Moon]  is  
oUR Hearts filled with Love and Gratitude for Valum Votan and all of Creation  🙂
We can honor and aid the Closer of the Cycle and Lord 7 Earth by functioning as cosmic vibratory roots, transducing the Cosmic energies with our Hearts of Love and Pure Intention, before they reach the Domain of  7 Earth, the Octahedral Crystal Core 

On Red Resonant Earth, let’s “Place the whole vision of the Rainbow Bridge around the Earth  in our Hearts”.  

Visualized by all in a Telepathic wave of  LOVE, the Rainbow Bridge  will be co-created. 

N. S.  1. 23. 11. 8.            Cube Two:  SPIRIT              Kin 136 


19 thoughts on “Kin 136: Yellow Rhythmic Warrior codes Spectral Dali 8; Cube Two: SPIRIT

  1. Galacitc Seed *likes* “Visualized by all in a telepathic wave of LOVE, the Rainbow Bridge will be co-created.”

  2. Valum Votan
    The Call Of Pacal Votan
    Time is the Fourth Dimension
    Page 9
    “I now recognize that my life mission in pursuit of the mathematics of time has been and continues to be at the ‘Call of Pacal Votan’. Referred to as ‘time’s special witness’, the personage and presence of Pacal Votan, galactic agent~>>>>>13 66 56<<<<<, have guided me all along. By the timing of his 52 year cycle of power, AD 631-683, and by the clues he left, Pacal Votan demonstrated his mastery of the Mayan Time Science. The Maya really did have a mission to leave the 13:20 knowledge of time, precisely for the purpose of offering us the opportunity of correcting our course in time–before it's too late."

    As the human responsible for bringing to light the knowledge of time in its true fourth-dimensional form, I recognize the enormity of my task. I ask the reader, as my self, to bear in humility all of the imperatives which this truth commands. In the spirit of the one, nameless, all-evolving divine source, I bow in gratitude that I have been instrumented as The Vessel Of Truth."


    This to the Noosphere, In Complete Gratitude and Thankfulness, For Our Spectral Monkey. Kin 11.
    The Current Incarnation. Of Pacal Votan.
    Valum Votan, may you complete UR Bardo. our 138.
    Thank yah Captain Votan. 
    Preparation Earth Cleanse 
    Operation Polar Shift Harmonic Stability.
    Galactic Federation TimeSpace. 
    4 TH-Dimensional Overlay.
    Template Download.
    Earth Crew (10)
    Maldek Crew (28)
    Mars Crew (16).
    Lost Planet Karma. 
    Clear. Purified.
    Lost Planet Attained.
    Lost Planet Reflected.
    Full Recall. Full Memory.
    In sUR(V.V.)ice.
    Galactic Agent 93.(13.2)

  3. Plasmas call body to attention
    Long Count sings speak-trail moon
    cry-stall moon
    Max Theodor Felix Von Laue-kin 209
    waters bond angle= 109
    overtone moon
    teach mi to let go
    Let oUR tears bee just enough to
    span the IRIS with the SOL
    Rainbow Bridge Wings
    Cry…stalls the moonbeams and pre-serves
    them into form

    181 dmitri mendeleev 181
    91 perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect elementos
    19 sophia…. G-races
    them maps
    Bard-O’ Bard-O’
    inhale and set sail
    Ah Vuc Ti Cab
    to mi OsheArt!!
    planetary geomants
    developing oUR own bio-tell-a-path-Ik
    feedback with sacred sea-enters
    mi body and eye breathe…
    inhaling plasmas…i-ris-e
    rainbow breath of fire–
    Ice-mi alt
    Alt-ar…Alta…higher free-qu-ik-and-we-sea
    Sew-n-it 2G-ether…

    PSI bank orbital blossom
    peter-petals of PAN
    nevermind…you CAN
    Star We-Are’s
    reason-Ah Vuc Ti Cab
    sea-haven raven…Ra! even…
    SaLuSa SaLuna Soul Sonar
    heart breathing heart light
    Arco! Arco! Iris!!
    he be the timekeeper of the ancient Osiris!
    is 1 to the 1
    1 to the 1 is
    a SOL OPTI-Capi-TAN!
    matter hatter bee
    de-Ka-y he say:
    Let the Mon’ take the Keys
    or let him de’rail!
    Speak-Jah-Trail! Mon-Key
    Plasmas aligning witht the cosmical core’of de zone
    I’ll leave the eye on
    just we-alk fly
    to the irie eye
    Roar!! Jah Pact!!
    Ra in Jah Bow
    Let the tears flow
    Salty silence s-lips into mi sonic-all
    the G-on-G
    2G-ether 3D sew 4D
    and dreams flow
    Gnosis-star Be-Ra-Oath-errr
    sp’aces filled with spirits
    into the Cubical Journey
    abun-dance into flow-er-in-G
    fine tuning the mind
    pre-pair for a quantum leap
    Corpus call! O!Eye see’m
    call-in-G upon the Ra!-Diosa-On-IK-All-Boom!
    mu-Ka-sssssssssssss plug
    of the noosphere
    bardo bardo singung us his song…
    perk-in-up oUR ele(ven)PHANT-Om ears
    be-cause the answer my friends…
    is blue’n the we-end…
    Overtone moon, keeper of the water’s bond
    Help the Angels Gnoo we-in to let go…and leap!
    a4 eve Ra

    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!
    Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

    • Moi may I just say it’s oh, so good to see oUR Planetary Serpent back and in such fine form? Sweet Mama Rebel Rocker Poet!!! 🙂
      (4:14/254 Resonant Wizard!! Nice!)

      Love and in lak’ech,

    Discusses the role of art and ritual within the context of evolution within matrifocal cultures, and how such influences are re-emerging as strong factors in contemporary culture and evolution.

    Count one another out . .. … …. …..
    beginning with a neuter(kleuter) hide and seek
    slowly polarizing to ripen and shake out in pairs countin on each other

    pre-cusstoric enmity was gendered – but hormones have a tendency to run with like clockwork, all phenomena cogs within cogged cogs ad infinitum * – and localized. As the bonds, radii and mixes mix, retie and retry, they tighten here but stretch and lose limits there.

    * line up between 10 and 20 pendula on varying length string, swing them and see the rhytms with major harmonics 2 and 3 come and go a few times

    We experience cultural diversity as the plus and minus have more poles and spokes to choose relative and fluxy position on.

    Give or take the parasites who puncture stuff and deal in tanks, sticking with large gambles, lobsidedness, wreckage and large pay-offs, angular and spikey clinketiclankin through the chinashop (thoroughly), on balance the dollops doled out tend to round us into rolling with each other.

    If it weren’t for the loss of the garden-cultural eco aspects a nostalgia and strain to hear indigenes finally done justice would not be the big deal it will be this very century. There’s a few imperiall run roadblocks just yet. Time to block the road to them.

    they posted an arguelles obit also – it’s an art collective

    today’s is the first of them i can actually see the point of relating to Vernadsky through/with. But i still prefer David Calder Hardy and recently Konstantin Meyl. And besides, you can change volume and density a lot before overall mass gets added to and or dimished, even though all sorts of interlocklevels vary.

  5. Kin 137, Frank Oz 😉

    Frank Oz (born Richard Frank Oznowicz (May 25, 1944) is a British-born American film director, actor, voice actor and puppeteer who is known for creating and performing the characters Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear in The Muppet Show and for directing films, including the 1986 Little Shop Of Horrors remake and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. He is also the operator and voice of Yoda in the Star Wars series.

    Oz was born in Hereford, England, the son of Frances and Isidore Oznowicz,[2] both of whom were puppeteers. His parents were refugees from the Holocaust who moved to England after fighting the Nazis with the Dutch Brigades. Oz’s Dutch/Polish father was Jewish and his Flemish mother was a lapsed Roman Catholic.[3][4][5] Oz moved to Oakland, California, United States, with his parents when he was five years old. He attended Oakland Technical High School and Oakland City College.

    A little Jedi wisdom for universal water, if a bit swampy. 🙂

    Thank you, Claire and all kin here foUR oUR vigilance.



    177 has the representation of 2 to the 7th power + 49. 😉

    177 divides 58 squared – 1

    Unicode 177 – The PlUS MinUS symbol – Non-dualistic state of flux

    177 is an odd number

    177 is a composite number

    177 is a deficient number, as 63 is less than 177

    177 is a Leyland number since it can be expressed as 27 + 72

    177 is a square-free number

    177 is a Ulam number

    177 is a 60-gonal number

    Divisors of 177: 1, 3, 59, 177

    177 is a semiprime: a product of two prime numbers (3 and 59)

    Since the prime factors (3 and 59) are Gaussian primes, 177 is a Blum integer

    177 is a digitally balanced number: in its binary numeral system representation, it has the same number of zeros as ones (10110001)

    177 is the magic constant of a magic square using only Chen primes

    177 is the smallest magic constant for a 3 x 3 prime magic square

    Feeling the flow, feeling the flow.


  7. wonder why i have never seen anybody notice the resemble and fit of the
    pedal steel (string/fret) grid with the tzolkin before… here’s a guy talking
    you through a song with conventional musical (chord) notation (letters and
    numbers) and which combos of the 13 string 22 fret set generate them.

    i was 77th viewer here:

    tzolkin animation by a russian – tetradic finale!!
    tomorrow is 17.7 (in an hour and a half here)

    with love Julia from Russia, Izhevsk – kin221

    3dartel – 2 vids up, the other one is a baby stumbling from pa to ma and
    back again. he likes it.

    you guys are real sweet, lots of love and thanks for the ‘woik’. the
    animations are thought provoking to say the least. schauberger-like
    vortexical. But, if you were gonna work with sprockets too (the way i
    have seen it done often by now), rather than glide friction/cone type stuff
    you’d have adjacent circles/spheres touching in only one spot. That will be
    at least as much if not more work (but like i said, i’ve see flat versions
    with up to 3 wheels before). to encourage you, have a look at my
    ‘savantisms’ list. — seeya.

    Personally i felt sure lots of cross pollinization would happen between the
    dreamspell variety and the graphic work with Walter Russell flavors,
    Schauberger ones, a pinch of the old Daniel Winter and fractal foldery, ..
    etcetera … but in fact, it happens very little, emphasizing the freak autist
    aspects of the whole thing.

    i guess this is the originator (software operator) really, there’s 74 uploads,
    all of them animations, most of them for heavy industries:
    … they were made about a year ago.
    Account holder joined Jun 2, 2008

    in my teens i had (‘start’)number 136

  8. Today 18.8 11.05.11 Gmt+1 this Artikel in German News Web appeared: It says that thousands of Italiens leaving the capital and 18% of the public Employed have taken a Day of Holiday cause the Visionary Prophet Dottore Raffaele who died 1979 had forecasted a huge earthquake destroying the “Petersdom” (Main church of katholic Church and the Colloseum)
    I know only one man who should immidiatly leave Rome, this shame for Italy and the whole Humanity: BERLUSCONI Richest man of Italy, controlling all Mass Media, Head of italians MAFIA (which controls 30 perzent of the italian economy) Bunga Bunga Partys, and until recently Ghaddafis best friend and oil buyer. MAY Zeus throw his Flashes and Thunder after this face lifted A…. Puh Sorry I wasa bit loud. Yes I know toDay was / is also a holy Day in 2 aspects. And therefore the destabilization of 12/60 and the uplifting of 13/20 comes …will come to the right time. I will respond on that on the next blog. Om nama shivaya… And it`s 11.55 right now

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  10. something nice for the kin 139

    moon 11 day 11

    11 11

    or telektonon 31(kin 139) 13/9

    31. In my body of time, thirteen star histories rehearse themselves for the day of truth. Each star history possesses its own knowledge keeper appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Destiny. Thirteen Wisdom Holders, Nine Great Lords, 22 in all, to each of whom I am bound by a luminous thread of knowing, sealed by oath to Bolon Ik, White Solar Wind, Kin 22 in the Book of Destiny, the Book of Kin.

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