Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11 of Spectral Moon 11; the first full day after the Bardo for 11.11


CAUAC      Kin 139


Blue Solar Eagle
Red Solar Moon Blue Solar Storm Yellow Solar Sun
  White Overtone Wind
I pulse in order to catalyze
realizing energy.
I seal the matrix of self generation
with the solar tone of intention.
I am guided by the power of vision.
Today’s G-Force is Lunar Serpent.  The PSI for Spectral 11 is  Self-Existing Human
In the Long Count, today is Cosmic Monkey.   Lord of the Dawn:  13.9 is inherent in today’s Kin 139.

 19.9:  To be at God is Judgement Day.   Judgement Day is defined by the discovery of the Law of Time,  which is both the final revelation and the knowledge to proceed correctly where, before,  for lack of the science of time, there had only been manifest error.   The biosphere-noosphere transition is the external ripening of the cosmic unconscious and is synonymous with the Judgement Day sequence of the discovery of the Law of Time.”


Catalytic event this week is discussed in the latest  article from  ‘Extinction Protocol’, which asks: 

Is the Universe Poised on the Edge of an Event?”

May 12, 2011 – “The famous Crab Nebula supernova remnant has erupted in an enormous flare five times more powerful than any flare previously seen from the object…These superflares are the most intense outbursts we’ve seen to date, and they are all extremely puzzling events…

And there shall be signs in the Sun, and in the moon, and in the stars: and upon earth distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring.” Luke 21:25

” Suddenly, every constant we’ve known in the universe is now changing.  The planets, Earth’s geological processes, the Sun’s rate of radioactive decay and the mechanics of stars. One can’t help but feel we are truly on the precipice of some momentous change that is sweeping through the universe.   Everyday theres is less and less doubt that this is the time of the end-cycle foretold by prophets, wisemen and sages.” 

50 days have passed since Valum Votan Ascended on Kin 89:  Spectral Moon.   39 days later, the 11th Spectral Moon of Liberation began.   Today’s 13 Moon date [11.11] bears his Kin number;  11.11, and a reminder of 11:11, the moment we align with the Heart of oUR Galaxy, on 12/21/2012.

That moment occurs on Crystal Hand;  7.12, also referred to as the  “Judgement Day” discussed in today’s Postulate,and as the “Day of Truth“. 

Kontras, Spectral World-Bridger;  6.11 [the time of Valum Votan’s Birth and Death]  supplied this verse from  “telektonon 31 (kin 139) 13/9
31. In my body of time, thirteen star histories rehearse themselves for the day of truth.  Each star history possesses its own knowledge keeper appointed by the Nine Great Lords of Galactic Destiny.  Thirteen Wisdom Holders, Nine Great Lords, 22 in all, to each of whom I am bound by a luminous thread of knowing…”

Kontras 206 also notes this special synchronicity regarding Valum Votan on a Magic Turtle Day:

“and one more 5.12.2013 [G. date is 5/12]   Kin 89 moon 11 day 11″ 🙂

Nearly 50 years have passed since Princess Diana was born on Solar Storm, at 7:12 a.m.

Princess Diana Picture The  sudden death of the People’s Princess elicited an outpouring of grief that registered the highest  reading of  ‘Global Emotion’ ever recorded at the Princeton monitoring facility.

The reaction to her  tragic death shows the degree to which   humanity is unified at their Heart level, resonating with the power of  Love, which Princess Diana exemplified. 

Now, oUR task is to unify in preparation for the Harmonic Convergence when we reach the Heart of our Galaxy on 7:12, Blue Crystal Hand which codes the end of the 13th Baktun/Star History, and even larger cycles of time. 

The time as I post this is 11:11!

N. S.  1. 23. 11. 11.          Cube Five:  Sex & Life Force          Kin 139

10 thoughts on “Kin 139: Blue Solar Storm codes Catalytic Blue Kali 11 of Spectral Moon 11; the first full day after the Bardo for 11.11

  1. Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change
    Red Queen

    “Mythic time interrupts the succession of ordinary time,” wrote Mircea Eliade in Cosmos and History. To enter the synchronic order was to enter mythic time. During this time, José’s persona took on an intense seriousness; the vision is summed up by a poem written in one of his journals in 1991:
    Life is poetry itself
    The dawn of the sea
    The stars, your flesh
    It’s not money, but magic that makes the world go round.
    It’s not months, but moons that keep earth in her spin
    What you are in your skin is already enough
    Time to give up
    No more Monday morning schizophrenia
    Of tied shoes and closed down senses
    Time to remember
    Life is poetry itself
    Moon-tide memories
    Of rainbow cloud light
    Beamed through mind’s


  2. On February 19, 2011, kin 57, a dear friend asked me to pray for a friend, Danny, when he contracted a flesh-eating bacteria. It was a severe case and his wife was left with choice of watching him die, or authorize a high-risk surgery that would require removal of most of the skin on Danny’s body, and the months of recovery and challenges, if there was any chance at all.

    Their daily blog has documented his journey from the darkest days to this day, when Danny and his wife are preparing to go home. I have never seen such a demonstration of faith, hope, love, and the evidence that miracles really do happen and love is the only thing needed.


    • Love is energy and happy to serve when faith is coupled. It is most powerful when dualistic not/ions cease. What a beautiful example! Debra, again thank you for yoUR continued VVigilance!


  3. Mu and Ma Chi-As G-RA-Sea for the the poem dear 93.
    Still reading past blog posts… SOUL rich are the words here…!!! Thank you dear Kin for emitting such AWE-SUM Light!!

    My son’s father (kin 153, 13.10 my GUIDE) and eye (kin 205 5.10) met on 11:11.
    We had a son, ( kin 11, 11.11)
    Eye began to re-member…
    My son’s father passed away on kin 218, 18.10.
    His Birth/Death dates 153/218 = a Full Circle date of kin 111, 11.7

    Yesterday eye was feeling the periodic table and needed sum help from some kin who have passed. Do eye channel their birth kin or death kin?? Eye decided to ask V.V. by asking his Full Circle… 11+89=100.
    100 is Emile’s kin….20.9
    (209 is the crystallographer Max Von Laue)
    The next chemist eye found was named Emile.
    Emile smiled and cooed.
    Eye discover this on 139, 19.9….Solar Storm…Solar Prophetic Outbreath of Solar Sun…Galactic Karmic Inbreath….Pluto 388… tell-e-path-ik flux tub’in…
    in the Hall of the Serpent…warrior’s cube journey…205.
    16 is the atomic weight of oxygen.
    Eye enter sacred space…
    return to computer at 11:11.
    The G-Force of 139 is Lunar Serpent, kin 145, 5.2
    the combined kin of my partner, 200 and eye 205= 145.
    My partner is this UR Cosmic Dog, 130, 10.13, heart of tzolkin.

    Long Count of 139 is Cosmic Monkey, kin 91, 11.13.
    The last kin to arrive for oUR vigil for 11.11 V.V. was kin 91.
    That made us 16 kin. (+1….Emile)
    16 warrior cube journey + 1…Spirit.

    see you in the cube!!

    Happy Galactic Return TMQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today Emile is 41 days old… Lunar Dragon. 1.2

  4. Lunar Skywalker is Mobile.
    No more Rent.
    No more 12.60 Slavery.
    I follow the Light of the Moon,
    May Jah Wind Whisper her Truth.
    Lunar Family.
    Challenge. Aware.
    Prophecy Prevails When I Just Listen.
    Prophecy Manifest When I Just Breathe.
    Strange Days Make for interesting Awareness.
    Love To 144.414.441. Sacred Matrix.
    Home of The Cube.
    Home of Jah Lion’s Heart.
    She Beats Like a Lakota Sundance.
    Sacred Paha Sapa.
    It is my time to Move.

    • Welcome to you, Blue Solar Storm 🙂 I am writing these words from room 919 [9 for Solar, 19 for Storm] in Queenstown. I thought of Princess Diana when I saw my room number, so it’s wonderful to hear from a living Solar Storm today 🙂

      • I’ve only read a little bit, but your blog seems awesome, I’d love to learn more about mayan astrology, it seems fascinating:) And thank you for welcoming me:) (I don’t really know how to say that without sounding weird, but yeah it’s awesome!! :D)

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