Kin 140: Yellow Planetary Sun codes Spectral Alpha 12 on ‘Friday the 13th’

AHAU        5/13/11 

Kin 140

Yellow Planetary Star
White Planetary Dog Yellow Planetary Sun Blue Planetary Storm
  Red Self-existing Dragon
I perfect in order to enlighten
producing life.
I seal the matrix of universal fire
with the planetary tone of manifestation.
I am guided by the power of elegance.
Today’s G-Force is Overtone Mirror.  PSI:   5 Skywalker reflects the  Greg. date:  5/13.
The CDK is Cosmic Moon:  9.13.
0.10:  “By becoming conscious, the Law of Time alters the possibilities of telepathic interaction between given bodies. The conscious alterations of telepathy between given bodies in which the Law of Time has become conscious determine a nexus of possibilities called the dynamics of time, or celestial harmonics.”
 ALPHA 12:  RELEASE;  THROATChakra05.gif
This crop circle appeared one week ago in Wiltshire, England. [Kin 133  :]
Robbert v/d Broeke  is a young Dutch man who seems telepathically connected with the Circle-makers
He then re-emphasized his impression that the consciousness behind all of these circles which occur around him is of a positive nature, interested only in helping people develop the maturity necessary for adult interaction with consciousnesses from other dimensions
Now, we are receiving “Help” in a variety of ways,   in part because we ask for Intervention, as suggested by Valum Votan in this Kin 197  report, 791 days before 12/21/2012:]spontaneously “generating the call for a galactic intervention to help conclude the biosphere-noosphere transition”.
Shortly after the Spectral Dragon Watch of this Kin141  Magic Turtle Day began [here in New Zealand], TMQ saw a brilliant Rainbow, which was unbelievably close -about 5 blocks away- [and  it hadn’t rained all morning] !  🙂
N. S.  1.  23.  11.  12.            Cube Six:   WORLD-BRIDGER       Kin 140

6 thoughts on “Kin 140: Yellow Planetary Sun codes Spectral Alpha 12 on ‘Friday the 13th’

  1. “…It appears that no direction feels right at the moment . . . yet I feel completely excited about planning future trips. My guides, the Star Elders, say to keep moving. So I try to do this in as many areas of my life as I can. I feel like I need to just keep moving. We even consider getting a little green RV and roam for a bit. But we have to take feelings lightly as The Star Elders strongly state “Wait, be patient, and wait for the RIGHT door to open. Don’t settle for less.” Astrology, and other forms of divination, is only one way to look at things. How much we have evolved will really determine how we react to the planets and the shifting of our reality. I think all of THIS is us FEELING the shifts and the unification in our world. I feel there will be no place to escape from this pressure as we are becoming unified with every living thing. We are all connecting. We will need to stay grounded and play hard in order to stay clear. We will need to put into practice all that we have learned in the past years about listening to our hearts and following that wisdom. Our wisdom, inner truth, and heart connection will prove to be our flawless gyroscope to keep things balanced in a world where there is so much in flux. But as the Star Elders remind me… what we are feeling today is only a temporary but necessary bridge to a new world that will surprise and awe us 🙂 ”

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  2. Looks like the three original spheres of creation have the three inner circles of the Banner of Peace peering out from underneath. If one were to draw a thick circle around this crop formation, then the Roerich Banner of Peace would overlay those three divisions of the original trinity of creation.

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